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Two Right Sidebar Images p
David Smith crunches the numbers and finds the key NASCAR stats for the Toyta-Save Mart 250 [url=]Yankees 52 CC Sabathia White 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] at Sonoma Raceway. /p
With the first half of this year鈥 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series winding down, one of two annual visits to a road course 鈥?right-hand turns, everybody! 鈥?presents itself this weekend as the tour heads to Sonoma Raceway, a track that has seen eight different winners in the last eight years.

Could the parity continue? Perhaps. There is one driver that you will read about below that, while being one of the strongest drivers at Sonoma over the last four years, has yet to visit victory lane. What might stand in that particular driver鈥 way is the fact that several past winners are consistently terrific at the 1.99-mile course.

5.5 聽Road course stalwart Marcos Ambrose has averaged a 5.5-place finish in the last four Sonoma races.

Unlike his utter dominance at Watkins Glen, he is less adept of a driver at Sonoma (but he is still really, really good). He hasn鈥檛 ever won 鈥?his best finish is third in 2009 鈥?but he does rank second in track-specific PEER (5.100), which makes him one of two non-winners to rank inside the top 5 in driver production. Ambrose and his No. 9 team are in need of a strong finish; ranking 23rd in the point standings, they only [url=]Cardinals 5 Albert Pujols Blue 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] have two top-10 finishes to show for their 2013 season.

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This is very true but a lot of the things the bankers did were not technically illegal and we have a principle in American law that prevents us from arresting people because they take risks they shouldnt have taken (that by the way no one had a problem with in 2004, 2005 when you were making 15% a year return and sometimes more). Also the ones who did do things that were illegal were arrested and got huge sentences, such as Bernie maddoff (hundreds of years) rajat gupta, raj rajatnaman (or something like that) they all got sentences much larger than they would have gotten in 2003 so there is obvious correlation between the shit they put us in to what they got in return, the ones who did illegal stuff belong in prison for many many years those who didnt cant go to jail- but when they bail them out they should have replaced the CEOs and CFOs as a condition for the money鈥?Oh wait they did that鈥?
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The retailer and its largest holder and now-ousted board member 聽 reached a deal on how his stake could be sold earlier this week. Mr. Ackman鈥 Pershing Square owns nearly 18% of J.C. Penney, or about 39 million shares.

According to the agreement, 聽on [url=]latest sports jerseys[/url] Friday morning, the two sides entered into a pact on Tuesday, the day Mr. Ackman鈥 resignation from the board was announced.

Pershing will be allowed to make up to four [url=]authentic Baltimore ravens Jerseys[/url] large sales, and each time must sell more than 5 million shares, and must request permission to do so from the company, who can delay the offering in certain instances. Pershing can make up to two requests per year but not more than four [url=]baltimore ravens #74 jerseys[/url] in total.

Since Mr. Ackman resigned from the board. He has made his largest investment ever last month, taking a stake in Air Products Chemical, and has been engulfed in a now 9-month battle over his $1 billion short of Herbalife, where he is down heavily.
devonrobinson | 2013/08/23 04:36 AM

ABOARD THE SUBMERSIBLE ANTIPODES (AP) 鈥?The invasive lionfish that crowds coral reefs and preys on native fish in the Atlantic's shallower waters is such a problem that divers in Florida and the Caribbean are encouraged to capture and eat them whenever they can.
Lionfish, which have venomous spines, are a well-documented problem in Atlantic coral reefs, where the foot-long, one-pound invaders from the tropical parts of the Pacific and Indian oceans live without predators and eat other fish voraciously. What's slowly coming into view is how deep into the ocean their invasion has spread.
Researchers and wildlife officials worry that lionfish may undo conservation efforts aimed at rebuilding populations of native predators such as groupers and snappers. Lionfish gorge on the young of those species, as well as their prey.
"They can eat pretty much anything that fits inside their mouths," lionfish expert said.
Divers are encouraged to capture and eat any lionfish they encounter to protect reefs and native marine life already burdened by pollution, over-fishing and the effects of climate change. And last month, the waived the recreational license requirement for divers harvesting lionfish and excluded them from bag limits, allowing people to catch as many as they can.
But recreational divers max out around 130 feet deep, though. Researchers and wildlife officials rarely have the means to venture deeper than that, but they've realized the lionfish they can't see may be their biggest concern.
As Green discovered on a recent expedition aboard a submersible, there's little to disturb a lionfish living on a wreck 250 feet deep into the Atlantic. There are no predators and no divers.
"I did not expect it to be this loaded with lionfish," Green said. In less than half an hour, she tallied nearly three dozen lionfish in view across the stern of a steel freighter sunk in the 1980s as an artificial reef a few miles off South Florida. She could have continued counting, if the yellow submersible's draining battery had not required a trip back to the ocean's surface.
Last month, Seattle-based Inc. offered scientists and wildlife officials a close-up look at deep-water lionfish in dives aboard the yellow submersible named Antipodes. In strong currents that might have tangled a tether connecting a remotely operated robot to a vessel at the surface, the Antipodes sank and rose as smoothly as an elevator. Maneuvered by a joystick, it crawled over the sand at a walking pace.
Green and other researchers who took the [url=]cheap NBA T shirts[/url] dives surfaced believing they had seen the frontier in their fight against lionfish. The next problem will be routinely making similar dives to study and perhaps capture lionfish.
They would seem to have a lot of water to cover 鈥?the deepest confirmed sighting of a lionfish was at 1,000 feet in the Bahamas.
"We are capable of doing a good job of controlling lionfish at diveable depths, in shallower areas. Divers and spearfishers can go in and remove the fish. But the lionfish are abundant in large numbers at these deeper habitats, and that's really where the next frontier of this battle is going to be, in those deep water areas," Green said.
Lionfish in the Atlantic Ocean have similarities to the Burmese python, the large, ravenous snake that researchers say is decimating native mammal populations in Florida's Everglades. Both are fast-breeding invasive species likely introduced through the pet trade, with no natural predators to keep their numbers in check.
Desperate for some kind of control over their populations, Florida this year enlisted volunteers and amateurs to go after both.
But when it comes to lionfish, of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation [url=]Chicago Bulls T Shirts[/url] Commission noted that those efforts primarily target areas already frequented by scuba divers.
"We're going to have to figure out how we're going to get below the diver depths," said Ellinor, a biological administrator with the commission's marine fisheries division.
"The other problem is there's not a commercial market per se," he added. "It's very small, very minute, it's in the Keys, it's beyond the reef in about 200 feet of water and it's bycatch out of traps, lobster traps."
More and bigger lionfish now live throughout the Gulf of Mexico and in the Atlantic between the Carolinas and Colombia than in the species' native range in the Indian and Pacific oceans, researchers say. Worse, it's not known what controls lionfish in their home waters 鈥?maybe a parasite, or something eating their eggs and larvae before they develop their poisonous spines.
In Atlantic waters, lionfish apparently have nothing to fear except cold water and scuba divers equipped with specific gear.
"They pretty much have been unprecedented in any marine invasion. It's the largest, the quickest, the most extensive marine invasion we've ever seen," said 's , whose work predicting the spread of other invasive species is based on the success of the lionfish.
Officials have concluded that if you can't beat lionfish, you can at least eat them, even though commercial supplies and the market for the lionfish remain very small.
For years in the Caribbean, dive shop operators, conservationists and some restaurant chefs have been trying to slow their spread by turning them into menu items. Derby-style lionfish tournaments are held from Bermuda as far south as Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela.
In the Turks and Caicos Islands, the government once put up a cash prize for the first fisherman to catch 3,000. In Bonaire, where the economy is dependent on reef diving tourism, volunteers are being licensed as "lionfish hunters." Supermercado Nacional, the largest chain of supermarkets in the Dominican Republic, occasionally has lionfish for sale depending on availability.
The launched a campaign in 2010 urging the U.S. public to "eat sustainable, eat lionfish!"
Associated Press writers Ben Fox in Miami and David McFadden in Kingston, Jamaica, contributed to this report.
Follow Jennifer Kay on Twitter at .

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andreasmith | 2013/08/23 02:34 PM

Dead zones begin when rivers carry nitrogen and phosphorus from agricultural fertilizers into the ocean. The Mississippi River delivers these 鈥utrients鈥?from the American heartland into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate of 1.7 million tons per year. (Photo: Flickr.)

The Food and Environment Reporting Network

Since the 1970s, an oxygen-deprived 鈥渄ead zone鈥?often bigger than the state of Connecticut has formed every summer in the Gulf of Mexico. Nancy Rabalais, the executive director of the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium and the dead zone s leading researcher, likens the phenomenon to 鈥渟tretching a sheet of plastic wrap from the mouth of the Mississippi River west to Galveston Texas and sucking out all the air.鈥?This year, that sucking sound may be particularly loud because the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is .

Dead zones begin when rivers carry nitrogen and phosphorus from agricultural fertilizers into the ocean. The Mississippi River delivers these 鈥utrients鈥?from the American heartland into the Gulf at a rate of 1.7 million tons per year.

When this stew of nutrients reaches the ocean, it causes algae to bloom in prodigious amounts. As the algae dies and settles to the bottom, bacteria consume it, pulling oxygen from the water. This suffocation takes place atop the most important commercial fishing grounds in the continental United States, suggesting that the nation is sacrificing publicly owned seafood for the sake of privately produced land food.

But unlike other seemingly intractable environmental problems, dead zones can be fixed. Part of the solution might be found near the Civil War battleground city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, with Paul Hartfield, a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

鈥淥nce upon a time,鈥?Hartfield said as he steered down the Mississippi in a salvaged aluminum skiff, 鈥e had a floodplain that was over 100 miles wide. Now along most of the river it鈥 probably not more than five.鈥?
In the past, the river regularly overflowed its banks, spreading across the vast flood plain. The current slowed, nutrient-laden sediment settled out, and the water became clear enough for sunlight to penetrate. This allowed photosynthetic algae to bloom and process nitrates and phosphates. As a result, a significant part of the nutrients coming down the river were consumed before reaching the Gulf of Mexico. Decisions made 150 years ago, though, largely destroyed all that.

The Mississippi has been called 鈥渢he most engineered river on the planet,鈥?and the reason it was engineered to such an extent was so that farmers could gain access to the tremendously fertile floodplain. As early as 1857, a geologist predicted that if the river could be contained and the floodplain secured, the Mississippi Valley would become 鈥渢he central point鈥攖he garden spot of the North American continent鈥here wealth and prosperity culminate.鈥?
This came to pass. Levees sprouted from Illinois to the river鈥 terminus at Port Eads. But in Hartfield鈥 opinion, one of the most radical changes made to the lower river was its transformation from a lazy wandering affair into a straight line. Starting in the 1930s, the Army Corps of [url=]Cheap Oklahoma Sooners Jerseys[/url] Engineers systematically lopped off 16 large bends, shortening the river by 150 miles.

Floods were indeed reduced, but afterward the lower Mississippi changed from a complex marshy wetland into a fire hose that blasted nitrogen and phosphorus straight into the Gulf. It is this fire hose that Hartfield hopes to adjust.

Heading upstream across the broad muddy river, [url=]Cheap Oklahoma Sooners Jerseys[/url] Hartfield spoke about his long-standing negotiations with the Corps. 鈥he Corps are focused on what鈥 out here,鈥?he said, indicating the main part of the river where government engineers try to maintain a safe and efficient navigable channel. At a turn-off, he veered his skiff to the left. 鈥淢e, I鈥 focused on what鈥 in here.鈥?
In a little while, he navigated into a different habitat he calls a 鈥ackswamp.鈥?Carefully, he guided the boat through an eerie forest of half-submerged trees. A pair of green and red navigation buoys and other random refuse, flushed from upstream, bobbed by. 鈥his is a peaceful spot to contemplate the dissolution of the elements,鈥?Hartfield mused.

What Hartfield envisions is a series of little fixes on the model of this quiet little patch of backswamp. He has been working with the Corps to create modest redirections of current that do not affect navigation or flood control, but that move more water into floodplain channels and swamps. 鈥hese small local modifications,鈥?he said, 鈥an be constructed during routine maintenance and construction activities, at no extra cost to the taxpayer.鈥?
The swamp鈥 impact on water quality is immediately visible. On the upstream side of the backswamp, several miles away, the water entering the floodplain was milk-chocolate brown, rife with all the sediments and nutrients the river holds. On the downstream side, water flowed out of the vegetation almost translucent with the deep green color of living algae luxuriating in a liquid [url=]Cheap Boston Red Sox Jerseys[/url] feast.

All the leaves and stems of the vegetation growing in the swamp slow that water down, and the sediment drops out,鈥?Hartfield said. 鈥hen the water clears and sunlight gets in, the algae blooms and consumes the nitrogen and phosphorus in the water. Really, when you think about it, a floodplain is a river鈥 kidney.

But the river鈥 wetlands鈥攊ts kidneys鈥攁re failing, and it needs some kind of dialysis to set things straight. This is one of those points where naturalists like Hartfield usually end up banging their heads against the government bureaucracy the rest of their careers. But Hartfield allows himself to imagine the river of the future鈥攁 river where backswamps abound. So what he would do if by some miracle he could have all the money in the world?

鈥f I had all the money in the world? Hmm . . .鈥?he said smiling and peering downstream. 鈥鈥檇 move the levees back five miles, then turn it all into a park from Cairo, Illinois, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Then I鈥檇 leave it alone and let the river fix itself.

This article was produced by , an independent, non-profit journalism organization in collaboration with The American Prospect. For a longer article on the full range of solutions to the Gulf of Mexico dead zone, see .
amykatherine | 2013/08/23 06:28 PM

Anti-poverty campaigners are celebrating 's release of an external audit of outstanding public debts it is owed by developing countries, the first time any country has undertaken such a process.

The investigation, by Deloitte, the financial services firm, looked at aid packages offered to developing countries since the 1970s. Auditors were tasked with studying whether the deals, mostly concessional trade agreements, complied with national guidelines and newly established international principles.

It marks the first concrete use of the principles promoting responsible sovereign lending and borrowing, which were established by a UN working group in April 2012 and are being rolled out. Norway has been a supporter of creating the , under the auspices of the UN conference on trade and Development (Unctad).

"This is really about setting a good example 鈥?as the first lending country to conduct such an audit, this is a very important first step in concretising and testing these principles," the executive director of the anti-debt campaigner Jubilee USA, Eric LeCompte, told IPS.

"The Norwegians clearly wanted to put out a test case that could be taken seriously, really moving the principles forward for the first time. While Norway is one of the world's better lenders, Deloitte found that several of its past loans would not meet current standards of responsible lending."

Jubilee USA has called on other countries, particularly the G20, to follow Norway's example, conducting transparent debt audits to allow the public and civil society to see how decades of loans have been made. Given the data, multiple groups have also urged Norway to cancel some debts.

The director of the Norwegian Coalition for Debt Cancellation, Gina Ekholt, said: "We hope the Norwegian government will take the next step of this critical audit and cancel illegitimate debt such as the debts of Egypt and Indonesia."

The was written as a roadmap for future such exercises. Deloitte's auditors offer feedback on the Unctad principles 鈥?in particular, they encourage the principles to become more explicit and suggest ways in which they can become more operational. They also call for greater support for debt restructuring for developing countries; LeCompte said this emphasis was critical to making progress.

In explaining Norway's decision to undertake the audit, the international development minister, Heikki Eidsvoll Holm氓s, said: "We are doing this to make sure we are living up to our responsibility as a lender to developing countries. The debt burden is hampering development in some poor countries. These countries are having difficulty servicing old debt agreements made on unfavourable terms. We want to address this."

The investigation covered 34 debt agreements with seven developing countries. While most of these are two to three decades old, their principals comprise nearly $170m (108m) 鈥?and, once interest payments are included, are nearly four times that amount.

"Unmanageable debt burdens are one of the fundamental causes of poverty in developing countries," Norway's ministry of foreign affairs said. "While the international community gives $141bn in aid to developing countries annually, the developing countries pay back $464bn each year to their creditors. Many of the debt agreements were entered into when economic, political and social conditions were uncertain."

This issue goes to the heart of one of the central contradictions to plague international development aid over the past half-century. In the 1980s, for instance, the foreign debts taken on by developing countries more than trebled, to almost $420bn. Yet during that same decade, gross national product for these countries expanded only marginally, from $900bn to $1.3tn.

A more recent move towards debt restructuring and some debt forgiving notwithstanding, many countries continue to labour under those same repayments.

Although Unctad was not able to comment for this story by deadline, a representative for the body did laud the Norwegian audit when it was announced a year ago.

Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt said: "To apply the Unctad principles in the Norwegian debt audit is [url=]baltimore ravens jerseys wholesale[/url] a solid way of showing that the Norwegian government takes the principles seriously and that they take their responsibility as a creditor seriously."

The principles on responsible lending and borrowing aim to bring clarity to the international development lending relationship, advocating greater accountability and responsibility. Part of the goal is ensuring that [url=]baltimore ravens uniforms 2013[/url] lending countries know their loans can be repaid while ensuring that receiving countries are not surprised by hidden contract provisions.

"Historically, and certainly now, [url=][/url] these principles have not been part of the regulation of the international financial system 鈥?it's still kind of like the wild west out there. These are pretty straightforward principles that advocate for relatively minor levels of regulation that we're currently missing," LeCompte, a member of the Unctad working group, said.

"They also advocate for transparency in loan contraction. In other words, if I am a citizen of Zimbabwe, I should know what loans my government is taking out in an open, sanctioned, accountable government process. The Norwegian audit represents the threat of a good example."

Thirteen countries, including the US, have endorsed the principles, but only as voluntary guidelines. LeCompte said his office was pushing to reintroduce that would further concretise the principles, potentially impacting not only on US policy but also on the lending guidelines used by some of the largest multilateral development lenders.

"We need legislation to ensure more binding action on this and to move the Treasury to use its vote in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to put forward these practices there," he said. "Although some multilateral financial institutions have improved, I don't think a single institution can say they're adhering to these principles yet."
devonrobinson | 2013/08/24 03:31 AM

LONDON (AP) 鈥?Prominent art collector said Sunday he is divorcing his celebrity chef wife because she did not publicly defend his reputation after images emerged of him grasping her throat in a posh London [url=]NBA All Star T Shirts[/url] restaurant.
Tabloid newspapers last month published photos of the incident, which Saatchi described as a "playful tiff" during an intense debate about the couple's children.
The 70-year-old Saatchi was given a police "caution" after admitting assault.
He told Britain's newspaper that he was "sorry" to announce he will be divorcing Lawson, adding that they have become "estranged" and drifted apart over the past year.
"'I feel that I have clearly been a disappointment to Nigella during the last year or so, and I am disappointed that she was advised to make no public comment to explain that I abhor violence of any kind against women, and [url=]NBA All Star T Shirts[/url] have never abused her physically in any way," he said.
In what the tabloid called an "exclusive statement" breaking the news to Lawson, Saatchi also suggested that Lawson had herself grasped his neck in a similar fashion in the past.
The Mail on Sunday said that Lawson was not made aware of the divorce move prior to publication.
Lawson and Saatchi married in 2003 and lived in London with Lawson's son and daughter from her marriage to journalist , who died of cancer in 2001, and Saatchi's daughter from a previous marriage.
Lawson's spokesman 鈥?who previously has confirmed that she and her children left the family home after the photos were published 鈥?declined to comment on Saatchi's statement.
Lawson is a well-known TV presenter and chef whose cookbooks are best-sellers in Britain and the United States.
Saatchi, co-founder of the Saatchi Saatchi ad agency, owns one of London's biggest private art galleries. He was the main patron of the Young British Artists movement of the 1990s, which made household names of artists including and .

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amykatherine | 2013/08/24 07:06 PM

Love it or hate it 鈥? 鈥?this weekend will see thousands of music fans (forget any notions of literary tents or poetry corners) descend on Hylands Park, in Chelmsford, for strictly chart-sanctioned fun. Here is what I'm looking forward to.
Unashamedly wallowing in popCelebrating its 18th birthday, this year's V line-up reads like a typical, if solidly suburban, teenage house party playlist. But in among the terrifying triumvirate that is , and Jessie J, pop can still hold its head up. There's guilty girl pleasure , slick grime-flecked soul from and stadium-quaking singalongs courtesy of . But for sheer pop greatness and shape-throwing madness, s headline spot is going to be hard to beat.
Going TOWIELow on animal costumes and high on fake tans, rarely will you see a better turned out, carefully coiffured and perfectly made-up crowd than at Chelmsford. Last year, you could get a vajazzle; this year, there's an SOS bus service at Hylands Park. But one thing's for sure: if you haven't packed mascara, you're not coming in.
Getting bootilicious with Having conquered the , the inestimable Mrs Carter has chosen V for her only European [url=]baltimore ravens #74 jerseys[/url] festival appearance this year. Aside from asking Essex to "put a ring on it", she'll debut that in the UK. And, if the rumour-mill is to be trusted, doubling up the fun with her equally famous other half.
Hearing shouts of 'stick to your day job'He's convincingly brooding as Luther and looks Oscar-bound as the star [url=]Wilson Green Jerseys[/url] of the upcoming biopic , but will pop his festival cherry at V. Will his hip-hop and dance tunes during his DJ set be as impressive as his ability to break down doors and catch bad guys?
Watching X Factor stars dodge foul-smelling flying objectsLast year, got a soaking thanks to some and stomped off [url=]49ers new nike jersey[/url] after only two songs. With a plethora of X Factor alumni littering Hyland's Park 鈥?James Arthur, Misha B and Lucy Spraggan to name a few 鈥?this year the crowd are spoiled for choice when it comes to wee targets. My money's on .

Nothing to see here 鈥?Gem Archer's recent accident means Liam Gallagher (centre) and the rest of Beady Eye are a no-show. Photograph: Yui Mok / PA
devonrobinson | 2013/08/24 11:24 PM

MOSCOW (AP) 鈥?The chief of Moscow's was fired Tuesday after months of infighting following an acid attack on its artistic director that has stained the reputation of one of the legendary names in world ballet.
The departure of Anatoly Iksanov, the theater's director general, comes just a few weeks after the ouster of his rival, principal dancer . Both men have enjoyed the backing of senior [url=]NBA All Star T Shirts[/url] government officials and Kremlin-connected tycoons, and their successive dismissals appear to reflect high-level intrigue and score-settling.
Russian Culture Minister said only that the 61-year old Iksanov, who led the Bolshoi for nearly 13 years, was dismissed because of a "difficult situation at the theater."
He told a news conference that the head of Moscow's No. 2 ballet company, the , would succeed Iksanov.
The Bolshoi has been shrouded in scandal for years but a fierce conflict erupted in January after an assailant threw acid into the face of Bolshoi artistic director . After numerous eye and facial surgeries, Filin has remained at a German clinic where doctors are trying to save his vision. The Bolshoi has named an [url=]Minnesota Timberwolves T Shirts[/url] acting artistic director.
Iksanov accused Tsiskaridze of creating an atmosphere of discord that set the scene for the attack. The 39-year-old dancer rejected the claims and argued that the theater has plunged into crime and violence under Iksanov's watch.
Iksanov managed to cling to his job for months despite fierce attacks from Tsiskaridze. He seemed even to have won the battle when Tsiskaridze was forced out after his contract expired on July 1.
But Alexei Pushkov, a powerful Kremlin-connected lawmaker, suggested that a high-level power struggle was under way when he tweeted that Tsiskaridze's dismissal was "the last straw" that led to Iksanov's ouster. He added that an ex-culture minister who has been Iksanov's patron is trying to prevent Tsiskaridze's return to the theater.
The decision to purge both men also appears to reflect the Kremlin's dismay over the infighting that has dented the nation's prestige.
In March, police arrested Bolshoi soloist on suspicion of involvement in the acid attack. Dmitrichenko admitted that he had agreed to an offer from an acquaintance to rough up Filin, but he insisted that the man had used acid on his own initiative.
Despite Dmitrichenko's confession, many in the ballet company have stood by him, saying they do not believe him capable of staging such a crime. About 300 dancers and staff, led by Tsiskaridze, signed an open letter claiming that Dmitrichenko had slandered himself under police pressure.
Dmitrichenko has remained in custody pending trial.
The Bolshoi has served as a top symbol of the nation's artistic achievements since the czars. Its annual budget stands at an impressive $120 million, 10 times more than a decade ago.
The Bolshoi reopened in 2011 after a $1 billion renovation. Despite the lavish sum, some of the work was of poor quality, with cracks appearing in the walls and gold leaf crumbling away.
Tsiskaridze has accused Iksanov of mismanaging the reconstruction, ruining its repertoire and abusing dancers' rights. Iksanov and his backers have dismissed the criticism.
Some said that a recent conflict involving prima ballerina may have contributed to Iksanov's downfall. Last week, Zakharova refused to dance in Eugene Onegin following a rift over parts with the management.
, the new Bolshoi chief, is widely respected in Russia's theater world. He sought to quell passions, voicing hope for a "calm and business-like" climate and saying that he doesn't want any "revolutions."
contributed to this report.

amykatherine | 2013/08/25 12:44 PM

By MarketWatch
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) 鈥?President Barack Obama is meeting Monday with someone well qualified to be the next Federal Reserve chairman.
Reuters Could the next Fed chairman be staring us in the face? It鈥 not Larry Summers. Or Janet Yellen. Or Donald Kohn, Roger Ferguson, or Tim Geithner.
It鈥... Ben Bernanke.
Yes, of course, Bernanke is the current chairman of the Federal [url=]Brady black jerseys[/url] Reserve. He鈥 shown little public inclination for a third term at the central bank.
And for that matter, Obama has been quite underwhelming in his support for Bernanke. 鈥e鈥 already stayed a lot longer than he wanted or he was supposed to,鈥?Obama told Charlie Rose in [url=]49ers new [url=]san francisco 49ers 52 jerseys women[/url] nike jersey[/url] one interview; Obama didn鈥檛 even mention Bernanke in his last press conference. Bernanke and Obama are only meeting in the context of a broader discussion on financial regulation.Read more on Obama鈥 meeting with financial regulators.
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The bottom line is being an entrepreneur, you should rise by and previously mentioned the ranks of obscurity and seize the chance. Place your stake with the floor being a reliable resource.
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Another worry in the south west coast stands out as the imminent closure of incinerators, without system set up as to whereby the rubbish will go.
シャネル 財布 2013
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Though the volume of profits of all house types declined when compared with 2012, January's profits volumes at $112.29 million paralleled very last year's level at $112.27 million.
シャネル 財布 新作
シャネル バッグ トート | 2013/08/27 05:06 AM
bitterly dysfunctional mess that does small to help Democratic candidates or any one else other than Ceasar and his profiteering loyalists, like Diane Glasser, Barry Harris, and Jack Shifrel.
シャネル バッグ トート
amykatherine | 2013/08/27 04:59 PM

There is a scene in Evil Dead II in which the protagonist Bruce Campbell has his hand possessed by dark forces of the forest. The hand attempts to throttle him, smashes his head into furniture, claws at his eyes and is crawling for a meat cleaver, dragging the dazed Campbell behind it, when the hero comes to his senses and severs the offending appendage with a chainsaw.
That, though, is only the beginning of Campbell's problems and the hand continues on its murderous rampage, able to create more havoc for being loosed from the rest of the body. Eventually Campbell blasts this crazed, demonic, former limb with a shotgun, only to be nearly drowned by great cascades of blood.
All of which brings us to Wayne Rooney. The top brass at Manchester United are clearly fans of Sam Raimi's early work and have learned the lessons of this scene, . And in the other two transfer blockbusters of the summer, the Sun reports Gareth Bale has told his Wales team-mates that he will never play for Spurs again, while Luis Surez has and may even sign a new contract.
This means Chelsea and Arsenal need new plans. With Rooney off the menu, , while Arsenal have compiled extensive scouting reports on Swansea's Michu and Manchester City's Edin Dzeko.
In better news for Arsenal, Mlaga are offering the right-back Jes煤s Gmez in part-exchange for Nicolas Bendtner. The Gunners, though, would rather bag the uventus defender Stephan Lichtsteiner and, in doing so, provide the Turin giants with enough cash to snag Ajax's Christian Eriksen from beneath the noses of Tottenham and Liverpool.
The Granada left-back Guilherme Siqueira will be arriving at Anfield for 6m and Brendan Rodgers has turned his attentions to Anzhi Makakakakahachachachkakakala forward and Black Eyed Pea . He'll face competition from Andr茅 Villas-Boas at Tottenham.
Tottenham, for their part, want the Barcelona centre-half Marc Bartra but will get [url=]san francisco 49ers 52 jerseys cheap[/url] him only if Daniel Agger or David Luiz head to Camp Nou. Liverpool and Chelsea are increasingly confident of keeping their defensive lynchpins.
And in the final piece of our transfer-merry-go-round-that-just-won't-spin, [url=][/url] West Ham are keen on Chelsea's Demba Ba. But [url=]Gronkowski Black Jerseys[/url] as Chelsea won't be getting Wayne Rooney, the Hammers will have to turn their attentions to the Besiktas forward Hugo Almeida.
Manchester City, by and large not getting involved in the tumult, are to return to Real Madrid with a fresh bid for the loveable centre-back Pepe.
Hull have agreed a club record 5.25m fee for Tottenham's Tom Huddlestone. Sunderland hover in the background hoping to hijack the deal.
Newcastle have joined the race for the Ajax defender Toby Alderweireld. Everton and Norwich are already on the start line. PSG still want Yohan Cabaye and are also interested in Mathieu Debuchy.
And Real Sociedad and Fulham are grappling over the QPR midfielder Esteban Granero.
ルイヴィトン 長財布 | 2013/08/27 07:59 PM
Compensation consultant Alan Johnson of Johnson Associates notes there are more platinum kisses coming, planted in the event the economic climate was robust and boards were beneath much less scrutiny.
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Might have an edge greater than people as it is globally identified.
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Mr Valentine said the trouble also highlighted the failings of securing our ports from introduced pests, these as yellow ridiculous ants.
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Dyer says he does not assume law enforcement have any qualified prospects on who fully commited the burglary and vandalism. Going ahead, he'll keep on to utilize a similar system.
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オークリー メガネ | 2013/08/28 07:25 AM
Fears worst: Mad About Vegetation running director Darryl Madder is fearful a revamped Bruce Highway will spoil a potential $100 million aquilaria seedlings enterprise.
オークリー メガネ
ヴィトン 財布 | 2013/08/28 07:25 AM
And although Siegel has not despatched any dollars to Republican presidential prospect Mitt Romney, he has gone a move farther to aid him.
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コーチ 財布 | 2013/08/28 07:26 AM
Emergency Administration Queensland regional director Wayne Hepple urged residents to always be ready for additional flooding and also to be cautious all around swimming holes.
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Each|Every|Each and every|Every single|Just about every|Each individual} routine will very last between an individual plus a 50 % to 3 minutes.
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andreasmith | 2013/08/29 02:17 AM

How? Part of the reason has to do with the deterioration of the main political parties.
DisarrayWhat had been the main opposition, the left-of-center Democratic Party of Japan 鈥?which spent three years in government until its defeat in December's general election 鈥?is in almost utter disarray.
Two of the founding members have left the party, while the third, Naoto Kan 鈥?the prime minister at the time of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disasters 鈥?has just been suspended from the party for three months after supporting an independent candidate in the recent election. Some voters appeared to have seen the Communists as the only party able to counterbalance and its talk of amending Japan鈥 pacifist Constitution.
Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso caused consternation in some quarters last week when he appeared to suggest, during a speech to a conservative think tank, that the current controversy around the Constitution could have been avoided if Japan had changed it in secret, as was done in Nazi Germany.
鈥hen I was a child there were a lot of books in my house with pictures of the war and the atomic bombing. I used to worry that planes flying overhead might be carrying bombs. Then one day my mother told me that Japan can鈥檛 have wars anymore because of the Constitution, and I thought I was lucky to be born in this country,鈥?Kira says. 鈥淏ut now the Abe government wants to change the Constitution so that Japan can start wars again.鈥?
鈥t鈥 not just about war. When I was looking for work I applied to a large number of companies, and was told during interviews that hiring a woman was a risk. I realized there were many things about Japanese society that need changing,鈥?says Kira.
Online mascot charactersFounded in 1922, the JCP is the oldest political party in Japan, and has enjoyed constant representation in parliament for longer than any other. But until recently, its image was one of older activists and it struggled to attract younger voters.
July's elections were the first in Japan in which online campaigning was permitted, and it was the JCP that is widely seen as having made best use of it. As [url=]Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys[/url] well as savvy leveraging of social networks and video streaming platforms, the party created a series of online mascot characters that addressed individual issues such as the planned consumption tax hike, shady business practices, the heavy US military presence on Okinawa, and constitutional change.
鈥e were able to use the Net to reach out to younger people, many of whom don鈥檛 read newspapers or watch TV much. Through the characters, we could communicate issues simply and appeal to young voters,鈥?says party spokesperson Toshio Ueki, who reports that the characters鈥?Web pages got 1.5 million hits in the weeks before the poll.
While the party has embraced new technology in its campaigning, it can still lay claim to a consistency in both policy and personnel that sets it apart from other parties in Japan. Kazuo Shii has led the party since 2000, during which time Japan has seen nine different prime ministers. And while some politicians have turned antinuclear since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the JCP was always against nuclear power.
'Refreshing'鈥淥ne of the appeals of the Communists has been [url=]Cheap Boston Red Sox Jerseys[/url] the clarity and consistency in their pledges; people find it refreshing,鈥?suggests Takashi Inoguchi, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo. 鈥t鈥 healthy for the political development of the country [url=]Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys[/url] that there is a party that is at least clear in what they say, whether you agree with their positions or not.鈥?
Although Japan is not yet on the road to a workers鈥?paradise, having struck a chord with the electorate, the JCP may now have the opportunity to establish itself as the most cohesive opposition to the current government.
鈥f we did take power, the JCP wouldn鈥檛 try to implement a Communist economy immediately. It would require huge changes and we would seek the support of the people for each step,鈥?Kira says. 鈥淎nd we would want to use the best parts of the current economic system, too.鈥?
コーチ バッグ | 2013/08/29 06:18 AM
Secondtime deployed acquired a Freedom Ring; thirdtime deployed acquired a Keystone Freedom Medal together with a standing ovation.
コーチ バッグ
ヴィトン 長財布 | 2013/08/29 06:18 AM
Officers at Cerberus, which counts previous Treasury Secretary John Snow and previous Vice president Dan Quayle as advisers, have managed that the organization will not be in hassle.
ヴィトン 長財布
amykatherine | 2013/08/29 10:25 AM

When this restaurant opened four years ago it sent out a clear message that on Edinburgh's touristy Royal Mile you could still find seriously good restaurants with seriously interesting menus. Many a business in this historic location would be tempted to bask in their success; maybe put their feet up and watch the tourist money roll in. Not Wedgwood; its pigeon served with haggis, neeps and tatties is as unusual as it is delicious. Try to avoid being seated downstairs, as the natural light of the street-level dining room is where you will enjoy this inventive and innovative experience the most.鈥?267 Canongate, 0131-558 8737, . Mon-Sat noon-3pm, dinner from 6pm, Sun 12.30pm-3pm, dinner from 6pm, average main 20

While its decor is traditional 鈥?paintings of China adorn the walls and paper lanterns hang from the ceiling 鈥?Kweilin's food is spectacular. The wafer paper prawns are the best I've ever eaten and the eight treasures duck 鈥?a breast of braised duck buried deep in various fish and meats 鈥?is an all-time favourite. Monkfish, halibut and lobster all make appearances on the seafood-heavy menu. The prices might be a little higher than your average Chinese restaurant but then so is the quality of food.鈥?19/21 Dundas St, [url=]authentic Baltimore ravens Jerseys[/url] 0131-557 1875, . Tues-Sun noon-2pm, 5pm-11pm, Fri and Sat until 11.30pm, Sun 5pm-11pm, average main 15
The Grain Store

When eating out in Edinburgh it's not unreasonable to expect the very best Scottish meat and fish. The Grain Store consistently delivers, with its venison, beef and lamb never failing to impress. The upstairs setting sums up all that is great about Edinburgh: an intimate dining room, moody lighting, bare-brick walls and views of picture-perfect Victoria Street. The three-course lunch for 15 has been running for a long time and offers superb value. 鈥?30 Victoria Street, 0131-225 7635, . Mon-Fri noon-2pm, 6pm-10pm, Sat noon-3pm, 6pm-11pm, Sun 6pm-10pm (closed on Sundays in October), [url=]baltimore ravens #74 jerseys[/url] average main 24
The Honours

in Leith is probably Edinburgh's best outright restaurant (with a [url=]latest sports jerseys[/url] correspondingly expensive menu and long waiting list to match). So there was much anticipation before the Michelin-starred chef opened this classic brasserie. The interior is lined with marble, huge mirrors and grand lampshades bathing the interior in a golden hue. The menu has depth, appeal and grabs your interest in a way many newcomers cannot: there are surely few restaurants where you can start with a pressed pigs head terrine and end with an ice-cream sundae. The Honours has 70 covers and there will be few nights when all are not taken.鈥?58a North Castle Street, 0131-220 2513, . Tues-Sat noon-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm, average main 16

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, the soldier convicted last month of leaking an enormous collection of classified documents to , has said he now regrets his actions and that he was "sorry that they hurt the ".
"I am sorry for unintended consequence of my actions. When I made these decisions, I believed I was going to help people, not hurt people," Manning told his sentencing hearing, in an attempt to receive a reduced sentence.
The 25-year-old was found guilty of several counts under the Espionage Act, but acquitted of the most serious charge of "aiding the enemy". He is facing a possible jail sentence of up to 90 years when he is sentenced next week.
Previously, the former intelligence analyst tried to justify his actions, explaining to the court in detail how he downloaded 700,000 classified documents while stationed in Iraq and passed them to the anti-secrecy website, in order to prompt a global debate about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
However on Wednesday, after three days in which his legal team called witnesses they hoped would lead to a lower sentence, Manning [url=]baltimore ravens #74 jerseys[/url] took to the stand for an unsworn statement 鈥?meaning he could speak to the judge but not be cross-examined.
Looking nervous, he turned to Colonel Denise Lind, who is presiding over his court martial, and said: "First, your honour, I want to start off with an apology. I am sorry that my actions hurt people. I am sorry that I hurt the United States."
He told the military judge that he "was dealing with a lot of issues" around the time he leaked the classified material, problems that he continues to effect him.
"Although a considerable difficulty in my life, these issues are not an excuse for my actions," he said. "I understood what I was doing, and decisions I made. However I did not fully [url=]randy moss 49ers jersey[/url] appreciate the broader effects of my actions.
"Those factors are clear to me now, through both self-refection during my confinement in various forms, and through the merits and sentencing testimony that I have seen here.
"I am sorry for the unintended consequences of my actions," he continued. "When I made these decisions I believed I was going to help people, not hurt people."
The soldier read out his statement in a rushed fashion, looking anxious. He told the judge that he had learned from his experience and asked for a chance to rebuild his life.
The apology will disappoint Manning's thousands of supporters around the world, who believe he undertook a courageous act of whistleblowing because his conscience demanded it.
Manning has achieved folk-hero status in some quarters, as the first data mass leaker of his kind, comparable to Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency who recently disclosed documents about US surveillance activities.
Some of his supporters at the courthouse looked forlorn and were in tears 鈥?but pointed out he was facing almost 100 years in prison and had to do everything to seek a reduction in his punishment.
In one line certain to upset those who believe Manning made a positive difference by leaking the documents, he said he now looks back at his decisions and wonders "how on earth could I, a junior analyst, possibly believe I could change the world for the better".
Manning said that he "had options" other than leaking the documents, and he "should have worked more aggressively in the system", adding: "Unfortunately, I can't go back and change things."
"I understand I must pay a price for my decisions and actions," he said, adding he wanted to become a better person, go to college and get a degree, and establish a "meaningful" relationship with his sister.
"I have flaws and issues that I have to deal with, but I know that I can and will be a better person," he said. "I hope that you can give me the opportunity to prove, not through words, but through conduct, that I am a good person and that I can return to productive place in society."
Moments earlier, Manning's sister, Casey Major, provided the court with an insight of their difficult upbringing with two alcoholic parents. Major, 36, said that while her father, Brian, was a "functional alcoholic", who could get up to work after drinking, her mother, Susan, had a more serious problem.
She said her mother drank hard liquor from around lunchtime, and would often continue through the night until she had passed out. Asked how often she was drunk, Major replied: "At least every day."
Their mother would often wake-up in a terrible mood, Major said. "She was mean, very mean, yelled, screamed at you, to get her cigarettes, or make her a cup of tea."
She said her mother drunk through her pregnancy with Manning and, when he was born, it often fell to Major, then aged eleven, to look after her infant brother.
When Manning was 12, their father left the family home. One night her mother attempted suicide, and Major recalled how when they got into the family car in their rural home in Oklahoma to drive to the hospital, their father refused to sit on the back seat to monitor their mother.
"Unfortunately my 12 year old brother had to go back there and check his mom was breathing for the whole car ride," she said. After that incident, she said her mother threatened to kill herself "every day".
The court heard from another witness on Wednesday that, from childhood, Manning began to have feelings that would eventually lead to a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, which occurs when an individual feels they belong to the opposite gender.
Navy Captain David Moulton, a forensic psychiatrist who spent over 100 hours interviewing Manning and reviewing his medical records, said the soldier's decision-making ability was "impaired" by the stress he underwent in Iraq trying to cope with his gender identity crisis.
He said that Manning, who could not seek assistance for his problems in the military, was suffering from serious stress when he chose to download and then leak hundreds of thousands of documents to WikiLeaks.
"His decision-making capacity at that point I think was influenced by the stress of his situation, for sure," he said.
The psychiatrist added that Manning's ability to "rationally" consider the consequences of his actions was also impeded. The soldier assumed he would merely be thrown out of the military, an assessment the psychiatrist described as a "gross underestimation".
Manning told the psychiatrist that, if he had had a friend to talk through his moral dilemmas, "that might have prevented these acts".
Another defence witness, Captain Michael Worsley, a clinical psychologist who evaluated and treated Manning between December 2009 and May 2010, when he was stationed in Iraq, said the pressure Manning faced "would have been incredible".
"I think being in the military and having a gender identity issues does not [url=][/url] exactly go hand in hand," he said.
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for June 14.

鈥?"Man of Steel" opens this weekend, which prompted . Amy Adams ranks pretty high on that list.

鈥?. Finally. . At least not at him.

鈥?. And for the next 26 mornings.

鈥?. Well worth the fine.

鈥?. The marquee threesome of Tiger, Rory and Adam Scott combined to go 8-over in the first round.

鈥?Ooh, this could get interesting. .


鈥?A Father's Day weekend morsel: .

鈥?October's when the you-know-what gets real in the SEC. .

鈥?. That makes it all worth it.

鈥?I've truly never seen anything like what happened to Carl Pettersson at the U.S. Open yesterday. At least not where sober professionals are playing.

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June 13

鈥?My favorite part of hockey? Probably the ice girls, but then I'm kind of a pig. Enjoy this photo array of the ice girls of the 2013 Stanley Cup finals.

鈥?Recently retired point guard . For what it's worth, .


鈥?, but I don't think the heavy stuff will be here for a while.

鈥?. Her desperation is starting to show.

鈥?Football news from down SEC way: And shows that they like their cupcakes down in Mississippi. Not surprising, considering the obesity rates.

鈥?Tis the season for a .

鈥?Today's '90s flashback: Back in the days of flannel, the Seattle sound and Monica Lewinsky, .

鈥?. Dabo Swinney needs to find [url=]2009 All Star St.Louis Cardinals 5 Pujols Red Jerseys[/url] a way to pin it on Florida State.

鈥?An exhausted Andrew Shaw apparently let an f-bomb slip on live TV in his postgame interview. After nearly 120 minutes of hockey, we'll cut him some slack.

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June 12

鈥?Since it's Stanley Cup season, what better time to celebrate , including hockey WAG Elisha Cuthbert? . Once again, the Internet proves its worth.

鈥? He and his assistants look like they're waiting for a bus.

鈥?A little late to this, but .

鈥?Remember Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel? .

鈥?Many [url=]Cardinals 5 Albert Pujols Road Cool Base Grey 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] think that early-season SEC football is a cupcake parade, but that's not quite accurate. . There are some legit matchups in there.

鈥? This is a campaign I can get behind.

鈥?Need a schadenfreude fix this morning? .

鈥?Not sports-related, but I'm throwing this one in for free: Who's Mitch Hedberg, you ask? Only one of history's most underrated comedians.



鈥?The Spurs were en fuego from downtown last night, hitting a Finals-record 16 3-pointers. Here's every single one of them.

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June 11

鈥?Here at Athlon Sports, we're in the information business. We're educators first and foremost. With that in mind, , who turned 21 yesterday.

鈥?It was an eventful day yesterday. By the time it was over, , and . Here are . And .

鈥?Also yesterday: landed Chad Johnson in the pokey.

鈥?. POV porn for speed junkies.

鈥?Father's Day is coming up. Whether or (or, more likely, both), we're here to help.

鈥?. Kobe Bryant made the list.

鈥?So is there such a thing as a home cooking? .

鈥?Things got heated between the Red Sox and Rays last night in what turned out to be a pretty epic tilt.

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June 10

鈥?. Hint: The girl in the photo is a Victoria's Secret model.

鈥?. Downside: It came during an off night for James and a rout for the Heat. Still, it was pretty epic. Enjoy Jim Ross' call of the play at .

鈥?. It's pretty spectacularly mesmerizing.

鈥?, including the Finals, the French Open and extra innings baseball.


鈥? Good lord, I hope not, although the article seems to think it's cool.


鈥?They play a little offense in the SEC West, .



鈥?There was some pretty spectacular Super Regional action in college baseball over the weekend, but this might have been the best single play.

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Jim Harbaugh had his San Francisco 49ers less than 10 yards from a Super Bowl victory last year. With brilliant offseason moves and another great draft class, the Niners are the frontrunner to repeat as NFC champions. And since scheduling plays a huge role in the outcome of every season, Athlon is analyzing every team's 16-game slate.
San Francisco 49ers 2013 Schedule:
Week 1: Green BayWeek 2: at SeattleWeek 3: IndianapolisWeek 4: at St. Louis (Thurs.)Week 5: HoustonWeek 6: ArizonaWeek 7: at TennesseeWeek 8: at JacksonvilleWeek 9: BYEWeek 10: CarolinaWeek 11: at New OrleansWeek [url=]Cardinals 5 Albert Pujols Blue 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] 12: at Washington (Mon.)Week 13: St. LouisWeek 14: SeattleWeek 15: at Tampa BayWeek 16: Atlanta (Mon.)Week 17:聽at Arizona
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Out of the Gate: The Niners will have the toughest first two games of the season of any team in the NFL. And the importance of games with Green Bay and Seattle cannot be understated, as both could determine playoff seeding. In addition, the NFC West could easily be on the line at CenturyLink Field just seven days into the season. And things don't get any easier for the 49ers either as they get a visit from Andrew Luck and the Colts in Week 3 and travel to St. Louis in Week 4. Most teams would be staring at an 0-4 start to the year but not San Francisco. It has to be bittersweet that the two toughest games in the division will be out of the way in the first month.
Toughest Stretch: The first five weeks of the season have to be considered the toughest stretch for the defending NFC champs. On top of two huge road divisional games and tests with elite signal-callers Aaron Rodgers and Luck at home comes a visit from the Houston Texans. The final seven weeks of the season won't be easy but the elite level of competition in the first five weeks makes the start to the season the most daunting stretch of the 2013 slate for San Francisco.
Swing Games:GB (Week 1), at WAS (Week 12)Crossover Divisions:NFC South, AFC SouthBye Week:Week 9Opp. 2012 W/L %:.520 (9th)8thEasiest Stretch: As the defending NFC champs, there shouldn't be any truly easy stretches. However, there is a five-week run following the Week 5 tilt against Houston that should provide some easier wins. The 49ers will face the Cardinals, Titans and Jaguars 鈥?arguably the three worst teams on their schedule this year 鈥?in three consecutive weeks. Then San Fran gets an off weekend before a visit from Carolina in Week 10. Four losing teams from a year ago and the bye week makes Weeks 6-10 the easiest stretch of games for Harbaugh and company.
Circle The Calendar: Week 2 in Seattle will be downright epic. The Link's crowd is always rowdy and both sides know full well what will be at stake in this monstrous NFC West showdown. Last year, the Niners edged past the Seahawks at home 13-6 in mid-October. However, Pete Carroll's boys put a beatdown on Harbaugh's guys 42-13 in Week 16 last year. These two coaches have had a long-standing rivalry dating back to their Pac-10 USC-Stanford days and now they may boast the two best teams in the league. This could be the biggest game of the entire NFL calendar in 2013.
Divisional Notes: This could be the toughest division in football but the Niners are luckier than the other three teams in the NFC West as they don't have to face, well, the 49ers twice. That said, road trips to both Seattle and St. Louis will be nasty in the first month. The home rematches with both will take place in back-to-back weeks to start December. With so much space between these key divisional games, it is likely that all three teams will be dramatically different in the second bouts. Arizona, which is no easy out, will be a welcome sight for San Francisco in Weeks 6 and 17.
Playoff Push: The final month won't be easy for the Niners but there is plenty to like about this end to the season. Road trips to Tampa Bay and Arizona both happen within the final three weeks and three huge NFC showdowns come in Candlestick Park. St. Louis had Harbaugh's number a year ago and will be a tough out while home-field advantage and the NFC West will hang in the balance when Seattle and Atlanta visit during December. The final home game of the year against the Falcons will come on "Monday Night Football" and should be one of the most anticipated games of the year.
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Fantasy Playoff Run (Weeks 14-16): Colin Kaepernick could have one of the toughest fantasy playoff schedules of any of his peers. The dual-threat has to face top-seven fantasy defenses against QBs [url=]2009 All Star New York Mets 57 Johan Santana Red Jerseys[/url] in Seattle and Atlanta, although both of those games are at home, as well as Tampa Bay鈥 upgraded secondary on the road. The Seahawks (sixth against fantasy RBs) and Buccaneers (No. 1 in rushing defense last season) also weren鈥檛 that kind to RBs either.
2013 Athlon Sports NFL team-by-team schedule analysis:
AFC EastAFC NorthAFC SouthAFC WestPittsburgh (7/1)Tennessee (7/3)San Diego (7/2)聽聽聽聽NFC EastNFC NorthNFC SouthNFC WestWashington (7/3)Tampa Bay (7/2)Seattle (7/1)Other Related NFL Content:

NFL Teams:NFL Conferences:NFL Divisions:
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Ed Anderson has lived in his King Avenue house since 1976. It鈥 in [url=]Cheap West Virginia Mountaineers Jerseys[/url] the Dennison Place
neighborhood between N. High Street and the Olentangy River.

Anderson owns a hair salon just down the street and keeps tabs on his neighborhood鈥 successes.
From his front walk, he points to houses that recently sold and are being renovated.

But he had no idea until last week that some younger residents are pushing to name part of the
area the Peach District.

鈥 don鈥檛 like it,鈥?said Anderson, 74. 鈥鈥 very suspicious of that. I don鈥檛 know what the
connotation is of that.鈥?
There is a story behind it. Maybe more than one.

Zack Baird, a Columbus artist and comic, said a friend who is a geography major at Ohio State
University mapped the city and gave names to some neighborhoods that didn鈥檛 have any. The friend,
Zach Henkel, described it differently.

鈥here鈥 a lot of whimsy to this, a lot of mythology,鈥?said Henkel, 30, who began to lobby for
the names about four years ago.

He attributes the Peach District [url=]Cheap Cowbody Jerseys[/url] name to someone who looked out a window after a romantic
encounter and said the world from that vantage point [url=]Cheap Klahoma State Jerseys[/url] looked 鈥減eachy.鈥?
The name appeals to Baird, 30. 鈥veryone likes peaches,鈥?he said. 鈥t鈥 just an easy idea.鈥?
A group of young people ran with it, attaching it to block parties such as the Peach District
Classic and festivals featuring art and music.

鈥he Peach District was an arts initiative to celebrate what鈥 good in the area,鈥?said Magdiale
Wolmark, 47, who co-owns Till, a restaurant on King Avenue.

The name has been given some credibility. The University District Organization lists the Peach
District as a neighborhood on its website, calling the name 鈥渓argely irreverent 鈥?relating to the
previous non-identity of the area and the desire to be something else other than South Campus.鈥?
鈥f there鈥 a movement to organize around a certain name of a neighborhood, I think that鈥
great,鈥?said Ellen Moore, the president of the organization.

A Peach District mural was painted last year on the side of Viking Premium Beverages on King

The neighborhood is a mix of refurbished Victorian houses and student apartments, high- and
low-income residents, restaurants and taco trucks.

鈥he neighborhood is not lacking identity,鈥?Baird said. 鈥t鈥 such a hodgepodge of students and
young professionals.鈥?
Moore鈥 organization shows the Peach District鈥 southern boundary as King Avenue. Others say 5th
Avenue is the cutoff, as does a map on a Peach District blog created four years ago. Another
configuration extends the Peach District into Dennison Place.

The boundaries, Baird said, are 鈥渇luid.鈥?And besides, he and others say, the exact geography is
less important than the vibe.

David Murchie, 35, has lived in Dennison Place for eight years. He鈥 the guy who wanted to put a
wind turbine on his King Avenue property to generate electricity for his house until city officials
shot down the idea. He plans to resurrect the proposal and has built a three-car garage with a
rooftop greenhouse behind his house. Lettuce he planted last year still grows in his three

Murchie, a software developer, said he had never heard of the Peach District and isn鈥檛 crazy
about the name.

Wolmark said a lot of the momentum behind the name has waned. But he said he thinks the idea was
good for the community at large. Baird hopes the name will one day stick.

鈥t always makes me feel kind of cool,鈥?he said.
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There was a time when Welsh was the only to be heard at the post office in Pontyberem, a former coalmining village nestling in the rolling hills ofCarmarthenshire.
"It's not really like that now," said postmistress Morfydd Evans. "The older people still always speak Welsh but lots of the young ones don't. They can speak it. They learn it in school, but they choose not to use Welsh. It makes us older ones sad. We're proud of our culture and our language and more needs to be done to protect it."
This is an important time for the language in traditional Welsh-speaking heartlands, both in south-west and across the country.
A by the assembly government, the BBC and the Welsh-language broadcaster S4C, has concluded that only half of Welsh speakers aged 16-24 consider themselves fluent, compared with two-thirds of the over-60s. Just a third of the young speakers said they always or usually communicated in Welsh withfriends.
The report established that few Welsh speakers, even young, tech-savvy youngsters, are using the language when they communicate online or when they use the internet for research orentertainment.
The study comes after the census revealed that the proportion of people in Wales able to speak [url=][/url] Welsh .
If the headline figure wasn't disturbing enough, there is particular concern about what is happening in the traditional Welsh stronghold of Carmarthenshire. In 2001 there were five electoral divisions where more than 70% of people spoke Welsh. .
In Pontyberem 鈥?such ahotspot that it is commonly believed to be the inspiration for the long-running Welsh-language soap opera Pobol y Cwm, or People of the Valley, which helped launch the career of actor Ioan Gruffudd 鈥?the number of speakers has dropped from almost three-quarters at the turn of the century to 69%.
"There is no doubt this is a crucial time for the Welsh language," said Cathryn Ings, business manager of the Welsh language initiative in Pontyberem. "If we don't act the number of people speaking Welsh will continue to fall."
Ings said there was a lot of pressure on young people to keep the language alive. "They are seen as the future, as the great hope. But it's very difficult when you're living next to a language superpower. The young people are bombarded by English whether it be in computer games or on social media."
She said she believed one problem was a lack of confidence and a perception that Welsh was not for everyone. "A lot of people who can speak it aren't confident enough. They don't think their Welsh is good enough. We've got to make the language more welcoming, more inclusive."
The new report published by the government and broadcasters picked this up. It found that the fear of getting things wrong was one of the main reasons why Welsh speakers were not using the language. It said people needed to be reassured that they did not have to speak grammar-perfect Welsh but it was acceptable to use "everyday Welsh" peppered with some English words.
Those findings tallied with what the Welsh government is discovering through its "national conversation" initiative. It has not published its full report but one of the is that people did not feel there were not enough opportunities to use the Welsh language in "everyday life", including on the internet.
Campaign group , which translates as A Future for the Language, wants the impact on the language to be made a central part of any new planning laws to combat the problem of non-Welsh speakers arriving en masse [url=]Brady black jerseys[/url] in a place like Carmarthenshire and diluting the language.
The Welsh Language Society, , is calling for more pressure to be put on bodies and companies to make sure people have theright to speak, and to be spoken to, in Welsh in all settings from the high street to the hospital.
At the , Pontyberem's community cafe, Rhian Hudson's policy is to greet customers in Welsh and then proceed in whichever language they answer in. "We like to give people the chance to speak Welsh first," she said.
A group of women were tucking into lunch after a yoga session in the memorial hall next door, and were talking exclusively in Welsh.
"The language is very important to me," said Margaret Jones. I make a point of speaking Welsh first in shops, when I phone the council, wherever really, and I fill in forms in Welsh."
But at other tables, teenagers were speaking in English. One of them, Simon, said that while three of the group speak Welsh, the fourth was not confident in it so they tended tospeakEnglish.
Another teenager, Ioan, said: "I text and Facebook in English. It feels that English is more international, more universal. It seems to make more sense to use it on the internet."
Down the street at the Welsh-language bookshop, manager Kathryn Thomas said it was possible to live her life through Welsh.
"I speak it 95% of the time, maybe more. You can do everything in [url=]Gronkowski Black Jerseys[/url] Welsh in this town 鈥?go to the doctor's, change your tyres, buy acarpet, arrange a funeral, order a drink at the pub. Welsh is still very much alivinglanguage here."

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Ceremony is free and open to the public and will be held on the night of the annual season ticket holder event at Gillette Stadium.FOXBOROUGH, Mass. 鈥?The New England Patriots announced a new date and time for the team鈥 2013 Hall of Fame induction ceremonies for Tedy Bruschi and Gil Santos. While originally scheduled for August 11 when the Hall of Fame selection was announced on May 21, the ceremonies will now be held on Monday, July 29, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. on the NRG Plaza outside The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon. The event will coincide with the team鈥 first in-stadium practice of 2013, which is an annual ticketed event for Patriots season ticket holders and Foxborough residents at Gillette Stadium. The Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are free and open to the public. Patriots fans of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend. Following this year鈥 enshrinement ceremonies, Patriots season ticket holders and Foxborough residents will be encouraged to redeem their complimentary event tickets to attend that night鈥 practice inside Gillette Stadium. Bruschi and Santos will also be honored at the Patriots鈥?regular season home opener when the Patriots host the New York Jets on Thursday, Sept. 12. With this season鈥 home opener falling on a Thursday night, a Hall of Fame weekend was not possible. As a result, the induction ceremonies were moved to the night of the annual season ticket holder event on July 29. Bruschi has been called the 鈥onsummate Patriot鈥?by Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft and described as the 鈥減erfect player鈥?by Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. As a seven-time team captain, Bruschi鈥 relentless work ethic and intensity helped set the tone for the entire team and helped guide the Patriots to three Super Bowl championships in four years. Last month, the team announced that Bruschi had been selected by the fans as the 19th player and 21st member to enter the Patriots Hall of Fame. Bruschi joins Drew Bledsoe (2011) and Troy Brown (2012) as the only players to be selected by the fans into the Patriots Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility. Santos, the 鈥淰oice of the New England Patriots,鈥?missed just one game in his 36 [url=]Brewers 8 Braun Blue 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] seasons calling Patriots games. He learned of his induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame during a pregame ceremony in his honor prior to the regular season home finale in 2012. Kraft surprised Santos with the announcement that the legendary voice of the Patriots would become the 20th [url=]Blank Black 2011 All Star Jerseys[/url] person to be inducted and just the second non-player to earn the honor as a contributor for his memorable contributions to the team. It is the highest honor the team can bestow an individual. About The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon is the crown jewel of Patriot Place and the only sports and education experience of its kind. Through a dazzling array of interactive multimedia exhibits and artifacts never before viewable by the public, the hall of fame showcases the tradition of the New England Patriots, explores the history of football in New England and promotes math and science education for the thousands of schoolchildren expected to visit each year. For more information, please visit .
sabrinaroseann | 2013/09/12 08:31 AM

<p>On Saturday night, in his hometown of Milwaukee during UFC 164, Anthony 鈥楽howtime鈥?Pettis captured the Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight title in a smashing defeat of former champion Benson Henderson. Pettis鈥? [url=]Tebow Green Jerseys[/url] win means Latinos now hold a stunning half of the UFC鈥 gold, with the following titleholders:</p>
<p>Bantamweight: Dominick Cruz<br>
Featherweight: Jose Aldo<br>
Lightweight: Anthony Pettis<br>
Heavyweight: Cain Velasquez</p>
<p>Pettis, who is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent, has previously noted his grandfather anglicized the family surname of 鈥erez鈥?to 鈥ettis.鈥?During Saturday鈥 post fight press conference, he also praised the sacrifices his mother made in order to put her three sons through [url=]Holmes White Jerseys[/url] Catholic school, an experience familiar to working-class Hispanic families.</p>
<p>Considering the heavy dose of Latino fighters and title-holders within the UFC, and Latinos鈥?traditional attraction to combat arts, the sport is well positioned to make tremendous inroads in Latin America in the next few years.<p>- A.J. Delgado</p></p>
<p>With Anderson Silva looking to reclaim his middleweight belt this December, with Carlos Condit once again on the heels of the welterweight title, and with Joseph Benavidez as the flyweights鈥?top contender, Latinos are poised to capture even more UFC gold. As mixed martial arts鈥? [url=]Holmes White Jerseys[/url] popularity and amongst Latinos in the U.S., Latino stars in the UFC surely will not hurt the company鈥 appeal in this burgeoning market nor the market鈥 continuous draw to the sport.</p>
<p>Latinos鈥?fondness for mixed martial arts has not gone unnoticed. A recent Daily Show that, while the interests of Latinos in the U.S. mirror those of other Americans, they do have an additional, unique interest: 鈥減igeon racing鈥?and 鈥淯ltimate Fighting.鈥?And the UFC itself is working on hosting its first card in Mexico (as UFC President Dana White recently noted to this writer via Twitter), possibly next year, as well as producing a season of the popular The Ultimate Fighter (鈥UF鈥? series in Mexico City, entitled TUF: Latin America 鈥?in Spanish and featuring fighters from a variety of Latin American countries.</p>
<p>In addition to the top-ranked Latino stars, many Latino fighters are found across the UFC鈥 ranks. Mexican-born Erik 鈥l Goyito鈥?Perez, despite a split-decision loss at UFC 164, continues a rapid rise and an impressive 3-1 UFC record.</p>
<p>Considering the heavy dose of Latino fighters and title-holders within the UFC, and Latinos鈥?traditional attraction to combat arts, the sport is well positioned to make tremendous inroads in Latin America in the next few years.</p>
<p>Latino audiences certainly won鈥檛 mind one bit.</p><p><p>A. J. Delgado is a graduate of Harvard Law School who writes about conservative politics and pop culture. You may find her on Twitter at @missADelgado</p>
<p>Follow us on <br>
Like us at </p>
robertford | 2013/09/12 08:23 PM

A day after questioning Secretary of State John Kerry for hours on Syria, Texas Representative Michael McCaul said the Obama administration faces steep odds in rallying House support.

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Austin (The Associated Press)
The Austin Republican said during two radio interviews Thursday that House Republicans are unlikely to support the strike, which is widely opposed by the American people.
I can tell you in the House it鈥 going to be a heavy lift for the administration to get this thing passed, he said on the Edd Hendee Show on KSEV.
[Americans] kind of see it as two junkyard dogs fighting, McCaul said. Why do you want to get in the middle of that? You鈥e just going to get bit.
A week before the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, McCaul said he still views al Qaeda as America s enemy.
I can鈥檛 support anything in good conscious that鈥 going to embolden a real enemy and that鈥 al Qaeda and the jihadists, he said on KLBJ News Radio.
He said the attack could actually create a power vacuum that could give power to terrorist groups, a concern that []wholesale sports jerseys wholesale[/url] also surfaced during .
Assad, as bad as he is, has never pointed those weapons at Americans or at the interest of the United States, but al Qaeda, certainly, if given the chance, would do so and I think that鈥 the worst possible outcome that we []wholesale sports jerseys[/url] could have, McCaul said.
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Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch lead the way in tips for your NASCAR Fantasy squad at the Quaker State 400 at Kentucky Speedway. To help guide you through the 2013 Fantasy NASCAR season, Athlon Sports contributor Geoffrey Miller will be offering his best predictions for each race. And because Yahoo's Fantasy Auto Racing game is arguably the most popular, he鈥l break down the picks according to its NASCAR driver classes 鈥?A-List, B-List, C-List. The main picks are designed to make optimal use of Yahoo!鈥 nine-start maximum rule over the course of the season. The 鈥lso consider鈥?section ranks unmentioned drivers strictly by expected result without consideration of start limitations.
It's back to the [url=]2009 All Star Texas Rangers 32 Josh Hamilton Blue Jerseys[/url] status quo this weekend at Kentucky Speedway. The third-year Saturday night 400-miler is the newest addition to NASCAR's top circuit schedule, though the racing is rarely much different than we'll expect at any other 1.5-mile venue. Kyle Busch won the inaugural race in 2011, and Brad Keselowski took race No. 2 last season.
A-List (pick two, start one)Brad KeselowskiLast year's winner at Kentucky, Keselowski led [url=]Yankees 2 Derek Jeter Red 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] 68 laps in the race that really set the stage for his surge to the Sprint Cup title. Coming in to the 2012 race, he had four consecutive finishes of 12th or worse. After the win, he reeled off six straight top 10s. Keselowski is on a current streak of three finishes of 12th or worse; will Kentucky mark his fourth top 10 on 1.5-mile tracks this year?
Kevin HarvickThe most recent NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race winner on a 1.5-mile track (Harvick beat Kasey Kahne late to win the Coca-Cola 600), Harvick also holds the interesting distinction of finishing every non-restrictor plate race 14th or better this year. Harvick doesn't yet have a Kentucky top 10, but he did test there with Richard Childress Racing after the 600 win.
Also consider: Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon
B-List (pick four, start two)Kyle BuschThere are just four Sprint Cup drivers who have scored top-10 finishes in the first two races at Kentucky for the series, and Kyle Busch is the only one in the B-list. Busch has led nearly half of all the laps contested at Kentucky (243 of 534) and has a sterling average running position there of 3.6.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.Earnhardt isn't a Kentucky pick because of how well he's run there in the past (the No. 88 has the 11th-best average running position in the two Cup races), but more because of how good that team's intermediate program has been despite some poor finishes. Earnhardt had a top-5 car at Texas before a battery issue, seemed to have righted the ship in the Coca-Cola 600 before his engine failed and then had a dominant car at Michigan before the engine again cracked. That's three poor finishes, but three races where a team didn't tear up the car.
Joey LoganoLogano is another driver without terrific success in the two Sprint Cup races at Kentucky, but he's been riding a very hot streak since a poor outing at Darlington. For context on how good Logano has been, his 11th-place finish at Sonoma was his worst in five races. In Kentucky, he'll have access to Keselowski's notes from last year, and the confidence of three Nationwide Series wins at the track.
Martin Truex Jr.I'm not sold on Truex's line of thinking that a single race win will suddenly change his ability to win races, but I do think that No. 56 is in for another good run at Kentucky thanks to its strength on similar tracks this year. Truex has a top 10 in every race at a 1.5-mile track this year, and should have won at Texas until a shock broke on the car late in the going.
Also consider: Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards, Brian Vickers聽
C-List (pick two, start one)AJ AllmendingerAllmendinger returns to JTG-Daughtery Racing's No. 47 Saturday night for his second start of the season for that team in place of Bobby Labonte. His part-time C-List status makes him a good choice, especially if he can duplicate the top-20 run he had in the No. 47 at Michigan.
Casey MearsMears, if nothing else, has been remarkably consistent of late in the No. 13. Since a crash at Darlington, he's finished between 16th and 23rd in all five races. Charlotte and Michigan are the most comparable tracks of those five races to Kentucky, and he took 23rd and 21st, respectively. Expect another top 25 from Mears 鈥?a better day than most in the C-List world.
Also consider: Ricky Stenhouse Jr., David Ragan, Travis Kvapil
by Geoffrey MillerFollow Geoffrey on Twitter:
Miscellaneous:NASCAR Drivers:
rckifsms2 | 2013/09/14 01:19 AM

College Fantasy Football: 2013 Kicker Rankings /p
Fall college fantasy football drafts are right around the corner and Athlon is here to help win your league in 2013. Athlon Sports has teamed with Joe DiSalvo of聽聽to provide the latest rankings for the upcoming year.
Rankings will [url=]Mets 7 Jose Reyes blue 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] be updated right up until kickoff and expect plenty of tweaks to over the next couple of months.
Scoring system rankings based upon:
All draft values are based on a 12-team, 20-round draft using the following scoring system:
Passing鈥?5 pass yds = 1 pointPassing TD = 4 points, INTs = -1 point
Rushing鈥?0 rushing yards = 1 pointRushing TDs = 6 points
Receiving鈥?5 points per reception, 10 receiving yards = 1 point, Receiving TDs = 6 points
Kicking鈥擡xtra Point = 1 pointFG 0-39 yards = 3 points, 40-49 yards = 4 points, 50+ = 5 points
Defense/ST鈥擠efense, KR, and PR TDs = 6 pointsSafety = 2 points, Fumbles and INTs = 3 points, Sack = 1 point,Points allowed (0 = 15 points, 2-6 = 10 points, 7-10 = 7 points, 11-13 = 5 points, 14-21 = 4 points, 22-28 [url=]Blank blue 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] = 2 points, 29-24 = 0 points, 35+ = -2 points)
2013 College Fantasy Rankings

Updated: June 24, by Joe DiSalvo ()聽
College Fantasy Football 2013 Rankings: Kickers

RankPlayerTeam1Taylor BertoletTexas A M2Chandler CatanzaroClemson3Aaron JonesBaylor4Chris BoswellRice5Jaden OberkromTCU6Jeremiah DetmerToledo7Andre HeidariUSC8Cairo SantosTulane9Jordan WilliamsonStanford10Kyle BrindzaNotre Dame11Ka鈥mi FairbairnUCLA12Justin HaigMarshall13Ross MartinDuke14Mathew SimsNorthern Illinois15Austin LopezSan Jose State,14891.msg127807.html#msg127807
andreasmith | 2013/09/14 02:48 AM

<p><img src="" alt="" title="" width="612" height="75" /><br> HAWKS SIGN FORWARD DEMARRE CARROLL</p>
<p>ATLANTA --&nbsp;The Atlanta Hawks have signed forward DeMarre Carroll (de-MAR-ay), President of Basketball Operations/GM Danny Ferry announced today. &nbsp;Per club policy, terms were not disclosed.&nbsp;</p>
<p>鈥淒eMarre [url=]Cheap Cincinnati Reds Jerseys[/url] is a great fit for our program,鈥?Ferry said. 鈥e is an unselfish, highly competitive player. His versatility in defending multiple positions will make him a valuable contributor to our basketball team.鈥?nbsp;</p>
<p>Carroll, 27, posted career highs last season with the Utah Jazz in nearly every statistical category including points (6.0), rebounds (2.8), assists (0.9), steals (0.9), minutes (16.8) [url=]new suns jerseys[/url] and starts (12). He played in 66 games, scoring 10 or more points 15 times (the Jazz were 11-4 in those games) and playing at least 20 minutes on 27 occasions. The [url=]Cheap New York Yankees Jerseys[/url] Jazz were 16-11 in those games and [url=]nike jerseys for women[/url] his averages jumped to [url=]indiana state football jersey[/url] 9.3 points on .514 shooting, including .429 from three-point range, and 4.1 rebounds in 24.0 minutes per game. His +/- average of +1.8 led the Jazz.</p>
<p>Before joining the Jazz on Feb. 8, 2012, the four-year [url=]2013 Tennessee Vols Football Jerseys[/url] veteran spent time with the Memphis Grizzlies, Houston Rockets and Denver Nuggets. The 6-foot-8, 204-pound forward attended Missouri and is from Birmingham, Alabama.</p>
<p>Prior to signing Carroll, the Hawks requested waivers on DeShawn Stevenson.</p>
katherinelee | 2013/09/14 04:34 AM

3 hours ago
MicrosoftMicrosoft is making its Xbox Music streaming service available for free on the Web 鈥?even to those who don't use Windows 8.The expansion beyond Windows 8 devices and Xbox game consoles starting Monday is intended to bring new customers into the software giant's ecosystem of devices and services and could help it compete with other digital music offerings like Pandora, Spotify and iTunes. It's also an acknowledgement that the music service hasn't done much to drive sales of the Windows 8 operating system.The move represents another step toward Microsoft's goal of becoming a company that sells devices and services, rather than primarily software, said Michael Turits, an analyst with financial advisory firm Raymond James. It comes on the heels of Microsoft announcing it would buy the mobile phone handset manufacturing business of Nokia Corp. for $7.2 [url=]Washington Redskins Jerseys for sale[/url] billion and that CEO Steve Ballmer would step down within 12 months."They've [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] said they're going to be a devices and services company. We know they want to be a device company since they're buying the Nokia phone division," he said. "This kind of thing gives more credibility to the idea they'll [url=]nike nfl jerseys[/url] be more of a services company as well."Most buyers of the new Windows 8 operating system discovered Xbox Music because it's the default player for music files that people [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys on sale[/url] have imported from elsewhere, according to Xbox Music general manager Jerry Johnson. Opening it up to the broader public would give more people a chance to see the benefits of having multiple devices linked to Microsoft's platform. Its music service, for example, will save favorites and playlists across PCs, Windows Phones and Xbox game consoles."To actually build that ecosystem, we need to bring people into it," Johnson said.Xbox Music allows people to choose from 30 million tracks and stream them for free with ads. The service sells downloadable tracks that have been kept off streaming services by artists or labels. A radio service on Xbox Music also generates song playlists automatically along genres or similar artists.The thinking is if new consumers enjoy the free experience online, some might upgrade to pay $10 a month for the Xbox Music Pass, which allows playback on mobile phones and Microsoft's game console, Xbox 360, and its upcoming version, Xbox One. Microsoft is also launching apps for iPhones and Android devices that will allow paying subscribers to access [url=]wholesale nike nfl jerseys[/url] Xbox Music. Previously, you had to have a device running the Windows Phone 8 operating system to access the plan on the go.The decision to allow Xbox Music to run on competitors' phone platforms is in line with Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft Corp.'s move in June to release app versions of its Office software on Apple's iPhone.Microsoft is also updating its Xbox Music interface by reducing the size of cover art but adding tabs to make it easier to create and manage playlists.Starting with its release Nov. 22, Xbox One users will also be able to play games while listening to Xbox Music simultaneously, a feature that isn't offered on the Xbox 360.
漏 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
jslgjckz9 | 2013/09/14 07:05 AM

While most people prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday with family and friends, traders and investors may be bracing for a bit of some fireworks in the market before the break. We asked Toni Turner of for her thoughts on this week's ominous signs on the major indices.

EQ: The holiday shortened week might throw traders off a bit over the next few days as the market is closed Thursday but does resume trading Friday. Is there anything investors and traders can take away from this week鈥 price action or is it more of just a wash?

Turner: It鈥 hard to know, of course, exactly how it鈥 going to end up.

The SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA), SPDR S P 500 (SPY), and PowerShares QQQ (QQQ) all closed in gravestone doji patterns on Monday. A gravestone doji is a single-candle pattern that shows the bears are in control. If it is confirmed by price action that falls below it the following day, or candle, it can [url=]Reds 19 Votto Navy 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] create powerful overhead resistance.

All three of the major indices closed with a gravestone doji Monday, and it shows that the bears came into control in the afternoon. If you look at these three ETFs or the underlying indices over the past three days, there has been a long upper shadow, which means the bears have been in control coming into the afternoon sessions. This could be a short-term negative. These indices are also rising into their 50-day moving averages, which is acting as resistance, and I will look to put protective stops on my short-term trades.

Now, with that said, [url=]Phillies 6 Ryan Howard Blue 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] the market does like to move higher before a holiday, but the bears are definitely looking for a fight.

EQ: With the second half of 2013 now officially underway, are there any underlying trends or stories that you鈥e paying closer attention to? For example, are there any 鈥渟econd half鈥?stories stocks under your radar?

Turner: There are dozens of things I can come up with to watch in the second half of 2013, and a few that come to mind are in the macro realm. I think the yield in 10-year bonds will move to a normalization period, and will probably take the entire second half to evolve. That will keep the market edgy, especially if quantitative easing is withdrawn as has been promised by the Fed.

I also believe the world will keep a close watch on China to see if their GDP can stay above 7 percent. A move below that would mean more volatility in cyclicals and commodities. Of course, I鈥l also be watching the housing market to see if their recovery is real.

We can take any of these overall subjects and we can drill down to various stocks within these sectors that will be affected.

EQ: Earnings season is right around the corner as Alcoa (AA) is set to report next Monday. Does it make more sense to walk away this week and prepare for next week?

Turner: If we were in more of a neutral pattern, or perhaps even moving up a little more than we are, I would say not to worry and go to the beach. But as it is, before we leave for the beach, with all these gravestone dojis out there, and the bears potentially looking for a fight, it would be wise to at least put in protective stops to make sure you don鈥檛 lose your profits.

EQ: This is one of the more uneasy holidays we鈥檝e experienced in the recent past.

Turner: I agree, and a lot of it has to do with what鈥 going on in Egypt and Syria, which influences oil prices. Also, many of us are keeping an eye on Japan to see how their economy will fare with pressure on the yen . That鈥 another one we鈥l be watching closely in the second half.

EQ: Any sectors or industry groups that have your eye right now?

Turner: I鈥 watching the PowerShares Dynamic Media (PBS). If it can hang on here and get above $21.50, I think it could start into another move up. It certainly hasn鈥檛 had the pullback that the S P 500 has had. I think it will go into a whole new wave in the second half if it can maintain current levels. .

I鈥 also watching the companies within the PowerShares Dynamic Food Beverage (PBJ), not so much the ETF itself, however, as its low volume makes it difficult to trade. It looks positive right now and has a similar pattern as PBS. So if it can remain positive, that鈥 one I鈥 watching.

And no, I鈥 not playing gold and silver. Smile.
irenemcdonald | 2013/09/14 01:34 PM

Aug. 22, 2013 at 9:29 AM ET
Courtesy Royal Caribbean The Celebrity Millennium, pictured, is docked in the southeast Alaska port of Ketchikan and awaiting repairs. Mechanical problems on a Celebrity Cruises ship have forced the cancellation of all of the vessel's remaining Alaska sailings this year, a company spokeswoman said on Wednesday. The Celebrity Millennium, which last week developed []nike nfl jerseys China[/url] a problem with [url=]San Francisco 49ers Jerseys[/url] one []wholesale NFL jersey from China[/url] of its two propulsion motors, is docked in the southeast Alaska port of Ketchikan and awaiting repairs, said Cynthia Martinez, a representative for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, the owner of Celebrity Cruises. Arrangements were being made to send stranded passengers home. "The safety of our [url=]nfl elite jerseys[/url] guests and crew is always our highest priority. Therefore, we have decided to take the ship out of service to make repairs, cancelling Celebrity Millennium's current sailings, as well as the next four sailings," she said in an email. The online schedule for Alaska cruise ports listed those four sailings as the only remaining Alaska voyages in 2013 for the Millennium. There are 32 cruise ships doing business in Alaska this year, according to the Alaska Cruise Association website. The season runs from early May to the end of September. The Millennium had 2,200 passengers and 958 crew members aboard, Martinez [url=]wholesale nfl elite jerseys[/url] said. Passengers were being offered chartered air travel out of Ketchikan, refunds and certificates for future cruises, she said. The 965-foot (294 metre) Millennium was put into service in 2000, according to Celebrity's website. It has been sailing this summer between Vancouver, Canada, and Seward, a port on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.聽
Copyright 2013 Thomson Reuters.
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S P 500 component Garmin Ltd. (GRMN) said a division of its company, Garmin International, is later this summer releasing HUD, its first portable heads-up display for smartphone navigation applications. Dubbed, 鈥avigation Meets Projection,鈥?the device will project directions onto a transparent film on the windshield or an attached reflector lens. HUD is shown on the Garmin website for $129.99, but it is clearly defined as not yet receiving authorization from the Federal Communications Commission and not offered for sale until FCC authorization is obtained.

HUD is designed to work with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones running Garmin鈥StreetPilot of NAVIGON apps, which are sold separately. The device pairs with iPhones, Android phones and Windows 8 phones, according to Switzerland-based Garmin.

The heads-up display provides information such as directions, current speed, speed limit, turn arrows, distance to the next turn, lane guidance, estimated overall trip time, possible traffic delays and upcoming safety camera locations. The spoken directions can be synced with Bluetooth audio systems in cars and have the ability to lower streaming music volume on the car stereo as directions are given.

鈥ead-up displays currently have their place in select high-end cars, but HUD makes this technology available as an aftermarket accessory for any vehicle, at an affordable price,鈥?said Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide sales at Garmin.

Heads-up displays, which are designed to allow drivers to receive information without looking away from the road, were originally developed for military planes with origins back to before World War II. The first auto to incorporate the technology was the 1988 [url=]2009 World Baseball Classic 15 Beltran white jersey[/url] Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

Garmin built its name on GPS devices, but traditional models have been facing stiff competition with the rise in smartphone capabilities and popularity. Several companies, including Google, Inc. (GOOG) and Apple, Inc. (AAPL), already offer smartphone applications for free that deliver turn-by-turn directions, further putting a pinch on Garmin and other competitors like Amsterdam-based TomTom. At least the new HUD by Garmin will help differentiate the [url=]Giants 55 Tim Lincecum bule 2010 All Star Jersey[/url] company from other applications on the market, and at a pretty reasonable price.

Shares of GRMN have slumped about 13 percent so far in 2013. The company last reported earnings early in May, recording EPS of 40 cents on revenue of $532.0 million in the latest quarter against analyst expectations of EPS of 41 cents on sales of $518.6 million.

Shares are essentially flat in Monday trading at $35.38.
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Homer Bailey twirls at no-no over the defending champs, the Cardinals finally get a sweep at home, Brian McCann breaks out, Mike Trout keeps doing his thing and maybe the Marlins aren鈥檛 so bad after all. These notable numbers and more amazing MLB stats from the week of July 1-7.聽.021 Batting average for Giants hitters off Homer Bailey in last two startsIt began with a seven-inning, one-hit outing in the playoffs last season. Then Bailey followed that [url=]Rays 3 Evan Longoria Home Cool Base White 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] with a no-hitter in his next appearance against the defending champs. Over his last two starts vs. the Giants, San Francisco batters are 1-for-47 with two walks against the righthander.聽1 3-Game Sweep at Home for St. LouisWhen the Cardinals finished off the Marlins on Sunday afternoon, it marked the first time this season that the Redbirds had swept a three-game series at home.聽4.5 Largest Division [url=]2009 All Star New York Mets 57 Johan Santana Red Jerseys[/url] LeadThe Boston Red Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks are 4.5 games up in their divisions 鈥?the largest leads as of Sunday. Heading into the All-Star break next week, all six divisions are still very much in doubt. As many as 14 teams are within five games of leading their divisions.聽.600 Brian McCann鈥 batting average last weekThe Braves have been waiting for their catcher to break out this season, and last week he did just that. Batting an even .600 for the week, McCann raised his average from .250 to .304. He has multiple hits in his last four games.聽20 Runs scored by Baltimore in last seven gamesThe Baltimore offense leads the majors with 121 home runs, but they couldn鈥檛 muster many runs last week. They scored four runs in three games, winning two of them. They tallied just two runs in four games, winning one. One of those two-run wins came courtesy of a two-run, ninth-inning home run by Adam Jones off future Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera.聽16-11 Marlins record since June 8The lowly Miami Marlins have gotten decent pitching for most of the season. And recently, the lineup has begun to respond with some run support. Beginning June 8, the Marlins are 16-11, good enough for third-best in the National League during that time. However, the Fish still have the worst overall record in the league.聽50 Career home runs for Mike Trout of the AngelsWith 73 stolen bases in his young career, Trout has accumulated 50 homers and 50 steals in fewer career games than anyone in history. He has done it in just 266 games.聽71-10 Texas Rangers鈥?record in games in which Adrian Beltre homersThe slugging third baseman has 86 home runs since joining the Rangers in 2011, and when he goes deep, good things usually happen for Texas.聽55-22 Jered Weaver鈥 record at Angel Stadium in his careerThat mark is the highest winning percentage at the ballpark of any pitcher in history with 60 or more decisions.聽3 Players among the 10 highest-paid in baseball who were named All-StarsThat is based on the 10 highest average annual value contracts. Justin Verlander, Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee are the three players.聽1.64 Jeremy Hefner鈥 ERA since June 4According to ESPN Stats, the Mets鈥?righthander has the lowest mark in the majors during that time. He joins Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler to provide fans in New York some hope for the future.聽9 Losses to the Baltimore Orioles by the great Mariano RiveraOn Sunday, Rivera gave up a ninth-inning homer to Adam Jones of the Orioles for his second blown save this season. His ninth loss to Baltimore represents the most losses to any team in his career. However, the all-time leader in saves also has 76 saves vs. the Orioles, 13 more than any other team.
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The New England Patriots announced today that Tedy Bruschi has been voted by fans as the 19th player and 21st member to enter the Patriots Hall of Fame. FOXBOROUGH, Mass. 鈥?The New England Patriots announced today that Tedy Bruschi has been voted by fans as the 19th player and 21st member to enter the Patriots Hall of Fame. Bruschi will join Gil Santos, the Voice of the New England Patriots, at an induction ceremony during training camp that is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 11. The induction ceremony is open to the public and Patriots fans are encouraged to attend. Bruschi will also be honored during a halftime ceremony at the 2013 home opener when the Patriots host the New York Jets on Thursday, Sept. 12. It has been a busy month for Bruschi, who, just two weeks ago (May 7), was named to the College Football Hall of Fame. "We knew when we drafted him in 1996 that 鈥楤ruschi' was going to be a fan favorite in New England," said Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft. "But, he was so much more than that. During the most successful era in the history of the franchise, Tedy was the heart and soul of the defense and proved to be a champion, both on and off the field. He was a high-energy, tenacious defender whose playmaking abilities helped propel the Patriots to three Super Bowl championships in four years. His remarkable and courageous return to the field following a stroke only added to his legend and solidified his place among the most iconic Patriots in franchise history. We look forward to celebrating his induction with our fans." Bruschi joins Drew Bledsoe (2011) and Troy Brown (2012) as the only players to be selected by the fans into the Patriots Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility. In April, a 19-person nomination committee, comprised of media, alumni and staff, selected three candidates for consideration for the Patriots Hall of Fame. The three finalists were Bruschi, head coach Chuck Fairbanks and offensive tackle Leon Gray. Fans had a month to vote on for the candidate they believed was most deserving of hall of fame induction. Bruschi was called the "perfect player" by Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick at the press conference to announce Bruschi's retirement just prior to the start of the 2009 season. As a seven-time team captain, Bruschi's relentless work ethic and on-field intensity helped set the tone for the entire team. Bruschi was originally drafted by the Patriots in the third round of the 1996 NFL Draft. That year, the Patriots won the AFC Championship and appeared in Super Bowl XXXI. It was the first of five Super Bowl appearances by Bruschi during his 13-year NFL career. Bruschi helped propel the Patriots to 11 winning records, nine playoff seasons, including eight as division champions, five conference crowns and three Super Bowl titles. In Bruschi's 211 career games (including regular-season and playoffs), the Patriots had a 144-67 (.682) record, including a 16-6 (.727) playoff mark. Bruschi earned his first Pro Bowl honor following the 2004 season after co-captaining a Patriots defense that allowed just 16.25 points per game, the third fewest in franchise history. Bruschi is the only player in NFL history to return four consecutive interceptions for touchdowns and his career total of four picks returned for scores ranks second in Patriots history. Bruschi is the only Patriots linebacker to return multiple interceptions for scores in a single season (2002 and 2003), which is tied for fourth in NFL history among linebackers. Beyond his impressive numbers, fans and peers alike revered him for his accomplishments off the field. After Bruschi suffered a stroke in February 2005, he dedicated himself to raising funds and awareness to fight stroke along with the American Stroke Association. He established "Tedy's Team" to help raise funds and awareness to battle stroke, the number one cause of disability in the United States. About the Patriots Hall of Fame In 1991, the Patriots created their own Hall of Fame after John Hannah became the first Patriots player to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. While the team honor has existed since 1991, the Patriots Hall of Fame didn't find a permanent home until the Kraft family built The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon in 2008. Now, enshrinement into The Hall is an honor befitting of [url=]Yankees 42 Mariano Rivera White 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] the franchise's greatest players, with 30-foot video pylons displaying each enshrinee. Beginning in 2007, fans became part of the hall of fame tradition and active participants in the selection process. This year's enshrinees will be the 20 and 21st members of the New England Patriots' Hall of Fame (listed in alphabetical order below with year of induction): Bruce Armstrong (2001)Drew Bledsoe (2011)Troy Brown (2012)Tedy Bruschi (2013)Nick Buoniconti (1992)Gino Cappelletti (1992)Ben Coates (2008)Sam Cunningham (2010)Bob Dee (1993)Steve Grogan (1995)John Hannah (1991)Mike Haynes (1994)Jim Lee Hunt (1993) Stanley Morgan (2007)Jon Morris (2011)Jim Nance (2009)Steve Nelson (1993)Vito "Babe" Parilli (1993)Andre Tippett (1999)Contributors:William H. "Billy" Sullivan, Jr. (2009)Gil Santos (2013)鈥傾bout The Hall at Patriot Place presented by RaytheonThe Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon is the crown jewel of Patriot Place and the only sports and education experience of its kind. Through a dazzling array of interactive multimedia exhibits and artifacts never before viewable by the public, The [url=]Rays 3 Evan Longoria Home Cool Base White 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon showcases the tradition of the New England Patriots, explores the history of football in New England, and promotes math and science education for the thousands of schoolchildren expected to visit each year. For more information, please visit .
jxpyupjx0 | 2013/09/21 11:16 AM

Since their introduction over the past decade, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have quickly established themselves as a standard and highly sought-after financial instrument for investors.

ETFs are securities that track the performance of a commodity or a basket of assets much in the same way as an index fund, but that trade on an exchange in the same way as a stock. Their attraction as an investment tool comes from their dexterity, as ETFs can be designed to replicate the performance of just about anything, from commodities like gold and oil, to different groupings of companies, to types of countries. Indeed, emerging market ETFs are a good example given their enormous recent popularity with the rise of rapidly developing counties such as Brazil, Turkey, China, and India.

Several days of steep sell-off on the bond market, triggered almost two weeks ago after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced that the central bank would like to slow down on its massive monthly asset purchases in the near future, hit all asset classes, and ETFs were by no means spared.

But the reaction on the ETF market could not be explained away in its entirety by the general sell-off, and instead pointed to what could emerge as a significant problem with the very way in which ETFs are constructed. On Thursday June 20, one day after Bernanke鈥 post-FOMC press conference, not only did ETFs drop in price as traders and investors flocked to the exits, the disparity between the price of ETFs and the price of their underlying assets widened dramatically.

In other words, the $2 trillion ETF market watched as ETFs became cheaper than the actual assets they seek to track, and investors subsequently moved in large numbers to redeem those assets. After one Citigroup (C) trading desk reached its allocation limits, the bank had to stop accepting orders from ETF issuers to sell-off their underlying assets, while State Street (STT) for its part said that it would stop accepting cash redemption orders from dealers of municipal bond products.

What is of particular concern is the ability of ETFs to drag down the actual [url=]Rangers 27 Vladimir Guerrero red 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] price of their own underlying assets. But this development was not entirely unexpected; A November from the Kansas City-based Kauffman Foundation, an organization that conducts research and promotes education in economics and entrepreneurship, foretold of the predicament that was highlighted in the recent sell-off.

The report鈥 authors, Harold Bradley and Robert Litan, warned that ETFs pose systemic risks to the global economy that are not unlike the ones seen with the so-called 鈥渇lash crash鈥?that occurred some months prior to the report鈥 release. Bradley summed up [url=]Rays 3 Evan Longoria Home Cool Base White 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] this danger rather succinctly, saying 鈥TFs are radically changing the markets, to the point where they, and not the trading of the underlying securities, are effectively setting the prices of stocks of smaller capitalization companies, or the potential new growth companies of the future.鈥?
The report goes on to note that while the original promise of ETFs was in their ability to provide investors with an affordable way to 鈥ssemble diversified stock holdings,鈥?the funds are now 鈥渦ndermining the traditional price discovery role of exchanges, and in turn, discouraging new companies from wanting to be listed on U.S. exchanges.鈥?
The that was seen at the end of last month, however, was not just limited in its consequences to deterring or even harming aspiring growth companies from entering the market. Rather, Citigroup and Sate Street鈥 temporary suspension of sell orders point to more ominous consequences resulting from the ETF market鈥 ability to artificially distort the costs of underlying assets.

The result is a situation in which the ETF鈥 relationship to its underlying assets becomes parasitic, and this could have drastic consequences for the global economy. Emerging Market economies, who have seen an influx of investment thanks to the popularity of Emerging Market ETFs, could take a serious hit if the type of outflow that has been seen over the past two weeks gets any more serious than it already is.

Furthermore, there is no telling what form the reaction from investors would take if the practice of 鈥渢emporarily鈥?preventing them from cashing out on underlying assets spreads from Citigroup and State Street spreads to other financial institutions in the event of a more severe sell-off.
bxqgpdli1 | 2013/09/21 10:56 PM

Each week, we tap the insight of Sam Stovall, Chief Equity Strategist for S P Capital IQ, for his perspective on the current market.

EQ: In this week's Sector Watch report, you recapped the first quarter earnings season for the S P 500. While actual results beating expectations is somewhat normal, just how well did the 500 do against estimates?

Stovall: True earnings came out about 4.5 percent better than expectations, which was in line with the average range of actual results beating estimates. The normal range is between 4 to 5 percentage points. At the beginning of the quarter, S P Capital IQ reported that Wall Street consensus estimates was calling for a 0.5 percent increase in first quarter year-over-year operating earnings. However, when all was said and done, we rose 5.2 percent. So that certainly was encouraging for those investors who think that the economy and corporate earnings continue to move higher.

EQ: The glaring concern remains the ability to generate meaningful revenue growth. Have there been any encouraging signs that corporate management is shifting emphasis from the bottom line to the top line?

Stovall: The revenue picture does look pretty bleak. First, it was estimated that we would see 4-percent revenue growth, but in the end, we only got a 0.5 percent gain in top line growth. That number is similar to what the estimate is for the second quarter. If there is anything encouraging out there to suggest that top-line growth could improve is that expectations for global GDP are likely to improve in the second half.

According to S P Capital IQ, as well as IHS Global Insight, the 2.7 percent and 3.0 percent growth in Q3 and Q4 Global GDP, respectively, is expected to come from a slight recovery in the depressed developed nations around the globe, while frontier and emerging markets should record no change from their 3.3 percent and 5.3 percent growth expectations. Also, the gradual reduction in U.S. unemployment is a possible sign of companies slowly willing to increase their payrolls. They would only be doing that if the demand for their products and services are expanding to the point where it could not be handled by increased overtime efforts of existing employees.

Lastly, I would say that the slow pickup in mergers and acquisition activity also signals that those acquiring companies believe that there is enough of future growth to warrant their need to expand and to get into new markets.

EQ: Financials is expected to be arguably the strongest performer for the second quarter. What are some notable drivers for that sector?

Stovall: Financial is expected to show a 15.9-percent increase for second quarter earnings, which is on top of the [url=]Cardinals 5 Albert Pujols Blue 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] 11-percent increase we saw in the first quarter. It's also fairly consistent with what we're expecting for the full year. Financials is expected to see a gain of 11.1 percent, and tie for third place among the 10 sectors of the S P 500.Revenues are also supposed to look pretty good, up 7 percent as compared with the 0.5-percent for the S P 500. I think the reasons for this are that, first, the banks are expected to show a pretty healthy EPS gain鈥ossibly as much as 20 percent by our view鈥攁ided by an improvement in loan growth, as well as a reduction in loan loss provisions. Also, Financials should be doing well going forward because of the stronger-than-average earnings growth, attractive [url=]Tigers 24 Miguel Cabrera Red 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] valuations, and the steepening yield curve, which should help net interest margins.

EQ: The Technology sector is expected to have its worst quarter of 2013 in Q2, leading the laggards for the S P 500. It does, however, pick up in the second half. What's the cause for this expected upcoming weakness and rebound?

Stovall: We believe that it reflects the absence of new products, which will result in the projected weakening of year-over-year earnings growth. This is particularly true for some of the largest companies on the index. Also, we see broader headwinds, more global in nature, due to a lot of challenges in the areas related to computers. There are worries about the continued weakening of global economies in the second quarter, as well as the impact of the sequester here in the U.S., which would lead to the reduction in computer demand and spending from the federal government.

So while we think that there could be some good secular growth relating to mobile and cloud computing, these trends actually have negatively affected demand and pricing for some of the more traditional technology offerings. So in one sense, the right hand is taking a lot from the left hand.
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Ceremony is free and open to the public and will be held on the night of the annual season ticket holder event at Gillette Stadium.FOXBOROUGH, Mass. 鈥?The New England Patriots announced a new date and time for the team鈥 2013 Hall of Fame induction ceremonies for Tedy Bruschi and Gil Santos. While originally scheduled for August 11 when the Hall of Fame selection was announced on May 21, the ceremonies will now be held on Monday, July 29, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. on the NRG Plaza outside The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon. The event will coincide with the team鈥 first in-stadium practice of 2013, which is an annual ticketed event for Patriots season ticket holders and Foxborough residents at Gillette Stadium. The Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are free and open to the public. Patriots fans of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend. Following this year鈥 enshrinement ceremonies, Patriots season ticket holders and Foxborough residents will be encouraged to redeem their complimentary event tickets to attend that night鈥 practice inside Gillette Stadium. Bruschi and Santos will also be honored at the Patriots鈥?regular season home opener when the Patriots host the New York Jets on Thursday, Sept. 12. With this season鈥 home opener falling on a Thursday night, a Hall of Fame weekend was not possible. As a result, the induction ceremonies were moved to the night of the annual season ticket holder event on July 29. Bruschi has been called the 鈥onsummate Patriot鈥?by Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft and described as the 鈥減erfect player鈥?by Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. As a seven-time team captain, Bruschi鈥 relentless work ethic and intensity helped set the tone for the entire team and helped guide the Patriots to three Super Bowl championships in four years. Last month, the team announced that Bruschi had been selected by the fans as the 19th player and 21st member to enter the Patriots Hall of Fame. Bruschi joins Drew Bledsoe (2011) and Troy Brown (2012) as the only players to be selected by the fans into the Patriots Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility. Santos, the 鈥淰oice of the New England Patriots,鈥?missed just one game in his 36 [url=]Brewers 8 Braun Blue 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] seasons calling Patriots games. He learned of his induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame during a pregame ceremony in his honor prior to the regular season home finale in 2012. Kraft surprised Santos with the announcement that the legendary voice of the Patriots would become the 20th [url=]Blank Black 2011 All Star Jerseys[/url] person to be inducted and just the second non-player to earn the honor as a contributor for his memorable contributions to the team. It is the highest honor the team can bestow an individual. About The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon is the crown jewel of Patriot Place and the only sports and education experience of its kind. Through a dazzling array of interactive multimedia exhibits and artifacts never before viewable by the public, the hall of fame showcases the tradition of the New England Patriots, explores the history of football in New England and promotes math and science education for the thousands of schoolchildren expected to visit each year. For more information, please visit .
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The fundamental difference between DC and [url=] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] Marvel comics has always been the fallibility of their characters. While heroic in distinct ways Superman classically, Batman darkly, etc. the fundamental goodness of DC heroes never wanes. Marvel, by contrast, rose to DC s level of sales during the Silver Age of Comic Books with more deeply flawed, humanized heroes e.g. the blind Daredevil, the angsty teenaged Spider-Man, the uncontrollable Hulk.
Marvel heroes face obstacles that lead them to doubt their own abilities. 聽What could be less American?聽In spite of consistently losing ground by most academic measures, America s youth . America s young hockey stars [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] may have lost the most recent IIHF U18 World Championship, but like their heroes Batman and Superman, they never let a little [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] thing like losing keep them from winning. Sidney Crosby may have put a dagger in the heart of Team USA with his golden goal in Vancouver, but America s rising stars only see the inevitable stronger-than-ever resurrection of a . Meanwhile, the Euro juniors, faced with austerity budgets and a nihilistic philosophical tradition, cry into their copies of Hawkeye.聽<br>
The Big Three

Unsurprisingly, there s a strong positive correlation between breadth of superpowers and draft position. Players of less physical gifts tend to identify with more human characters. Players who favor Batman, mere mortal, were, on average, late second round picks (57th overall). By contrast, Superman and Spider-Man fans both averaged a 47th overall draft position.
Paradoxically, Batman also attracted much of the top talent. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, John Tavares, Jeff Skinner, Jonathan Huberdeau, Evander Kane, Erik Gudbranson, Seth Jones, and聽Mikhail Grigorenko round out a veritable Justice League of Dark Knight devotees. Such is Batman s broad appeal he attracts the top talent by being rich and popular, while the unskilled players sympathize with his being the least powerful hero in the Hall of Justice locker room.
The Avengers
There s really only four ways to emulate Iron Man: wear a suit of hi-tech armor, sell weapons, get super rich, or聽. In the case of top goaltending prospect Zachary Fucale, the full-body armor appeal makes sense. In the case of defenseman Jared Cowen, the Ottawa Senators better hope for get super rich.
As far as [url=] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] the rest of the Avengers go, it makes sense that Jordan Subban (5 8 ) and Vincent Trocheck (5 10 ), two of the shorter prospects of recent years, would emulate the Hulk a little guy [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] that can play well above his size with the proper adrenaline. And no Blackhawks fan should wonder why Brandon Whitney, the tallest and blondest player in his draft, , would go for Thor.
The Villains
Any team with character concerns can go ahead and skip the background check if your potential pick cites the Joker, a murderous, psychopathic聽super-villain聽as his hero of choice. Mark Pysyk has emerged as a steady defensive presence for the Sabres at age 21, but fans should be on the lookout for any suspicious own-goals or other subversive acts in the future. With a impish smile like his, it s doesn t take too much imagination:

Just a little red marker and

Just listen to :
He gets pretty fired up, so anything you can do put stuff in his聽bed, put [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] stuff in his sheets, anything. He gets really mad and doesn t聽try to prank me back, just tries to beat whoever does it up.
It s the fundamental story of the character: The Joker pulls deadly pranks on Batman and Batman responds humorlessly by beating the Joker up. Rinse and repeat.
Back Issues
For most players Batman is a good story, an aspirational ideal. For Anthony Stolarz, Batman is a state of mind. Stolarz cites Batman not as his favorite superhero but as聽. It s a certain indication that Stolarz, the poised and talented Flyers goalie, is a big Grant Morrison fan and is making reference to Batman issue #681, in which the Dark Knight seals himself in a Nepalese cave for 49 days to excise inner demons through the ritual of Th枚gal meditation. Stolarz聽clearly regards the issues in which Batman accesses a back-up psychic personality under extreme duress the as a metaphor for the short-term memory and inner calm a goalie must achieve in his own crease. I m not sure I totally agree, but it s an interesting comparison.
These findings are just a glimpse of the potential for comic-based amateur scouting. If you want your favorite player analyzed on the basis of an insignificant pop culture preference, you can reach me in my mom s basement .
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One of the most buzzed-about reveals at this week s Apple jamboree was that the new iPhone 5S will sport a fingerprint scanner.聽While not exactly a surprise 鈥?images of the sensor s hardware 鈥?the digit-scanning sensor, dubbed Touch ID, still seems to have gotten people talking. [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] It may also spur smartphone rivals like Samsung and Microsoft to step up their efforts to get devices with biometric abilities into consumers hands. 聽Below we take a closer look at the feature:
First off, users must register their fingerprint on the device by touching it to the home button, where Apple has embedded the fingerprint sensor. The button itself is made of sapphire crystal, which is a hard glass-like material that protects the sensor and acts as a lens to focus in on your print. There s a steel ring around the button that detects your finger and prompts the sensor to read the unique ridges and patterns contained in your print. When the match is made, Touch ID聽automatically unlocks the phone. 聽The scanner gets better at recognizing your print every time you use it, Apple says.

Protect the contents of your phone, for starters. Your fingerprint is one of the best passwords in the world. It s always with you and no two are exactly alike. For this reason, it made sense to create a way to use it as a password, 聽Dan Riccio, Apple s senior VP of hardware, .聽In addition to acting as a password to unlock your phone, the sensor can also be used to purchase music,聽movies, TV shows, apps and books in Apple s online stores without having to enter a password.
For now, Touch ID will only be available on the iPhone 5S. Look for Apple to roll the feature out to some of its other devices 鈥斅?if the response from iPhone users is positive.
Once聽the fingerprint information is encrypted, it is then shipped off to a secure spot on the phone s A7 chip where it is locked away from everything but the Touch ID sensor. An Apple spokesman clarified to the聽Wall Street Journal聽that the iPhone, just the encrypted data.聽That data is not stored on Apple [url=] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] s servers or in iCloud and is not available to [url=] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] app developers, the company says. At least not for now.
Hackers like a challenge. There s no reason to think they won t get to work on trying to find a way to circumvent the Touch ID [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] system. But even if an enterprising sort did manage to crack the iPhone s encrypted chip, they because its only the data, not the image, that is stored there.

Fingerprints are not private, you leave them lying around everywhere, and if someone has enough incentive 鈥?and the resources available to them 鈥?they may try to defeat any security system that you trust your fingerprint to unlock, 聽.聽While it s true that fingerprints can be copied (and fingers severed!), the sensor in the iPhone 5S detects the patterns on your fingerprint from the subepidermal layers of your skin, not the dead level on the outside of your finger. That only [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] works on a live finger; not one that s been severed from your body, .聽 This will protect you from . . . people with fake fingers using the fingerprint they lifted from your phone screen.
The sensor can read multiple fingerprints in any orientation, says Apple.
As long as you don t have sweaty hands. According to the Journal, Apple testers have found the device sometimes doesn鈥檛 work with moisture-laden fingers covered in sweat, lotion or other liquids. The sensor also has trouble reading fingers with scars, apparently, so be sure to use one of your digits that s in tip-top shape. Only time will really tell whether the scanner functions well for the average user. But chances are Apple would not have released it onto the market if they had major doubts about its effectiveness. Stay tuned.

聽this week when it : Remember that one time you were stoked to give your fingerprints? Us either. Motorola seems to have momentarily forgotten it . Released in 2011, the Android-powered handset聽integrates a fingerprint sensor [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] into the wake button at the back of the device.
There s no doubt other smartphone manufacturers are keen to offer a similar feature on their devices. Reuters reports that both Samsung and LG have , but have run into difficulties. LG鈥 head of domestic marketing, Ma Chang-Min, last month said the company had abandoned efforts to include a fingerprint sensor to the back cover of its flagship G2 smartphone 鈥s we need more work to improve reliability and usability.鈥icrosoft is building fingerprint recognition into the latest version of its Windows software.
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<a href="">Tony Romo jersey</a> <a href="">louis vuitton borse</a> <a href=""></a> <a href="">cheap gucci bags</a> It's not that Milwaukee residents drink a lot, but their ancestors brought with them traditional German brewing methods that the city takes pride of up to now, through Miller, it's last extant brewery. When it comes to , the German influence is also evident through the use of slate which is historically mined Germany's Moselle River region.

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Follow us onMonday, Sept. 16, [url=]NFL Jerseys for men[/url] 2013 | 12:56 p.m. |

Hi, () | | Powered by The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionSearchSiteWebWeb Search by YAHOO!&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Posted: 1:47 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 12, 201310 common nutrition myths debunkedSponsored Links
By Nancy Tao

Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk Fitness Program
Many of us are easily swayed by get-healthy-quick schemes because eating healthy and working out are regimens not always easy to start or to maintain. They require discipline and patience. Navigating your way to good nutrition can be daunting. And along the way, it is common to stumble upon nutrition myths that are believable and much more exciting than the truth.According to聽Ann Whitaker, manager of nutrition and clinical patient education for Kaiser Permanente of Georgia, 鈥he best approach to nutrition and health is a balanced diet, ample [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] sleep and regular exercise. This is truly the best course to follow.鈥漌hitaker, one of the instructors for the total health nutrition series offered to participants of the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk & Fitness Program, says her list of common nutrition myths was pulled from real-life conversations over the years that she and her Kaiser Permanente colleagues in nutrition had with Kaiser Permanente members.#1 Carbs make you fatMyth [url=]Wholesale NFL Jerseys[/url] debunked: Lower carb eaters tend to lose weight faster but they are the first to regain the weight that was lost.#2 Eating extra protein builds muscleMyth debunked: Adding too much protein to your diet adds stress on your kidneys and too many calories from any source can lead to weight gain and not necessarily muscle gain.#3 Eating late at night makes you fatMyth debunked: Calories are calories. What you eat, and how much you eat is more [url=]Wholesale Jerseys[/url] important than when you eat it.聽 #4 Grazing all day is better than 3 meals a dayMyth [url=]Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] debunked: There is no [url=]NFL women Jerseys[/url] pattern of eating that is right for everyone.#5 Artificially sweetened foods have fewer calories than the original food.Myth debunked: Items labeled 鈥渟ugar free鈥?or artificially sweetened do not necessarily contain fewer calories or carbohydrates than the full sugar items.聽#6 Cholesterol free/fat free means heart healthyMyth debunked: Bottom line- never take a nutrition claim at face value- read the label.#7 If a food is 鈥渉ealthy,鈥?I can eat more of itMyth debunked: Eating too many calories, no matter the source, causes weight gain.#8 I have to drink 8 glasses of water per day聽Myth debunked: There is no 鈥減erfect鈥?amount of water for everyone.聽#9 Juicing or drinking vegetables is better than eating themMyth debunked: Drinking your vegetables means you miss out on the chewing- the calories are consumed more quickly- you tend to get hungrier sooner.#10 Taking vitamins give you energyMyth debunked: Vitamins are supplements- meaning they add to what you are already doing. Vitamins cannot keep you healthy or 鈥eutralize鈥?a lifetime of poor food choices.聽 The Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk & Fitness Program is Atlanta鈥 only workplace-organized training program culminating in a 5K run and walk through downtown Atlanta on聽September 12.聽More News&nbsp;Health video
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A rancher in Brazil鈥 Amazon was sentenced to 30 years for ordering the 2005 killing of American
nun and environmental activist Dorothy Stang, an emblematic case for [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] the many conflicts over land
use in [url=] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] Brazil鈥 resource-rich interior.
The courtroom was overflowing with Stang鈥 supporters when Vitalmiro Bastos Moura, 43, was
declared guilty just before [url=]authentic jerseys for [url=] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] cheap[/url] midnight Thursday, the court in Para state said.
Fellow activists have criticized Brazil鈥 judiciary system as moving too slowly and being too
lenient in its response to the murder of the 73-year-old Roman Catholic nun.
Stang, a Dayton native, was shot six times outside the small town of Anapu, where she worked [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] as
an advocate for landless peasants. She often criticized cattle ranchers for seizing land illegally
and destroying the rainforest.
It was Bastos鈥?fourth trial; he had appealed previous verdicts.
Another landowner, Regivaldo [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] Galv茫o, was found guilty of ordering her death, but he was granted
a conditional release.
One of the hitmen accused of shooting Stang left jail in July after serving six years of a
27-year sentence.
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By Kyra-lin Hom
In the iconic words of Jubal Early, as he floats through space untethered, and the final line of Firefly's TV run, 鈥ell... Here I am.鈥?Hopefully, I'm not slowly drifting to death in an endless frozen vacuum, but I do have a lot more in common with Jubal right now than is what can be termed comfortable. In this new and surprisingly foreign place, I have no connections. I have no job as of yet. And I know no one besides my boyfriend and me. I thought that college in LA would have prepared me for this feeling, but it turns out that moving out of state for school and just moving out of state are very different games.
The permanency didn't hit me until I was sitting in the Denver International Airport at 3:45am, waiting for the check in counter to open at 4:15. We were booked for a red eye flight and hadn't managed to sleep a wink before 'getting up' at 2:30. Anxiety plus hunger (because nothing in the airport opens that early) plus sleep deprivation is a lovely emotional cocktail. I really recommend it to anyone making huge changes in their life. Upheaval just isn't complete without traumatic mood swings. It's a really fantastic [url=]Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] combo. The other waiting travelers were giving me a wide berth.<br>

The advantage, however, to [url=]NFL women Jerseys[/url] being that exhausted is that time becomes all kinds of relative. My flight into Chicago took approximately three whole minutes. From there we collected our baggage and then taxi'ed to our apartment with the nicest cabby you have ever met. He was from West Africa and had moved to Chicago after [url=]Wholesale NFL Jerseys[/url] finding a dog-sized rat in his friend's New York shower his first night state side. That is definitely one point in Chicago's favor. He did keep telling us that Chicago is a very 'clean' city.
After checking in to our apartment, we finally fed ourselves and then bussed to South Shore to pick up our U-Box (packed up and shipped from Seattle like a POD but by U-Haul). There are 77 distinct neighborhoods in Chicago. And as distinctive as we Seattleites like to think our neighborhoods are, we have nothing on Chicago. These borderlines are razor sharp.
Our apartment is on the north end of Hyde Park. Hyde Park has a bad reputation, but the feel itself isn't bad at all. Keep going south and you end up in Woodlawn. Woodlawn feels kind of like Seattle's Central District 鈥?me having gone to Garfield High School. Keep going south, however, and you end up in South Shore. And though it's not Chicago's worst neighborhood, it's definitely not a place where you want to dally around after sunset.
We scheduled our U-Box pick up at approximately 1pm to make our 2-4 appointment with the freight elevator at out apartment. Well, we got there at about 1, told them we were there to pick up our U-Box and took a seat. Ten minutes went by... then half an hour... then an hour... then it was 3 o'clock. It turns out that saying you want to 'pick up' your U-Box does not imply you actually want to remove it from the premises. They had the U-Box all ready for us to unload it, as long as we wanted [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] to unload it right there.
We lucked out and there was no one scheduled to use the freight elevator until 6 that evening. So after [url=]Wholesale Jerseys[/url] just a few fits of stress and rage and utter disbelief at watching the 40 minute cluster-eff that was them loading our U-Box onto it's trailer hitch, we were finally on our way. Time to drive a 30-foot boat with a hinge in the middle through unfamiliar streets. Yay! Then of course we had to reverse what four people had done in three hours with two people in two hours and drive the monster back. I don't know how we did it, but we did. And all before dark too.
Now, here we are. It hasn't been all bad. Not at all. The black mold scare was a false alarm, and the terrifyingly numerous spiders are all outside our windows (How?! We're on the 36th floor!) In all seriousness though, I am very homesick. I love Seattle and everything and everyone I left behind, but I am adjusting. Downtown Chicago is a glorious testament to art and human [url=]NFL Jerseys for men[/url] ingenuity, and I've barely scratched the surface. My nerves are beginning to gradually fade and excitement is wedging its way in. This is one giant adventure after all. I hope you're all ready for the ride.<br>
jasondavid | 2013/09/25 12:11 PM

Sep 22, 2013, 10:29 AM EDT

Getty Images
[url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] Last night saw Barclays Center in Brooklyn get its first shot at hosting hockey as the Islanders faced the New Jersey Devils. While the Islanders came [url=]Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] away as 3-0 losers, it was the arena being judged the hardest [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] and the reviews are mixed as .
Coaches and players seemed to love Barclays Center. Isles coach Jack Capuano praised the atmosphere. also had a rave review.
It鈥 an unbelievably cool place, he said. It makes you look forward to [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] being here. I thought the rink was great.
As for the fans, the people who will have to pay hundreds of dollars for tickets, there were some complaints.
You get the creature comforts of a new arena, but I was unimpressed with the spectator area, 23-year-old Megan Leach said. There were a lot of terrible sight lines.
When the New York Islanders聽, fans were curious how a building constructed without hockey in mind, Barclays Center, would work out. Now they have an idea what needs to be worked out before the team is there full-time.
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Former Chicago Bears great Gale Sayers has requested [url=]Customized NFL Jerseys[/url] that a lawsuit filed in his name against the NFL alleging negligence in the treatment of his multiple head injuries be withdrawn.
Sayers told the Chicago Tribune Saturday that he did not consent to the lawsuit, which was filed in his name Friday in U.S. District Court in Chicago. Sayers' wife, Ardie, told the paper that attorney John F. Winters had called them to say the matter was "a big misunderstanding" and that the suit would be dropped.
Winters responded by telling the paper that Sayers had decided Saturday to withdraw the suit after requesting it be filed Tuesday. Sayers said that [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] he spoke to Winters this week at the request of former Bears safety Shaun Gayle, but did not agree to sue the league. Winters responded that Gayle had nothing to do with the alleged original decision to sue the [url=]Custom NFL Jerseys[/url] league.
"I didn't sign anything. 鈥?I talked to [url=]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] the attorney, but there wasn't nothing to it," Sayers told the Tribune.
Sayers had already been named as a party to a lawsuit against the league last year in Pennsylvania. That suit was consolidated into a master case that ended with the NFL reaching a $765 million settlement with more [url=]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] than 4,500 former players who accused the league of hiding the dangers of head injuries suffered while promoting and profiting from the game's violence.
"I had about one half of a concussion in all of the years that I played," Sayers told the Tribune Saturday.
Sayers only played for seven seasons in the NFL before his career was cut shorting by multiple knee injuries in 1971 at the age of 28. He is one of only three NFL players to score six touchdowns in one game and he was the youngest player elected to the Pro Football Hall [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] of Fame, achieving that honor in 1977 at the age of 34.
kevinlynch | 2013/09/26 12:23 AM

LOS ANGELES (AP) 鈥?The exclusion of Jack Klugman from an Emmy Awards tribute that includes is an insult to the memory of the late TV veteran and three-time Emmy winner who starred in "The Odd Couple" and "Quincy M.E.," Klugman's son says."I think it's criminal," said in an interview with . "My dad was at the inception of television and helped build it in the early days."Ceremony producers announced this week that five individual salutes would be included on Sunday night's Emmy show in addition to the traditional "in memoriam" segment that groups together industry members who died in the past year.Besides Monteith, the "Glee" star who died in July of a heroin and drug overdose, those to be honored include "The Sopranos" star ; of [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | "All in the Family"; comedian and actor ; and "Family Ties" producer .Monteith, who was 31 when he died, [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | is by far the youngest of the group. All the others are Emmy winners, while he had yet to be nominated in his abbreviated career.Emmy nominees who died last year [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | and won't be accorded separate tributes include of "Dallas" and of "Evening Shade."Hagman, Durning and Klugman will be included in the group remembrance, an academy spokesman said Friday. The [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] ceremony at the in Los Angeles airs at 8 p.m. EDT Sunday on CBS."It's an insult and it really seems typical of this youth-centric culture that has an extremely short attention span and panders to only a very narrow demographic" of young adults, Adam Klugman said.In a statement, Emmy executive producer explained his reasoning 鈥?a position that awards organizers often find themselves in when stars are absent from memorial segments."To a younger generation, Cory Monteith's portrayal of (on 'Glee') was highly admired, and the producers felt [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | that he should be included along with the four other individuals we have singled out," Ehrlich said.For Adam Klugman, it's an indefensible move. His father's career spanned more than five decades and included lead-actor Emmys for acclaimed series "The Defenders" in 1961 and "The Odd Couple" in 1971 and '73. He died last December at [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | age 90."What about the people who should be introduced to somebody like my father?" he said. "I don't mean to say anything disparaging about Cory, but he was a kid who had won no Emmys and it was a self-induced tragedy."___Online:
danjorgensen | 2013/09/26 02:55 AM

, almost inevitably, won the Singapore Grand Prix as he took another step towards his fourth world championship.It was the driver's third victory in as many races, his third straight win in Singapore and the 33rd of his career as he extended his lead in the championship to 60 points with six races to go.He won his seventh race of the season by over 32 seconds as fireworks and plumes of multi-coloured smoke illuminated the Marina Bay circuit.No one else, it seemed, had a chance. Next came next year's Ferrari pair, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen.Jenson Button appeared to have a chance of third place. It would have been McLaren's first podium position of the season and the British driver's 50th. But he was overtaken by Raikkonen a few laps from the end and then the British driver's tyres suffered.This is the longest and hottest grand prix of them all. But nothing, it seems, can stop the champion 鈥?not even the introduction of a safety car when Daniel Ricciardo, the Toro Rosso driver who will partner Vettel next season, crashed on turn 18 shortly before the halfway stage .Vettel was leading by 10 seconds at the time. But after the safety car eventually came in 鈥?it seemed to enjoy itself for a little too long under the 1,500 artificial lights in F1's [url=]Customized NFL Jerseys[/url] only night race 鈥?the German immediately pulled out another two seconds on the first lap following the restart, and after nine laps he had extended his advantage to 20.4sec.Nico Rosberg got off to a terrific start when the race got under way, sliding past Vettel on the inside but the Red Bull driver soon retried his position.The most spectacular action on the opening lap, however, came from Alonso, who improved from seventh [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] to third place.Vettel, though, soon looked unbeatable. By [url=]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] the end of the second lap he had pulled out a lead of 4.1sec and that had become seven seconds after six laps. That opening skirmish with Rosberg was the only trouble he had all afternoon.Behind Raikkonen came the Mercedes pair of Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, with Felipe Massa sixth and Button seventh.Drivers' championship1 [url=]Custom NFL Jerseys[/url] Sebastian Vettel German Red Bull Racing-Renault 2472 Fernando Alonso Spanish Ferrari 1873 Lewis Hamilton British Mercedes 1514 Kimi R盲ikk枚nen Finnish Lotus-Renault 1495 Mark Webber Australian Red Bull Racing-Renault 1306 Nico Rosberg German Mercedes [url=]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] 1167 Felipe Massa Brazilian Ferrari 878 Romain Grosjean French Lotus-Renault 579 Jenson [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] Button British McLaren-Mercedes 5410 Paul di Resta British Force India-Mercedes 36
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CARSON, Calif. Welcome to the StubHub Center, where it s a beautiful-but-windy Saturday evening here.
The anticipation for this one has already taken a blow as we learned this afternoon that Sounders FC [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] s Clint Dempsey didn t make the trip . There is another star on injury watch as L.A. s Landon Donovan was just undergoing a pregame fitness test and he tries to get back from an ankle injury.
Brad Evans is another one to watch, as he made the trip after missing three games with a calf strain.
It seems Seattle might have some fans around the league as a Galaxy defeat would help the playoff causes of teams [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | like Vancouver, Colorado and some others.
Of course winning here hasn t come easily for Seattle, having gone 0-5-1 since 2010 (outscored 13-2). The last visit in May resulted in a 4-0 whipping.
I ll post lineups here when they become available.
*聽聽聽聽 *聽聽聽聽 *
Sounders FC lineup: [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | GK Michael Gspurning, D DeAndre Yedlin, D Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, D Zach Scott, D Leo Gonzalez, M Mauro Rosales, M Osvaldo Alonso, M Andy Rose, M Lamar Neagle, F Obafemi Martins, F Eddie Johnson
Sounders FC bench: GK Marcus Hahnemann, D Djimi Traore, D Marc Burch, M Brad Evans, M Adam Moffat, M Steve Zakuani, F David Estrada
LA Galaxy lineup: GK Jaime Penedo; D Sean Franklin, D Omar Gonzalez, D Leonardo, D Todd Dunivant; M Hector Jimenez, M Juninho, M Marcelo Sarvas, M Gyasi Zardes; F Jose Villarreal, F Robbie Keane
LA Galaxy bench: GK Brian Rowe, D Kofi Opare, M Pablo Mastroeni, M Michael Stephens, M Rafael Garcia, M Laurent [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | Courtois, F Jack [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | McBean
NOTES: Landon Donovan not even able to make the bench for the Galaxy, so both teams will be without a big star. Steve Zakuani returns to the bench for the Sounders after [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | missing the past five months (21 games). He was last available April 20 against Colorado. Brad Evans returns, but on the bench. This is Seattle s 32nd lineups in 33 games in all competitions.
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Providing customer service 鈥?great customer service 鈥?used to be a bit simpler.&nbsp; Let me explain.
I [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | work with companies as a and to help them deliver great customer service鈥搘hat I call anticipatory customer service. And traditionally, providing anticipatory customer service has come [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | down to the following:
鈥? [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | Selecting employees who have the potential to work empathetically with customers [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url]
鈥?Training these employees to anticipate 鈥ven the unexpressed wishes鈥?of customers (to use the Ritz-Carlton鈥 lovely phrase) one customer at a time, one situation at a time.
But providing great customer service in today鈥 world of commerce requires more than this, more than in essence not being a jerk and not hiring jerks.
It requires building your non-jerk attitude into systems, facilities, and processes.

Image Micah Solomon -
Of course, hiring and inspiring the right employees is still absolutely central to delivering great service. But it鈥 also important to [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | align systems and technology with customers鈥?desires鈥攅ven before these desires are voiced.
Let me illustrate with a brief episode on Southwest Airlines, also featured in my newest book, .
A dusting of snow left my January flight grounded for a couple hours on the Philadelphia (PHL) tarmac. Not surprisingly, this made me too late for my connection in Denver. So, I stepped off the plane in Denver, thinking I was going to need to wait in an endless line and plead my case for a rebooking, or call the 800 number and wait on endless hold.
But immediately, I was met on the jetway by a gate agent from Southwest.
She asked me:&nbsp; 鈥hat鈥 your name?鈥?
I shot back 鈥?鈥hat鈥 your name?鈥?
Actually I didn鈥檛 mouth off to her. I&nbsp;told her my name, and she handed me a ticket with my name on it鈥or the very next available flight to my destination鈥損ulled&nbsp;from a sheaf of already rebooked tickets she was carrying.
The reason Southwest was able to pull [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | this off wasn鈥檛 that an empathetic gate agent spontaneously decided to print out these boarding passes.&nbsp; It happened because empathetic people working at Southwest realized that 99+% of the people on the late-arriving plane would want to be rebooked on the next flight out of there.&nbsp; And they therefore designed the process to make this happen, without a single passenger even needing to make a request.
Which is true anticipatory customer service.
jasondavid | 2013/09/26 01:46 PM

2 hours ago
Sarafian family / AP photo Richard Sarafian. Richard Sarafian, an influential film director whose 1971 countercultural car-chase thriller "Vanishing Point" brought him a decades-long cult following, has died in Southern California, his son said Saturday night. Richard Sarafian died at a Santa Monica hospital on Wednesday of pneumonia contracted while he was [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] recovering from a fall, Deran Sarafian told The Associated Press. He was 83. Sarafian worked primarily in television in his early career, directing episodes of 60s shows like "Gunsmoke," "I Spy," and "77 Sunset Strip." He also directed 1963's "Living Doll" episode of "The Twilight Zone," a chilling tale whose demonic main character Talky Tina terrified children for decades. That included his own kids. Deran Sarafian said as a boy he thought the episode was "the most horrible thing I've ever seen" before learning his father had made it. But Richard Sarafian was best known by far for "Vanishing Point," a dark story of a drug-fueled auto pursuit through the Nevada desert brought on by a bet between a Vietnam vet and his drug dealer. "It was about speed" in both the drug and automotive senses, Deran Serafian said. "About what it really meant." The [url=]Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] film and director had a major influence on the generation of maverick moviemakers and actors, often referred to as "Easy Riders, Raging Bulls," who would come to dominate Hollywood in the 1970s. "He's considered one of the original Raging Bulls, that's why Warren Beatty and Sean Penn and people like that absolutely adore him," Deran Sarafian said. Beatty was a particularly devoted fan, casting Sarafian as an actor in two of his own 1990s films, "Bugsy" and "Bulworth." And he had nearly as big an influence on later directors like Quentin Tarantino, who gave him a "special thanks" credit [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] at the end of one of his films. Sarafian was close [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] friends with "MASH" director Robert Altman, and twice married Altman's sister Helen Joan Altman, who died in 2011. He's survived by four sons and a daughter.
漏 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
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Sitting atop the [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] 628 names on the Cabela鈥 King Kat Tournament Trail national rankings for 2013
are two central Ohio guys who鈥檝e been there before, surprising perhaps everyone but themselves.
Not that Sean Martin, 30, of Blacklick and Carl Morris Jr., 38, of Johnstown haven鈥檛 earned
their top-of-the-chart status.
鈥e work hard at it, man,鈥?Morris said last week.
The astonishment factor arises from the fact that the pair鈥 results seem to have outstripped
homegrown opportunity. More precisely, the wonder is that two fishermen from Ohio, where channel
catfish are common but humongous trophy species aren鈥檛, have adapted so quickly and so adeptly to
catching big blues and flatheads [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] on far-flung lakes and rivers that they managed to win a national
title last year.
They will vie for a second consecutive national title next weekend on Kentucky Lake and already
have wrapped up the King Kat anglers of the year award after claiming it in 2012.
This from a team that in 2006 got its first taste of the big leagues by qualifying for a King
Kat tournament at Junction City, Kan., after weighing the winning catch of channel catfish at
Mosquito Lake near Youngstown.
鈥e thought, what the heck?鈥?Morris said. 鈥e鈥l give it a shot.鈥?
Competing against a passel of anglers who鈥檇 grown up catching flatheads, blues or both, Morris
and Martin realized in Kansas that they weren鈥檛 in Ohio anymore.
鈥 think there were 109 boats in that tourney, and we finished 108th,鈥?Morris said with a
They got a rush from their brief brush with monster fish, but they didn鈥檛 much care for
finishing among the bottom feeders.
鈥e鈥e both competitive people,鈥?Martin said.
What came next were several years of learning what makes blues and flatheads bite, no easy task
when fellow competitors aren鈥檛 eager to share.
They had tangled mostly with the generally smaller and more ubiquitous channel cats, which don鈥檛
require big water and will accept a range of baits presented in a variety of ways. So they
understood that they were going to have to change their ways, often on the fly. Blues and flatheads
tend to [url=] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] occupy different habitat niches from channels as well as from each other. Each prefers
different baits and responds to different presentations.
鈥t鈥 all been research and a lot of hours spent on the water trying things to see what works,鈥?
Martin said. 鈥obody gave us a road map.鈥?
Besides, the road signs can be confusing. High water. Low water. Strong current. No current.
Spring. Summer. Fall. Available food. Each variable represents another challenge to consistent
results, a must in tournament fishing.
Morris credits his purchase of a sophisticated fish-finder with helping the M M team
locate its quarry. Their skill in getting fish to take bait, however, might be what separates them
on a trail in which 30- to 40-pound fish are the norm and 60- to 70-pounders aren鈥檛 unusual.
The world-record blue catfish, caught at Buggs Island Lake in Virginia a couple of [url=] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] years back,
weighed 143 pounds; the world-record flathead, known colloquially as yellow cat, weighed 123 pounds
when winched out of a Kansas lake in 1998. The world-record [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] channel cat is a 58-pounder caught in
Ohio鈥 biggest channel, caught in 1992, weighed about 37 pounds. A flathead catfish weighing 76
pounds was netted in 1979, and a blue catfish scaling [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] 96 pounds was fished out of the Ohio River in
Martin and Morris won two of 10 King Kat tournaments and finished near the top in two others
through spring and early summer on their way to a spot in next weekend鈥 championship on Kentucky
Lake. One of their victories came there, but it was in May and much has changed.
Having won there 鈥渄oesn鈥檛 give us an advantage,鈥?Morris said. 鈥t was a spring pattern then
versus a fall pattern now. The water was high in May. There鈥 8 to 9 feet less water now.鈥?
The Kentucky Lake/Tennessee River holds both species of big cats. Thus, should yellow not be
mellow, the M Ms can always turn to zinging the blues.
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Sep 21, 2013, 2:01 PM EDT

Getty Images
The past two seasons, the Miami Heat have won the NBA title in spite of 鈥 knees.
He hobbled through the past two playoff runs, showing only flashes [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] of [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] his vintage self [url=]Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] (a game here, a quarter there, but usually when it was most needed). After the 2012 title Wade had surgery on his knee to clean everything up, that wasn鈥檛 enough.
After this last season, Pat Riley challenged Wade to lose some weight, taking some load off his knees. He apparently has taken that to heart according to ESPN鈥 [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] Brian Windhorst.
Based on photos Dwyane Wade has been posting lately, it appears he has dropped significant weight as he said was his summer plan. <br>Brian Windhorst (@WindhorstESPN)
We know that Wade has again been working out with famed trainer Tim Grover in Chicago of late.
The Heat鈥 road to a three-peat will be harder than the last two 鈥?for one reason, their main rivals in the East have all improved 鈥?and come the playoffs the Heat will need every bit of vintage Wade to make it.
He and his knees have got to be right come the playoffs, even if that means more rest during the season.
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<br>Former Republican state Rep. Charlie Earl, a retired college professor, is expected to
announce his candidacy as a Libertarian tonight in Tiffin.
<br>Earl would challenge Republican Gov. John Kasich. The likely Democratic candidate in 2014 is
Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald.
<br>Earl, 67, last served in the Statehouse 30 years ago, completing a three-year stint in the
Ohio [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] House. He also ran as a Libertarian for Secretary of State in 2010, [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | when he said he drove
87,000 miles in 10 months and garnered nearly 5 [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | percent of the vote.
<br>鈥 got 5 percent with no money,鈥?Earl told The Dispatch today. 鈥his time out, we鈥檝e got tea
party support. The disaffection, the [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | dissatisfaction people have with both parties is palpable.鈥?
<br>Kasich has angered some tea party leaders in Ohio, leading some to believe that a third-party
candidate like Earl could [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | potentially eat into Kasich鈥 votes. In 2010, Kasich defeated
then-Democratic Gov. Ted [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Strickland by two percentage points, while Libertarian Ken Matesz earned a
little over 2 percent of the vote.
<br>Sherry Clark, publisher of the Liberty Voice, is his running mate. Earl said he taught at
Bowling Green State University and at a community college in Pennsylvania.
<br>Capital University law professor Mark R. Brown, who represents the Libertarian Party in
ballot access litigation said 鈥渋t鈥 a great thing鈥?that Earl鈥 candidacy is getting some attention
<br>The Northeast Ohio Media Group reported last week that Earl would run.
<br>鈥he more publicity, the better,鈥?Brown said. 鈥淥ne of the problems minor parties run into is
newspapers and electronic media ignores them. The next part is getting into the debates.鈥?
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FALFURRIAS, Texas (AP) 鈥?By the time the woman perished, she had probably slogged 25 miles through dry ranch lands in her quest to enter the United States. She was found just feet from a highway where she might have been picked up and taken to Houston with other migrants making the same journey.Not long ago, her body would have been taken to a funeral home for a cursory attempt at identification, then buried in this town an hour north of the Mexico border under a sign reading "unknown female."Her death, probably from hypothermia, is part of a mounting body count that has overwhelmed sparsely populated Brooks County, providing further evidence that immigrants are shifting their migration routes away from the well-worn paths into Arizona and instead crossing into deep southern Texas. The changing patterns have put an extra burden on local governments with limited experience in such matters and even fewer financial resources."There are some counties that have the economic wherewithal to take on these issues, and there are other counties that just don't have any money, so that puts them into a real bad bind," said , coordinator of the at the , which researches immigration issues.But Brooks County is trying to step up to the challenge. Now, all newly recovered bodies and skeletal remains of suspected immigrants will travel 90 miles to nearby Webb County for autopsies, DNA sampling and more intense efforts at identification.It's a monumental step for Brooks County, population just over 7,100, where on a recent morning the chief deputy mopped the floors of the sheriff's office himself. He will also be making the weekly trips [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | to deliver corpses to the medical examiner in Laredo.The county handled 129 bodies last year, which Judge , the county's top administrator, says blew a hole in the budget. And even though he and most other local officials see illegal immigration as a federal problem, federal money has not followed.Last year, Brooks County trailed only Pima County, Ariz., in the number of immigrant bodies recovered and they already have 76 this year. Nearly a million people live in Pima County, and the 171 bodies found in 2012 were consistent with annual totals dating back to 2004, according to a report by the migration institute.Brooks County, on the other hand, averaged 50 to 60 dead before last year, but apprehensions in the area have soared.The number of immigrants detained in South Texas' Rio Grande Valley border sector outpaced the historic leader, the Tucson sector, by more than [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | 30,000. Those numbers are an imperfect measure of the overall flow of migrants, but most of the growth has involved Central American immigrants, who often take the more direct route to the U.S. through Texas.Immigrants typically die in Brooks County trying to circumvent a Border Patrol checkpoint. They're usually dropped off with guides south of the checkpoint and forced to hike for two or three days to a pickup spot north of the checkpoint.In the past, unidentified immigrants were crammed into the local cemetery without DNA samples being taken. The cemetery did not even have accurate records for the dead. In May, , a anthropologist, led a [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] team to Falfurrias to exhume unidentified immigrants' graves.Baker identified 54 marked graves but found 63 burials. In some cases, the team opened a body bag expecting to find one person and found four other bags of remains. Some of the remains carried tags indicating they came from a neighboring county.She plans to return for more exhumations next year, and she's encouraged by the county's progress, noting that the short-staffed sheriff's office is going to start taking DNA samples from family members who come looking for missing loved ones.Three days before the woman was found on the El Tule Ranch, ranch manager proudly showed off his personal contribution to addressing the problem: a 55-gallon blue plastic drum holding one-gallon water jugs. The water station is topped with a 30-foot pole and a large blue flag.Durham said it was the first water station in Brooks [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | County, and he has plans for several more. He would prefer for the government to erect a double-layer border fence. But in the meantime, the 68-year-old doesn't want to see people continue to die on the ranch. He estimates he's found 25 bodies on the property in the past 23 years."I'm trying to expose the killing fields of Brooks County," Durham said. [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | "If dead human beings don't catch your attention, what the hell else is going to? We're just trying to be human about it."Dr. , the Webb County medical examiner, puts her office's identification rate on [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | non-skeletal remains at 65 to 70 percent. But the woman from the ranch remains a for now. Found on Aug. 26, she was already in an advanced stage of decomposition.There are clues, though. She was wearing earrings and a ring on the middle finger of her left hand. She wore a t-shirt and pink Converse sneakers with pink laces. She carried several phone numbers, which haven't turned up anything yet.Tucked into one pocket of her shorts was a photo of a boy about age five. He's wearing a suit and what appears to be a graduation cap.
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LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (AP) 鈥?Some of surfing's biggest names aren't just catching waves. They're also talking about making them.Surf parks 鈥?massive pools with repeating, artificial waves 鈥?are the latest buzzword in the surf community, as everyone from top athletes to retailers look for ways to expand the sport, boost sales and create a standardized way to train that could help surfing earn an Olympic pedigree."Mother Nature stipulates that surfing only can occur where waves can be born. When man takes his hand to forming the waves, it unlocks the potential of surfing anywhere. And that is the most powerful thing," said , president of the .This month, dozens of industry leaders, surfers and investors met in Laguna Beach in Southern California for the first annual Surf Park Summit to spark interest in a business proposition that could breathe life into a sport that struggled during the recession.About 50 percent of independent, mom-and-pop surf retailers 鈥?the heart and soul of surf culture 鈥?shut down worldwide during the recession and those that survived face an increasingly saturated market that is limited by geography.Enter the dream surf park, a 2-acre wave pool capable of generating anything from tiny beginner ripples to 10-foot barrels every minute, with every wave the same. Customers would pay by the number of waves to learn the sport or refine their technique and learn new tricks.The prospect has surf board manufacturers and apparel retailers salivating at the thought of new markets for surf gear and clothing in land-locked places like Kansas or Nebraska. But parks would also be prime real estate for sponsored surfing competitions that would draw [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | both eyeballs and dollars.At the summit, speakers tossed out tantalizing what-ifs: A national surfing league, much like the , with feeder teams and city affiliations. Live, televised surfing competitions staged with predictable waves in a massive surf arena.Some even believe surf parks could propel the sport into the Olympics, a dream that has so far proven elusive."Without man-made waves, there will not be Olympic surfing," said , president of the . "It's the ultimate wave-sharing that you can imagine."Olympics aside, everyday surfers who already live near the beach say even they would use the parks as a supplement to the ocean, to refine their skills on a consistent wave or get in a few rides when the natural surf is bad."In a park, you can always get in a perfect position, the wave will always be perfect and you can really work on your surfing," said , 54, [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | who's been surfing 15 years near his hometown of Seal Beach.Detractors, however, worry that in the rush to surf parks, the sport will lose its soul.Betting on artificial waves, they say, will sanitize and commercialize a pastime the most passionate surfers describe as a solitary, rugged pursuit where athletes and nature commune. They say the sport will lose sight of its culture and history if the next generation learns to rip on chlorinated water."The problem is, 'surf culture' is about so much more than just riding a wave. It is about having a genuine respect and connection with the ocean," said , a surfer and freelance writer who addressed the debate on his blog, In The Name [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] of Surfing.Others are concerned that the energy required to power waves big enough for surf parks will contribute to global warming.Momentum around surf parks has been growing since the 1960s and but fewer than a dozen serious parks currently exist in locations from Florida to Malaysia 鈥?and cost and wave technology have always been stumbling blocks.That technology has now advanced enough to make parks economically viable, but operators will need to build near large population centers and make the pool the centerpiece of a larger development to make a profit, said , owner of Wave Loch, a wave technology company.Some of the biggest and best-known include Disney's Typhoon Lagoon in Florida, Wadi Adventure in Saudi Arabia and Wavegarden, a private research and development site tucked away in Spain's Basque country.A park that would attract serious surfers would run [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | between $15 and $25 million to build and need to be at least 2 acres in size to allow surfers to paddle [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | in, Lochtefeld said. With current technology, the energy price tag for one hour of waves could be up to roughly $500, he said.Other wave companies have said they can produce waves for $1 a wave, said , director of operations and marketing at Surf Park Central, which put on the summit."It comes in as how you operate a park and that's a question that hasn't been answered by anybody," he said.Despite the challenges, history is filled with examples of extreme, outdoor sports that have been tamed for the [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | masses.Before chair lifts, ski bums had to hike up mountains to ride down and rock gyms made rock-climbing possible miles from any mountain, said , a development manager with , which builds and operates leisure and sport projects worldwide."They're places to train, they're safe, controlled environments that allow people that initial introduction and that is absolutely key," said Harmon, whose company operates Saudi Arabia's wave park. "If we can get them in, then we can get them hooked."_______Online:

______Follow at
kevinlynch | 2013/10/04 10:47 AM

SHREWSBURY, Vt. (AP) 鈥? and shifted plans [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] for a farm centered on a goat dairy after taking a workshop in growing shiitake mushrooms. All it took was logs from their land, mushroom spawn and their labor.Now they're selling the spongy rich mushrooms to several Vermont restaurants and a food cooperative and through a community supported agriculture farm. This season, they expect to produce about 500 pounds of mushrooms, which retail for as much as $16 a pound.The couple's Tangled Roots Farm in Shrewsbury is one of about 20 farms chosen in Vermont and New York as research sites under a $116,000 U.S. Department of Agriculture grant provided to the 's Center for in 2010.A UVM-Cornell study conducted over the last three years under the grant has found that growing mushrooms outdoors can be profitable to farmers with at least 500 logs, bringing in $11,190 in gross income at $16 a pound, and that demand is outstripping supply.Next month, the universities plan to complete a guide for growing shiitake mushrooms in the Northeast.Jackson, 27, and Mangine, 28, were among 500 to 600 people who attended a series of workshops held by the universities to teach Northeast farmers how to grow shiitakes while using resources from managing or thinning their land and forests.Like other Northeast farmers, they're limited by the cold, unlike larger-scale operations in Pennsylvania where mushrooms are grown indoors on compressed sawdust logs in controlled environments. But what they do have going for them is little, if any, overhead: the hardwood logs, a shady spot in the woods, water from a spring up the hill and a refrigerator to store the freshly harvested shiitakes."The average temperature needs to be above 40-ish, so we're pretty limited in our outdoor fruiting season in Vermont and that's kind of the nature of what we're doing," said Mangine, who works as a school administrator. "But growing them outside like this is really nice because we really have very few inputs."The Tangled Roots Farm, one of the larger in Vermont, has grown to 500 logs. Each log produces about half a pound of mushrooms twice a season.Through the grant, the farm received shiitake spawn, which is inserted into holes drilled into the roughly 3-foot logs.The holes are sealed with wax and the logs sit for a year in stacks while the [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | spawn colonizes the wood. A year later, farmers shock the logs by immersing them in a tub of water, which stimulates them to grow shiitakes. The logs are then removed from the water and stacked, and the shitakes grow within a week to 10 days.A fresh shiitake torn off one of their sugar maple logs is both light and meaty, with a rich [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Discount[/url] | nutty flavor featuring a hint of garlic."They've just got a load of different flavors for different people," Jackson said.And nutritional benefits to boot. Mushrooms provide nutrients such as potassium, Vitamin D, selenium and riboflavin.Demand for mushrooms is inching up, said , president of the , a trade organization representing indoor mushroom growers.Per capita consumption is about 4 pounds per person per year now in the [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | U.S., up from 3.6 pounds two years ago and 1.9 pounds in 1975, she said.Shiitakes are just a tiny fraction of the 896 million pounds of fungi produced in the U.S. from 2012 to 2013. The U.S. crop is mostly Agaricus mushrooms, such as the common white button mushrooms and brown mushrooms, including portobello and cremini varieties, which are commonly grown indoors.The number of commercial shiitake growers who have at least 200 logs in production or a commercial indoor growing area has grown from 142 producing 7.7 million pounds from 2003 to 2004 to 179 producing 8.6 million pounds from 2012 to 2013, according to the USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service. and her husband, Steve, owners of Green Heron Growers in Sherman, N.Y., served as advisers to the UVM-Cornell project. They got into shiitake growing in 2007 at the urging of their son, a student who was friends with the president of the mushroom club there."They showed us an area in our hemlock woods that would be perfect for shiitake production, and they helped get us started," said Julie Rockcastle.Like Tangled Roots Farm, which also sells raw goats' milk [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | and chicken, Green Heron Growers doesn't just focus on mushrooms. It's just one of their farm ventures, along with organic vegetables, chickens, eggs and grass-fed beef, but it's one of their most popular."There's pretty high demand," she said. "We go to the farmers market in Buffalo and never have enough."The study found anecdotedly that demand for these forest-grown shiitakes far outstrips supply, said , who serves as outreach coordinator for the project."We could see eight times the current production and still maintain pricing at $16 a pound retail. So there's a lot of room for new growers to get into this," he said.Encouraged by their success, the Rockcastles enlist volunteers each spring to prepare the logs in an effort to increase production to meet demand. Like Tangled Roots, they're also trying other mushroom varieties, including lion's mane and maitake."It's a wonderful product for a farm that has other things going on," Rockcastle said.___Associated Press writer in Albany, N.Y., contributed to this report.
anthonyduane | 2013/10/04 12:59 PM

Everything, but everything, depends upon how you measure it. Which leads us to last week鈥 news from Census about the US poverty rate. Of course, the way that Census measures [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] poverty the numbers they reported were entirely correct. But given the distortions in the methods they do use to measure a more realistic estimate of the US poverty rate would be around and about zero.
The point is by Timothy Taylor. It鈥 also something that I鈥檝e been banging on about for years so allow me to explain [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | it my way.
A couple of graphs to help [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | us on our way. [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] |


The point that I have been making for some years now is nicely shown in that first chart. We really cannot compare the US poverty rate over time.
Way back when, poverty alleviation was almost entirely done by simply giving poor people cash money. This obviously made them less poor so it was a very effective strategy. However, it was felt that this wasn鈥檛 quite the right thing to do and therefore the system has changed over the [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | years to one of sometimes giving money, but not very often, plus giving benefits in kind (Section 8, Medicaid, SNAP) and aid through the tax system (EITC). The US is now spending a great deal more on poverty alleviation (after inflation of course) than it used to but by the official measurement of poverty pretty much nothing seems to have changed.
The reason for this is that we don鈥檛 actually count benefits in kind or aid through the tax system in our definition of poverty: although we do count just giving poor people cash money. The upshot of this is that in the old days what the poverty line was really measuring is the number of people who were poor after the things we did to reduce poverty. Today that same poverty line is measuring the number of people who are poor before all the things we do to reduce poverty.
It鈥 worth noting that the four major poverty reduction programs are Medicaid, SNAP, EITC and Section 8 vouchers. And we include none of them, not one single groat of that money spent, in our current estimates of poverty.
So, while our definition of poverty has not changed (three times a low-cost food budget for a household in the early 1960s upgraded for inflation) what we鈥e actually measuring is now completely different. The US poverty numbers today do not measure the number of people still in poverty after the aid given: they measure the number of people in poverty before aid is given.
We really therefore cannot go around comparing the poverty rates of the 1960s with those of today: for the measurement is of very different things. As that first chart points out: the real poverty rate is a great deal lower than the one that Census announced.
The second chart takes us into another one of my pet little ideas. We don鈥檛 actually care whether people have jobs or not, we don鈥檛 even care whether people have incomes or not: we really only care that people have the opportunity to consume. Therefore it鈥 not income poverty that is the real concern, it鈥 consumption poverty that ought to be. And as chart 2 shows us this is around and about zero now in the US.
So, I think it perfectly justifiable to insist that the correct US [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | poverty rate is around and about zero.
However, this isn鈥檛 the end of the story as the NYT points :
But this is hardly the only way to do it. Other advanced nations go about it in an entirely different way. In Europe, for instance, few countries measure a poverty line in the American sense of the minimum income needed to avoid extreme hardship.
Less tolerant of inequity than the United States, they prefer to measure deprivation in terms of people鈥 relative position: the poor are those who earn less than half the income of a typical citizen in the middle of the income distribution.
鈥hey think of social isolation and cultural poverty,鈥?said Timothy M. Smeeding, who heads the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin. 鈥f you get further and further from the median, you get socially isolated.鈥?
jasondavid | 2013/10/04 10:01 PM

The Forbes annually minted hit magazine shelves this past Monday. Topping the list was everyone鈥 other favorite computer guy, Bill Gates. [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] He was joined by the familiar faces of Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, the Koch brothers and of course, members of the Walton family. The Waltons aren鈥檛 just making headlines in Forbes in recent days. In Washington,聽 aimed right at the Walton family鈥 Walmart super-store. Waltons for the win! Monday was a good day for the rich, but numbers that we saw on Tuesday painted a very different picture for other Americans. According to the household incomes among American鈥 with median incomes are down 9% when adjusted for inflation since 1999 and the poverty rate held at 15% for 2012 just where it was in 2011. Join us for Sunday鈥 Melissa Harris-Perry as our host and panel discuss the increasing trend for the haves to have more.
If you thought national campaigns were only needed for elections, looks like you鈥檇 be wrong. Larry Summers may have withdrawn his name [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] from consideration for Fed Chair but the campaign to nominate is far from over. Why do we care so much about the next Fed Chair? The Fed Chair is arguably the most important nomination the president will [url=]Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] make when it comes to affecting the economic security of all Americans. He, or as the case may soon be, she, can take the lead on policies designed to speed up or slow down the economy. And oh by the way, if nominated and confirmed, Yellen would be the first woman to hold the position. On Sunday鈥 MHP we will break down the importance of a Yellen nomination and the mechanics of the .
Who cares why the chicken crossed the road, we want to know why the chicken is crossing the ocean. Yup, that鈥 right; chickens will soon be taking a trip across the Pacific. And why? So that they can come right back over and onto your dinner plate. The USDA recently decided to allow . as long as the chickens were raised and slaughtered in the U.S. So before becomes it will take a month long, 14,000 mile trip from our shores, to China, and back again. Sound crazy? On Sunday, Melissa and her panel will give you all the information you wanted (or maybe didn鈥檛 want) to know about how chicken winds up in your fridge.
Reenacting parts of history in order to teach children their school lessons seems harmless in theory. But teaching about slavery by having children pretend to be slaves, participate in slave ship simulations and pretend to hide in the woods from their white masters is not only inappropriate, it鈥 harmful.聽 On Sunday, Melissa will be joined by , who say their 12-year-old encountered such a lesson on a school field trip.
And bonus! Cast of Broadway鈥 will be with us to talk about their acclaimed, award winning Broadway show!
Be sure to read what we鈥檝e linked above, and watch聽Melissa Harris-Perry聽Sunday at 10 a.m. EST on MSNBC! Also, don鈥檛 forget to join us on 聽and聽聽with the hashtag聽.
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In the wake of the Japanese surrender in [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] August 1945, the British, French and Dutch sought to pick up where they had left off in their Far Eastern colonies. They failed to appreciate just how much the aura of European supremacy, so carefully cultivated in order to control these distant territories, had been shattered forever by the Japanese onslaught of 1941-42. The attempt to reinstate the old order, and then defend it against popular uprisings, set them up for a series of painful humiliations. France, with its national pride still battered by the capitulation to the Nazi invasion in 1940, got caught up in bloody fights against a communist insurgency in Vietnam and a more chaotic insurrection in Algeria. Its colonial wars were concluded at the end of the 1950s after a halfhearted attempt at a military coup, with Charles de Gaulle coming to power on his own terms, as a constitutional autocrat. (Penguin) - 鈥?Small Wars, Faraway Places: Global Insurrection and the Making of the Modern World, 1945-1965鈥?by Michael Burleigh Britain s retreat from empire was less traumatic and generally more pragmatic; the country quickly accepted that it could not hold on to India and that it must cut its losses in Palestine. Less impressive was Britain s persistent attempt to shape events in the Middle East. Its position never recovered from the fiasco of the collusion with France and Israel to overthrow President Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt in 1956 after he nationalized the Suez Canal. A more successful [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] collusion in 1953, this time with the Americans, to overthrow Iran s Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh left Iranians always on the lookout for British conspiracies. Meanwhile in Africa, deep racism and a pampered settler community created strong resistance to handing over government to a black majority [url=] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] that had hardly been prepared for the role. This led to one of the least glorious episodes in Britain s postwar history: the brutal suppression of the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya. The writer John Gunther described Sir Evelyn Baring, the governor of Kenya, as refined and fastidious, but his Government House was a stately island lost in time, drowned in forces nobody could comprehend. By the end of [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] the decade, British pragmatism had reasserted itself. The French struggle in Algeria served as a warning of the costs and consequences of intransigence. Prime Minister Harold Macmillan bravely acknowledged the winds of change to a stony-faced audience in South Africa. All this was taking place against the backdrop of the Cold War. American hostility to co lo ni al ism, and contempt for European attempts to return to their paternalistic ways in 1945 as if they were saviors of Western civilization, gave [url=]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] way to the realpolitik of alliance once containment of Soviet expansionism began. After the loss of China to Mao Zedong in 1949 and then the North Korean invasion of South in 1950, the communist hand was seen in Washington behind all international mischief, including the anti-colonial campaigns.In Small Wars, Faraway Places, British historian Michael Burleigh takes on the interaction between the two great geopolitical dramas of decolonization and the Cold War. The book contains a series of vivid, vigorous narratives, illuminated by telling snippets of information, compelling but rarely flattering portraits of the key characters and some trenchant judgments. Burleigh has little interest in grand theories and does not dwell on the deep, impersonal social [url=] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] and economic forces at work or the big ideas that gripped collective imaginations. Instead he concentrates on the choices made by flawed and fallible men (and in this book they are almost all men) in the turbulent two decades from 1945 to 1965. Continued 1
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Loading Slideshow
Dr. Evil and Lloyd BlankfeinDr. Evil from em Austin Powers /em , played by Mike Meyers, [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Alistair Hennessey and Vikram PanditAlistair Hennessey from em The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou /em , played by Jeff Goldblum, and former Citigroup CEO [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] Vikram Pandit. Emperor Palpatine and Rupert MurdochEmperor Palpatine [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | from em Star [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | Wars /em , played by Ian McDiarmid, and News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch. Nurse Ratched and Meg WhitmanNurse Ratched from [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | em One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest /em , played by Louise Fletcher, and Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman. Ashley Schaeffer and Richard BransonAshley Schaeffer from HBO's em Eastbound and Down /em , played by Will Ferrell, and Virgin CEO Richard Branson. Lex Luther and Jeff BezosLex Luthor from em Superman Returns /em , played by Kevin Spacey, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.Regina George and Marissa MayerRegina George from em Mean Girls /em , played by Rachel McAdams, and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. White Witch and Abigail JohnsonThe White Witch from em The Chronicles of Narnia /em , played by Tilda Swinton, and Fidelity Investments CEO Abigail Johnson.Ty Moncrief and Mike JeffriesTy Moncrief from em Drop Zone /em , played by Gary Busey, and Abercrombie and Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries.Emperor Commodus and Larry PageEmperor Commodus from em Gladiator /em , played by Joaquin Phoenix, and Google CEO Larry Page.Goldfinger and Jeff ImmeltJames Bond villain Goldfinger from em Goldfinger /em , played by Gert Fr枚be, and General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt.Daniel Plainview and Reed HastingsDaniel Plainview from em There Will Be Blood /em , played by Daniel Day-Lewis, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.Boris Badenov and Carlos SlimBoris Badenov from em Rocky and Bulwinkle /em , voiced by Paul Frees for much of the show's run, and Telmex CEO Carlos Slim.Stuntman Mike and Brian MoynihanStuntman Mike from em Deathproof /em , played by Kurt Russell, and Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan.Count Rugen and Larry EllisonCount Rugen from em The [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Princess Bride /em , played by Christopher Guest, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. The Boss and Kenneth ChennaultThe Boss from em Lucky Number Slevin /em , played by Morgan Freeman, and American Express CEO Kenneth ChennaultHenry Evans and Mark ZuckerbergHenry Evans from em The Good Son /em , played by Macaulay Culkin, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.The Donald and Donald TrumpChairman of the Trump Organization Donald Trump and Donald Trump from em The Apprentice /em .
kevinlynch | 2013/10/08 05:41 PM

Earlier today on The Charlie Bernstein Show,聽FSU [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Beat Writer Brendan [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Sonnone of The [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Orlando Sentinel joined the show to talk all things Florida State Seminoles
Why you [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] should listen:聽Brendan talked about QB Jameis Winston and the impressive start to [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | his collegiate career. Brendan also talked about FSU s home opener against Nevada on Saturday.
The Charlie Bernstein Show comes to you live [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | Monday through Friday 3pm 7pm 聽from the Culpepper | Kurland Sports Talk 1040 Studios in Tampa.
Brendan Sonnone on The Charlie Bernstein Show: September 11, 2013聽

Talk with us during the show:
Call him Toll Free (877) 355-1040<br>
In Hillsborough, (813) 289-1040<br>
In Pinellas, (727) 577-1040
Chat with us online:
Charlie Bernstein -聽<br>
Gerardo Gonzalez

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Apple鈥 U.S. [url=] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] online store as of Sunday morning shows models of the 5s in all colors available to ship again in October. The new gold version of the handset was the first to go in each country participating in the launch, according to .
Apple鈥 new iPhone 5c, however, is still in stock, with models available as of Sunday within 24 hours. The company is expected to issue a press release tomorrow (Monday) reporting first weekend sales, according to .
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A聽blue-chip stock, if the 鈥 definition is to be trusted,聽is stock in a company聽with a well-recognized reputation for quality, consistency and the a long history of maintaining profitably in a variety of economic climates.聽The index that tracks blue chips is the聽. Because the 30 companies featured on the Dow Jones Industrial Average are established, industry leading companies, the price-weighted average of 30 blue-chip stocks are considered to be an indicator of the general health of [url=]2009 All Star St.Louis Cardinals 5 Pujols Red Jerseys[/url] the stock market.

The phrase, blue-chip is a reference to the most valuable chips in a poker game and came into use in the early 1920鈥. Today, blue-chips, which are considered low risk relative to the market, are monitored closely and often reported on during [url=]Mets 5 Wright Black 2011 All Star Jerseys[/url] discussion of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

To be considered a blue-chip, a company should have at minimum four of the six characteristics determined by UBS Financial services.

Market capitalization exceeding $5 billion
A consistent record of profit growth, adept management and financial fortitude
A leader within its market
An established company that is well-esteemed, stable and has a reputation of producing good sand services of exemplary quality
The company should be rated 鈥淏uy鈥?by the Sponsor
Analysis of the company鈥 record of earnings over an extended period and forecasts for future performance should produce a positive and stable outcome.
Novice investors may wish to invest in blue chip stocks as they are a good introduction to investing and are often held for long periods of time without selling as a result of their consistent performance over time.
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Yep, Tiger Woods is back. In fact, he's just had one of the better days of a career that's had more shining moments than a decade's worth of NCAA Tournaments. Here's a rundown of Tiger's weekend, by the numbers. And I think we can officially retire that stupid question (Is he back?) once and for all.

8 Tiger's win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational was his eighth in the event, tying Sam Snead's record for the most wins in a single event (Snead won at Greensboro eight times). Snead was 52 when he [url=]Rays 13 Carl Crawford Home Cool Base White 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] won his eighth Greensboro; Tiger is 37.

1 Woods returns to the No. 1 slot in the Official World Golf Ranking, passing Rory McIlroy and assuming the top spot for the first time since Oct. 30, 2010.

624 This week marks the 624th week of his career that Woods has spent as the No. 1 golfer in the world. That's 12 years. Four-time major winner Ernie Els has spent 19 weeks at No. 1. Phil Mickelson, zero.

6 The win is Woods' sixth in his last 19 stroke-play events.

43 Tiger has gone into Sunday with an outright lead 45 times, and he's won 43 of those tournaments, including this one. If he's had at least a share of the third-round lead, he's now 52-for-56.

+3.89 Tiger led the field at Bay Hill with +3.89 Strokes Gained Putting Per Round. His previous career best for a single tournament was +2.34. If he's putting that well at Augusta, it's over before it starts.

77 Woods has 77 wins at the age of 37 years, two months, 24 days. Sam Snead, whose 82 career wins Woods is chasing, earned his 77th win at the age of 45 years, three months, 10 days.

27 Tiger has now won 27 percent (77 of 284) of his starts on the PGA Tour.

7 Tiger's eight wins at Bay Hill are more than former World No. 1 players Lee Westwood and Tom Lehman have for their PGA Tour careers combined (seven). Throw in Colin Montgomerie, who was shut out on [url=]Yankees 52 CC Sabathia Red 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] the PGA Tour, and it still holds. (h/t Paul Azinger)

2009 Woods has now won back-to-back starts for the first time since 2009聽 (Buick Open, Bridgestone Invitational).

18 Entering The Masters, Woods' major drought now stands at 18 consecutive majors (four which Woods did not enter). That drought is in mortal danger.
PGA Golfers:
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HAAST, New Zealand 鈥?Police in New Zealand [url=] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] say parts of a wrecked van that had been rented by a missing Canadian couple have been found in a rugged area on the west coast of the country.

Connor Hayes, 25, and Joanna Lam, 24, were last seen on Sept. 10 at Fox Glacier, a popular tourist destination.
Police say the rear wheels and chassis of the van the couple had rented was found Tuesday about 80 metres down in a gorge on the Haast River.
The body and engine of the van haven鈥檛 been found. Police say they [url=] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] don鈥檛 know [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] if Hayes or Lam were in the van when it went off the road.
Authorities say they will resume their search for the couple by foot and in jet boats at first light Wednesday.
A [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] helicopter will also fly over the area [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] to help look for the missing pair.
A police crash investigator and photographer have already been to the scene where parts of the van were found.
Local media reports say a landslide last week had forced [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] the closure of a state highway in the area.
The Foreign Affairs department says Canadian consular officials are working closely with local authorities.
鈥onsular officers remain in contact with family members and are providing assistance,鈥?said spokesman Ian Trites.
The New Zealand Herald has reported that Lam was due to start working at the radiology department at Nelson District Health Board on Monday but never showed up.
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BEIRUT (AP) 鈥?A car bomb in a rebel-held town in northwestern Syria killed at least 15 people and wounded dozens in a crowded outdoor market Monday, setting cars on fire and sending people running in panic, two activist groups said.The bomb went off in the town of Darkoush in Idlib province, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for and the Local Coordination Committees. The marketplace was busy with shoppers on the eve of , a major Muslim holiday.It was not clear who carried out the bombing and why they attacked a civilian target in a rebel-held area. Syria's conflict has seen an increasing use of car bombings, but most have been carried out against regime targets, usually by jihadi fighters among rebels.The Observatory put the death toll at 27, while the Committees said 15 were killed. Such discrepancies often occur in the aftermath of such attacks.An amateur video posted on the LCC's Facebook page shows several cars on fire in a street full of debris. People are seen running in panic as smoke billows from the area, and several shops and apartment buildings appear heavily damaged. Another video shows men carrying two bodies and placing them in a blanket. The videos appeared genuine and corresponded to AP reporting on the events.Just a day earlier, two [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | car bombs exploded near the state TV building in Damascus. The SANA news agency said the TV's headquarters in Umayyad Square was damaged in the blast, but there was no word on casualties.Meanwhile, the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | confirmed Monday that three of its employees and one from the were released, a day after being kidnapped by gunmen in Idlib province. The fate of three other ICRC employees who were also kidnapped Sunday was not immediately known.The Observatory and a local activist in Idlib said the aid workers had been seized by an -linked group, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, but there was no claim of responsibility.Much of the Idlib countryside and other parts of northern and eastern Syria have fallen under the control of rebels, many of them Islamic extremists. Kidnappings have become common, particularly of aid workers and foreign journalists.The intensity of the conflict, which has left more than 100,000 dead, has not abated in the past two weeks 鈥?even as inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons press on with their work to destroy the country's chemical weapons stockpile.The watchdog agency won a Nobel Peace Prize last week, in a powerful endorsement of its Syria mission.Ahmet Uzumcu, head of the OPCW, said Monday that inspectors have so far visited five of at least 20 sites linked to chemical weapons. The BBC quoted him as [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | saying that one abandoned site was in rebel-held territory and that in other cases, [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] routes went through opposition-controlled areas, preventing access."They change hands from one day to another, which is why we appeal to all sides in Syria to support this mission, to be cooperative and not render this mission more difficult. It's already challenging," he told the BBC.The mission stems from a deadly Aug. 21 attack on opposition-held suburbs of Damascus in which the U.N. determined the nerve agent sarin was used. Hundreds of people were killed, including many children. The West says the Syrian government was responsible, while Damascus blames the rebels.Monday marked the date that Syria formally joined the OPCW, 30 days after submitting its application at the United Nations.In an interview with the Lebanese Al-Akbar newspaper, Syrian President was quoted Monday [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | as saying that his country stopped manufacturing chemical agents in 1997 because they became an "outdated deterrent." He said Syria has since concentrated on its missile capabilities.Damascus is believed to have thousands of long-range missiles that can reach targets almost anywhere inside Israel, its arch enemy."Developing Syria's missile deterrent force that can be used from the first moments of war ended the necessity of chemical weapons,' Assad was quoted as saying.Nonetheless, Assad said, Syria is suffering a "moral and political loss" in handing over its chemical weapons.Asked about the OPCW getting the Nobel prize, Assad attempted an apparent joke, saying, "this prize should have been mine."U.S. Secretary of State and the U.N-Arab League envoy for Syria said an international conference to set up a Syrian transitional government must be organized and held as soon as possible.Kerry said Syria urgently needs a transitional government and that it is imperative to get the so-called "Geneva II" conference organized by a mid-November target.He also said Assad "has lost the legitimacy to be able to be a cohesive force that could bring people together."However, it's not clear if the Syrian political opposition will attend.In other developments, Syrians lost power Monday in several regions in the country's center as [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | well as areas on the Mediterranean coast but there was no indication if the power cut was related to the conflict or result of sabotage.SANA quoted Minister of Electricity as saying that a malfunction at a power station had caused the outage. Khamis said maintenance work was underway and that power will gradually return in the coming hours.___Associated Press writers and in Beirut, and in Amsterdam, Netherlands, contributed reporting.
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Whether pitching a product or trying to foist a scam, illegal telemarketing and robocalls are a
persistent problem. But efforts to cut off the irritating calls [url=]Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] are on the rise, including
lawsuits, landline tools and cellphone applications.
One of the newest entrants in the battle was launched nationwide two weeks ago. Called, it鈥 the brainchild of a Long Island software developer who shared a $50,000 prize
from the Federal Trade Commission for the best tech solution to thwart telephone spam.
鈥e鈥e aware of, and extremely pleased, that potential technological solutions to help consumers
block unwanted, illegal robocalls are making their way to [url=]Ravens Jerseys For Cheap[/url] the marketplace,鈥?said FTC spokeswoman
Kati Daffan. 鈥his is exactly why we launched our Robocall Challenge last year.鈥?
Other tech tools are focused on smartphones using applications 鈥?many of which are free 鈥?that
let you block known spam callers and do reverse lookups of suspect numbers. Among the free versions
are Mr. Number for Android phones and CallControl [url=] Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale[/url] for Android and BlackBerry phones. Like other
smartphone apps, they rely on 鈥rowd-sourced鈥?lists of spam phone numbers, which are reported and
shared by fellow users.
And for the first time, Apple鈥 recently issued operating system, iOS 7, lets iPhone users block
unwanted calls.
Clearly, there鈥 a demand for solutions. Every month, the FTC fields about 178,500 consumer
complaints about telemarketing and automated robocalls.
The National Do Not Call Registry, which lets [url=] Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys On Sale[/url] consumers sign up their home phones and
cellphones, helps block most 鈥?but not all 鈥?telemarketing calls. As of June, the list鈥 10th
anniversary, more than 221 [url=]Indianapolis Colts Jerseys For Cheap[/url] million numbers were registered.
鈥淒NC has been extremely successful when it comes to legitimate telemarketers,鈥?said the FTC鈥
Daffan, whose agency oversees the registry. 鈥淟egitimate companies scrub their lists against the DNC
registry and do refrain [url=] Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Sale[/url] from calling.鈥?
It鈥 the bad guys who are the real problem. The Do Not Call Registry has been swamped by growing
complaints about calls that sneak through.
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Otto Porter isn't [url=]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] the only lottery pick dealing with an injury.
Utah guard Trey Burke, the ninth selection, . The former University of Michigan point guard is聽considered a favorite for [url=]personalized jerseys[/url] the Rookie of the Year award.
Burke's injury came one week after . It's the same injury the former Lehigh star suffered last January. Portland said no timetable for return will be established until the 10th overall pick has surgery.
The injury bug started well [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] before the draft as [url=] personalized nfl jerseys[/url] center Nerlens Noel underwent knee surgery while at Kentucky. The shot blocker, selected sixth overall, is not expected back until December.
None of those situations means much to Wizards fans wanting to see Porter return [url=] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] to practice. The No.3 [url=]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] overall selection, Porter has missed Washington's entire training camp and both preseason games with a hip flexor. Neither Porter or head coach Randy Wittman could state when the small forward would return. We'll find out this week if a trip to Brazil helped.
Oh, if you're wondering about a certain former University of Maryland center who underwent surgery on both ankles since May, there is a reason Alex Len received no previous mention. He's playing. The 7-footer averaged 15 minutes and 3.5 points in Phoenix's first two games.
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CONCORD, N.C. CONCORD, N.C. (AP) 鈥?Brian [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Vickers will miss the rest of the NASCAR season because of a blood clot in his right calf.
The clot was found after a Monday examination and he was placed on blood-thinning medication [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] that will prevent him from racing. Vickers missed the final 25 races of the 2010 season with blood clots, and during that time required heart surgery.
He said in a statement his physicians are confident he'll be able to resume activity before the 2014 season.
"If [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | there's anything [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | to be positive about with today's news it's that this is only a temporary setback," Vickers [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | said. "The timing for this is never good, but I'm glad we'll get it out of the way now and be ready to run for a [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | championship with the Aaron's Dream Machine in 2014."
Michael Waltrip Racing named Vickers the full-time driver of the No. 55 Toyota in August. He'd previously shared the seat with Mark Martin and team co-owner Michael Waltrip.
Waltrip had already planned to drive the car this weekend at Talladega, and the team said it will decide later on its driver for the remaining four Sprint Cup Series races.
"We were just informed this morning and our concern is for Brian's health," MWR co-owner Rob Kauffman said. "Anything else will be worked out in due course."
There was no immediate word from Joe Gibbs Racing on who will finish the Nationwide Series schedule for Vickers.
Vickers was scheduled to participate in a Monday test at Charlotte Motor Speedway, but MWR used Brett Moffitt instead.
Vickers has run 22 races with MWR. He has 10 top-10 finishes and won at New Hampshire in July, a victory that solidified his full-time hiring in the No. 55. The win ended a 75-race winless streak for Vickers.
His hiring by MWR was to mark a return to a full Cup ride for Vickers, who last ran for the championship at NASCAR's top level in 2011. He lost that seat when Red Bull Racing pulled out of NASCAR and Vickers ran just eight Cup races in 2012 for MWR.
He was hired by JGR this year to run for the Nationwide title, 10 years after he won the series championship driving for Hendrick Motorsports. But Vickers is winless in Nationwide this season and eighth in the standings.
danjorgensen | 2013/10/16 06:41 PM

The death toll from a boat laden with African migrants [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] that capsized near the Italian island of Lampedusa has risen to 34 people.An Italian navy [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] spokesman, Marco Maccaroni, told the Associated Press that [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] at least 221 people had been saved from the [url=]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] capsized vessel. Approximately 250 people are believed to have been on board.Reacting to news of the disaster on Friday night, the Italian prime minister, Enrico Letta, reportedly said the latest deaths were a "new and stark confirmation" of how serious the situation in the Mediterranean is.The shipwreck on Friday [url=]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] was the second recent tragedy in the waters where more than 300 migrants travelling from north Africa to southern Europe lost their lives on 3 October.The official toll for that tragedy 鈥?in which a boat loaded with about 500 migrants caught fire and sank in one of the worst disasters to hit the area in recent years 鈥?rose to at least 339 on Friday .Malta was co-ordinating the emergency response to the latest incident, with its ships and aircraft assisted by the Italian authorities. The more seriously injured among them were being flown by helicopter to Lampedusa.

A migrant child looks out of a police bus in Valletta, Malta, after being rescued from the sea off the Italian island of Lampedusa. Photograph: Darrin Zammit Lupi/Reuters
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Three New York [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | rabbis have been arrested [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | along with one other man in a divorce scandal that has been going on for over 20 years. On Oct. 12, [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | reported that Rabbi Mendel Epstein, Rabbi Martin Wolmark, Rabbi Jacob Goldstein, and Ariel Potash are facing charges serious charges after their "secret" divorce ring was uncovered.
"The [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | investigation revealed that unhappy Orthodox Jewish wives who wanted a divorce were paying $100,000 to the rabbis. In exchange, the rabbis would facilitate divorce, frequently by hiring armed thugs kidnap the husbands and beat them until they agreed," ABC 7 reported.
The New York rabbis arrested have not admitted to their alleged crimes just yet but the FBI set up a raid and had enough of dirt on these people to hopefully put them away. Over 2,000 men have faced the "tough guys" who used pretty much whatever means [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] necessary to make them agree to give their wives a "get," which [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | is a document needed to get a divorce in the Orthodox community.
"FBI agents were also at Rabbi Epstein's house in Flatbush, Brooklyn, executing a search. The suspects allegedly hired by the rabbis were based in Middlesex County. The investigation came out of the FBI Newark office," according to ABC 7.
The New York rabbis arrested and the fourth man in connection to the case will be in court in the coming days.
漏 Effie Orfanides 2013
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DOWNEY ( 鈥?A Downey High School football player has died nearly two days after collapsing during a game in Lynwood.
A hospital representative for Long Beach Memorial Hospital confirmed to CBS2 that Dodi Soza died.
The 16-year-old junior wide receiver has just scored a touchdown when he collapsed on the field at Lynwood High School just before 3:30 p.m. Thursday.
Soza was transported to St. Francis Medical Center and was then [url=]New York Jets Jerseys For Cheap[/url] transferred to a special care unit [url=]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] at Long [url=]Discount Giants Jerseys[/url] Beach Memorial [url=] Authentic New York Jets [url=]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] Jerseys Sale[/url] Hospital.
Reporting for CBS2 outside Downey High School, Jeff Nguyen said there was a growing memorial of white candles and balloons in Soza s memory. (White [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] is Downey High School s team color.)
Students from rival [url=] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] Warren High School showed their support by hanging white balloons and a banner saying Pray For Dodi on the Downey school s fence.
The community held a vigil Saturday evening [url=] Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] at 7 p.m. The memorial was organized by Soza s junior varsity teammates.
A vigil with white balloons and candles was held Saturday for Dodi Soza, the Downey High School football player who died Saturday after collapsing at a game two days ago. (credit: Jeff Nguyen/CBS2)
Participants were asked, via social media, to bring white candles or balloons.
Soza s cause of death was not released.
kevinlynch | 2013/10/18 01:36 AM

CHICAGO (AP) 鈥?Chicago Marathon runners hit the streets Sunday morning, nearly six months after the Boston Marathon bombings, with more security lining race routes and spectator areas.Runners from more than 120 countries and all 50 states observed a [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | moment of silence for the victims and families before the race kicked off. Three people died and more than 260 were injured in the April 15 bombings.Heightened security was evident with vehicles parked on a sidewalk on Michigan Avenue near the lakefront and bomb-sniffing police dogs walking the area. City snow removal trucks were repurposed to block closed roadways.The Boston bombings brought Chicago dentist back into the marathon fold. He thought he was done, but started training again after the attack."After what happened, I decided that day I was going to qualify," said Ryan, who ran the race dressed as the character Luigi from the video game. He missed a qualifying time in two other races earlier this year, but qualified Sunday to run Boston in 2015."Boston is my second favorite city to run in for a marathon. Chicago, of course, is first," he said. "Who knows? Maybe I'll go there (Boston in 2014) and be a spectator. I love that city."This year's marathon in Chicago was expected to draw 45,000 runners and more than a million spectators. of Chicago wore a shirt as she waited for her daughter to finish the marathon."I just wanted to put this on today to let other people see that we still think of them," she said, referring to the victims and Boston residents in [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | general.The enhanced security made it more difficult for her to meet her daughter right at the [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | finish line, so she set another meeting spot 鈥?and didn't mind."I have no problem showing bags (at security check points). We have nothing to hide here. We just want people to be safe," Surman said.Chicago police spokesman said Sunday that no problems had been reported."Everything is running [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | very smoothly," he said. "Everything is very fluid."Spectator Nicole Ioffe of Batavia, Ill., donned a bright green sparkly wig to cheer on [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] her friend, .Despite the wacky [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | costume, she said thoughts of the Boston bombing aren't far from her mind."It made me think twice about coming down here to do this. ... I'm going to this amazing event and I had to worry about something like that happening to innocent people," she said Sunday morning after cheering Fratzke at the 2.5-mile mark. "Life is too short and I can't live in constant fear."
Kelliemitchell | 2013/10/18 02:34 AM
How come so many movies are sequels, adaptations and reboots? Why do music studios spend so much on just a handful of superstar artists? And since when did TV shows become so lush and sophisticated?
These sound like scattered questions for an entertainment guru, not an economist, but Anita Elberse, a professor at Harvard Business School, is both. And her great new book, , explains that the four questions share one answer. The blockbuster strategy鈥etting more and more money on fewer and fewer titles鈥攈as taken over the entertainment world.
The book comes out in an interesting time for Hollywood, which suffered a row of famous big-name flops this summer. Has the last year proved that the blockbuster approach is dead鈥r stronger than ever? That [url=]Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] was just one question I asked Elberse in a wide-ranging interview. This conversation been edited for length and clarity.
THOMPSON: Would I be oversimplifying your thesis if I said: "In movies, music, TV, and books, people have learned that聽$1 spent聽on a blockbuster is better than $1 spent on a聽not-blockbuster"?
Elberse: I think that's a good way to summarize the book. Another way is to say that,聽although聽there is no way to play it safe in the聽entertainment聽industry, a blockbuster strategy is the safest way to play. In investing, we intuitively think we should make a number of small bets. A blockbuster strategy is the opposite. It means making fewer huge investments. But it [url=]Indianapolis Colts Jerseys For Cheap[/url] turns out to be safer.
The obvious reason that you're right is that people keep showing up to big, loud sequels in movie theaters, so studios keep making big, loud sequels. But the most interesting part of your book is [url=] Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale[/url] the not-so-obvious ways that spending more money on fewer projects is smart. For example, if you're known for making big popular [url=] Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys On Sale[/url] movies, then you attract [url=] Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Sale[/url] artists and creatives聽who think they're sitting on a big popular idea.聽
Yes. And聽you can price yourself out of the market for great entertainment by not spending big on high production value. This is true in film. It's true in television, where NBC tried to manage costs for a few years, saw [url=]Ravens Jerseys For Cheap[/url] margins decline, and lost out on some major new projects. If聽you're a book publisher, and you don't compete for the biggest and most promising books, you'll lose shelf space at Barnes Noble, and leverage with Amazon,聽making it聽harder to get and promote future books.
bifnqui | 2013/10/18 03:21 AM
[url=]adidas soccer jerseys 2013[/url] "Where?"

The rich Bi suddenly thoughts of Zheng Lang the memorial those words and indeed as expected comes to racketeer, even Zhang Kang doesn't find out as well for a while!

[url=]cheap swingman nba jerseys[/url] Liu Cheng Feng wished himself/herself and cloud Yis to all walk, and then wanted to stay leaf Yuan son alone in this yard, hence said:"Let the small Yuan son also go together?Many words"red plum and sunflower pretty woman without previous arrangement nod to promise, anyway the all flowers pretty woman once saw a leaf Yuan son as well and took to ascend her also no harm.With the relation of their two people, believe in the affairs of inside in the door to basically need not mental reservation.

[url=]ncaa hockey jerseys wholesale[/url] Don't know that oneself has to do amiss, but for the sake of prevention in case of, and then let to fill the far Zhai of Anne Zhai and Anne strengthen a city wall, the increment defendoofs ability.

"Four sons, you this viewpoint extremely bad, later Zheng Lang wants to hold official post of, once holding official post, being not likely to literally go home."River Xing Er says.No matter is to be officer in the place or officer in the city, held official post, not ability again the elephant thought of where to is where at present.Going home can, that means to haven't good affair occurrence.So the He knows chapter says, little small leave home the eldest brother return, the native accent didn't change temples hair Shuai, and it was extremely bad to long for home.

[url=]Cheap authentic jerseys[/url] Looking at in addition to city, what to come first is a summer of west forward troops, behind still have escort a food of little

[url=]cheap authentic hockey jerseys[/url] A beautiful young woman was taken by the soldier to come in.

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[url=]cheap authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] "Joe of the son."

[url=]Cheap authentic jerseys[/url] Yang An's National Freeway:"It doesn't matter, you Du lake."

[url=]basketball jerseys custom nike[/url] Say again:"To is mutually male Lee, Xue mutually Mr. and piece Be mutually male to shout."

"Benefactor king, the city defense nobody of neighborhood?Does the pupil that still wants us do to gather wood a vulgar matter like this?Today already on the 23th, you the pupil of the secrets of heaven fortress incredibly haven't canned come together whole, are you exactly how to thinks?"

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[url=]cheap nfl jerseys from china[/url] "Where there is vegetable â¦â¦" Cui Xian pointed hospital wall another part, another part is living Wu Jia's four people to go into.

Han Jiang can not answer again.
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matthewvance | 2013/10/18 08:29 AM
It has been business as usual for the Florida Everblades and Germain Arena.Its hard to tell the team and building have been officially for sale for nearly six months.The team began its 16th season with exhibition games against the Orlando Solar Bears on Friday and Saturday and will open its [url=]Saints jerseys cheap[/url] regular season at home against Orlando this Friday.Management, coaches, players and fans have talked little about the sale. There are concerns what the new ownership group will do when it comes aboard, but until any changes happen, Everblades president/general manager Craig Brush said little can be commented on because the process is ongoing.聯As hockey players, you get used to being a gypsy,聰 Everblades coach Greg Poss noted. 聯You take what comes.聰There has been significant interest, according to Brush and Andrew Kline, managing director of Park Lane, the group that has been assisting Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos in the sale since April. Karmanos and Brush are the Blades owners.Kline said the spike in Florida real estate has added to the number of prospective buyers.Brush said about 15 entities, in and out of state, have shown interest.聯Its nice to have a larger number,聰 he said. 聯But were looking for just one.聰Considered as commercial property, the site with frontage on Interstate 75 likely would go for about $11 million or $12 million, according to estimates. The Lee County Property Appraiser's Office assesses the property at $12.56 million.While Brush is sticking to his prediction of a year for the sale to be completed, Kline added that hes confident a deal can happen either [url=]cheap broncos jerseys[/url] late this year or in early 2014. That would be impressive since he said most sales of this kind usually take 12-18 months.聯With the legacy Craig built there, we want to do the right thing in the community,聰 Kline said.Arena gets lot of useGermain Arena was built in 1998.Last year, about 190 events were held in the arena, which include hockey, concerts, trade shows, graduation ceremonies among other events.(Page 2 of 3)<br>In addition, there are about 700 youth and travel hockey players who use the arenas two auxiliary rinks as well as 500 adult recreational players, FGCUs club hockey team, and aspiring figure skaters.The arena has been for sale off and on since 2004. FGCU and Lee County government officials have looked [url=]cheap Saints jerseys[/url] into buying the arena but have passed.When Karmanos put the Everblades and arena up for sale six months ago, he said he wanted to simplify his life.聯While I have thoroughly enjoyed owning the arena and team and seeing the tremendous benefit they have been to the community, it is now someone elses turn,聰 he said in a statement.David Broughton, a research director for Sports Business Journal, said Karmanos may be more of a motivated seller after his six-year, $600,000-a-year consulting contract with Detroit-based Compuware was terminated in September.Karmanos, who co-founded Compuware in 1978, retired as chairman of the board March 31. His consulting contract was terminated two weeks after he criticized the current management, according to reports.According to Broughton, only seven of 72 professional, minor league hockey franchises (American Hockey League, ECHL, Central Hockey League, Southern Professional Hockey League) are privately owned.聯It makes the Everblades sale effort unique,聰 he said.Broughton said the buyer will most likely be someone who has hockey and/or venue assets in another market or markets. He added prospects likely are watching to see how attendance is [url=]cheap Chiefs jerseys[/url] in the first few months compared to last.Chris Palin, vice president of sales and marketing for Germain Arena and the Florida Everblades said season ticket sales are higher at this point than last year when about 2,500 were sold. He added more suites will be occupied this year than last year.聯Fans dont buy season tickets on a short-term basis,聰 Brush said. 聯They buy them on a long-term basis.聰 Are we still able to have a fan club? Everblades fan club members, who closely follow the teams moves, havent talked much about the sale.(Page 3 of 3)<br>聯Everything has been so hush, its unbelievable,聰 said Bubba Devan, first vice-president of the Everblades Fan Club.Fans do have concerns, the biggest being that the team stays here.聯I dont want to see hockey leave Southwest Florida,聰 said Michelle Goble, who will go out West with husband Butch to watch the Everblades play in Las Vegas as well as Ontario and Bakersfield, Calif., [url=]Chiefs jerseys cheap[/url] from Oct. 25-29.Other fans concerns with new ownership include season tickets going up, the team not being as competitive 聴 Florida has reached the ECHL playoffs in every season 聴 and fans still being able to have their fan club.聯I know there are several teams in the league who cant have one,聰 said Belinda Hanley, a second vice-president of the Everblades Fan Club.Devan said thats because some booster or fans get too big for their britches.聯They try to micro-manage the team by shoving their weight around,聰 Devan [url=]broncos jerseys cheap[/url] said. 聯We are an arm of management. They have the right to shut us down if we dont do things right.聯Weve had a great working relationship with Mr. Brush. Hes been great.聰Chuck Reinbolt, a Blades fans since Year 1, echoed what others feel 聳 that theyd like to see Brush involved with the organization.聯My interest is in staying but thats totally dependent on what the new owner wants to do,聰 Brush said.While most Everblades players knew there was a sale, a few didnt.聯Those decisions are made by other people,聰 defenseman Mike Cornell said. 聯Nobody asked our opinion on that, we have no control over that. We just play hockey.聰Poss said he and Brush 聴 who have a strong relationship 聴聳 never talk about the sale. The coach added even with the same owners, minor league players look at their careers as one year at a time.聯It doesnt change our situation at all for the season or for the future,聰 he said. 聯The sale of the arena has no effect on the players.聰 Page
replica hermes sandals | 2013/10/18 12:40 PM
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robertjames | 2013/10/18 03:29 PM
聯Happy Birthday, Frances Anderson, Happy Birthday to you.聰The words rang out at a 聯Fran-Tabulous!聰 Birthday Luncheon in her honor at Superior Steakhouse hosted by her hubby, oil man [url=]New York Jets Jerseys For Cheap[/url] Hank Anderson, and close friend Sandi Kallenberg. The invitation also toasted Anderson with: 聯The Fantastic...The Fabulous Frances.聰Anderson is famous for her glamorous shoes, so the gold backed invitation, with a thread of pink running through it, featured a multicolored stiletto on front. Dessert was shaped like a shoe.Pink place cards marked each place as did pink boas and long silky pink gloves to wear for a group photo and take home for a memento. A specialty drink, Fizzy Frannies, were served upon arrival and for a yummy lunch: Verry Berry Salad with walnuts, goat cheese and Blueberry Drizzle and Fanciful Filled Chicken Crepes, a dish dressed with an orchid.Hank and son Cole Anderson stopped by to say, 聯Hello聰 before the formal festivities got underway. Among the celebrators: Tina Anderson, Nancy Cosse, Ginny Peterson, Mary Jane Ridgway, Sue Towery and Mary-Ann Valiulis.... Just call Krewe of Elders King 2014 Bill Stell and Queen Pat Stell the 聯Dancin Duo聰 for they love to kick up their heels and showed their prowess at Elders Royalty Coronation Oct. 5 at the American Legion hall.Other royals: Duke and Duchess of Longevity Rick Turner and LaWanda Turner and Wisdom Doug McWaters and Beverly Jones.Elders Captain Julia Collins and Co-Captain Bob Sykes also took a bow.The group will party this year to 聯Lets Have a Ball!聰 and certainly carried out the theme as partygoers filled the dance floor to tunes by The Eric Craig Band. Coronation moments to remember: 2013 King Randy Mobley and Queen Sylvia Mobley leaving to sounds of that favorite from 聯Sound of Music,聰 聯So Long, Farewell聰 ... KSLA Channel 12 staffer Ron Young announcing that the Turners married April 13 after a 22-year courtship! ... Also, tha McWaters was a retired fireman who went to umpire school after he retired as a fireman, calling it a life changing experience .... And, Jones? She was a majorette, saxophonist and beauty for three years at Northwood High School ... A bow to former Queen Jeri Lancaster who has been off the social scene for a while due to illness and there with hubby former King Chuck.(Page 2 of 3)<br>... Some [url=]Discount Giants Jerseys[/url] 150 trekked south Oct. 3 to Karen Anthonys beautiful Southern Trace abode for the traditional Membership Brunch hosted by the Symphony, Little Theatre and Opera Guilds. Billie Goodson, of Vivian, catered and Julia Sippel created the floral arrangements which, as always had observers oohing and aahing.As the party kicked off, everyone sang [url=] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] 聯Happy Birthday聰 to [url=]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] Little Theatre Guild Prez Wendy Harper and told everyone to say, 聯Happy Birthday聰 to the girl in pink.Le Boutiques de Noel Chiefs Kathy Ross and [url=] Authentic New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] Lauren Wooley said the fundraiser starts Nov. 20 with the Preview Party and the theme is [url=]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] 聯Hop on Board: A French Quarter Christmas.聰聯We will have two bands at the Preview Party,聰 said [url=] Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] Ross. Robert Trudeaus Blanc et Noir, who will lead the party in a Second Line Dance, and how much fun that will be.Two other Guild presidents, Opera Maria Casten and Symphony Jennifer Beason were working the crowd and so were: Beth Foster, Sylvia MacPheat, Delphine Simonet, Sally Gardner, Knox Goodman, Eddie Cheatham, Laura Crawford Kitty J. Boyd, Sharon [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] Chamberlain, Roxanne Bosserman, Chris Stoll, Karen Kennedy, Carol Peterson and the Libbys 聳 Gleason and Siskron.... Barbecue Pitmaster Mark West 聴 a grand champ 聴 and a good friend of Krewe of Gemini Captain Russ Friedrich 聴 rolled into town Oct. 5 to cook for Geminis Fall Flambeau.Friedrich, West, and his crew prepared chicken, pulled pork, ribs, brisket and chicken and, of course, there were all the trimmings served at 5 p.m. sharp at the Gemini den in Bossier City. And, the vittles wowed the crowd there to chow down. Wests secret? 聯It is all in the sauce and dry rub,聰 he answered. Wests kitchen on wheels is black with red lettering which announces on the outside: 聯10 Bones BBQ World Championship Cooking and Catering.聰... 聯Viva la Film Prize聰 was the hue and cry heard at the Oct. 4 opening reception for Louisiana Film Prize 20 Top Filmmakers 聳 all of whom got a 30-second chance to introduce themselves and their films 聳 Oct. 4 at artspace.(Page 3 of 3)<br>Prize Founder/Executive Director Gregory Kallenberg and Mayor Cedric Glover were the headliners for the event, with the mayor heading down to the riverfront immediately afterward for a Red River Revel fete and others downstairs for a yummy buffet by wine Countrys Jason Brady.More prize fans glimpsed in the crowd: Victoria Provenza, Shreveport City Councilman Jeff Everson, Caddo Commissioners Michael Williams and Matthew Linn, Sandi Kallenberg, William Atkins, Ali Bahler, Adam McDaniel, Chris Joffrion, Jason Brown, Logan McDaniel, Cliff and Donna Poimboeuf and daughter Grace, Dr. George Merriman, Cole Anderson, Quintin and Michele Hardtner, Meg Dudley, of New Orleans, and Carter Pilcher, of London.A dot & a dash... Lets hear it for cancer survivor Doug Kochenderfer, captain of captains for Mardi Gras in the Ark-La-Tex, who served as Grand Marshal for the American Cancer Society Bark for Life. It benefited Relay for Life of Caddo Parish, said Scott Douget. You knew the dogs who were participating, including Kochenderfers Daisy and Lilly, by 聯Bark for Life聰 bandanas they sported. Page
kennethwilliam | 2013/10/18 04:40 PM
, Japan鈥 former ambassador to the United States and current president of the National Association of America-Japan Societies, said Hawaii has very little competition in attracting Japanese visitors to the Islands and, despite a weakened yen, Japanese citizens are optimistic about the future of Japan鈥 economy.
I had the opportunity to talk with Fujisaki at the office in Downtown Honolulu on Friday. He is in town for the society鈥 annual dinner, which honored First Insurance Co. of Hawaii President and CEO [url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url] on Thursday evening.
Fujisaki explained to me that the yen has weakened about 10 percent in the last year, but that it has appreciated against the dollar by 39 percent after the Wall Street crash of 2008.
鈥t [url=] Custom Ravens NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] [url=] Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] [url=]Custom New York Giants Jerseys For Sale[/url] was almost impossible for Japan to compete in a world market when the yen was so strong. [url=]Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] So it鈥 not that yen is weakened 鈥?in a way, yen is going back to ... not the level that it was, but it鈥 moving towards what it was,鈥?he said.
After 23 months of consecutive increases, visitor arrivals to Hawaii from Japan , as did spending, according to the . But Fujisaki thinks the yen will come back strong, and that Japan鈥 interest in Hawaii has not waned.
He said Hawaii does not have a real competitor for Japanese visitors, adding that other destinations with tropical climates have more rain and are not as clean and [url=] Custom New York Giants NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] sanitary as Hawaii.
Fujisaki said economy is not only mathematics, but also psychology.
鈥f you think the economy is going to be good, you will spend, you will invest. If you think the economy is going to be bad, who will invest? Who will consume? Important is the mindset,鈥?he said.
josephcarlson | 2013/10/18 07:41 PM

Japan and South Korea have found one more thing to lock horns over.
This time it鈥 not or wartime history, it鈥 fish.
Japan鈥 government has said it will debate South Korea s partial ban on Japanese marine products over [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] fears of radiation next week at a World Trade Organization meeting in Switzerland.
Japanese government officials will present [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] their case to the Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures in Geneva, an official from the country鈥 fisheries agency told JRT.
鈥淛apan will present our [url=]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] case that there is no scientific basis for the ban,鈥?said the official. 鈥e hope that by explaining our stance and having a discussion, South Korea will choose to [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] repeal the ban of its own accord.鈥?
South Korea has had a ban on all fishery imports from eight prefectures in northern Japan since last month due to concerns about from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Seoul also tightened safety inspections on imported fishery products by lowering the maximum permissible level of radiation to 100 Becquerels per kilogram from 370.
The full-fledged South Korean ban is tougher than Seoul s previous import restriction on 50 kinds of fishery products from the prefectures of Fukushima, Gunma, Miyagi, Iwate, Tochigi, Chiba and Aomori in Japan.
The eight areas exported 5,000 metric tons of fishery products to South Korea last year, accounting for 22% of the total 23,000-ton Japanese fishery shipment, according to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Seoul.
After the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in 2011, China and Taiwan were ahead of South Korea in [url=] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] banning the imports of seafood, dairy and vegetable products [url=] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] from Japan. Seoul has complained that Tokyo has been neither accurate nor timely in providing information on radiation leaks.
garyandrewsxx | 2013/10/18 08:49 PM
An early analysis of the Jake Peavy trade shows it [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] was a good move for the Red Sox. (
Before Jake Peavy聽started Game 4 of the American League Division Series, Bill Simmons about the聽Jose Iglesias聽trade. With Peavy helping lead the Boston Red Sox聽to victory over the聽Tampa Bay Rays,聽and the聽Detroit Tigers聽knocking off the聽Oakland Athletics,聽the two will meet in the ALCS. So, I ll make an early evaluation of the trade.
First, a quick summary. Peavy聽and Iglesias, a shortstop,聽were 聽involving the Red Sox, Tigers聽and Chicago White Sox.聽The Red Sox gave up Iglesias, who was hitting [url=]personalized jerseys[/url] .330 while playing sensational defense, for the veteran Peavy. The White Sox and Tigers exchanged toolsy prospect聽Avisail Garcia.
Since the trade to the Tigers, Iglesias has hit less like聽Derek Jeter and more like聽Rey Ordonez. In 148 plate appearances, he posted a .259/.306/.348 line. He struck out in 20.3 percent of his plate appearances, while walking in 2.7 percent. In the ALCS, he managed just one single and one walk in 14 plate appearances, and was not in the starting lineup for Game 5. His Isolated Power of .083 was one of the weakest in the majors.
Even with a .356 BABIP, Iglesias was just a league average hitter in 2013. A look at his batted ball profile shows only two hitters with at least 350 plate appearances hit infield flies at a higher rate. He didn t hit too many line drives, either. Infield flies aren t conducive to a high BABIP, [url=]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] and while Iglesias can use his speed to leg out infield singles, his BABIP talent is probably in the .270-.290 range. Of course, he flashes a great glove, and while he does so, he can be a starter. His ceiling is probably that [url=]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] of聽Adam Everett聽or聽Brendan Ryan. Remember, Iglesias is a career .257/.307/.314 minor-league hitter.聽<br>
Peavy isn t the ace he was in 2007. However, 2012 was a strong year for Peavy, and he threw more than 200 innings for the first time since 2007. He was seventh in the AL in ERA- and ninth in FIP-. Before the trade, Peavy had excellent strikeout and walk rates of 23.5 percent, and 5.3 percent, respectively. Troubles with the longball kept his ERA at 4.28.
Since the trade, Peavy has been fairly pedestrian. The strikeout and walk rates have declined to 16.9 percent and 7.1 percent, respectively. Of course, that s against only 266 batters, and it would be foolish to say Peavy has lost his strikeout stuff based on that sample. Still, his whiff rate and zone-contact rate in 2013 represent a downturn from recent years. It s safe to say his strikeout ability is somewhere between the pre- and posttrade rates. Low BABIP and HR/FB rates kept his posttrade ERA at 4.04.
. In fact, of the 107 pitchers who threw at least 140 innings this year, only three had a lower groundball rate than Peavy. Assuming a league average strikeout rate going forward, Peavy will surrender his share of longballs. He s under contract with the Red Sox for 2014 at $14.5 million, with a [url=] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] $15 million player option for 2015. In a rotation as deep as the Red Sox s, he s a No.4 pitcher.
I ll call this trade a win for the Red Sox. I liked it at the deadline, and nothing has happened since to change my mind. They sold high on Iglesias, a light-hitting shortstop, and received a solid, if injury-prone, starter in return. While Peavy has been average, Iglesias has predictably regressed offensively, even with a still-high BABIP.
Ultimately, [url=] personalized nfl jerseys[/url] the Red Sox got a pitcher who is comparable to聽Matt Garza with an extra year of control for a significantly lower price than the聽Texas Rangers聽paid for a rental. Jake Peavy is helping the Red Sox win playoff games. We ll see if Tigers manager Jim Leyland has enough faith in Jose Iglesias glove to keep him in the lineup.
Post By (6 Posts)Chris Moran is a second-year law student at Washington University in St. Louis. He is also an assistant coach with the baseball team at Washington University. He graduated from Wheaton College, where he wore the tools of ignorance for the baseball team. Contact him via email at or follow him on twitter @hangingslurves.Connect
josephcarlson | 2013/10/18 09:26 PM

Oct. 12, 2013ÂÂ
This satellite image from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory shows Cyclone Phailin over the Bay [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] of Bengal. With some of the world s [url=]49ers Jerseys For [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] Cheap[/url] warmest waters, the Indian Ocean is considered [url=]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] a cyclone hot [url=] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] spot. Some of the deadliest storms in recent history have come through the Bay of [url=] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] Bengal, including a 1999 cyclone that hit Odisha and killed 10,000 people.
AFP/Getty Images
johnallentodaro | 2013/10/19 12:03 AM

By聽Daniel Burke, CNN Belief Blog Co-editor

(CNN) For the love of Lesus, the Vatican needs a copy editor preferably an infallible one.
In honor of the first year of Pope Francis papacy, the Vatican issued a commemorative medal Tuesday. The coin-size medals [url=] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] are sold in Vatican City and usually provide [url=] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] a steady stream of revenue for the church.
Just one problem: The Vatican misspelled the name of Jesus on the medal.
One side depicts Francis and the other a biblical phrase in Latin: Vidit ergo Lesus publicanum et quia miserando atque eligendo vidit, ait illi sequere me.
The phrase means: Jesus, therefore, saw the tax collector, and because he [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] saw, by having mercy and by choosing, He said to him, [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] Follow me.
Except the tax collector on this particular coin is part of the heretofore unknown Lesus Movement.
The Vatican said the Latin phrase profoundly affected the future Pope Francis at age 17 when he heard God calling him to the priesthood. In his native Argentina and [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] in his nascent papacy, Francis has made a point of [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] ministering to people on the margins and preaching about mercy.

But when the Vatican drew up the medal, it flubbed the Latin phrase, said spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi. (It s worth noting that Latin doesn t have a J, so maybe we should cut the Vatican a bit of slack.)
Lombardi said the Vatican is to blame for the mishap, saying the error was made in the preparation, not the execution.
The Italian Minting Institute made about 6,000 of the Lesus medals and retrieved all but three or four, according to media reports, which means a few folks are holding onto some pretty valuable mistakes.
Others are having fun with the misspelled phrase on social media, with some and others asking What would Lesus do?
Lesus wept.
Maybe as the voice of God, his name is actually Lesus, and we ve been wrong all this time? Praise Lesus. Jord and Lavior. <br>Margarita! Noriega. (@margafret)
jennifertrinh | 2013/10/19 03:20 AM
smiled for fans and seemed in great spirits as he walked onto the stage for the panel.
Culkin and his healthier physique took to the stage with show co-stars Matthew Senreich, Seth Green, and Breckin Meyer.
Macaulay Culkin rarely makes public appearances, but he seemed right at home while greeting [url=] Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys On Sale[/url] fans at the Javits Center. Culkin joked with fans and looked the best he has looked in years.
After taking off his blue blazer, Culkin revealed toned, even muscular arms.
Macaulay hasn t been doing much on-screen work over the [url=]Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] last decade. However, he has been doing voice work for Robot Chicken since [url=]Cheap New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] 2005.
While [url=]New Orleans Saints Jerseys For Cheap[/url] he hasn t had [url=] Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] a chance to lead a movie in many years, his new physique and reemergence in public could change that fact.
Here s a Twitter pic of the actor at New York s Comic-Con event:
Photo: Macaulay Culkin makes a rare appearance at New York Comic Con this weekend.
鈥?ET Canada (@ETCanada)
Compare [url=] Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale[/url] the Twitter pic to his 2012 photo (displayed at the top of this page). Do you think looks better than he did in 2012?
louis vuitton michael backpack replica | 2013/10/19 04:15 AM
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danjorgensen | 2013/10/19 06:02 AM

There aren鈥檛 many things that seem to capture imaginations of people around the world, but the prospect of finding life on alien planets is definitely one of them. It鈥 been a long search, one that a handful of people have devoted their lives to [url=]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] and, in many cases, risked their careers for. It鈥 a compelling slice of space science, and Lee Billings brings the human side [url=]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] of this search for extraterrestrial life to the fore in his new books .

As Billings points out, we鈥e currently experiencing an exoplanet boom. It鈥 only been a little over two decades since scientists first found evidence of a planet orbiting a star other than our own sun and we鈥e close to confirming the 1,000th exoplanet.
But the search for life on other worlds, or even just finding another planet that could possibly sustain any kind of life, is not a simple matter of calibrating instruments and pointing a telescope at a star. The search for Earth-like exoplanets demands scientists have an intimate knowledge of our own planet, a point Billings brilliantly drives home.
The book follows Billings鈥?own meetings with some of the leading scientists in the exoplanet hunt 鈥燜rank Drake, the first man to use radio telescopes to look for signs of intelligent life in the universe (and the namesake of the Drake Equation); ex-NASA scientist Jim Kastings whose penchant for seeing the big picture rather than details is helping shape the kinds of planets scientists target as habitable exoplanets; and Mike Arthur, whose research into the energy sources on Earth speak to the short span sentient races throughout the universe might be alive.
It鈥 the lessons Earth teaches us about looking for life on other worlds that anchors this book (though Billings does cover the history of exoplanet research and the current state of exoplanet missions too). Billings highlights how fragile and fleeting our humanity is, contrasting our own history with our planet鈥 tumultuous past, the rate at which we鈥e devouring natural resources, and the inevitable eventuality that our Sun will explode and engulf the Earth entirely. Ultimately, the Earth is our benchmark planet when it comes to looking for other worlds, so knowing as much as we can about the Earth increases our chances of recognizing another one, be it in a proto-Earth-like stage, a young Earth-like stage, or a post-apocalyptic-devoid-of-life Earth-like stage.

Running through the book is the question of what finding another Earth, teeming with life or simply capable of supporting life, might do to us. If we find life, it would be incredible, especially if [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] it were sentient life with a grasp of some kind of advanced technology. It would mean we鈥e neither rare nor [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] special, but also that we鈥e not alone. Similarly not finding life would be equally important. It would drive home our unique place and the fact that our preservation is up to us alone.
Nothing make you feel quite as small as thinking about distant exoplanets orbiting other stars unfathomable distances away. But Billings manages to bring this mind-boggling branch of astronomy [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] down to an accessible level. Weaving science into compelling narratives, he leaves you with a better understanding of our own planet, [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] a deeper appreciation of just how amazing it is that we鈥e here, and a sudden desire to see a massive telescope launched with the sole purpose of finding other terrestrial planets.
Image credit: Penguin Group (right), ESO
louis vuitton outlet | 2013/10/19 07:31 AM
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robertjames | 2013/10/19 09:02 AM
A starved and abused [url=]Patriots Jerseys For [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] Cheap[/url] puppy was returned to his foster family Friday afternoon after being observed overnight by the veterinarian who initially treated him.His original owner, Gabriel Lee, 31, of the 3100 block of Devaughn Street in Shreveport, turned himself in to the Caddo Correctional Center on Friday. He faces cruelty to animals charges and is booked on a $5,000 bond.The 4-month-old pit bull, named Braveheart for his bravery in surviving horrific conditions, was reunited with his new owners  Ronda and Bo Spataro, a Bossier Parish couple who fostered him  at Caddo Parish Animal Services on Friday afternoon.The couple adopted him at the shelter, and after a quick visit to the Benton Animal Hospital, where Ronda Spataro works as a veterinary technician, they took him home to become a permanent part of their family.“We’re ecstatic to have him back home,” Ronda Spataro said. “He’s been legally adopted by us ... and he’s legally our dog.”Braveheart was found Sept. [url=] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] 11 in a locked [url=] Authentic New York Jets Jerseys [url=]Discount Giants Jerseys[/url] Sale[/url] storage unit by the owner of Collier Custom Classic Hot Rods in Shreveport. The renter of the unit abandoned the space, parish officials said at a Thursday news conference.The business owner took the dog to an emergency animal clinic on Line Avenue, where Braveheart received initial treatment and was cared for by a veterinarian. Ronda Spataro said the veterinarian didn’t want to be identified.She and several other [url=]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] members of the animal rescue organization Louisiana Baby Mommas, which rescues puppies needing round-the-clock care, voiced concern at the dog having been removed from its foster home and taken to Caddo Parish Animal Services. Their outcry led to a petition and multiple posts on various social media sites Thursday and Friday.Angel Alexander with Louisiana Baby Mommas said calls have come in from as far away as the United Kingdom, and a girl [url=] Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] from [url=]New York Jets Jerseys For Cheap[/url] Tennessee who learned of Braveheart’s story began making bracelets to help the cause.“This shows what a dog-friendly community Shreveport and Bossier has,” Shreveport Dog Park Alliance Director Cynthia Keith said. “People have such a love for dogs here, and this is just an example of what people are willing to do to save a dog’s life.”
anthonyduane | 2013/10/19 09:37 AM

Russia Keeps Investment Trust in US Treasuries | Russia | RIA Novosti
13/10/2013 22:30||Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov02:38 12/10/2013Tags: , , , Related NewsRussia Builds Up U.S. Treasury Holdings as Euro WaversRussia Halves U.S. Treasury Holdings over 14-Month PeriodMOSCOW, October 12 (RIA Novosti) The Russian government will not revise its policy of investing almost half of the country s foreign exchange reserves in US Treasury securities despite growing fears of a looming US debt default, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said.
"I don't see the need for changing our reserve investment strategy at present," Siluanov told reporters Friday after a meeting of the G20 finance ministers and Central Bank chiefs in Washington.
These [US Treasuries] are reliable securities today, and we don't plan significant changes in this policy," he said, adding that the partial shutdown of the US government, which entered 11th day on Friday, is a short term event while Russia s investments are long-term.
Siluanov expressed hope that the White House and the US Congress would find a solution to the [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | current standoff over government debt-ceiling increase by the October 17 deadline.
We [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | invest a major part of our reserves, about 45 percent, in US securities, that is why we would certainly want [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | the Congress and the US administration collaborate to resolve this crisis as soon as possible, he said.
According to official statistics, foreign exchange reserves in Russia stood at some $522.6 billion as of September 2013. Foreign exchange reserves are foreign assets held or controlled by Russia's Central Bank.
&nbsp;Add to blogSend to friendShareAdd to blogYou may place this material [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] on your blog by copying the link.Publication code:Preview:02:38聽12/10/2013聽The Russian government will not revise its policy of investing almost half of the country鈥 foreign exchange reserves in US Treasury securities despite growing [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | fears of a looming US [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | debt default, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said.Send by e-mailYour nameE-mailTo e-mailTextAll fields are required!CodeNews is sent to e-mail<br><br>Share聽DiggSeed Newsvine/russia/20131012/184082234-comment.json<br>
External partners
7a and exact replica of louis vuitton bags | 2013/10/19 10:09 AM
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danjorgensen | 2013/10/19 11:31 AM

A local defense firm has inked a deal to more than double its corporate headquarters space.
Officials at Beavercreek-based [url=]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] Sawdey Solutions Services Inc., a [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] professional services firm, told me they signed a three-year lease [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] for about 4,500 square feet at 1430 Oak [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] Court in Beavercreek. The move, expected in December, comes as the company has run out of room for corporate staff, which is currently housed in 1,600 square feet on Technology Court in Beavercreek.
âœWe have [url=]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] people stacked on top of each other,â said , vice president of the company.
Sawdey Solutions has more than 100 employees, about 40 of which are in the Dayton area. It provides professional [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] services such as support for information technology, acquisition, financial management and Air Force weapons systems.
, president of the company, said its growth in contracts wins elsewhere is leading to the need for more local corporate staff.
Sawdey Solutionsâ™ success is big news in a time of ever-tightening federal budgets. The areaâ™s largest 25 defense contractors alone account for 3,000 Dayton-area employees and more than $755 million in combined local Defense Department contract awards in the most recent year, according to Dayton Business Journal research. Click here to read the latest on federal retention efforts in the Dayton area.
Connie said the keys to Sawdey Solutionâ™ success have come from building a good reputation, keeping overhead down and aggressively bidding for orders.
âœWeâ™re trying to be very innovative with our pricing strategies to be able to execute,â Connie said.
The companyâ™s new space is part of the Apple Valley Office Center.
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kevinlynch | 2013/10/19 04:09 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) 鈥? [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | A crowd converged on the World War II Memorial on the National Mall, pushing through barriers Sunday morning to protest the memorial's closing under the government shutdown.Republican Sen. of Utah and Sen. of Texas were among those who gathered Sunday morning, along with former Alaska Gov. , according to WTOP Radio ( ). Cruz said President is using veterans as pawns in the shutdown."Tear down these walls," the crowd chanted. Protesters also sang "God bless America" and other patriotic songs as they entered the memorial plaza."This is the people's memorial," Palin told the crowd. "Our veterans should be above politics."The memorial has become a political symbol in the bitter fight between and [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Republicans over who is at fault since the shutdown began. Earlier rallies have focused on allowing access for World War II veterans visiting from across the country with the Honor Flight Network.Sunday's rally was more political. A protest by truckers converged with a rally by [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] a group called [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | the Million Vet March at the World War II Memorial. Participants cut the links between metal barriers at the site and pushed them aside.Later some protesters carried barricades to the White House and rallied outside the gates, confronting police in riot gear. Protesters carried one sign reading "Impeach Obama."District of Columbia police said the crowd was starting to disperse by 1 p.m. U.S. Park Police said there had been at least one arrest at the Lincoln Memorial, though no details were available. of New York told WRC-TV ( ) he [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | went to the World War II Memorial because people fought and died for the freedom to visit public spaces."Our constitutional rights are being taken away," Thompkins said. "People made the ultimate sacrifice, and they should be open to the public, open to everyone to come down here and see this. This is ridiculous. This is not just and not fair. It's just not fair."
jasondavid | 2013/10/19 06:43 PM

5 hours ago
TT NEWS AGENCY / Reuters Members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Torsten Persson (L-R), Per Krusell, Staffan Normark and Per Stromberg announce the winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Three American scientists won the 2013 economics Nobel prize on Monday for research that has improved the forecasting of asset prices in the long term and helped the emergence of index funds in stock markets, the award-giving body said.聽<br>"There is no way to predict the price of [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] stocks and bonds over [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | the next few days or weeks," The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said in awarding the 8 million crown ($1.25 [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | million) prize to Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller.聽"But it is quite possible to foresee the broad course of these prices over longer periods, such as the next three to five years. These findings ... were made and analyzed by this year's Laureates," the academy said.聽Shiller helped create a closely watched gauge of U.S. housing prices and in June this year warned of a potentially new housing bubble in some of [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | America's largest cities.聽Fama, tipped as a Nobel winner for many years, has been called the father of modern finance and is well-known for research showing that certain groups of stocks tend to outperform over time.聽The behavior of asset prices are key to decisions such as savings, house buying and national economic policy, the academy said.聽"Mispricing of assets may contribute to financial crises and, as the recent global recession illustrates, such crises can damage the overall economy," it added.聽Fama and Hansen are professors at the University [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | of Chicago, while Shiller is a professor at Yale University.聽"A lot of people had told me they hoped I would win it, but I am aware that there are [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | so many other worthy people that I had discounted it, so I would say no, I did not expect it," Schiller told a news conference.聽The economics prize, officially called the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, was established in 1968. It was not part of the original group of awards set out in dynamite tycoon Nobel's 1895 will.聽
Copyright 2013 Thomson Reuters.
kevinlynch | 2013/10/19 08:00 PM

The "" has lost its . According to an Oct. 12 report by , is leaving the movie because his busy schedule shooting "Sons of Anarchy" isn't giving him enough time to prepare to play Grey. So could Scott Eastwood be the perfect guy to replace him?
A lot of fans will probably be looking at Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer again, but they might have the same problem since they're also TV actors. The producers might also consider trying to get some of the other actors that were on their , which reportedly included Ryan Gosling, Garrett Hedlund, and Christian Cooke.
But why not [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | go with someone surprising like Scott Eastwood? The son of Clint Eastwood is 27 years [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | old; he's extremely sexy; and he won't have the same problem as Charlie Hunnam since he's not on TV. The actor is also trying to make a name for himself, and the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie might be just what he needs to raise his profile.
Scott is really hot right now, thanks to some that he took for the [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | October issue of Town Country magazine. The internet kind of freaked out over him after seeing the shots, and he's destined to get even more attention when he stars alongside Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf in the movie "Fury." Shia could probably give Scott a [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] few pointers about shooting sex scenes since the "Transformers" star will have plenty of them in [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | Lars Von Trier's "Nymphomaniac."
Scott Eastwood would also make an interesting choice to play Christian Grey because he'd have something [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | in common with the actress playing Anastasia Steele鈥擠akota Johnson is also the daughter of a famous actor. "Miami Vice" star Don Johnson hasn't said much about his daughter's decision to play a sex slave, but her famous mother is acting like a pretty proud parent. This isn't that surprising since Melanie Griffith has proved throughout her career that nudity and sex scenes don't scare her.
So would you like to see Clint Eastwood's son as Christian Grey, or are you disappointed that Charlie Hunnam has backed away from playing the billionaire?
kevinlynch | 2013/10/19 08:01 PM

Everyone who turned out to see Italian shoe designerÂGiuseppe ZanottiÂat Saks Fifth AvenueÂin the GalleriaÂon Thursday gotÂa rareÂtreat:ÂAn intimateÂchance to meet and talk with a master. ZanottiÂstrolled into the store like a rock star, and women, and a few men,ÂlinedÂup in droves to have their Giuseppe ZanottiÂshoes signed and snap photos with him.ÂZanotti was in Houston for [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Dress for Dinner s High Tea High Heels [url=]Arizona Cardinals [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] Jerseys Discount[/url] | event benefiting the Recipe for Success [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | Foundation. I was honoredÂto beÂthe one toÂinterview Zanotti on stage for the event. We talked about his friendship with music celebs, like Houston s Beyonce and Yolanda AdamsÂ(who sat front row at the event), as well as his relationship with his two sons, one of whom accompanied him to Houston,Âand his love for women, and shoes. Adams also had the highest bid of $2,000Âon the GZ giveaway, which included a pair of his $1,000 stilettos, a lunch for 10 at Sak sÂ51Fifteen Restaurant and a makeover for the group. The raffle and the event benefitted the Recipe for Success Foundation.
Here are a 5Âthings we learned about Zanotti:
HeÂowns about 40-50 pairs of [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | shoes.Â(I m guessing way more,Âthough!)
If his shoes had an anthem, Zanotti says [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | it would beÂThe Jackson s 5 s I ll Be There.
He ll never design boring shoes.
He believes stilettos are meantÂto be beautiful, not comfortable.
He doesn t care if women s toes are polished or not when they wear his super-sexy shoes. It s about the shoes! he said.
josephcarlson | 2013/10/20 01:04 AM

( Associated Press ) - In [url=]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] this photo provided by the Diario El Sol de Margarita, a ship carrying five American oil workers, left, arrives to the shore in Margarita Island, Venezuela, Sunday Oct. 13, 2013. The 285-foot survey research vessel, [url=] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] sailing under a Panamanian flag, was [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] conducting [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] a seismic study under [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] contract for Anadarko Petroleum Corp. on Thursday [url=] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] when it was detained by an armed Venezuelan navy vessel and ordered to sail under escort to Margarita Island, which is part of Venezuela. The U.S. chartered vessel was intercepted in disputed waters off the coast of Guyana, a move that threatens to revive a decades-old territorial dispute between South America鈥 biggest oil producer and one of the region鈥 poorest nations(.AP Photo/Cristian Zerpa, Diario El Sol de Margarita)
johnallentodaro | 2013/10/20 02:53 AM

MIAMI 鈥?Tarek El-Sawah is in terrible shape after 11 years as a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, a
fact even the U.S. military does not dispute.
During his time in captivity, the weight of the 55-year-old Egyptian has nearly doubled,
reaching more than 420 pounds at one point, and his health has deteriorated as a result, both his
attorneys and government officials say.
Attorneys for El-Sawah, and the doctors they have brought to the U.S. base in Cuba to examine
him, paint a dire picture [url=] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] 鈥?a morbidly obese man with diabetes and a range of other serious
ailments who faces the possibility of not making it out of prison alive.
Details [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] about the condition of El-Sawah, who has admitted being an al-Qaida explosives trainer
but no longer faces charges, are emerging in a series of recently filed court motions that provide
a rare glimpse into the health of an unusual prisoner, and a preview of arguments that might become
more common as the Guantanamo Bay prison ages into a second decade with no prospects for closure in
He鈥 not the only one of the 164 prisoners who is seriously ill. Last week, a judge ordered the
release of a schizophrenic Sudanese man who spent much of the past decade medicated in the prison
psych ward.
His attorneys argued he was so sick, with ailments that included diabetes, that he couldn鈥檛
possibly pose a threat and therefore the U.S. [url=] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] no longer had the authority to hold him.
The judge鈥 ruling came after the government withdrew its opposition to his release.
There鈥 also a Pakistani prisoner, Saifullah Paracha, with a heart condition [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] serious enough that
the government brought a surgical team and a mobile cardiac lab to the prison to treat him. He
ultimately refused the $400,000 treatment because he didn鈥檛 trust military medical personnel.
Two prisoners have died from natural causes 鈥?one from a heart attack, the other from cancer.
And several detainees have raised medical complaints related to their participation in a
long-running hunger strike, which had dropped to 17 prisoners as of last week from a peak of 106 in
鈥here are a whole slew of people with a whole slew of serious health problems,鈥?said Cori
Crider, lawyer for Reprieve, a British human-rights group that has been meeting with Guantanamo
prisoners for years.
U.S. officials say Guantanamo prisoners get excellent medical care, the equivalent of what
troops receive. There are more than 100 doctors, nurses and [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] other professionals treating 鈥
constellation鈥?of illnesses, said Navy Capt. Daryl Daniels, physician and chief medical officer for
the detention center.
鈥hey are an aging population, and they are starting to show some signs of being an older group
of people,鈥?Daniels said.
In August, attorneys for El-Sawah filed an emergency motion with a Washington federal court
asking a judge to order the military to provide 鈥dequate鈥?medical care, including additional tests
for possible heart disease and a device to help him breathe because of a condition that prevents
his brain from receiving enough oxygen.
When he arrived at Guantanamo, El-Sawah, who is 5 foot 10, weighed 215 pounds.
The government insists he just needs to exercise more and eat less. 鈥hile (El-Sawah) is
currently in poor health, his life is not in imminent danger,鈥?the Justice Department said.
The judge hasn鈥檛 ruled, but the request is secondary anyway. What El-Sawah and his attorneys
want is the U.S. to release him.
His attorneys hope to either win a ruling from the court or from a review board of government
officials that, according to the Pentagon, has begun re-evaluating case files as part of the effort
to close the prison.
El-Sawah has received letters of recommendation from three former Guantanamo commanders, a rare,
if unprecedented, string of endorsements.
One, whose name was redacted, said El-Sawah has been 鈥渇riendly and cooperative鈥?with U.S.
personnel. 鈥rankly, I felt Tarek was a good man on the other side who, in a different world,
different time, different place, could easily be accepted as [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] a friend or neighbor.鈥?
danjorgensen | 2013/10/20 06:25 AM

China鈥 official news agency is calling for a 鈥渄e-Americanized world,鈥?in a blistering editorial characterizing the United States as a 鈥渕eddling鈥?and 鈥渉ypocritical鈥?nation that introduces chaos into the world for its own ends.
鈥淎s U.S. politicians of both political parties are still shuffling back and forth between the White House and the Capitol Hill without striking a viable deal to bring normality to the body politic they brag about, it is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] to start considering [url=]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] building a de-Americanized world,鈥?writes the Xinhua News Agency.
鈥? . . the world is still crawling its way out of an economic disaster thanks to the voracious Wall Street elites.鈥? Xinhua News Agency
鈥淢eanwhile, the [url=]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] U.S. government has gone to all lengths to appear before the world as the one that claims the moral high ground, yet covertly doing things that are as audacious as torturing prisoners of war, slaying [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] civilians in drone attacks, and spying on world leaders.
鈥淯nder what is known as the Pax-Americana, we fail [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] to see a world where the United States is helping to defuse violence and conflicts, reduce poor and displaced population, and bring about real, lasting peace.鈥?
Xinhua is a state-controlled media agency that reports directly to the China鈥 ruling Communist Party.
The article, published Sunday, specifically references how, 鈥渢he world is still crawling its way out of an economic disaster thanks to the voracious Wall Street elites,鈥?as perceived failed policies in Iraq.
鈥淪uch alarming days when the destinies of others are in the hands of a hypocritical nation have to be terminated, and a new world order should be put in place, according to which all nations, big or small, [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] poor or rich, can have their key interests respected and protected on an equal footing,鈥?writes Xinhua.
jasondavid | 2013/10/20 02:01 PM

3 hours ago
Trae Patton / NBC It's not the first time Adam Levine has built a strong team on "The Voice," but he'll have to be smart if he doesn't want his top talent stolen. Blake Shelton might be the coach everyone wants to dethrone on "The Voice" after his third straight win last season, and it just might be possible this time around. Entering Monday's battle rounds, he's not the guy with the best team.Instead, that honor goes to Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine. Throughout the blind auditions, he was a master at convincing artists whom all of the coaches wanted to join his team.ÂJames Wolpert, Tessanne Chin, James Irwin and Ashley DuBose each turned all four chairs, and Adam convinced each to sign with him. It's a pretty stellar accomplishment, considering only six singers in the blinds managed to get all four coaches to push [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | their buttons.âœAdam is a master of those four-chair turns. Heâ™s got the team to beat right now because we all four saw something in a lot of his artists,â Blake said on Tuesday's show.Moreover, Adam also won over Preston Pohl, Matt Cermanski, Grey and Will Champlin, each of whom got everyone but Christina Aguilera to turn around. Adam also beat Blake head-to-head for Barry Black, CeeLo Green for Nic Hawk and [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Christina for Donna Allen. Justin Blake is the only singer he has who he won without having to fight for. âœMy team is really strong," he admitted on "The Voice."ÂNow, he just has to go out and win [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | â” something he hasnâ™t done since the first season.Time to coach<br>Of course, while beating Adam at a blind has been difficult for [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] the other coaches this season, beating him once the competition really gets underway tends to be easier.Last season, he came away from the blind auditions with four of the artists who got four-chair turns: Judith Hill, Midas Whale, Sarah Simmons and Sasha Allen. Of those, the most successful finisher was Allen â“ after she was stolen by Shakira in the battle rounds. Of Adam's two four-chair turns in season three, Nicole Nelson was eliminated in the knockout round, and Bryan Keith went out early in the live episodes.In other words, while Adam has been great at getting the talent all of the coaches want, he hasnâ™t been able to translate that momentum to the later stages of the competition. From questionable battle-round pairings to disconnected song choices, this part of the competition is [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | where he often makes himself vulnerable.The other coaches are counting [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | on him to make similar mistakes this time around, and they're poised for the steals when the battle rounds begin Monday. Both CeeLo and Blake have already said on the show that they've set their sights on stealing Tessane and James, respectively, from the Maroon 5 frontman.And worse for Adam? His archenemy, Blake, shines in the battle rounds, getting his acts to keep on doing what made them successful in the first place â” just better. This while the Maroon 5 frontman tends to get his hopefuls to try new things and move out of their comfort zones, which hasn't worked quite as well, as past seasons' results have shown.But for now, âœTeam Adam definitely looks like the one to beat,â Blake admitted on the show, before adding, âœbut you can say that almost every season.âIf it turns out Adam isn't able to beat his nemesis and win the competition this season based on the incredible talent he scored in the blind auditions, he may have to find strategies to woo the TV audience as much as he does the contestants."The Voice" airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.
garyandrews | 2013/10/20 04:00 PM
Take this any way you want, but after 12 hours of reflection the Capitals were not nearly as angry about their 5-1 loss to the Colorado Avalanche as they were immediately after the lopsided defeat, when they challenged each other鈥 work ethic.
You can thank Adam Oates for that.
Instead of practicing today at Kettler Capitals Iceplex, Oates met with his players, showed them video and tried to emphasize that they played far better than Saturday night鈥 score indicated and that they are better than their 1-4-0 record suggests.
鈥f it was just the players coaching this team, we probably would have been yelling and screaming at each other and trying to work it out that way,鈥?Capitals defenseman Karl Alzner said.
鈥淏ut because of the way he is, he's a rock. He always wants to bring the positive out, and that's why he gets such good results out of some of these guys. He never gets down on anybody and that's really, really important for an athlete. He definitely changes the mood and he can control it really well.鈥?
Don鈥檛 be mistaken. There were plenty of mistakes that led to an Avalanche of goals Saturday night. Michal Neuvirth was shaky, allowing five goals on 28 shots. The top line of Alex Ovechkin [minus-3], Nicklas Backstrom [minus-3] and Marcus Johansson [minus-2] recorded nine shots but was a defensive liability.
The Caps were also victims of another slow start, allowing two first-period goals. They鈥檝e been outscored 8-3 in first periods this season.
After the loss, several veteran players 鈥?namely Troy Brouwer, Marty Erat and Eric Fehr -- questioned the Capitals鈥?work ethic.
But when he gathered his players on Sunday morning, Oates took a different approach. He pointed out the Caps spent 28 minutes in Colorado鈥 end and 8 minutes in their own. He told his players they entered the offensive zone 110 times, well above their previous high of 70.
He didn鈥檛 challenge their work ethic or their [url=]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] will to win because he believes that would have been a lie 鈥?and that鈥 not what he would have wanted to hear as a player.
In fact, when asked about being Mr. Positive, Oates gave this soliloquy on Sunday:
鈥hen I played, if I had that game last night, I showed up for work. I feel the guys showed up for work [Saturday night]. If I showed up for work and we lose, I don鈥檛 want [url=]personalized jerseys[/url] to be yelled at. I want to be coached. Tell me the truth. If you think I played a bad game, that鈥 fine, but tell me the truth. Don鈥檛 make something up because then I lose faith in you. I don鈥檛 want to be that guy. I do not want to tell them a lie. I鈥l tell them when I think they make mistakes. We show guys individually all the time. And collectively, if we think we had a stinker we鈥l tell them. Like Calgary [the Caps鈥?only victory] was our worst game probably, right? But I鈥 not going to lie to them, no way, because I think guys see through that, too. Maybe they come in expecting to be yelled at because we lost; it鈥 just not my style. I think I can look a guy in the eye and he knows I鈥 not happy with him, but you know what? Last night we did a lot of good things. The [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] score鈥 not going our way, things aren鈥檛 going our way. We gotta be better.鈥?
Defenseman Mike Green said he believes the Caps are working hard enough and the words chosen by Brouwer, Erat and Fehr were products of an emotional loss.
鈥 think the work ethic is there,鈥?Green said. 鈥淵ou can always work harder. Just when [url=] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] you think you鈥e working hard there鈥 somebody else working harder. We鈥l address that and we鈥l regroup tomorrow.鈥?
On Monday the Caps continue their five-game homestand against the Edmonton Oilers, who are off to a 1-3-1 start and [url=]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] are coming off Saturday night鈥 6-5 overtime loss in Toronto.
Oates said he will [url=] personalized nfl jerseys[/url] decide on Monday whether he should keep his forward lines intact or switch things up in search of a spark since the Caps have just four goals in their last three games.
鈥 don鈥檛 think we have panic mode right now,鈥?said Ovechkin, who was held without a point for the first time this season. 鈥淥f course, we not happy, it鈥 no doubt. But we going to win tomorrow and everything going to be on our side.鈥?
For today, Oates wants his players to put their feet up, watch some football and return to Kettler Monday morning ready to end their three-game losing streak.
鈥hat takes a lot out of you when you lose a game like [Saturday],鈥?Alzner said. 鈥淎 team that's undefeated and they come and kind of clean you up pretty good. It's not really good for the head, so I think that's the benefit, just kind of forgetting about it, do what you do on a day off, enjoy the Sunday, and just kind of reset the batteries.鈥?
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Afternoon storms across parts of Caddo Parish cut short a celebration in Mooringspoort on Saturday, at the [url=] Authentic New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] resting place of the late blues legend Huddie Ledbetter, or “Leadbelly” as he came to be known.Each year, a handful of area musicians get together at the Shiloh Baptist Church cemetery to perform some of Leadbelly’s more famous songs to honor the king of the 12-string guitar.“He was [url=] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] from this area of the country, so he grew up kind of in the border land between Texas and Louisiana up here in Mooringsport,” said Kathryn Ray, organizer of this year’s graveyard jam, which has been a tradition for many of the musicians for more than two decades. “He’s worth celebrating, so we come back every year and sing songs by his grave.”Born in 1888 in Mooringsport, Ledbetter’s music career spanned the nation, and by the time of his death on Dec. 6, 1949, he had authored more than 500 songs.“There are a lot of genres of music, but he sort had his own, developed his own; no one else had played like him in his day and no one, of course, has played like him since his death,” said Paul Kelly, a [url=]New York Jets Jerseys For Cheap[/url] longtime fan.Leadbelly performed songs in a South Louisiana mental health institution, in the barrow houses of Shreveport and walked the streets of Dallas with Blind Lemon Jefferson, Kelly said.“I hate to use words like truthfulness, [url=]Discount Giants Jerseys[/url] but he told the truth about everything he sang,” Kelly said. “Whatever he played, he believed what he was signing.”Despite a reputation for law-breaking, which landed him in prison several times, Leadbelly’s songs [url=]Cheap New York Jets [url=]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] Jerseys Sale[/url] have become a standard in American folk music.“I really [url=] Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] like folk music, and Ledbetter’s music is really authentic folk,” said Houston resident Frank Zhang, who came to the celebration with local family members. “It’s very different from the music you hear nowadays. It’s a blend between folk, jazz and blues.”Before the rain began, those who took part in the graveyard jam performed several songs authored by Leadbelly, including “Midnight Special” and “Cotton Fields.”(Page 2 of 2)<br>For local musician Ted Lindsay, the performance is a chance to pay homage to a man who never got the recognition in life that he deserved.“The man was black, and in this area, you just don’t get any respect, no matter how great you are,” Lindsay said. “The only reason that statue of Leadbelly is downtown is because of a few persistent people saw to it, but generally speaking, the man never got any respect around [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] here.”Now, Lindsay hopes Ledbetter’s contributions will be more widely acknowledged.“We’re not trying to make a big, loud noise. We’re making a very soft noise, but we’re making it every year,” Lindsay said. “I think he’s slowly, gradually getting the attention he deserves, but it’s slow, very slow.”Less than an hour into the performance, the storm began, bringing a downpour of rain to end the celebration.“We just came up for a family reunion,” said Christopher Bolling, of New Orleans. “The rain kind of puts a damper on stuff, but it was still fun just that little bit of time and we will probably come up next year if we get off work.” Page
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Hi, () | | Powered by The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionSearchSiteWebWeb Search by YAHOO!&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Posted: 12:00 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013STYLE: TRENDSBest of fall clothing is cozy, comfortable and tough
By Debra D. Bass

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The transition from bright summer hues to somber winter practicality tends to be the most favored fashion season of the year 鈥?with good reason.
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Less than one in ten Americans say the rollout of the government's new health insurance marketplaces has gone well, while three-fourths of those who tried to sign up have reported problems, according to an AP-GfK poll.
Seven percent of the public said that somebody in their household has tried to sign up for insurance through the health care exchanges.
While that's a small percentage, it could represent more than 20 million people.
George Spinner, 60, a retired government worker from Ruther Glen, Va., said he managed to create an online account and password before he got stuck.
"It [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] kept telling me there was an error," he said.
Reynol Rodriguez, a computer technician from San Antonio, said he was able to do some comparison shopping online but computer glitches kept him from signing up.
"I was very much looking forward to it," said Rodriguez, 51. "That's what this country needs â” affordable health care."
Rodriguez pledged to keep trying â” just what President Barack Obama has been recommending to those who've run into trouble.
Count Janice Brown, a semiretired travel agent from Prather, Calif., among those who had a positive experience.
After some initial trouble on the website, she got through to a help line and downloaded an application to buy a plan for $1,500 a month for herself and her husband. That's $1,000 less than her current private plan.
"I'm thrilled," said Brown, 61. "The coverage is better. It's fantastic."
Among those who've actually tested out the system, three-quarters of those polled said they've experienced problems trying to sign up. Only about 1 in 10 succeeded in buying health insurance.
Overall, the poll found, 40 percent of Americans said the launch of the insurance markets hasn't gone well, 20 percent said it's gone somewhat [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] well and 30 percent didn't know what to say. Just 7 percent said the launch had gone "very well" or "somewhat well."
Even among those who support the president's health care overhaul law, just 19 percent think the rollout has gone extremely well or very well. Forty percent say it's gone somewhat well, and 18 percent think not too well or not well at all.
The survey offers an early snapshot [url=] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] on [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] use of the new health insurance exchanges set up by states and the federal government under Obama's Affordable Care Act. Thirty-six states are using the federal government's site,, which the Obama administration says has had millions of unique visitors. The administration has declined to release enrollment statistics, saying that will be done monthly.
White House senior communications adviser Tara McGuinness said the administration is working around the clock "to improve the consumer experience," and she stressed that the poll was taken just six days into a six-month campaign to educate people about their options.
She added, "The overwhelming attention from millions of Americans checking out during the first few days is a good testament to the interest [url=] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] of Americans in new affordable health options."
The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that about 7 million uninsured people will [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] gain coverage through the online insurance marketplaces next year, but the role of the markets is actually much bigger than that.
They were intended to be a 21st century portal to coverage for people who do not have access to health insurance on the job. And that includes insured people as well as the uninsured.
There are three big groups of potential customers for the markets: uninsured middle-class people who now will be able to get government-subsidized private coverage; people who currently purchase their own individual policies and are looking for better deals; and low-income people who will be steered by the marketplace to an expanded version of Medicaid in states that agree to expand that safety net program.
The Census estimates that about 48 million Americans lacked coverage in 2012, or more than 15 percent of the population.
Starting next year, the law requires virtually all Americans to have insurance or face a tax penalty after a coverage gap of three months.
Opinions are sharply divided on the overall framework of the law: 28 percent of Americans support it, 38 percent are opposed, and 32 percent don't have an opinion either way, the poll found. When asked specifically whether the government should be able to require all Americans to buy insurance or face a fine, only about 3 in 10 Americans agreed, and 68 percent were opposed.
The AP-GfK Poll was conducted Oct. 3-7 using KnowledgePanel, GfK's probability-based online panel. It involved online interviews with 1,227 adults. The survey has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points for all respondents. For results among the 76 respondents who attempted to use health insurance markets, the margin of error is plus or minus 13.5 percentage points.
Based on reporting by the Associated Press.
jasonewaite | 2013/10/21 07:49 AM
Look at the consensus on here. A reflection of how racists America still is. [url=]Cheap Denver [url=]Custom Ravens Jerseys For Sale[/url] Broncos Jerseys Sale[/url] Nobody has yet to come up with a legitimate explanation as to why 鈥渞edskins鈥?isn鈥檛 a derogatory term. Please arrive in the year 2013 and understand that 鈥渞edskins鈥?is a very derogatory. It鈥 so obvious. The 鈥渋t has been a tradition for years鈥?argument is so lame and holds no weight as a reason to not change it. You鈥e either too stupid to make [url=] New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] the connection that this term is disrespectful, or you鈥e just a racist. Which one is it?<br>
Why is Redskin a derogatory term?. To find a word offensive would mean that you see [url=] Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys On Sale[/url] it as a negative to be called that word. What do you find to be so wrong with being a person with Red skin or being called a Redskin? I see nothing wrong with being a redskin or find anything wrong with being called a redskin, that is why the word isn t derogatory to me. It seems to me then, you are the one who is racist because you think someone should be offended because they have Red skin. This is based on the basic definition of what Red Skin means. It also is defined as a word that is used to refer to Native Americans. Is there something wrong with being a Native American? These are the most basic definitions of the word. The origin of the word was used in this way. Only in a specific time in history was the word (maybe, not known as fact) used negatively to demean Native Americans. Nobody has actually given a negative definition of redskin though. Is there a definition out there that describes a redskin as a type of person one would not want to be? Even at it s worst, [url=] Cheap Authentic New Orleans Saints [url=]Discount New York Jets Jerseys[/url] Jerseys On Sale[/url] the word may only have been used as a taunt by people that thought they were better than the Native Americans without actually portraying a redskin with negative stereotypes. Basically to hate being called a redskin is to agree that a redskin is someone who is lesser than one with whiteskin and that you wouldn t or don t want to be a redskin.
josephcarlson | 2013/10/21 08:00 AM

The device has a small OLED screen, a water-resistant black or teal band, and a seven-day battery life. It will retail for $129, available now online and in a few weeks at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.Fitbit Force is a niche-market smart watch, unlike major tech company like the Samsung&nbsp; and the Pebble that seek to act as a hands-free smart phone.&nbsp; But even fitness smart watches can鈥檛 settle for just being a high-tech pedometer. The Force also can connect to social fitness apps such as Run [url=]49ers Jerseys For [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] Cheap[/url] Keeper, Map My Fitness, and Endomondo, and you can earn [url=] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] achievement badges the more you work out.Plus, a soon-to-come update from the Force will allow wearers to screen phone calls if they have an iPhone 4S with or a most recent phone.Despite these features, the Force has entered a competitive race, as wearable technology becomes the technology trend du jour. In addition to competing against fitness watches such as the [url=]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] Nike+Fuelband and Jawbone鈥 Up, it faces the recently released Galaxy Gear, Kickstarter-funded Pebble, Sony [url=] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] SmartWatch 2, and the ever-imminent rumor of the . As smart watch technology continues to develop, it may not be long before these watches include the many fitness apps offered by the Fitbit Force, plus the capability of a smart phone.Regardless, wearable technology is [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] likely to adorn many wrists in the near future. Swedish research group found that more than 8.3 million fitness trackers, smart watches, and other wearable tech in 2012, and predicts that number will jump to 64 million by 2017.
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WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) 鈥?District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray had what his spokesman calls a cordial telephone conversation with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid following their .
Gray stood next [url=]Cheap Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] to his fellow Democrat at [url=] Cheap Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale[/url] a news conference on Wednesday and asked him afterward if he would [url=]Cheap Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale[/url] support a bill allowing the city to spend local tax dollars during the federal shutdown. Reid appeared irked and told the mayor, I m on your [url=] Cheap Giants Jerseys On Sale[/url] side. Don t screw it [url=] Authentic Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] up, OK?
Gray s spokesman, Pedro Ribeiro, says the two men spoke on the phone Wednesday evening and that there appear to be [url=]Giants Jerseys For Cheap[/url] no hard feelings about the encounter. Ribeiro says Gray also spoke to White House officials Wednesday evening.
Democrats have objected to Republican-led piecemeal funding bills during the shutdown.
kennethwilliam | 2013/10/21 01:34 PM
. But when [url=]Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] Sunday morning rolls around, he's [url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url] master of the griddle. Millard's Instagram account is full of creative pancake designs, many of [url=]Custom New York Giants Jerseys For Sale[/url] which look just a little too painstaking to actually [url=] Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] eat. Millard agrees, but for other reasons: "I鈥檝e never been [url=] Custom Ravens NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] too big on eating pancakes," Travis told Instagram's blogger. "They get in my beard, and I smell like [url=] Custom New York Giants NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] syrup all day." For the sake of sticky beards everywhere, he offers this tip: If you want spectacular pancakes, buy a ketchup squirter. Then it's just as easy as drawing on a pan.
See today's most shared stories on .
ashleyelizabeth | 2013/10/22 02:44 AM
And while industry has already enthusiastically started writing its wish list, Mr Turnbull also warned: I've got a very open mind to all regulation, but you shouldn't be anticipating any dramatic changes, he said on ABC television recently.&nbsp;Peak body Communications Alliance has drafted a list of potentially redundant rules, which includes scrapping the requirement that local calls were [url=] Authentic New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] not timed, that consumers must be able to pre-select an alternative carrier for long-distant calls (by dialling an extension), and regulatory reporting requirements.&nbsp;CommsAlliance argues untimed local calls were an effort to provide but were no longer needed as [url=]New York Giants [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] Jerseys For Cheap[/url] more people move to voice-over-internet services, which ignore distances, and buy telephone plans that include free local calls.&nbsp; The ongoing dates back to political factors stemming from the federal by-election in the seat of Adelaide in February 1988. Twenty-four years later, untimed local calls are still a mandatory feature of the Australian telecommunications landscape â“ long after technologies, products, customer usage and preferences have moved [url=] Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] on, it wrote in a submission to last year's Convergence Review.&nbsp;CommsAlliance also wants the ability to just amend parts of its codes and guidelines rather than opening the whole code up for review. New legislation allowing this was nearly passed before the election, and CommsAlliance was hopeful it would now get through both houses quickly. &nbsp;Optus has suggested eight ''quick wins'', including reducing the number of rules about a standard telephone services, requirements that telcos have to send written information about a customer's plan and service guarantees every couple of years, and allowing the industry to look after telephone numbering instead of the regulator.''The challenge we now have is to how to build an appropriate set of regulations that can provide the basis for a vibrant retail market to flourish,'' Optus' vice president of corporate and regulatory affairs, David Epstein, said in a speech this year.Meanwhile, the Australian Communications and Media Authority has been flicking through its filing cabinets looking for outdated or unnecessary rules. In recent years it changed or revoked rules about telephone numbering, compliance labelling, electronic labelling, commercial radio standards and engineer accreditation â“ indicating the volume and breadth of regulations that it manages.This week it revoked the 2004 Premium Services Determination, which forced telcos to send fixed telephone line customers a letter every two years warning [url=]Custom Denver Broncos Jerseys Wholesale[/url] them about 1900, 1901 and 1902 numbers. These numbers were commonly used in the early 2000s for fax-back services and voice services such as adult chat, psychic predictions, information and games. Complaints about unexpectedly high charges peaked in 2003 at nearly 3000 per month as consumers did not understand the charges or were tricked into connecting to a 190 number through their dial-up internet connections. However, since 2006 the volume of 190 numbers in use has dropped from more than 12,500 to less than 50 in 2011; and there were no complaints between July 2012 and March 2013, according to Telstra.The regulator received five submissions to its consultation paper before deciding the rule could go. This determination only applied to fixed numbers, not mobile premium numbers, which remain covered by other regulations.Chief executive of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, Chris Althaus, said his members want a review the Radiocommunications Act of 1992, which governs spectrum management and sales. While the Act was 20 years old, mobile carriers had just gone through their first renewal of 15-year licences and the simultaneous sale of two spectrum bandwidths.''We think these sorts of things, having taken place, are good instructive case studies for how the Act could be reviewed to strip out complexities and make it less onerous to deal with,'' Mr Althaus told Fairfax Media.''We will be trawling through our regulatory patches trying to identify things that we want to target ... The challenge for the government is how do they wrap it into a meaningful process of reform to make sure they do not get bogged down?''Mobile carriers also want a review of rules forcing them to verify the identity of anyone buying a pre-paid SIM card. Checking proof of identity was a ''considerable burden'' amounting to tens of millions of dollars every year and did not stop potential criminals, Mr Althaus said.The Coalition's bid to cut $1 billion of red tape annually stems from a 2006 National Reform Agenda (NRA) by the Regulation Taskforce set up by the Howard government. The report's author and former Privacy Commissioner, Gary Banks, says he estimates cutting red tape could boost gross domestic product $12 billion.''If a 20 per cent reduction in Australian compliance costs were to be achieved through full implementation of NRA-consistent reforms, this could result in a direct saving to activities and industries of as much as $8 billion [in 2005-06 dollars],'' the report found.Mr Banks told Fairfax Media on Friday the $8 billion cost saving became $12 billion of GDP activity once the figures went [url=] Cheap Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys Wholesale[/url] through the Commission's economic model.''Since then there have been some cost-reducing reforms under the COAG agenda, but also some new imposts, particularly new financial, labour and environmental regulation. Also there is inflation to account for, he added. So I suspect that $12 billion may now be an underestimate of the potential gains from eliminating red tape.
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(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)
Jayson Werth publicly for the role of the Nats [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] next manager. In [url=]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] a call with Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan, Ryan Zimmerman had some nice things to say about Ripken but admitted that the baseball legend wouldn t be his first choice.
Iâ™ve met him a few times, Zimmerman said of Ripken. I think, obviously growing up he was mine and probably millions of other peopleâ™s favorite player, and I respect what he did, how he played the game. I havenâ™t talked to him at all about being a manager for us, or just being a manager at all. But I think his temperament and the way he played the game, I donâ™t think he would be a bad manager. I think itâ™s tough to be out of the game and never managed before and then to come right into it and be a manager in the big leagues. But if anyone could do [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] it, I think he would be one of those guys that would be on the short list of people who could.
Randy Knorr, the Nats bench coach, is getting Zimmerman s hypothetical vote for the job.
Obviously heâ™s a good guy and he knows baseball, and a bunch of us think he could be a good manager, said Zimmerman. But I think we kinda see him as [someone who] went through everything players have to go through to become a manager. He started as low A, worked his way up Double-A, Triple-A, heâ™s been here for a couple of years now. Sort of the backup catcher kind of role that so many of these young managers that have had success kind of were in the big leagues. It helps he knows that game, how to handle a pitching staff, things like that.
I think most importantly, all [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] of us already have a relationship with him. We kinda know that we can talk to him about things, we can trust him. We know heâ™s going to take care of us in the media as much as you guys love to hear that, thatâ™s a big part of it. He just knows a bunch of us and wouldnâ™t bring a big amount of change within the organization. You know, when you get a new manager, you go to spring training and most of spring training is kinds learning him, learning his staff, and then you finally start to get comfortable towards the end. It would just be nice to have a manager â“ and Iâ™m assuming he would bring back, I would think, the same coaching staff â“ and what not. So that comfortability would still be there and the way we played the last two month, I think that would be a smart move, but, you know, hey. Itâ™s not my decision to make and whatever happens is going to happen. I think whoever it is that gets this job has got a pretty good team moving forward for the next five, ten years and it should be a fun time in D.C.
Let s get some Zimmerman and Werth-produced campaign commercials going.
Bradley Beal, practicing his Portuguese from Brazil.
¡No me digas mas!
â” Bradley Beal (@RealDealBeal23)
Dios mÃo !!
â” Bradley Beal (@RealDealBeal23)
Fin !
â” Bradley Beal (@RealDealBeal23)
Adam Oates, [url=] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] :
âœI donâ™t think itâ™s time to push the panic button [url=] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] yet. I think we could be 4-0 and we could be 0-4. Calgaryâ™s probably our worst game out of the four but we figured out a way to win it. You want to just keep playing correct and sooner or later it will start turning and it will go your way.â
Alone? Whoever took this pic would like a word.
Alone in snyders box at fed ex. Poring tap beer to myself and getting ready to watch tnf. So cool.
â” Chris Cooley (@thecooleyzone)
Some Ovi on Semin violence to start your day.<br>
Nothing local. Go have a date night. .
TUMI 長財布 | 2013/10/22 07:21 PM
Hello just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren't loading correctly. I'm not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I've tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.
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Hello! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any issues with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard work due to no back up. Do you have any methods to prevent hackers?
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darylejohnson | 2013/10/23 02:44 AM
Sunday, October 13th, 2013 | [url=]Discount Patriots Jerseys[/url] Posted by
Migos French Montana Roll On | New Music

The ATLâ™s own, , are back today with something new for the streets and the club as they drop off [url=]NFL Jerseys for men[/url] their latest banger called âœRoll Onâ. The [url=] NFL women Jerseys[/url] track is a gritty street banger [url=]Custom Giants Jerseys[/url] in [url=] [url=] Custom Giants NFL Jerseys[/url] Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] which the fellas link up with French Montana for something rather energetic and entertaining.
The track is driven by a menacingly smooth piano line that gets backed up by some tough, hard hitting drum work that makes a nice home for the fellas. They take the chance to let loose of their unique wordplay, and do so rather nicely. Check out the track after the jump and speak on it below.

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shanemckinney | 2013/10/23 04:50 AM
The searchers found Jonathan Sturdy at 9 o鈥檆lock on a cold Saturday night. The 2-year-old鈥 body, face down in a drainage canal, seemed to bring his disappearance earlier that day to a simple, if tragic, resolution.
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ashleyelizabeth | 2013/10/23 06:37 AM
The bye week generally has been good to the Dolphins, who have a 15-10 record in games following an off week.<br> Related Content <br>Itâ™s that time of year. Byes became part of the NFL schedule starting with the 1990 season, and this is the weekend this year when the Dolphins are off. <br><br> Depending on the point of view, the bye is helpful because it allows a team to regroup or get healthy or it can be detrimental because it can slow the momentum of a team on a roll. <br><br> For the Dolphins, itâ™s the former that applies after losses against New Orleans and Baltimore and with [url=] Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] injuries to some key players on defense, such as Cameron Wake, Dimitri Patterson and Dannell Ellerbe. <br><br> The bye week generally has been good to the Dolphins, who have a 15-10 record in games following an off week â” that includes the thrilling 18-15 victory against the Oakland Raiders in 2001 after all NFL action was postponed the weekend following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. <br><br> The Dolphins also wound up with a bye on the opening weekend of the 1992 [url=]New York Giants Jerseys For Cheap[/url] season after their game against the Patriots was postponed in the aftermath of Hurricane [url=] Cheap Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys Wholesale[/url] Andrew â” Miami and New England had their original byes on the same weekend. <br><br> The Dolphins were especially successful after the bye after it first was instituted, as they won their first seven games, including [url=]Custom Denver Broncos Jerseys Wholesale[/url] a 27-23 Monday night victory at Cleveland in their new season opener in 1992. <br><br> In an odd twist, the Dolphins have alternated wins and losses after the bye for the past eight years, starting with a [url=] Authentic New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] 20-14 loss at Buffalo in 2005. <br><br> That strange eight-year streak: <br><br> 2005, at Buffalo, lost 20-14<br> 2006, at Chicago, won 30-13<br> 2007, vs. Buffalo, lost 13-10<br> 2008, vs. San Diego, won 17-10<br> 2009, vs. New Orleans, lost 46-34<br> 2010, at Green Bay, won 23-20 in overtime<br> 2011, at N.Y. Jets, lost 24-6<br> 2012, at N.Y. Jets, won 30-9 <br><br> This year marks only the eighth time the Dolphins have headed into their bye on a losing streak, and theyâ™ve done a good job in the past of using the bye to rebound. <br><br> They have a 4-3 record in such games, with victories in 1991, 1997, 2006 and 2010. <br><br> The 2006 post-bye game was particularly impressive. The Dolphins had lost four in a row before their bye and were heading to Chicago with a 1-6 record to face a Bears team that had started 7-0 and was on its way to a Super Bowl appearance. Miami completely dominated the Bears that day, winning 31-13 thanks in large part to Jason Taylorâ™s interception return for a touchdown and a 157-yard rushing performance by Ronnie Brown. <br><br> Interestingly, this year marks the first time the Dolphins headed into their bye with a winning record but having lost at least their last two games. <br><br> Hereâ™s the breakdown of the seasons when the Dolphins headed into their bye on a losing streak (along with their record at the break and how they did in their first post-bye game): <br><br> 1991, two straight losses, 3-5 record, won at Indianapolis 10-6<br> 1997, two straight losses, 2-2 record, won vs. Kansas City 17-14<br> 2004, two straight losses, 1-8 record, lost at Seattle 24-17<br> 2006, four straight losses, 1-6 record, won at Chicago 31-13<br> 2007, eight straight losses, 0-8 record, lost vs. Buffalo 13-10<br> [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] 2010, two straight losses, 2-2 record, won at Green Bay 23-20 in overtime<br> 2011, four straight losses, 0-4 record, lost at N.Y. Jets 24-6 <br><br> Since the byes started in 1990, this is the fifth time the Dolphins are having their week off after their fifth game. Itâ™s the fourth time in those five occasions that the Dolphins head into their bye with a winning record. They were 4-1 in both 1990 and 1993, 3-2 in 2001 and 2-3 in 2009. <br><br> It should be considered a good omen that the Dolphins are a perfect 3-0 when they had their bye after five games and had a winning record at the time. They beat New England 17-10 in 1990, beat Indianapolis 41-27 in 1993, and beat Seattle 24-20 in 2001.
kevinlynch | 2013/10/23 08:20 AM

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Not only did running back Arian Foster have the best game of [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | any Texans player with 141 yards on 20 carries, but he went after Rams defensive end Robert Quinn after the game and [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | had to be restrained.
Foster was [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | angry because Quinn was doing a sack dance at the end of the game â“ âœThe Bernie,â as Quinn calls it. Quinn sacked T.J. Yates on the last play of the game.
Foster ran for 98 yards in the first half but didnâ™t get the ball as much in the [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | second half because the Texans had to throw to play catchup.
âœI was just getting back in a football state (of mind) because I missed so much time in the offseason because of a couple of injuries (calf and [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] back),â Foster said. âœItâ™s just me getting back into the swing of things.â
In his [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | last three games against NFC West teams Seattle, San Francisco and St. Louis, Foster has averaged 113.6 yards per game. The Texans lost all three.
âœItâ™s just playing bad,â Foster said about the four-game losing streak. âœWeâ™re not converting third downs and staying on the field, giving our defense a chance. Weâ™re putting them in terrible situations (with) turnovers and penalties. We need to check ourselves.â
jamesalan | 2013/10/23 11:48 AM
An Australian doctor is being investigated after reportedly refusing to provide a referral for a couple that sought an abortion clinic after learning they were having a girl and not a boy.
that Dr. Mark [url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] Hobart [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] has been under investigation by [url=]Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] the Medical Board of Victoria for five months, accused of having committed an offense under the stateâ™s Abortion Law Reform Act of 2008.
A couple had reportedly asked Hobart to refer them to an abortion clinic after discovering at 19 weeks they were having a girl when they wanted a boy.
The doctor had a moral objection to providing the abortion and says he could not refer the patient as he did [url=]Discount New York [url=] New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] Giants Jerseys[/url] not know a doctor who would agree to abort a healthy baby for sex selection reasons, .
âœItâ™s very wrong,â Hobart said. âœI donâ™t know any doctor in Victoria that would be [url=] Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys On Sale[/url] willing to refer a woman that wanted to have an abortion just because of gender at 19 weeks. I refused to refer the patient because there was no medical reason to do it and it offended my moral conscience.â
Under Victorian law, Hobart was obliged to refer the patient to a doctor he knew would terminate the pregnancy. By refusing to provide a referral to another doctor, Hobart, who has practiced for 27 years, could face suspension or even lose his medical license.
Sources: ,
Get More: | | |
jamesalan | 2013/10/23 01:56 PM
LAS VEGAS â“ Timothy Bradley promised [url=]Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] not to brawl, and except when he absolutely had no other choice, he did not. And that led [url=] New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] him to a in their bout for the WBO welterweight title at the Thomas Mack Center. In March, Bradley chose to go toe-to-toe with Ruslan Provodnikov, and though he escaped that bout with a victory, he suffered a serious concussion. He also promised [url=]Discount New York Giants Jerseys[/url] [url=] Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys On Sale[/url] his wife, Monica, that he would not brawl with Marquez. [url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] He was a man of his word, boxing expertly and neutralizing Marquez s power in claiming a split decision. Judges Patricia Morse-Jarman (116-112) and Robert Hoyle (115-113) saw it for Bradley. Glen Feldman scored it 115-113 for Marquez. Yahoo Sports had it 116-112 for Bradley. Bradley, now 31-0, has victories over Manny Pacquiao and Marquez and was thinking of his future. That win is my ticket to the Boxing Hall of Fame, Bradley said. I beat a great champion. I jabbed over and over. He couldn t touch me. I gave him a boxing lesson. View gallery.Timothy Bradley Jr. toys with Juan Manuel Marquez late in their fight. (Reuters) Marquez landed a few good right hands throughout the fight, but it was two rights by Bradley, in the 10th and the 12th, that seemed to hurt the legendary Mexican champion. Worse from Marquez s standpoint was that he was unable to get Bradley to stand and trade with him, except for brief flurries at the end of a couple of rounds. Bradley resisted the urge to try to exchange with Marquez, and though it didn t make the heavily Mexican crowd of 13,111 too happy, it was clearly the smart strategy. Tim followed the game plan perfectly, Bradley trainer Joel Diaz said. I told you no one can beat Tim if he boxes as he should and he doesn t have a mark on his face. Marquez never touched him. Nobody can touch Tim Bradley. The loss denied Marquez a shot to win a world title in his fifth weight class, something only five men have done and that no Mexican fighter has achieved. On the undercard, two-time Olympic gold medalist Vasyl Lomachenko made a sensational U.S. debut, stopping veteran Jose Negro Ramirez in the fourth round of their scheduled 10-round featherweight bout. Lomachenko is considered one of [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] the greatest amateur boxers ever, and had a purported amateur mark of 396-1. He also fought six times in the World Series of Boxing, an organization run by AIBA, which runs Olympic boxing. Those fights are considered professional bouts by FightFax, the sport s official record keeper, but Top Rank did not recognize them. Top Rank promoted the bout as his pro debut. Regardless of whether he was 0-0 or 6-0, it was clear that Lomachenko has massive star potential. He was extraordinarily fast and accurate with his punches. He showed a great savvy and intellect in the ring and controlled the pace and tenor of the bout. He dropped Ramirez twice, both times with shots to the body and essentially overwhelmed him. The punches to the body hurt way more than the punches to the head, Ramirez said. He s really fast. I knew what I was getting into. I knew he d be a world class fighter. He was too much for me. View gallery.Vasyl Lomachenko (R) hits Jose Ramirez in the first round. (Getty) Lomachenko may fight either Orlando Salido, who won the vacant WBO featherweight title against Orlando Cruz on Saturday, or Guillermo Rigondeaux, another two-time Olympic gold medalist, his next time out. Lomachenko admitted he needed a bit more experience to consider Rigondeaux, though. I have a lot of respect for Rigondeaux, Lomachenko said. I think I need a few more fights before I m ready for him. Salido was dominant in his victory over Cruz, the only openly gay male boxer. Salido stopped him in the seventh with a crunching right and a left uppercut, but he d been breaking the Puerto Rican down for several rounds. Cruz didn t have the power to keep Salido off of him and Salido was blistering him with hard right hands repeatedly. He was particularly effective to the body, landing 67 body shots in just over six rounds. I went into the corner and he hit me with a good shot, Cruz said. I thought the fight was close up until then. It was going back and forth. Salido was leading on all cards at the time of the stoppage. He was up 59-55 on two judges cards and 58-56 on the other.Sports & RecreationBoxing
amynicole | 2013/10/23 08:39 PM
Par , , , ,
Alain Giresse, sélectionneur des Lions
On a été pris de cours par ce penalty marqué à la 2e mn et ce but 10 mn plus tard. On a mal négocié et raté notre début de match. Cela se paie cash. Maintenant, dire [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] que cette défaite devrait [url=] Cheap Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys On Sale[/url] nous pousser à jeter l éponge. Non! On va essayer de travailler à rectifier ce qui doit l être avant le match retour
Mohamed Diamé, capitaine des Lions<br>
C est une défaite difficile à admettre. On aurait jamais pensé que ce serait le cas. On a été cueilli à froid. Ce qui a un peu [url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] perturbé la suite de notre rencontre. Maintenant on va essayer [url=] Cheap Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys On Sale[/url] de travailler et ce but peut nous permettre d espérer.
Sabri Lamouchi, sélectionneur des Eléphants
Je pense que l essentiel a été [url=]Cheap Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys Sale[/url] fait. C était de gagner largement et on a réussi à le faire. Même si on pouvait en marquer [url=]Cheap Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] plus. Trois buts à un c est bien. Mais je regrette un peu la manière dont mes joueurs ont fini la partie. Car ils se sont relâchés et cela a permis à cette bonne équipe sénégalaise de marquer un but. On avait à se concentrer pendant 90 mn.
josephcarlson | 2013/10/24 12:19 PM

The Prime Minister, Nguyen Tan Dung, [url=] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] has issued an urgent message to local provinces to cancel any planned meetings and focus their resources on coping with the coming typhoon.
âœThis is a very strong typhoon with a complicated route and it is forecast to trigger very heavy rains,â Mr. Dung said.
Packing wind speeds of up to 149 kilometers an hour, typhoon Nari was moving west-northwest at between 10-15 kilometers an hour, according to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting.
The typhoon is forecast to hit coastal areas in Central Vietnam, including Danang and Hoian, on Tuesday morning.
âœWe have ordered all boats ashore and plan to evacuate a large number of people to [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] safe shelters by the end of today,â Van Huu Chien, the [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] chairman of the Peopleâ™s Committee of Danang, told The Wall Street [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] Journal.
Mr. Chien said winds have started to intensify in the city and so has the rain. In a separate statement, the government said coast provinces in Central Vietnam planned to evacuate 155,000 people.
Nari will be the 11th major [url=] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] storm or typhoon to hit Vietnam this year. Each year the country is hit by around a dozen tropical storms, which often deliver heavy rains and floods.
Typhoon Wutip, [url=]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] which made landfall in central Vietnam two weeks ago, killed 16 people and injured 225 others, mostly due to flooding. More than 190 people have been killed by floods, storms and other natural calamities so far this year in Vietnam.
ashleyelizabeth | 2013/10/24 06:54 PM
IRVING Miles Austin said Friday that heâ™s ready to play Sunday [url=] Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] night. The Dallas Cowboys veteran wide receiver was inactive [url=]New York Giants Jerseys For Cheap[/url] the last two games with a strained left hamstring but was a full participant in practice Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
âœPracticed hard,â Austin [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] said. âœFired up Iâ™m playing in the game. I feel fine.â
When further questioned about getting on the field against Washington, Austin repeatedly responded with a simple: âœFired up and excited.â
Austin suffered the injury [url=]Custom Denver Broncos Jerseys Wholesale[/url] in the third quarter of the St. Louis game on Sept. 22. In three [url=] Authentic New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] games this season, the 29-year-old has 15 catches for 125 yards.
It s a hard deal, not being out there, Austin said. [url=] Cheap Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys Wholesale[/url] It definitely feels good to be practicing again and being able to run again.
Follow Jon Machota on Twitter:
kevinlynch | 2013/10/25 04:28 AM

Apple is known for elegant, [url=]Arizona [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | user-friendly software designs. Unfortunately, it s also infamous for not providing lots of detail about its products. Supposedly, they re so easy to use, you don t need to RTFM.
Indeed, some of the best features in Apple s interfaces are more like 鈥?they re hidden, and maybe someday with the right clicks or key presses, you ll stumble across them!
Well, I ve been clued in to a nice feature in , the streaming set-top box, thanks to Hearst colleague . On Thursday, he saw me about accessing subtitles and closed-captions on the device and passed this [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | on.
If you have an Apple TV and don t know about this trick, you probably have gone into the Settings app [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | to enable/disable subtitles and closed captioning. We use subtitles quite a bit, and not just for foreign films. My wife and I are fond of British crime series, and often the actors accents are so thick that we need help understanding what s being said. ( , anyone?)
Let s say you start a show or movie and realize you re [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] going to need subtitles. You ve got to back out of the video, get to the home screen, navigate to Settings, go into the Audio Video menu, and then into Subtitles, where you finally can enable them. While you can quickly get to the home screen by holding down the Menu button on Apple s uber-minimalist remote control, that s still a lot of clicking and navigating to get there and back again. It s annoying.
But Preovolos said I only need to do this: While watching a movie or TV show, press and hold [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | the center select button inside the remote s navigation ring. That pauses the video and brings up a menu for Subtitles, Audio and Speakers.

Depending on the content, you can choose from multiple subtitle languages and turn them off from here. Audio provides alternate audio tracks, and Speakers lets you choose an audio output. While I didn t try it, apparently with some video content, such as movies, you may find a fourth item for selecting chapters.
This will save me a lot of time and clicking. Thanks, ChrisP!
Do you have any Apple TV tricks or tips to share? Leave them in the comments.
kennethwilliam | 2013/10/25 07:00 AM
Today, I got a robocall. Itâ™s a pet peeve of mine, those calls from some mystery credit consolidation company that not only canâ™t pronounce my name correctly, but also picks an under-the-gun-deadline moment to annoy me.
As Iâ™m on the National Do Not Call Registry, itâ™s a force of habit now to go to the website and fill out the complaint form. While it never stops the calls, just typing in the information is therapeutic.
But today, the shutdown thwarted my efforts:
âœDue to the government shutdown, we are unable to offer this website service at this time. We will resume normal operations when the government is [url=]Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] funded.â
Itâ™s a banner blasted throughout federal websites, most more important than this one.
Two [url=] Custom Ravens NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] [url=] Custom New York Giants NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] robocalls and a web search later, and I find itâ™s not just me. The internet is full of consumers, that theyâ™ve seen an uptick in phone solicitations since the shutdown.
While I understand the registry is not as âœessentialâ as say, a prison guard, I [url=]Custom New York Giants Jerseys For Sale[/url] canâ™t understand why the website itself is down, unable to collect information from a form that can sit there and wait for an end to the furloughs.
So [url=] Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] I asked someone who knows a lot about websites: , CEO of BoostSuite, which aims to help consumers optimize their [url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url] websites.
He says costs vary widely, comparing my question to âœasking what it costs to maintain a building.â
âœThat said, it canâ™t be anything close to what the agencies spend on people and real estate,â he says. âœIâ™m assuming they canâ™t furlough real estate rental costs.â
He says he had the same thought when reading that the eVerify service had shut down. âœSeems unnecessary.â
jamesalan | 2013/10/25 10:20 AM
The resultant legal battles, which went all the way to [url=] Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys On Sale[/url] the U.S. [url=]Discount New York Giants Jerseys[/url] Supreme Court, [url=] New York [url=]Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] kept the champ out of the ring for more than [url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] three years of his boxing prime.Director/producer Bill Siegel intersperses [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] reams of archival footage with testimonials from a variety of still-living Ali relatives, business associates, lawyers, journalists and co-religionists (including Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan), but thereâ™s nothing from the Parkinsonâ™s-ravaged Ali himself.While very PBS-ish in aesthetic and tone â“ dry, earnest, linear â“ it effectively recalls what a divisive, often irritating, even hated figure Ali was back in the day, before his ascent to the realm of myth and near-sainthood.
gaildharon | 2013/10/25 03:47 PM
Turnovers played a crucial role in the game. The Cougars turned the ball over [url=]Cheap Authentic New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] three times, while La Vega did not have an interception or a fumble.
The Pirates were led by the explosive running of senior running back Ayorinde Gibson. He had three touchdowns, including a 1-yard plunge with 10:59 [url=] Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys On Sale[/url] remaining in the [url=]Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] [url=] Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys Sale[/url] game that put La Vega up 43-34. That score proved to be the game-winner. He also had a 65-yard scamper right before halftime. That run and the ensuing two-point conversion, also a run by Gibson, gave La Vega their [url=]Denver Broncos Jerseys For Cheap[/url] first lead of the night, 29-28.
Momentum shifted back and forth throughout the contest, but the game came down to the last possession. A touchdown pass from China Spring quarterback Tucker Johnson to Robert McPherson cut the lead to three, and then the Cougars executed a perfect onside kick with about 2 minutes remaining. They drove to the Pirate 20-yard line, but on third down, Livings iced the game with the interception.
In the first half, China Spring seemed to seize control after Johnsonâ™s second touchdown pass made the score 21-7 at the 7:18 mark of the [url=] Cheap Authentic New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] second quarter. La Vega answered that score with an impressive 65-yard drive, though, capped by a Gibson 35-yard run.
On the next China Spring possession, the Cougars fumbled deep in their own territory, and La Vega recovered. The Pirates knotted the score at 21 on a Livings 23-yard touchdown grab from junior quarterback Deâ™Andre Jones.
La Vega rotated five players in the quarterback position, but Jones had the biggest night. He had two touchdown throws.
jasondavid | 2013/10/25 10:41 PM

House Republican leadership [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | adopted the Tea Party strategy to avoid the debt ceiling crisis Thursday. At a press conference. Speaker John Boehner proposed a short-term delay of the nation s debt limit, along with the appointment of a bipartisan committee to work out a long-term debt deal. As MSNBC s Luke Russert reported, the speaker s plan would also remove the Treasury Department s ability to use extraordinary measures to delay a default. The speaker stopped short [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] of offering a plan to end the federal government s shutdown, which continues to leave hundreds of thousands of workers furloughed and thousands more without government services.
The plan contradicts with the House GOP s Âto use this month s threat of default on the nation s credit to extract policy concessions from the president, and represents another victory for the Tea Party wing of the party. In a letter Wednesday, the Koch Brothers in urging Congress to pass a clean debt limit increase. The goal, as prominent Tea Party blogger Erick Erickson , is to remove the debt ceiling threat so the GOP can keep its [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | focus on using the government shutdown to force a delay and repeal of portions of the Affordable Care Act.
But a short-term Âincrease [url=]Discount Arizona [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | would further delay an inevitable deal to lift the debt ceiling and fund the government. ÂWorse, it could lengthen the shutdown that has already hurt millions of Americans by removing the largest impetus for an agreement
The White House had a lukewarm reaction to the proposal Thursday. Press Secretary Jay Carney said the President is happy that cooler heads at least seem to be prevailing in the House,Âthat there at least seems to be a recognition that default is not an option, but called on Congress to raise the debt ceiling for a longer period of time.
MSNBC s Luke Russert joinedÂNOW with Alex WagnerÂThursday after Speaker Boehner announced the deal.
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[url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | Filed Under: , , ,
kennethwilliam | 2013/10/26 08:36 AM
and that require extra tutoring. This poor soul found a nice, [url=]Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] roomy spotÂin this small lot, and seemed to have clear sailing toÂmake a quick exit but simply couldn't get the hang of the geometry of the [url=]Custom New York Giants [url=] Custom [url=] Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] New York Giants NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] Jerseys For Sale[/url] whole enterprise. Apparently [url=] Custom Ravens [url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url] NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] our hero has never heard of the two-point turn, and if you think the ordeal was excruciating to watch on video, imagine what the woman in the black car is thinking as she waits for the coast to clear. Not that she was exactly on her game, either.
See today's most shared stories on .
jamesalan | 2013/10/27 11:38 AM
Ajinkya Rahane Hoping to make [url=] Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys On Sale[/url] a mark
Ajinkya Rahane has [url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] [url=]Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] been the ânearly manâ™ of Indian cricket for a while now. Despite consistently putting in tremendous performances in the domestic circuit, he has repeatedly been kept on the fringes of the national team and hasnâ™t got too many chances to make a mark on the international front. But anyone whoâ™s ever seen him bat will vouch that Rahaneâ™s time will come; talent as prodigious as that canâ™t be kept hidden for long. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda correspondent Taruka Srivastava, Rahane spoke about a variety of subjects. Here are the excerpts:
Q. What are your thoughts on Sachin s retirement?
I consider myself very lucky to have played alongside such a great player like him and shared the dressing room with him. I have learnt a lot from him both on and off field. The first time I met him was during my U19 camp for the New Zealand tour. I played with him in the Mumbai Indians team, in Ranji Trophy, and then in the Indian team. I have had lots of partnerships with him on the field. He is very humble and approachable whenever I want to talk about cricket. He is an inspiration for everyone who plays cricket. I still remember him telling me, âœYou are a good player. Keep working hard and do not change your game.â
Q. How was your experience of playing for [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] Rajasthan Royals?
It was a great experience to play for Rajasthan Royals. I have got a fair amount of chances to play for them for which I am really thankful. We reached the finals of the CLT20 but didnâ™t win [url=] New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] the cup which was a little disappointing, but then thatâ™s how it is in sports only one team can be the winner. I am very proud of my team as we did the best we could. We work as a unit, which has helped us perform well in the IPL as well as CLT20.
Q. Do you feel frustrated when you are not picked for the Indian team despite some good performances?
I am a very positive person and I think there is no point getting frustrated about things which are not in our hands, so I put all the energy to focus on my game. I believe in working hard and improving every aspect of my game, everyday, so that whenever I get the opportunity to represent my country, I am prepared [url=]Discount New York Giants Jerseys[/url] in every way to make the best of it. I play cricket throughout the year and being patient has always worked for me. Currently, I am playing the Times Shield tournament and am also preparing for Ranji trophy, so thereâ™s no time to feel frustrated!
Q. Do you think you will get the no. 4 position?ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ
If the team management and the captain think that I fit into that position then I will be more than happy to play there. I am a batsman and my job is to score runs at whatever position I am sent in. I have been an opening batsman since I started cricket but I can perform well at any position. Sometimes a situation demands certain players to be sent on certain positions as a part of the overall strategy and therefore one canâ™t always have a choice with regards to playing position. I think playing international cricket has taught me to deliver my best in every way possible.
Q. Is Dhoni encouraging towards youngsters? What do you think about him as a captain?
Yes, Dhoni is a good captain and a very humble person. When I was in the team he would always tell me to continue working hard on my game and not worry about other irrelevant things. He likes my attitude and approach towards cricket.
Q. What about Duncan Fletcher? How much has he helped you in the time youâ™ve interacted with him?
Fletcher is really good. Itâ™s been two years that I have been working with him and he guides me a lot. I would always talk to him about technique during the nets. He accompanied us for the India A tour and told me that I have improved a lot on my game.
Q. Your Test debut was a disaster. What do you think went wrong? Too much pressure?
No, there was no pressure as such. Representing India in Tests was always my dream and I am happy that it came true. I agree that I did not perform to my full potential but I have rectified my mistakes. As a player there are bound to be some days when you are not able to deliver your best but instead of whining, itâ™s important to maintain a positive attitude. I have improved a lot and hopefully, the next time when I get the opportunity, I will score some good runs.
Q. What is your most preferred format of the game?
As a cricketer I donâ™t think I can have a preference. Every format is important in itself and I keep myself prepared to compete in each one.
gayleanita | 2013/10/27 02:29 PM

Joakim Noah was shut down after experiencing soreness in his strained groin. (Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)
The have shut down center for the next week as he continues to work to聽rehab a strained groin.
Noah did play 20 minutes in a preseason game Wednesday night against the聽Detroit Pistons. That was [url=] Cheap Patriots Jerseys On Sale[/url] his first action of the preseason.
We re [url=]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] going to shut Jo down, 聽. He s got a little soreness, so we want to make sure we get that taken care of. Probably another week or so, but [url=] Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys On Sale[/url] we just want to make [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] sure he [url=]Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] s completely healthy before we move forward.

Thibodeau said the injury is improving but he is still not healthy and didn t want to risk further injury. [url=]Cheap Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] The Bulls open the season in Miami against the Heat on Oct. 29.
It s better, but it s not where we d like it to be, Thibodeau said. We want it completely healthy where he s doesn t feel it, and right now he s still feels it, so we got to take care of that.
jasondavid | 2013/10/27 04:57 PM

Oct 13, 2013, 10:15 AM EDT

[url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | From [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | :
Major league players will be allowed to compete in winter leagues this season after Major League Baseball and the players association reached an agreement on restrictions that will limit pitchers participation but loosen limitations on position players, sources with knowledge of the deal told Yahoo Sports.
That s not such big news here in the United States, but it [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | s cause for great celebration in theÂDominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Mexico where the four biggest winter baseball leagues operate. There was some concern that players on Major League Baseball s 40-man rosters would be barred from participating in those winter leagues this year because of tense back-and-forth negotiations between MLB and the MLBPA that just concluded this past Friday.
Major League Baseball was aiming to limit the use of young and injury-prone starting pitchers and the union was pushing for as much freedom as possible for its players. Those winter league teams do pay salaries.
Passan has the that were officially ratified on Saturday:
Starting this year, Double-A starting pitchers â“ those on the 40-man roster with a majority of their time spent at Double-A â“ cannot participate in [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] winter ball if they threw 140 or more innings. The previous threshold was 155. Similarly, Double-A relievers cannot have appeared in more than 45 games, while in years past it was 55.
Pitchers also are ineligible if their workload in games or innings grew 25 [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | percent over the prior season. The caveats: They must ve [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | reached 60 percent of the games-or-innings threshold the previous season, and players switching from the rotation to the bullpen or vice versa don t count.
Instead of a 502-plate appearance threshold for major league position players, those with up to 552 now can play winter ball. Moreover, the past procedure of declaring a physical incapacity â“ teams simply had to provide documentation â“ now has strict rules. Unless a player finishes the season on the disabled list or spent 60 days on the DL (including 15 over the final 60 days of the season), a team cannot declare him physically incapable. The exception is pitchers who have undergone major surgery in the previous 18 months.
Off-field improvements for players include the requirement of MLB-certified trainers, higher-quality equipment and increased standards for fields, clubhouses and bathrooms, with a compliance program to address issues.
The Venezuelan Winter LeagueÂand the Mexican Pacific League began play late last week and the most popular of the four theÂDominican Winter League is scheduled to get underway this coming Friday.
jennifertrinh | 2013/10/27 05:24 PM

Now beyond the technical mumbo [url=]New Orleans Saints Jerseys For Cheap[/url] [url=]Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] jumbo, what does this mean for owners of Apple s latest release? It means you can run even more apps and not need to slow down to wait for the phone to load.
It s like going from an x86 operating system to an x64, meaning it can do more with less processing power, and probably run cooler as well.
The iPhone 5s performance was tested against seven other smartphones, including the budget alternative , and showed once and for all that the number of cores isn t really the endgame for smartphone speed. Every one of the phones used will run an app in next to no time at all, but the iPhone 5s is the most capable of running high-end graphics editors including videos, possibly making it a [url=] Cheap New [url=] Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys On Sale[/url] York Giants Jerseys On Sale[/url] fave for YouTube publishing on the go.
Apple s iPhone 5S breaks records to become fastest phone ever .
鈥?Audu W. (@Mr_Wurkaholic)
The results of the test are below, including the single and multi core scores:
Apple iPhone 5s: 1410 (single core), 2561 (multi core)
LG G2: 882 (single core), 2355 (multi core)
Samsung Galaxy S4: 687 [url=] Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] (single core), 1939 (multi core)
HTC One: 643 (single core), 1805 (multi core)
Apple iPhone 5c: 711 (single core), 1281 (multi core)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: 649 (single core), 1135 (multi core)
HTC One Mini: 477 (single core), 880 (multi core)
As you can see, the iPhone 5s ran slightly faster than the with multiple cores, even if it was the only phone to score in the four digits on one core. Even the iPhone 5c running multiple cores couldn t match the single core performance of the iPhone 5s, making Apple [url=]Cheap New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] s latest the fastest smartphone yet.
shanemckinney | 2013/10/27 06:34 PM

The searchers found Jonathan Sturdy at 9 o鈥檆lock on a cold Saturday night. The 2-year-old鈥 body, face down in a drainage canal, seemed to bring his disappearance earlier that day to a simple, if tragic, resolution.
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josephcarlson | 2013/10/28 12:29 AM

Their concerns extend to two other fronts. One is Egypt, where the US is reducing military assistance over the slow pace of the military rulers鈥?return to democracy. The other is [url=] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] Iran, the Saudi kingdom鈥 chief regional rival and the beneficiary of a recent American diplomatic opening.Saudi Arabia鈥 rejection of the Security Council seat was as surprising as it was swift. Shortly after Thursday鈥 vote, Saudi UN [url=] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] Ambassador Abdallah al-Mouallimi praised his country鈥 first-time election to a two-year council term as 鈥 reflection of [our] longstanding policy in support of moderation and in support of resolving disputes by peaceful means.鈥滲ut Friday morning Riyadh had something very different to say, blasting the council as ineffective, rife with 鈥渄ouble standards,鈥?and a failure at everything from 鈥渇inding a solution to the Palestinian cause for 65 years鈥?to keeping weapons of mass destruction out of the Middle East.
RECOMMENDED: A Foreign Ministry statement said Saudi Arabia 鈥渋s refraining from taking membership on the UN Security Council until it has [url=]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] reformed so it can effectively and practically perform its duties and discharge its responsibilities in maintaining international security and peace.鈥ome UN experts nevertheless say they consider the Saudis鈥?action counterproductive, since they have now lost an opportunity to change the very institution they are criticizing.鈥淵ou can鈥檛 win if you don鈥檛 play, and now they aren鈥檛 going to be playing,鈥?says Edward [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] Luck, a Security Council expert and dean of the Kroc School of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego.Dr. Luck, who served as a special adviser to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, says he finds it 鈥渟trange鈥?that a founding member of the UN would 鈥ait 68 years for this opportunity, run to get elected 鈥?and then turn it down.鈥漈he unprecedented snubbing of a coveted position on the 15-member Security Council is the culmination of a two-month period during which Saudi Arabia shifted from UN activist 鈥?a new role for the normally discreet kingdom 鈥?to UN rejectionist.In late August, shortly after the Aug. 21chemical attack in the Damascus suburbs, Saudi diplomats at the UN began circulating a draft General Assembly resolution that called for authorizing member states to 鈥渢ake all necessary measures鈥?in Syria to hold the perpetrators of massive human-rights abuses accountable for their actions. The resolution, clearly aimed at Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, reflected Saudi frustration over the paralysis in the Security Council, where Russia had to that point vetoed any resolutions on the Syria crisis.But Western powers including the US urged Saudi Arabia to hold off on formally presenting the resolution. Then the US and Russia reached a surprise deal on ridding Syria of chemical weapons. US military strikes against the Assad regime were off 鈥?and the Saudi resolution died.By the time of the annual General Assembly meeting in late September, Saudi disenchantment with the UN was so strong that Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal canceled the speech he was scheduled to deliver to the 193-nation body.Saudi Arabia is not alone in its frustration over the Security Council鈥 inability to act on the Syrian conflict 鈥?the US has expressed similar concerns, at time vehemently. But some experts find the Saudis鈥?timing 鈥渙dd,鈥?as Luck says, since the council freeze on Syria appears to be over.鈥淎s we move towards an endgame on Syria, the council is going to be more important than ever,鈥?Luck says. 鈥his would have been an opportunity for [the Saudis] to make a difference on Syria.鈥?nbsp;Underlying the Saudis鈥?disenchantment with the UN is even greater dismay at the direction of US Middle East policy, many regional experts say.Foreign Minister Faisal鈥 no-show at the UN podium [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] reflected not just disgruntlement over Iranian President Hassan Rouhani鈥 charm offensive at the same UN session, analysts say, but also unhappiness over how the US and Obama himself are greeting Iran鈥 new diplomatic overtures.Obama made a historic phone call to Mr. Rouhani before the Iranian leader left New York for [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] home, and Secretary of State John Kerry also held an unprecedented meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif in the Security Council chambers.Mr. Kerry is scheduled to meet with Faisal next week in Paris on the margins of a meeting on the Arab League鈥 Mideast peace initiative.Kerry will very likely choose to highlight the ongoing US-brokered negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians as proof the US remains engaged in an issue of great importance to the Saudis.But Faisal is likely to question Kerry about US policy toward Egypt and the objectives behind the recently announced cutbacks in US military assistance to the Egyptian military.The Saudis had already organized a multi-billion-dollar regional aid package for Egypt to fill the breach left by falling US assistance. The recently announced cut in military aid can only have added to Saudi Arabia鈥 displeasure with US Middle East policy.
kevinlynch | 2013/10/28 04:06 AM

LOS ANGELES (AP) 鈥?As a kid, was haunted by Disney World, where he made an annual trip during summers with his dad. So as an adult, and a filmmaker, Moore wanted to capture and question the allure of such manufactured-fantasy.
The result is "Escape From Tomorrow," which was shot guerrilla-style at Disneyland and Disney World without permission from the famously proprietary Walt Disney Co., and which has actually made it to the screen.
"I was pretty confident that Disney [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | wasn't about to go out of their way and give me permission," Moore said, "so I didn't ask them for it."
The writer-director insists there was no other way to tell his story of a frustrated family man who begins losing his grip on reality during a trip to Disney World. So Moore and his crew bought season [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] passes to Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., and Disney World in Orlando, Fla., and used hand-held digital cameras to shoot scenes and tiny digital audio recorders to capture sound.
They repeatedly rode It's a Small World and other trademark Disney attractions to film from various perspectives 鈥?just like any other theatrical feature.
"Escape From Tomorrow," available on video-on-demand and in select theaters Friday, first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.
The black-and-white indie film quickly built a buzz based on its surreptitious shooting style and dark take on Disney, including the movie's poster with what looks to be 's oversized hand covered in blood. [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | The film also picked up its share of skepticism that it would ever [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | be released.
Representatives from Disney, which has a history of aggressively protecting its image, brands and intellectual property, did not respond to requests for comment for this story. The company also hasn't spoken to Moore or the [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | film's distributor.
"We've had no contact with Disney at all whatsoever," Moore said. But if anyone from the , as it is known in the industry, did contact him, he wouldn't be afraid.
"I would ask them if they liked it or what they thought about it," he said.
The director was afraid, however, during the crew's secret filming outings at Disneyland and Disney World, but not because they were filming illegally.
"What I was worried about was letting down my cast and crew, [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | who had come on this ride with me," he said. "As a first-time director, I think the hardest thing is getting everyone to see your vision and believe in it and want to help you to achieve that."
He never intended to make a guerrilla film, he said: "The style of the film came from the story, and ... there was no other way we could make it. I hope to God the next thing I do doesn't require this same style. It's traumatizing."
Yet for Moore, again, it's not about copyright violations and the wrath of Disney, but rather the time limits inherent in such shooting.
"We believe that the film fell under the fair-use doctrine as a parody of an idyllic day at Disney World. Branding is so much a part of our culture, and it's everywhere. And (Disney) is everywhere. They're so ubiquitous, you can't get away from them even if you tried... To not be able to comment or critique or parody that (ubiquity), I just think it's morally unacceptable."
Follow AP Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen at .
jasonewaite | 2013/10/28 06:10 AM

Ole Miss Chief Brown (8) celebrates making an interception in the Rebels upset of LSU. (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Snap Judgments from the Week 8 late slate. For more coverage, check out and our and .
鈥?Ole Miss 27, No. 6 LSU 24: The momentum created by Ole Miss 3-0 start this season had all but dissipated when LSU came to Oxford this weekend. The Rebels had dropped three straight games to ranked SEC opponents (Alabama, Auburn and Texas [url=]Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys Sale[/url] A M) to fall to 3-3, and hopes for a surprising year in the SEC West were fading fast.
Coach Hugh [url=] New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] Freeze s team turned things around on Saturday night. Ole Miss kicker Andrew Ritter, who already had one field goal attempt blocked, drilled a 41-yard kick with two seconds remaining that stifled an LSU comeback and helped the Rebels upset the No. 6 Tigers 27-24. It was yet another shocking result in an incredibly

Ole Miss came out firing and took a 17-0 lead early in the third quarter. The Rebels defense intercepted Tigers quarterback Zach Mettenberger three times in the first half, limiting an LSU offense that had scored at least 35 points in six of its seven games heading into Saturday.
But coach Les Miles team wouldn t go down quietly. The Tigers went on a 24-7 run to tie the game with just more than three minutes remaining. The tying score came after an 11-play drive in which Mettenberger, who struggled all night, converted a fourth-and-10 to keep the drive alive. Three plays later, Mettenberger found Jarvis Landry in the end zone for a four-yard touchdown.
The Rebels, however, weren t done. With 3:15 left to play, Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace who delivered one of the best performances of his career by going 30-of-39 for 346 yards led his team into field goal range with a 14-yard completion to Ja-Mes Logan, a 10-yard keeper and a seven-yard pass to Jaylen Walton. That set the stage for Ritter, who coolly knocked home the game-winning kick.
This was LSU s second loss of the season, as the Tigers also dropped a road game at Georgia on Sept. 28. Coordinator John Chavis defense allowed the Rebels to convert 11-of-18 third downs. Now the Tigers sit two games behind No. 1 Alabama in SEC West, with Auburn holding the No. 2 spot following its win over Texas A M on Saturday.
On a day when chaos reigned in the SEC East, Ole Miss win over LSU shook things up in the SEC West, too.聽[ l ]
鈥?No. 1 Alabama 52, Arkansas 0: Crimson Tide fans might have experienced feelings of d茅j vu on Saturday, and for good reason: Bama steamrolled the Razorbacks by the same margin (52-0) in 2012 as it did on [url=] Cheap Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys On Sale[/url] Saturday. Quarterback [url=] Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys On Sale[/url] AJ McCarron [url=]Custom Ravens Jerseys For Sale[/url] went 15-of-21 for 180 yards and three touchdowns and the Tide s ground game combined for 352 rushing yards. Meanwhile, Arkansas quarterback Brandon Allen completed only 7-of-25 passes with two interceptions. [ l ]
鈥?No. 12 Baylor 71, Iowa State 7: Perhaps Baylor s win over Kansas State last week, when the Bears scored only 35 points, was an aberration. Baylor got back to its remarkably high-scoring ways against Iowa State on Saturday, racking up 714 yards of total offense in a rout of the Cyclones. Bears quarterback Bryce Petty finished 23-of-31 for 345 yards and two touchdowns, tailback Lache Seastrunk rushed for 107 yards and receivers Antwan Goodley and Tevin Reese combined for 289 receiving yards. It was Baylor s fourth game this season with at least 700 yards of offense, and the defense came to play, too; Iowa State was held scoreless until the final minute of the fourth quarter. [ l ]
鈥燦otre Dame 14, USC 10: Irish quarterback Tommy Rees played interception-free football, throwing for 166 yards and two touchdowns as Notre Dame snapped a five-game home skid against rival USC. Rees left the game after being sacked in the third quarter and did not return, but the Irish were able to hold on and give Trojans interim coach Ed Orgeron his first loss. USC wide receiver Marqise Lee, who missed the team s game against Arizona with a sprained knee, didn t play in the second half after tweaking that same left knee. [ l ]
鈥?No. 25 Wisconsin 56, Illinois 32: Wisconsin back Melvin Gordon passed the 1,000-yard rushing mark for the season with a 142-yard, three-touchdown performance against Illinois. The Badgers James White wasn t far behind with 96 yards and two touchdowns on the ground. In all, the Illini allowed 287 rushing yards (7.1 per play). Illinois quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase completed 20-of-27 passes, but he was kept without a touchdown pass for the second straight game. Scheelhaase threw 12 scoring strikes over his first four contests. [ l ]
鈥?No. 2 Oregon 62, Washington State 38: The unbeaten Ducks offense continued to roll this Saturday against Washington State. Quarterback Marcus Mariota passed for 325 yards, running back Byron Marshall rushed for 192 yards and three touchdowns and Oregon amassed 728 total yards (an average of 9.5 per play). But all was not lost for Mike Leach s program: Quarterback Connor Halliday set an FBS record with 89 passing attempts and tied the record for completions with 58. He also chalked up 555 passing yards, four scores and four picks. [ l ]
鈥?Arizona 35, [url=]Discount New York Jets Jerseys[/url] Utah 24: The euphoria surrounding Utah s upset of Stanford last weekend lasted only seven days, thanks largely to Arizona running back Ka Deem Carey. Last season s national rushing leader ran for 234 yards on a school-record 41 carriers against the Utes, including a 44-yard score that sealed the game with 1:30 remaining. [ l ]
鈥?No. 17 Fresno State 38, UNLV 14: Quarterback Derek Carr threw for 411 yards and four touchdowns as Fresno State dominated UNLV. Carr now has 23 touchdown passes on the season for the unbeaten Bulldogs. [ l ]
鈥?Oregon State 49, Cal 17: Quarterback Sean Mannion went 35-of-45 for 481 yards and four touchdowns as Oregon State overwhelmed Cal on the road. The Beavers, who are now bowl eligible, tallied 570 total yards and 32 first downs in a rout of the Bears. [ l ]
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jamesalan | 2013/10/28 12:19 PM
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and recently
In the essay, we highlight the case of Carie Charlesworth, who was fired as a teacher after 14 years because her abusive ex-husband stalked her on the school property, prompting a school lockdown. , after listing her ex-husbands troubling record [url=] Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys On Sale[/url] of abuse and violence, writes, âœ[i]n the interest of the safety of the students, faculty, and parents at Holy Trinity School, we simply cannot allow you to return to work there or, unfortunately, at any other school in the diocese.â Charlesworthâ™s children [url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] were also removed from classes at the school and told not to return.
After her firing, already introduced in the California State Legislature that seeks to protect victims of domestic violence, being further discriminated against by [url=] New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] their employers. The law passed and Governor Jerry Brown [url=]Discount New York Giants Jerseys[/url] signed the bill, which takes effect January 1, 2014. The bill prevents [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] employers from firing women who have been the victim of domestic abuse.
If these victims have to fear for their jobs, it is yet another reason why they might [url=]Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] stay silent and not report their abuse to authorities. , he cited preventing another Sandy Hook shooting (which had nothing to do with domestic abuse) as the reason for the firing. âœWe couldnâ™t possibly jeopardize innocent children to justify [Charlesworthâ™s] return,â he said, the troubling implication being that Charlesworth and her children are somehow not innocent.
Charlesworth is pleased the legislation passed and is currently suing the San Diego Diocese saying they violated church law.
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darylejohnson | 2013/10/28 05:34 PM
The more you brainstorm, the more it loosens up your thinking so other ideas can filter in.The more you brainstorm, the [url=] Custom Giants NFL Jerseys[/url] more it loosens up your thinking so other ideas can filter in.With that in mind, we take a [url=]NFL Jerseys for men[/url] look at four outside-the-box ideas by readers for improving Northern Nevada. We talk to [url=] NFL women Jerseys[/url] experts about them, render verdicts on their [url=]Custom Giants Jerseys[/url] probability and [url=] Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] note other ideas they sparked.The ideas are: Hydroelectric plants along the Truckee River. A monorail system from Reno around Lake Tahoe. A toll system charging trains that go through the downtown Reno trench. A Christian-themed Burning [url=]Discount Patriots Jerseys[/url] Man event at Lake Tahoe.Read more below the poll.
danjorgensen | 2013/10/28 08:12 PM

After [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] months of construction, the new spring training [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] facility in Mesa is just two months away from completion, according to a report in the East Valley Tribune.
Built in part [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] [url=]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] with taxpayer funds 鈥?voters approved a measure for the city to [url=]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] contribute a maximum of $99 million to the project in 2010, including $84 million for the stadium and $15 for infrastructure 鈥?the Cubs will run the stadium, player-development facility, indoor batting cage, mini field for infield practice and two full-sized fields.
The facility, expected to open Dec. 1, is located near Rio Salado Drive and Dobson Road. For more, click .
amynicole | 2013/10/28 09:29 PM
Kupujcie litewskie sery - namawia BrytyjczykÃw Edward Lucas, dziennikarz wpÅywowego tygodnika "The Economist"
Na portalach spoÅecznoÅciowych wystÄ…piÅ w obronie Litwy, ktÃrej produkcji mlecznej zakazaÅ importować rosyjski sanepid. A Rosja to najwaÅniejszy rynek dla litewskich serÃw i innych produktÃw mlecznych.
â“ MieszkaÅem na Litwie, gdy Moskwa prÃbowaÅa zablokować jej niepodlegÅoÅć. Teraz mocno popieram paÅstwa baÅtyckie w ich walce z presjÄ… i zastraszaniem ze strony Kremla â“ wyjaÅnia âžRz" Edward Lucas.
- MyÅlÄ™, Åe Rosjanie strzelÄ… sobie samobÃja. Gdy zakazali importu gruziÅskiego wina, Gruzini polepszyli jego jakoÅć i zdobyli nowe rynki na Zachodzie. Mam nadziejÄ™, Åe tak samo bÄ™dzie z LitwÄ… i jej produkcjÄ… mlecznÄ…. ByÅem zachwycony, gdy RadosÅaw Sikorski zapowiedziaÅ, Åe polskie [url=] Cheap Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys On Sale[/url] MSZ zamÃwi z podobnego powodu moÅdawskie brandy.
Rosja szantaÅ gospodarczy stosowaÅa w przeszÅoÅci wobec Polski (sanepidowi [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] nie spodobaÅo siÄ™ polskie miÄ™so), Gruzji (wino i woda mineralna), a ostatnio - wobec MoÅdawii (wino) czy Ukrainy [url=]Cheap Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys Sale[/url] (cukierki).
AktywnoÅć sanepidu i jego szefa Giennadija Oniszczenki wzrosÅa przed zbliÅajÄ…cym siÄ™ szczytem Partnerstwa Wschodniego [url=] Cheap Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys On Sale[/url] w Wilnie (koniec listopada). MajÄ… tam zapaÅć waÅne decyzje w sprawie przyszÅoÅci postradzieckiego Wschodu, KijÃw powinien podpisać umowÄ™ stowarzyszeniowÄ… z UniÄ… EuropejskÄ….
- Oniszczenko to parodia czinownika, jakby wyjÄ™ty z prozy Gogola - Åartuje Edward Lucas, dodajÄ…c, Åe ZachÃd zaczyna dostrzegać fakt, Åe Rosja w sprawie paÅstw Partnerstwa Wschodniego prowadzi ostrÄ… grÄ™ geopolitycznÄ….
Brytyjski dziennikarz na na Twitterze namawia sieci brytyjskich supermarketÃw do sprzedaÅy litewskiego "sera wolnoÅci", a obywateli do [url=]Cheap Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] wyraÅania poparcia najwiÄ™kszym producentom serÃw na Litwie, dotkniÄ™tych przez rosyjskÄ… wojnÄ™ handlowÄ….

[url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] zna bardzo dobrze EuropÄ™ ÅšrodkowÄ… i WschodniÄ…. Na Litwie wyrywajÄ…cej siÄ™ spod skrzydeÅ moskiewskiej dominacji pojawiÅ siÄ™ w 1990 r. jako jeden z pierwszych dziennikarzy zachodnich. Jest autorem kilku waÅnych ksiÄ…Åek o Wschodzie, w tym wydanej i w Polsce "Nowej zimnej wojny".
jamesalan | 2013/10/29 02:03 AM
What happened: Oregon drove 77 yards in 10 plays to score [url=] Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys On Sale[/url] the first touchdown of the game on a run by Byron Marshall and Washington answered with 9-play, 76-yard drive before Keith Price found Austin Seferian-Jenkins [url=]Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] [url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] for a [url=] New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] touchdown.
The [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] big play: Marcus Mariota flipped a short pass to Bralon Addison, who went 43 yards to set up Oregon s touchdown.
Momentum swing: Oregon looked to score on its first drive when Keanon Lowe got open, but he [url=]Discount New York Giants Jerseys[/url] dropped a pass from Marcus Mariota that likely would have gone for a 41-yard touchdown.
Beyond the boxscore:.DeForest Buckner got his first start of the season on the defensive line for the Ducks in place of Arik Armstead.
UO Byron Marshall 1 run (Alejandro Maldonado kick) 10-77-3:38. 6:22.
UW Austin Seferian-Jenkins 8 pass from Keith Price (Travis Coons kick) 9-76-2:20. 3:52.
jasonewaite | 2013/10/29 03:09 AM

That s how you advance to the biggest stage in all of baseball. Last night, the trounced the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-0 [url=] New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] and are [url=] Cheap Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys On Sale[/url] headed to their second [url=]Discount New York Jets Jerseys[/url] World Series appearance in the last three years. The Cards were powered in part by an excellent night on the mound from Michael Wacha, who only allowed two hits and struck out five batters over a 7 inning period. Carlos Beltran was also a force for [url=]Custom Ravens Jerseys For Sale[/url] St. Louis, going 3-4 from the plate and driving in two runs along with a run of his own.
In Friday s college football match-up, the UFC Knights surprised the No. 8 Louisville Cardinals in a 38-35 upset. UCF s quarterback Blake Bortles passed 21/32 for 250 yards and two [url=]Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys Sale[/url] TDs, while running backs Storm Johnson and William Stanback also contributed big numbers. With UFC now 5-1 overall and 2-0 in the ACC, one has to wonder if they ll be included in next week s Top 25.
As the regular season tip-off on October 29 approaches, the NBA preseason continues to provides a sneak peek at what you can expect to see on the hardwood this year. Derrick Rose looks to be back in top form, putting up huge numbers in his . All eyes will be on D Rose to see [url=] Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys On Sale[/url] if he can keep up this level of play during the regular season.
Riley Jones is a freelance writer from Charlottesville, VA and contributor to Sneaker Report. With an unshakable affinity for basketball and all things 鈥?0s, he can be found on Twitter聽.
jasondavid | 2013/10/29 04:41 AM

The terms of the agreement include [url=]Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Sale[/url] the following:<br>鈥?First year: Salary increases of 4 percent<br>鈥?Second year: Placement of employees on their appropriate step and continuation of the step movement plan<br>鈥?Third and fourth years: Salary increases of 3.5 [url=] Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys On Sale[/url] percent<br>鈥?60 percent/40 percent employer/employee split on the Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund (EUTF) health insurance premium"After lengthy negotiations, HGEA has secured an equitable [url=]Custom Patriots Jerseys Wholesale[/url] contract that is aligned with the goals set by our Unit 13 negotiating team to meet our [url=]nfl jerseys factory[/url] members' needs," said HGEA Executive Director Randy [url=]Custom Giants Jerseys[/url] Perreira.聽 "As shown by the overwhelming [url=] Custom Giants NFL Jerseys[/url] vote to ratify the contract, our members are satisfied with the terms of the new agreement. We commend our negotiators for committing to fulfilling the goals they set that is fair to our members and recognizes their valuable work as public service employees."HGEA's Unit 13 membership consists of approximately 8,100 professional and scientific employees.聽 Ratification meetings for Unit 13 were held at various sites statewide Oct. 7 through Oct. 11.
garyandrewsxx | 2013/10/29 07:06 AM

[Updated 11:30 a.m.]
The NHL has ruled Troy Brouwer's hit on Derek Stepan in Wednesday's Capitals vs. Rangers game was "accidental" and will not suspend the Caps forward for Saturday's game against the Blue Jackets.
With [url=]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] about 45 seconds gone in the third period of their 2-0 loss to the New York Rangers on Wednesday, Brouwer was heading toward the bench [url=] personalized nfl jerseys[/url] when he collided with Rangers center Derek Stepan. Replays indicated that Brouwer鈥 left arm made contact with Stepan鈥 head.
鈥 was at the end of my shift,鈥?Brouwer [url=]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] explained after the game. 鈥Caps defenseman Mike] Green had the puck and was pulling it out of our zone. I was going for a [url=] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] change and there was a little incidental contact in the neutral zone.鈥?
Actually, it was more than a little contact. Stepan dropped to the ice and left the game before later returning and playing four shifts.
鈥鈥 glad to see that he [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] came back and wasn鈥檛 seriously hurt,鈥?Brouwer said. 鈥hose can be tough plays and I pride myself on being an honest player and I tried to get out of the way without causing as much damage as possible.鈥?
Stepan told reporters he thought the hit was accidental on the [url=]personalized jerseys[/url] part of Brouwer, but Rangers coach Alain Vigneault was unhappy no penalty was called on the play.
鈥f he couldn鈥檛 see him, I don鈥檛 know what else he was looking at,鈥?Vigneault said of Brouwer. 鈥淥bviously, the principal point of contact was the head, so we鈥l see.鈥?
Brouwer has never been suspended by the NHL.
danjorgensen | 2013/10/29 02:54 PM

Word on [url=]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] the Hill is that a Senate deal to end the partial government [url=]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] shutdown and lift the debt ceiling will be reached on Tuesday. Although specific details are murky and subject to change, the broad outlines of the deal indicate a complete victory for Sen. Harry Reid and the Democrat caucus. [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] With the partial government shutdown entering its third week, it looks increasingly likely [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] that the GOP will gain next to nothing from the stand-off.聽
The deal negotiated between Reid and GOP [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] Leader Mitch McConnell would reopen the government through January 15th. The GOP had sought to lock-in lower levels of spending due to next year's sequester cuts, but that seems off the table now. The deal would also raise the debt ceiling until early February. It sets up another contentious fight over spending and debt in the critical 2014 election year.聽
In exchange, the GOP secured the creation of a large bi-cameral, bi-partisan commission or committee to explore budget and spending reforms. It also secured a provision to force the Obama Administration to take steps to verify the income of people seeking ObamaCare subsidies. That requirement is in the existing law, but was waived recently by the Administration.聽
Democrats also seem to have secured a priority for their union allies. The deal, reportedly, would delay for one year ObamaCare's "reinsurance" tax on group plans. Repealing this tax was a key policy goal for labor.聽
It is hard to see this deal as anything but a complete capitulation by the GOP. The national debt would increase, without corresponding spending cuts [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] or other reforms. Federal spending would resume at a higher level than required by the Budget Control Act, passed in 2011. Given the GOP's inability to secure any meaningful reforms in these negotiations, it is hard to imagine it would fair better with a commission.聽
If a deal is reached Tuesday, it could still take several days to pass the Senate. Any one Senator can object to the deal, forcing the Senate to consider the deal through its Byzantine process. It isn't likely to pass the Senate until well after Treasury's October 17 deadline for new borrowing authority.聽
If the House gets the deal several days past the debt deadline, the chamber will come under extraordinary pressure to approve the deal.
jamesalan | 2013/10/29 08:11 PM
The organizers of the [url=] New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] march on the World War II Memorial resented Tea Partiers Sarah Palin and Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee hijacking what was meant to be an âœapoliticalâ march on Sunday.
âœThe political agenda put [url=] Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys On Sale[/url] forth by a local organizer in Washington DC was not in alignment with our message,â says the âœMillion Vet March on the Memorialsâ .
âœWe feel disheartened that some would seek to hijack the narrative for political gain. The core principle is about all Americans honoring Veterans in a peaceful and apolitical [url=]Discount New York Giants Jerseys[/url] manner.â
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, [url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] and former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin all spoke at the Values Voters Summit last weekend and the Sunday march in protest of the closure of parks and malls during the government shutdown.
Palin even gave a speech to activists in which she vowed âœnot be timid in calling out any who would use our military, our vets, as pawns in a political game.â
Protest organizers said it was Tea Partiers carrying Confederate flags and calling out in front of the White House for President Barack Obama to âœput down the Quranâ and âœcome out with his hands up.â
One man was arrested at the memorial for carrying a rifle and ammunition.
Organizers say they made the mistake [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] of partnering with âœcertain groups that have piggy-backed off our grassroots efforts.â They were embarrassed by the âœdisheartening acts of a few powerful Washington elite and political extremists jumping on the opportunity to make money.â
âœWhile we support many of those groups common causes for Veterans, we do not support the manner in which they go about [url=]Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] it,â the group said on Facebook. âœWe chose instead to not incite or create panic.â
The group claims it simply wants to change policy that makes these sectors non-essential during a shutdown. A veteran travelling to the WWII memorial, the group says, may be seeing these monuments for the last time.
âœWe are all military brats, current and former military spouses and some veterans,â the website states. âœWe cannot express how utterly disappointed we were that our Greatest Generation were being used as political pawns in the ongoing government shutdown and budget crisis. This should never be the case.â
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amynicole | 2013/10/30 01:18 PM
Warszawa radziÅa sobie dziÅ stosunkowo dobrze. Ale indeksowi blue chips [url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] nie udaÅo siÄ™ zakoÅczyć sesji powyÅej 2500 pkt. Co nas czeka jutro?
Jeszcze rano niewielu inwestorÃw miaÅo nadziejÄ™, Åe poczÄ…tek tygodnia bÄ™dzie naleÅaÅ do udanych. Sesja w Europie rozpoczÄ™Åa siÄ™ bowiem od spadkÃw. WIG20 wystartowaÅ ponad 0,4 proc. pod kreskÄ…, jednak szybko okazaÅo siÄ™, Åe pesymizm byÅ przedwczesny. W poÅudnie indeksy wyszÅy nad kreskÄ™ i tam juÅ pozostaÅy. Co wiÄ™cej, z kaÅdÄ… godzinÄ… skala wzrostÃw siÄ™ powiÄ™kszaÅa.
Po poÅudniu WIG20 sforsowaÅ psychologicznÄ… barierÄ™ 2500 pkt, ale na finiszu sesji strona kupujÄ…ca osÅabÅa i ostatecznie indeks wzrÃsÅ 0,37 proc. do 2498,77 pkt.
Na poniedziaÅkowe zwyÅki naleÅy patrzeć sceptycznie z uwagi na niskÄ… aktywnoÅć inwestorÃw. W ciÄ…gu dnia wÅaÅciciela zmieniÅy akcje o wartoÅci zaledwie ok. 0,6 mld zÅ. WIG wzrÃsÅ 0,56 proc., a mWIG40 zyskaÅ ponad 1,3 proc. WÅrÃd blue chips bardzo dobrze radziÅy sobie Bank Handlowy, Pekao oraz Eurocash. Z kolei na szerokim rynku bÅyszczaÅ Polimex-Mostostal, ktÃrego kurs poszybowaÅ na wieÅć [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] o porozumieniu z wierzycielami.
Co bÄ™dzie siÄ™ dziaÅo na rynkach w kolejnych dniach? Oczy inwestorÃw zwrÃcone sÄ… na Stany Zjednoczone, gdzie trwa polityczny pat. WciÄ…Å nie ma porozumienia w sprawie budÅetu, a [url=] Cheap Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys On Sale[/url] w najbliÅszy czwartek USA teoretycznie stanÄ… siÄ™ niewypÅacalne, jeÅli nie zostanie podniesiony limit zadÅuÅenia. Inwestorzy majÄ… nadziejÄ™, Åe ten czarny scenariusz siÄ™ nie ziÅci. Tym niemniej, istniejÄ…ce ryzyko nie pozwala indeksom piąć siÄ™ w gÃrÄ™. Na otwarciu poniedziaÅkowej sesji na Wall Street Dow Jones spadÅ o 0,29 proc., a Nasdaq o 0,66 proc. Z [url=] Cheap Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys On Sale[/url] kolei S P 500 wystartowaÅ 0,62 [url=]Cheap Authentic Arizona Cardinals [url=]Cheap Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys Sale[/url] Jerseys Sale[/url] proc. pod kreskÄ….
Obawy o bankructwo USA sprawiajÄ…, Åe na dalszy plan schodzÄ… raporty finansowe poszczegÃlnych spÃÅek za III kwartaÅ.
W USA sezon publikacji trwa juÅ w najlepsze i na razie niemiÅych niespodzianek nie mieliÅmy zbyt wiele. Jutro swoje wyniki pokaÅÄ… Yahoo, Johnson Johnson, Intel, Coca-Cola oraz Citigroup.
W tym tygodniu na rynek trafi sporo danych makro. DziÅ mile zaskoczyÅ odczyt sierpniowej produkcji przemysÅowej w strefie euro. WzrosÅa o 1 proc., podczas gdy oczekiwano tylko 0,7-proc. zwyÅki. Jutro natomiast poznamy dane o wrzeÅniowej inflacji w poszczegÃlnych krajach oraz indeks instytutu ZEW.
jamesalan | 2013/10/31 12:01 AM
Scott Brooks is [url=] Cheap Authentic [url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] Patriots Jerseys On Sale[/url] well aware of the potentially telling statistic floating [url=] [url=]Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] around the Internet, the one that warns how no player in the last nine NBA seasons has won a championship after logging at least 3,000 regular-season minutes.
The [url=]Discount New York Giants Jerseys[/url] Thunder coach just doesn t care about it. Not when it comes to Kevin Durant.
âœI like to keep his in that 38 minutes,â Brooks said, âœright around 38 to 40 minutes.â
via Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman
matthewvance | 2013/10/31 12:48 AM

Although there have been 134 unsuccessful Habitat home buyers, it means more than 1,100 families have stayed in the program.As Katherine 聯Kitty聰 Green points out, 聯90 percent of Habitat home owners make their mortgage payments on time every month and uphold their end of the partnership.聰Green is the president and chief executive officer of Habitat for Humanity of Lee and Hendry Counties Inc., and her description of most Habitat homeowners fits Sharon James.James Lehigh Acres home was purchased for a recorded price of $186,900 in 2007. Her mortgage is $476 a month, but it has been over $600 a month some years.A mother of two, the 33-year-old James works as a certified nursing assistant. People who lost their homes, she said, didnt go to Habitat and tell them about their difficulties soon enough. Habitat would have helped them, she said. It lives by the motto: 聯A hand up, not a handout,聰 James said.James doesnt regret paying three times what the home is worth. 聯I should have a mansion for that price,聰 James said. For her, owning a home is more emotional than financial. 聯I feel like Im in a comfortable situation. At (age) 60 my house will be paid for. At least at 60, I can say it will be mine.聰William Valenti, a banker who is on Habitats board of directors, said the number of foreclosures on Habitat homes is 聯tragic聰 but points to the bright side: Those who have paid off their homes.Of the 1,274 homes Habitat has built, 118 home buyers have paid off their mortgages.To honor their success, twice a year, Habitat holds a mortgage-burning ceremony. The next one is schedule for Oct. 22, where 13 families will celebrate freedom from mortgage payments.Dale Williams [url=]cheap Chiefs jerseys[/url] is planning for his mortgage burning day in 2017.Williams home is in Beecher Village, a neighborhood of Habitat-built homes in Fort Myers.Williams said his mortgage has always been paid on time. He works for the city of Fort Myers and can afford to pay $400 a month. The mortgage started out at $250 a month, he said, and one time went as high as $490 because of a rise in value of the home and subsequent rise in taxes and insurance. The sale price was $91,700 in 2000 and the current appraised value is $40,706.(Page 2 of 2)<br>Williams looks around his neighborhood and sees the empty and abandoned homes. He attributes the foreclosure problems to the economy and payments that were too high for most people and went up even higher as property values rose.After Williams was accepted into the Habitat for Humanity partnership, he put in his 500 volunteer [url=]Chiefs jerseys [url=]cheap broncos jerseys[/url] cheap[/url] hours (it has since been changed to 250 hours), the sweat-equity Habitat requires of partner families and even moved into the home before it [url=]broncos jerseys cheap[/url] closed. Habitat determined he could pay $565 a month, about one-third the household take-home pay. Williams told then-CEO Vernon Archibald he didnt want the home and was quitting the program.Habitat extended the terms of [url=]cheap Saints jerseys[/url] the mortgage and reduced the monthly payments before Williams agreed to sign the mortgage and close on the home.Williams said his situation was different than people who want mortgage modifications now [url=]Saints jerseys cheap[/url] because it was done before the closing. They agreed to pay, Williams said, and he doesnt blame Habitat for not wanting to change the deal now.Williams has only one regret about his Habitat for Humanity home-buying experience.聯I wish it was a better-constructed house,聰 Williams said. 聯But its a starter home. I tell my wife, its not our dream home.聰 Page
danjorgensen | 2013/10/31 11:30 PM

One of my favorite investments is the exchange traded fund (ETF). I have been using ETFs as an investment since 1995, though I still find many managers who do not believe in the tactical use of these investment vehicles.I tend to use specific ETFs when I believe there is an [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] easy-to-understand reason to own that index. It is also important that there is a mispricing that represents a potential chance for gain as the pricing inefficiency is corrected. This month I would like to review three ETFs, I currently own.Powershares QQQ Trust ()Over the last few months, I have liquidated specific technology stocks and my holdings in the SPDR Technology Fund . I sold the stocks to eliminate concentration risk and raise cash for the QQQ purchase.I also sold the XLK as we awaited Apple鈥 () bottoming process. I believe strongly in the technology sector as being somewhat bargain priced, rich in [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] cash and able to raise dividends and buy back stock. I believe QQQ is a way for me to gain exposure to a broad exposure to these stocks and still own a relative bargain.iShares Core Midcap Since 2000 I have preferred to use the S P 400 mid-cap index over the S P 500 as our core market holding. I continue to believe we are in a secular bull market and not concerned with the higher volatility of the S P 400 ETF.Wisdom Tree European Small Cap Dividend Fund In 2009, I began to believe the European banks had not come clean on their financial woes. At that time I decided Europe would solve its economic problems 2-3 years [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] behind the progress being made here in the US. I decided to use the DFE for several reasons.First I wanted a fund whose holdings earned the majority of their revenue in Europe. 聽Smaller companies accomplish this goal. Secondly I did not want to invest in any single country. Though I have no hard evidence to support this, I believe that DFE is the only ETF that fulfills this goal.Lastly I wanted to use Wisdom Tree鈥 product as this is a somewhat income oriented account and Wisdom Tree鈥 models seek out those companies with growing dividend streams. (Dividends reflect past performance [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] and there is no guarantee they will continue to be paid.)I believe this mix of funds accomplishes my ETF goals. Using a tactical GARP based approach to round out portfolio holdings, add diversification and yet still focus investments into areas that meet our macro view of the foreseeable future.The investments discussed are held in client accounts as of September 30, 2013. These investments [url=]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] may or may not be currently held in client accounts. The reader should not assume that any investments identified were or will be profitable or that [url=]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] any investment recommendations or investment decisions we make in the future will be profitable. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.The post appeared first on <br><br>Covestor Ltd. is a registered investment advisor. Covestor licenses investment strategies from its Model Managers to establish investment models. The commentary here is provided as general and impersonal information and should not be construed as recommendations or advice. Information from Model Managers and third-party sources deemed to be reliable but not guaranteed. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Transaction histories for Covestor models available upon request. Additional important disclosures available at
jamesalan | 2013/11/01 01:01 AM
What is [url=] New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] so awesome about abortion that we should elevate it to a âœhuman rightâ, be grateful for it, celebrate it, call it âœchoiceâ and âœhealthcareâ?
What is so awesome about abortion that we should oppose safety regulations, keep Gosnells in business and expect that, since itâ™s legal, no one will get hurt?
What is so awesome about abortion that we should fight for risky, late-term procedures so that that children with a late, [url=]Discount New York Giants Jerseys[/url] adverse diagnosis might die?
What is so awesome about abortion that we should put politics and feelings before science and truth, call the human child âœtissueâ or âœa part [url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] of the womanâ™s bodyâ and oppose informed consent laws?
What is so awesome about abortion that we should turn an imaginary switch on âœwantedâ or âœunwantedâ when positive lines appear on a pregnancy test?
What is so awesome about abortion that it should be the panacea solution to all the poor/minority womanâ™s problems?
What is so awesome about abortion that we should ignore the cases of coerced and forced abortions?
What is so awesome about abortion that we should sacrifice our children on the altar of âœequalityâ?
What is so awesome about abortion that we should take potent pills without medical supervision, bleed on the very sheets where our child was conceived, flush her in the loneliness of our bathroom and live with those memories?
What is so awesome about abortion that the blood, source of life, has now become the traumatic sign of death?
What is so awesome about abortion that we should pay for humiliating, invasive surgery that destroys and vacuums our child out of the delicate temple of our body?
What is so awesome about abortion that we should take a chance with sharp (legal) tools that can perforate and scar our uterus and cause complications in later pregnancies?
What is so awesome about abortion [url=] Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys On Sale[/url] that we have not learned from the tragic death of Tonya Reaves, Jennifer Morbelli and all the women who have lost their lives in âœsafe legalâ abortions?

What is so awesome about abortion that we should rationalize it, drown the traumatic memories in alcohol, accept to live in despair and shame and [url=]Cheap Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] still be thankful because we had a âœchoiceâ?
Women have the unique power to grow and nurture life. We [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] were meant to love and to be loved, not to take our childrenâ™s lives. Let us resist the culture of death and refuse to settle for legalized violence against our own sons and daughters.
LifeNews Note: Béatrice Fedor is a pro-woman, anti-abortion, anti-violence advocate. The mother of three was raised in a culturally Catholic family in France; embraced liberal feminism, atheism and humanism. She has served as a trade union leader, taught a creative writing class and authored an unpublished book of poetry. The scar of her abortions moved her to search for God, and by His Grace, she has found peace and healing. She joined the Silent No More Awareness Campaign in 2008.
kevinlynch | 2013/11/01 01:37 AM

Not that long ago, a doctor might have said that the cause of was 鈥ad luck.鈥?In other words, it wasn鈥檛 known. But a recent sheds light on the link between pancreatic cancer risk and diet.
Cancer of the pancreas is one of the most deadly forms of the disease. It鈥 the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths. Five-year survival rates are about three to five percent. The average survival period after diagnosis is just four to six months.
Researchers from the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the National Institutes of Health evaluated the diets of 527,218 participants in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study. The subjects, who were aged 50 to 71 years old, answered food frequency questionnaires. The researchers compared their responses to the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
According to the NIH study, people whose diet conformed most closely to the 2005 Dietary Guidelines had a 15% lower risk of pancreatic cancer compared to those whose diet conformed least to the guidelines. That was after taking into consideration other known pancreatic cancer risk factors such as smoking and diabetes.
The association was stronger among [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | overweight or obese men compared to normal weight men. But the association among women was not affected by weight.
There is a newer version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. While they may be an improvement over the standard American diet (SAD), the . Critics claim they are based less on science and more on the lobbying of efforts of various food industry interests, particularly the dairy, sugar and [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | meat industries.
Clearly, as the researchers noted, the guidelines are not designed specifically for the purpose of overall cancer prevention. Nevertheless, the study authors believe their findings support the 鈥渉ypothesis鈥?that a high quality [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | diet may play a role in reducing pancreatic cancer risk.
What kind of diet might help [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | prevent pancreatic cancer?
Recently, researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center found that mice fed a high calorie, high-fat diet developed abnormally high numbers of certain lesions known to be precursors to pancreatic cancer.
The found that mice fed a normal diet had mostly normal pancreases. But mice fed the high-fat, high-calorie diet gained significantly more weight, developed metabolic abnormalities, and had increased insulin and inflammation levels. They also developed significantly more pre-cancerous pancreatic lesions.
, a pioneer in using diet to treat pancreatic cancer, would argue that . Rather than focusing on fat or calories, Dr. Gonzalez believes that . The choice depends on whether their sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system is dominant.
What foods fight pancreatic cancer?
Many common foods contain certain flavonoids that kill human pancreatic cells in the lab.
Celery, artichokes, and Mexican oregano, all contain the flavonoids and . They work by inhibiting an enzyme that protects pancreatic cancer cells from destruction.
In one , researchers pretreated aggressive human pancreatic cell lines with apigenin for 24 hours before applying a chemotherapeutic drug. .
The inhibited an enzyme which decreased anti-apoptotic genes in the pancreatic cancer cells. Apoptosis means that the cancer cell self-destructs because its DNA has been damaged. In other words, the apigenin allowed more apoptosis [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] to occur.
In one of the cancer cell lines, the number of cells undergoing apoptosis went from 8.4% in [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | untreated cells to 43.8% in cells treated with apigenin, even before any chemotherapy drug.
Although the researchers do not believe that pancreatic cancer patients could eat enough flavonoid-rich foods to reach effective levels for treatment, they said prevention is a different matter.
Eating lots of fruits and vegetables throughout your life gives what they called a 鈥hronic exposure鈥?to these flavonoids, which would certainly help to reduce the risk of cancer.
Foods rich in apigenin and luteolin include:
Chinese cabbage
bell peppers

Herbs rich in apigenin and luteolin include:

lemon balm

shanemckinney | 2013/11/01 12:25 PM
The federal government alleges much of the work [url=] Cheap Authentic 49ers Jerseys [url=] Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] On Sale[/url] was never done, and Parnell and Wright would instead pocket check after check in bribes from the contractors more than $50,000 until investigators caught on to their scheme.
It s costing the government money, and the lack of integrity in public office really impacts everybody, said Rod Rosenstein, U.S. Attorney.
The federal affidavit WJZ obtained reveals Postmaster Wright was aggressive about demanding kickbacks, telling one contractor, I need my loot! U always be screwing me up with ur bs! I need my loot!
The manager of the post office in Pikesville even admitted she was scared she d get caught.
With the post office already struggling financially, this breach of trust has frustrated many customers.
You have a decent job, a decent salary, and you want to make money under the table. I think it s ridiculous, said Maurice Gladden, customer.
âœWhen is the honesty going to come about? I mean, period, said Tyrone Allsup, customer.
âœI think that most of the postal service workers are probably fine, honest and hardworking, said Barbara Cohen, customer.
The U.S. Attorney tells WJZ the Postal Service s Inspector General is aware of [url=] Cheap Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys On [url=]Cheap Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] Sale[/url] the investigation, and the scandal [url=]Cheap Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] [url=]New Orleans Saints Jerseys For Cheap[/url] could bring about changes to stop future abuse of the taxpayer dime.
âœIf you have people with the discretion to spend government money without appropriate oversight, there s a significant risk of corruption, Rosenstein said.
In addition to 37-year-old Wright, of Essex, and 43-year-old Parnell, of Gwynn Oak, two private contractors are charged in the scandal: 37-year-old Shane Anderson, of Windsor Mill,Âand 46-year-old Ladena Sketers-Anderson, of Randallstown.
If convicted, all four face a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.
A postal service spokesman says he cannot comment on this ongoing investigation and cannot say whether Parnell and Wright are still employed.
Click on the hyperlinks to view the criminal complaints for andÂ. to view the affidavit.
Other Local News:<br>
jasondavid | 2013/11/01 08:34 PM

5 hours ago
The Internet does not always supply context. But when it offers up a video of adorable Japanese kids singing "The Dayman Song" from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" while standing in front of a whiteboard image of "Family Guy's" Peter Griffin, how much explanation [url=]Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Sale[/url] does anyone really need?<br>The video was first published on YouTube in August, but started taking off virally after being posted聽 on Monday. Thus [url=] Custom Giants NFL Jerseys[/url] far, the video has over 370,000 hits on YouTube. In it, [url=]nfl jerseys factory[/url] the children stand in a straight line [url=]Custom Patriots Jerseys Wholesale[/url] [url=]Custom Giants Jerseys[/url] and not only sing the lyrics (a conversation between "The [url=] Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys On Sale[/url] Princess" and "The Dayman") but offer up a little choreography and hand gestures, too. (And if you like that, be sure to check out "Judy Is a Punk," from 2011.)"Dayman" appeared on "Philadelphia" as written by one of the show's characters; on the show, the musical did not go over well. Who knew it could have such a lively second life on the other side of the world from Philly?
robertjames | 2013/11/02 12:05 AM
(credit: Esotouric)<br>
Esotouric Tours<br>
Lincoln Heights Neighborhood<br>
Los Angeles,ÂCAÂ90031<br>

If youâ™re more interested in seeing the path of urban Los Angeles, check out Esotouric Tours. These tours are not the ordinary. Your bus guide will [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] surprise you with secrets of Los Angeles that are factual and interestingly insightful. See where the old architectural sections are in Los Angeles are and the history behind them. Visit the locations of famous crime events that have occurred in Los Angeles and discover insightful information about these interesting mysterious [url=]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] crimes. See the famous lobbies of old Hollywood hotels and learn about [url=] Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] [url=] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] the history behind [url=]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] [url=] Authentic New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] them. Estouric Tours offers unique bus tours such as rock history tours, currently for large private groups only. Crawling Down Cahuenga: Tom Waits LA music tour is another offering. Check out the literary tours about Raymond Chandler or Majaâ™s Mystery spiritual tours [url=]Discount Giants Jerseys[/url] heading to [url=]New York Jets Jerseys For Cheap[/url] the most interesting spiritual destinations in Los Angeles hosted by Maja D Aoust, the famous white witch. This tour is both healing and enlightening for your spiritual side.
johnallentodaro | 2013/11/02 04:30 AM

Derided, mocked and supposedly needing life resuscitation, reports of the Women鈥 Basketball Association鈥 demise have been greatly [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] exaggerated.
Far from it - the WBNA s is marketing its upcoming season with the slogan Expect Great. It s a campaign that [url=] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] reflects the WBNA s growing confidence despite some of the jokes about the league: Expect Great...Seats to Be Available.
Founded in 1996, all too often people have associated the WBNA with the Family Guy clip in which they show a game, and then cut to a sole fan in the stands rooting on his team.
The reality is very different. There was a large and vocal crowd at Game One of the Finals between the Minnesota Lynx and the Atlanta Dream, which was played at Target Center (the Lynx s home court, which they share [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] with the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA).
The play certainly contradicted stereotypes that surround the WBNA. Maya Moore was the best player on the court as she led the Lynx to a convincing victory, while Lindsay Whalen, the Lynx鈥 point guard, shone in orchestrating the offense and distributing the ball.
The fact that the height differentials between the players aren t as drastic as the men s game allows for a different style of play, especially in the passing aspect.
As an avid fan of basketball who appreciates the nuances of the sport, it almost gives the play an old school feel.
And how refreshing that there [url=] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] was little to no ego on the court. No Kobe Bryant pleading to the refs to call a foul every time he misses a shot; no Joakim Noah screaming at the crowd every time he makes an And-1 as if he just won a battle to the death in the Coliseum in Rome.
If to be humble in moments of triumph is a true showing of character then all of the players on both the Lynx and the Dream exuded that in spades. After [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] sweeping the Atlanta Dream 3-0 to win their [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] second WNBA title in three Finals appearances it appears that they could be a dynasty in the making.
The WNBA is not the first women鈥 professional basketball league. The first attempt dates back to 1978, and was called the WBL, the Women鈥 Professional Basketball League.
There were several other incarnations of a professional women鈥 basketball league, but none made it very far off the ground.
Compare this history to women鈥 professional football, which was re-launched this year after being dismantled in 2011 after a two-year stint and arguably begs the question is there more of a demand for women鈥 basketball in the U.S.?
But what about the fans of the women s game? WNBA viewing figures for this season went up 19% on NBATV from last season, and increased 28% on ESPN2, while for the first time the lottery draft was televised on prime time.
We saw an incredible increase in individual ticket sales which I think is a sign of growth among new and casual fans, WBNA president Laurel Richie told reporters.
There are 12 teams in the WNBA, a relatively small number compared to other professional leagues in the U.S. Originally when league play started in 1997, all 12 were owned by the NBA, but now six are under independent ownership - the Los Angeles Sparks, Connecticut Sun, Chicago Sky, Tulsa Shock, Seattle Storm, and the Atlanta Dream an encouraging sign for the future.
A number of international players have found success in the WNBA. Lauren Jackson of Australia, Ticha Penicheiro of Portugal, and Svetlana Abrosimova of Russia, have all won at least one WNBA championship, while Brazil, Canada, France, Spain and Italy, have also been represented in the league.
The salaries of teams and players are capped, and no one can be paid over $101,500 a year.
This is insignificant when compared to most other professional athletes who make at least five times that, but some WBNA teams are also beginning to advertise sponsors on their uniforms, in the way all English Premier League teams do.
This is not common practice in the U.S. and it will be interesting to see if it sets a trend.
On the partnership front, State Farm joined us this year and Proctor Gamble came back鈥?We have seen across the league teams in both cases, our sponsorship revenue is up this year. said Richie.
It s impossible to predict what direction the WBNA will take in the future, but the signs are increasingly encouraging.
darylejohnson | 2013/11/02 01:49 PM
School isn’t out for everyone this week.It’s the first day of the Washoe County School District’s first fall break [url=]NFL Jerseys for men[/url] but some students will be studying.“A large majority of our high schools have proficiency test prep and are doing credit stuff,” said Paul LaMarca, chief school performance officer.A handful of elementary schools are running an intersession [url=] Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] program including Echo Loder Elementary School.Principal Dina Ciaramella worked with KNPB Channel 5 and will have 70 children and their families on campus for enrichment programs today through Thursday.“We know a lot of our children aren’t going anywhere or doing something different during the break so I wanted to bring something to them,” Ciaramella said.Every day children will take two 45 minute classes with parents. Classes include art, science and math. [url=]Custom Giants Jerseys[/url] Ciaramella is also keeping the school’s library open during the break and student volunteers from Wooster High School and the University of Nevada, Reno will be available to read with students.LaMarca said this first break on the district’s new calendar is [url=] NFL women Jerseys[/url] a test run for [url=]Discount Patriots Jerseys[/url] future intersession learning opportunities.In January and March the district plans to have more academic programs for students.“This is really a precursor to [url=] Custom Giants NFL Jerseys[/url] what is to come,” LaMarca said.Programs offering child care and camps during the break still have openings.The Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum canceled two camps because of poor enrollment. Only 12 children enrolled in programs this week.The city of Reno’s said only about 150 children have signed up for Vacation Station, a week long program being offered at four locations.The Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows said 700 children signed up for programs at different sites during the break.Families must attend orientation before enrolling and the club said it would likely not be able to accommodate children this week who are not already part of the club. The club encouraged families to enroll for future breaks.
garyandrewsxx | 2013/11/02 02:52 PM

NLCS Game 6 - Los Angeles Dodgers' lefty Clayton Kershaw is (1-1) with a 0.47 ERA, five walks (2.37 BB/9) and 23 Ks (10.89 K/9) in 19 IP [url=] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] so far in postseason action this year. The 25-year-old left-hander takes [url=]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] the mound tonight in Busch Stadium where he went six innings against the St. Louis Cardinals back in Game 2 of the NLCS, a 1-0 loss to the Cards and right-handed starter Michael Wacha. The two pitchers face off again tonight in Game 6 of the National League [url=] personalized nfl jerseys[/url] Championship Series with the Cardinals one win away from and the Dodgers fighting to stay alive after winning Game 5 earlier this week to force a sixth game.
that he's learned to overcome the pressure of pitching in big games like tonight's [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] and the Dodgers' starter also said he thinks Wacha's shown a propensity to tune it all out too. "I think the first couple times in the postseason," Kershaw said, "I [url=]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] didn't pitch as well as I would have liked other than a few, maybe one start there. But I don't know if 鈥戔?people can say it's because of nerves or whatever, but maybe I just didn't pitch that well.
"I think [Wacha] obviously handles himself pretty well. He's already pitched in some big games. I don't think nerves are going to be an issue for him."
Wacha, 22, held the Dodgers scoreless over 6 2/3 IP in Game 2 of the NLCS, giving up just five hits and a walk while striking out eight. Asked if there was anything he learned last time out that he can take into tonight's start, the right-hander said he knows he just has to [url=]personalized jerseys[/url] throw strikes. "Just these past two or three starts that I've been out there and had some success, just keep attacking the zone,"&nbsp;, "limit the base鈥憃n balls because that's where you get in trouble as a pitcher. So I feel like if you can just attack the zone, [as] basically all of our pitchers have been doing this series, it will be pretty good."
Game 6 of the NLCS starts at 8:37 PM EDT in St. Louis...
johnallentodaro | 2013/11/02 03:45 PM

With flecks of gray in his sideburns, it鈥 apparent that Jeff Gordon is long removed from those
days as a hotshot young driver who seemed destined to win more [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] NASCAR Cup championships than
In fact, not too long ago, people were wondering if he was all washed up.
Well, look who鈥 in contention for a Sprint Cup championship.
Yep, the guy they used to call Wonder Boy.
鈥 just like the fact that you鈥e talking about that,鈥?Gordon [url=] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] said yesterday. 鈥hat means things
are happening for us. [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] It鈥 been so long. I don鈥檛 know what it feels like anymore to win a
It has been 12 years since Gordon won the last of his four Cup titles.
But he heads into Sunday鈥 race at Talladega Superspeedway [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] in Alabama ranking fourth in the
points race and hoping to take advantage of a track where the standings can change in a hurry.
鈥 don鈥檛 even know if I have the words to describe how much it would mean,鈥?Gordon said. 鈥he
longer you鈥e in the sport, the more ups and downs you go through, the more meaningful the wins [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] and
the championships. Certainly nothing would top that.鈥?
Penske Racing swept the first three [url=] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] spots in qualifying for the season finale at Auto Club
Speedway in Fontana, Calif., where Helio Castroneves is chasing Scott Dixon in the race for the
IndyCar championship.
Will Power won the pole for tonight鈥 race and Castroneves was second. AJ Allmendinger, brought
in by team owner Roger Penske to aid Castroneves鈥?title bid, qualified third.
But in snatching the pole away from his teammate, Power grabbed a point that could have gone to
Castroneves, who trails Dixon by 25 points heading into the final race.
Dixon qualified seventh.
Castroneves and Dixon made engine changes before the weekend and will take 10-spot penalties on
the starting grid. It means both will have to drive through early traffic in their championship
American Le Mans
Swiss driver Neel Jani took the final pole position in American Le Mans Series history yester in
qualifying for the 1,000-mile Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Ga.
The race today is the last in the series that is merging with Grand-Am to form the United
SportsCar Championship.
Jani turned a lap at 132.036 mph in the No. 12 Rebellion Racing Lola-Toyota he is sharing with
Nick Heidfeld and Nicolas Prost. Jani and Prost are the defending Petit Le Mans champions, driving
to the 2012 victory with Andrea Belicchi.
marinasdavis | 2013/11/04 09:46 AM
Timothy Bradley left no doubt this time, beating Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday night to prove that he is one of the best fighters in the world.
Timothy Bradley: Bradley now deserves the respect he feels unfairly eluded him after his controversial victory over Manny Pacquiao. Against Ruslan Provodnikov, he proved he can win a fight out of his counterpunching comfort zone. Against Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday in Las Vegas, he proved he can outbox a future hall of famer who can still bring it at 40. Bradley (31-0, 12 knockouts) used his jab and quick feet to control most of the fight and then got enough done when Marquez made adjustments and became more effective. It wasnâ™t a great performance but it was a very good one. And it definitely wasnâ™t controversial even if you believe Marquez eked out [url=] Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale[/url] a victory. I could see it no closer than 115-113 for Bradley. Thus, any doubts about Bradley that lingered after the Pacquiao fight and a near disaster against Provodnikov were largely erased on Saturday. Bradley clearly is one of the best fighters in the world.
Juan Manuel Marquez: Marquez demonstrated that he can fight on fairly even terms with a younger, quicker opponent with considerable experience, which says a lot about the Mexican star. And if you give him the benefit of every doubt â“ which is unreasonable â“ one could argue that he won seven rounds and the fight. He did land more power punches, according to CompuBox. However, in my opinion, the [url=]Cheap New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] scoring of Robert Hoyle and Patricia Morse Jarman (115-113 and 116-112 for Bradley) was on the money. Marquez was outhustled almost from beginning to end. That brings us to his reaction after the fight: âœWe came to win and we did. The judges saw something else.â Marquez (55-7-1, 40 KOs) deserves some slack because he HAS been on the wrong end of more than one controversial decision. Still, on Saturday, he came off like a crybaby. I can see complaining when youâ™ve earned a clear victory. That certainly wasnâ™t the case against Bradley.
Orlando Salido: Salido isnâ™t as good as Mikey Garcia but heâ™s still pretty damn good. The 32-year-old Mexican cut through Orlando Cruz on the Bradley-Marquez card like a hot knife through butter, landing one hard punch â“ including that crazy overhand right â“ after another. Cruz, who didnâ™t have the firepower to keep Salido off of him, absorbed many of the big shots but was ultimately broken down. The ending was brutal. Cruzâ™s back was against the ropes when Salido landed a hard right to his neck and followed with a left uppercut, which sent Cruz to his knees. He clearly could not fight any longer. As a result, Salido (40-12-2, 28 KOs) won a major 126-pound title for the [url=]cheap nfl jerseys[/url] fourth time. Now heâ™s the subject of talk that he could face Ukrainian sensation Vasyl Lomachenko, whose skill level and all-around ability far exceeds his own. I wouldnâ™t count Salido out, though. He is experienced and extremely tough. He might not be the type of fighter an upstart â“ even one as good as Lomachenko â“ should mess with.
Orlando Cruz: Cruz (20-3-1, 10 KOs) could just as easily be BIGGEST WINNER III. Yes, he was beaten badly by Salido in his first fight for a major title. He has a great deal of skill and athleticism but one needs some punching power to keep a monster like Salido at bay. And Cruz doesnâ™t have it. What he does have is conviction and courage. Cruz recently became the first boxer to openly acknowledge that his gay, which took at least as much guts as stepping into the ring with a slugger like Salido. No, Cruz wonâ™t be remembered for a strong performance in the ring on Saturday night. He will be remembered for advancing the cause of tolerance, which is a far bigger accomplishment that winning a boxing title. And, for the record, Cruz isnâ™t finished as a fighter. Heâ™s good. Heâ™ll have more success. If he proved one [url=] Wholesale NFL Jerseys[/url] thing, itâ™s that he has determination.
Vasyl Lomachenko: First of all, Lomachenkoâ™s fourth-round knockout of Jose Ramirez (25-4, 15 KOs) on the Bradley-Marquez [url=] nfl jerseys online for sale[/url] card wasnâ™t the two-time Olympic championâ™s pro debut. He was paid to take part in the World Series of Boxing, a professional competition which allows its participants to retain their eligibility to [url=]Wholesale Jerseys[/url] take part in the Olympics. First pro fight, seventh pro fight ⦠it really doesnâ™t matter. ÂThe man is something to behold at first glance. Lomachenko lived up to his unfathomable amateur record of 396-1. The Ukrainian appears to have it all â“ sharpshooting offensive skills, slick defensive moves and good power, as well as uncommon poise for a fighter still transitioning into the pro ranks. I think itâ™s too early to declare him a future superstar. That was said of other great amateurs of the past, including Mark Breland, who never reached that status. There are no guarantees. Only one thing is certain: It will be fun to see how Lomachenko evolves.
Bradley should have a talk with his father, Ray. The fighter heard two voices coming from his corner the entire fight on Saturday â“ that of Ray and trainer Joel Diaz â“ which had to be distracting. Diaz is the man in charge. His voice should be the only one the fighter hears. ⦠The scoring of Bradley-Marquez was all over the place. Consider: Hoyle and Morse Jarman, both of whom had Bradley winning, had opposite scores in each of the last three rounds. Hoyle had Marquez winning all three, Jarman the opposite. ⦠I had it 116-112 for Bradley but I could see a score of 115-113 for the winner. In my opinion, even a draw would have been an injustice. That said, I donâ™t think Glenn Feldmanâ™s card (115-113 for Marquez) was horrible. Just wrong. ⦠Jessie Vargas (23-0, 9 KOs) outpointed Ray Narh (26-4, 21 KOs) on Friday in Las Vegas. Vargas has victories over some good fighters, including Josesito Lopez. He deserves more credit than he receives.
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said Friday that clients of its ad-buying service DoubleClick will now have access to ads, too.
Before the announcement, DoubleClick clients had to buy ads directly from Facebook or not at all. Under the new arrangement, ads [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] purchased on DoubleClick could end up on Facebook Exchange, [url=] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] an auction service launched by Facebook last year.
The announcement raised eyebrows because the two companies are fierce competitors in the digital-advertising market.
The move, though, is more of a marriage of convenience. By giving Google access to its advertising inventory, Facebook is [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] hoping to sell a higher volume of product. In return, Google is hoping to collect a small fee for each customer it sends to Facebook.
鈥artnership has been key to Google鈥 success as a rising [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] tide lifts all boats,鈥?Payam Shodjai, senior product manager for Google, Friday. A Facebook spokesman said in an email [url=] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] that the company is 鈥渉appy鈥?about the agreement.
In online auctions, advertisers buy thousands of ads at a time that target certain individuals. When those individuals visit a website, the visit is auctioned to the highest bidder using a complex set of algorithms.
Auction services like DoubleClick rely on a massive amount of inventory to sell to customers. With the addition of Facebook [url=]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] Exchange, DoubleClick will significantly expand its inventory.
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British street artist is no stranger to being in demand with just one of his pieces fetching up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. But it was a different story for the artist, currently [url=]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] in on a residency, when [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] he set up a pop-up booth in Central Park on Saturday.Writing [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] on his he said: "Yesterday I set up [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] a stall in the park selling 100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases. For $60 [£38] each."Accompanying these brief words, the elusive artist also released a two-and-a-half minute video showing an elderly man selling what appears to be imitations of his work from a market stall but are in fact genuine Banksy canvases. While the day's takings were only $420 (£263), the valuation of the small to medium-sized canvases that were sold is estimated to be in the region of £140,000.It's the latest publicity stunt from Banksy, who likes nothing more [url=]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] than stirring up the art world. His 'live' exhibition entitled Better Out Than In: An [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] Artist Residency on the Streets of New York has him creating a new piece of work every day. So far Banksy has produced more than a dozen art pieces and 'events' in New York, including a cattle truck full of shrieking soft toys that was driven around the city.
robertjames | 2013/11/05 12:22 PM
LOS ANGELES ( â” [url=] Authentic New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] An autopsy was expected to be performed Tuesday to determine what killed a 16-year-old Downey High School football player.
Dodi Soza, who played on the [url=]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] [url=]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] Downey [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] High School junior varsity team, collapsed during a game at [url=] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] Lynwood High School last [url=] Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] week.
He [url=]Discount Giants Jerseys[/url] died Saturday at Long Beach Memorial Hospital.
The Coronerâ™s office opened an investigation into the teen s death Sunday and said he had no clear medical history [url=]New York Jets Jerseys For Cheap[/url] that would have led to his death. Toxicology tests will also be performed.
A vigil for Soza was held Sunday night, organized by his junior varsity teammates.
(credit: CBS)
âœHe just touched so many lives on the field, off the field. He was just a great human being,â Coach Jack William said.
The teenâ™s family was given two footballs from the football team and cheerleading squad.
jasondavid | 2013/11/05 04:26 PM

Oct. 17, 2013 at 3:20 PM ET
Alexander Demianchuk / Reuters Toyota is recalling 885,000 vehicles over a defect that could [url=] Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys On Sale[/url] prevent airbags from deploying in a crash. Toyota Motor Co. is recalling 885,000 vehicles worldwide over electrical problems that could prevent airbags from deploying in a crash, the latest in a series of major safety-related actions for the carmaker.聽About 803,000 of the vehicles covered by the latest recall 鈥?a mix of sedans and crossovers 鈥?were sold in the United States, according to Toyota. Within the past month, Toyota has recalled nearly 1.5 million other vehicles over a mix of additional problems.The announcement comes just days after the maker in a California court in connection with the unintended acceleration scandal that led to the recall of more than 10 million Toyota [url=]Custom Patriots Jerseys Wholesale[/url] vehicles and has so far led to the payback of several billion dollars in settlements and jury verdicts.According to Toyota the latest recall was caused by a potential short circuit that could cause airbag warning lights to turn on and, in some cases to disable the airbags themselves so that they might not deploy in an accident. In some instances, however, the airbags could also deploy inadvertently.Toyota said the problem is due to water leaking out from the air conditioning condenser unit onto the airbag control module. The leak could also result in additional problems, potentially causing [url=]Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Sale[/url] a short circuit that would disable the power-steering system. In this case, it could become difficult to turn a vehicle, especially at lower speeds.Toyota said the issue has led to two [url=]nfl jerseys factory[/url] "minor" injuries and no accidents.聽The recall covers [url=]Custom Giants Jerseys[/url] 2012 and 2013 Camry sedans and hybrids, the full-size Avalon sedan and hybrid and the Venza crossover.The maker will directly notify owners in the weeks ahead and dealers will make repairs at no charge. The fix requires the application of sealant and a new cover to prevent water from leaking onto the airbag control module.The world鈥 best-selling automaker, Toyota has faced an unprecedented series of recalls in recent years, including a number of service actions related to so-called unintended acceleration, in which vehicles allegedly have raced out of control without driver input. A jury last week ruled in the maker鈥 favor in one critical case that could influence how other unintended acceleration suits move forward.In an interview this past week, Toyota鈥 top North American executive, Jim Lentz, said he thought the maker had gotten through the worst of the runaway car crisis. While generally known for high quality, Toyota has had some serious recall headaches. It has, in fact, had more vehicles recalled in the U.S. than any other manufacturer for four of the last five years and is in a dubious race for first this year, as well.In early September, the maker [url=] Custom Giants NFL Jerseys[/url] announced luxury and hybrid models would be recalled due to a pair of safety defects. Less than a week later it worldwide to correct a faulty, earlier recall that attempted to address serious corrosion issues that could lead to a crash.Reuters contributed to this report.Read more:<br><br><br>
Copyright 漏 2009-2013, The Detroit Bureau
mattescott | 2013/11/05 05:21 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) â” A [url=]nike nfl jerseys for sale[/url] crowd converged on the World War II Memorial on the National Mall, pushing through barriers Sunday morning to protest the memorial s closing [url=]Custom Indianapolis Colts Jerseys For Sale[/url] under the government shutdown.
Republican Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz were among those who gathered Sunday morning, along with former Alaska [url=] cheap custom nfl jerseys online for sale[/url] Gov. Sarah Palin, according to WTOP Radio. Cruz said is using veterans as pawns in the shutdown.
Tear down these walls, the crowd chanted.ÂProtestersÂalso sang God bless America and other patriotic songs as they entered the memorial plaza.
This is the people s memorial, Palin told the crowd. Our veterans should be above politics.
The memorial has become a political symbol in the [url=] Custom Indianapolis Colts NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] bitter fight between Democrats and Republicans over who is at fault since the shutdown began on Oct. 1. Earlier rallies have focused on allowing access for World War II veterans visiting from across the country with the Honor Flight [url=]Discount New Orleans Saints Jerseys[/url] Network.
Sunday s rally was more political. A protest [url=] New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] by truckers converged with a rally by a group called the Million Vet March at the World War II Memorial. Participants cut the links between metal barriers at the National Park Service site and pushed them aside.
Later someÂprotestersÂcarried barricades to theÂWhiteÂHouseÂand rallied outside the gates, confronting police in riot gear.ÂProtestersÂcarried one sign reading Impeach Obama.
District of Columbia police said the crowd was starting to disperse by 1 p.m. U.S. Park Police said there had been at least one arrest at the Lincoln Memorial, though no details were available.
Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.
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Spire Realty Group LP of Dallas [url=] Custom Ravens NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] is increasing its footprint in Austin with the purchase of the Austin Oaks office complex at Mopac Expressway and Spicewood Springs Road.
The 31-acre campus, which was built in 1973, includes 12 buildings encompassing 445,322 square feet. The seller was 2011 Austin Oaks Ltd., an entity formed by Austin-based The purchase price was not disclosed. [url=]Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] However, [url=] Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] [url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url] [url=]Custom New York Giants Jerseys For Sale[/url] Riverside paid $35 million for the complex in May 2011,
The office park is the 11th-largest multitenant office in Austin, .
Spire also owns the 21-story Chase Tower at 221 W. Sixth St. in downtown.
Riverside [url=] Custom New York Giants NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] Resources owns and develops a variety of real estate properties. Recently, it , a new downtown luxury apartment building, for sale.
of Spire Realty handled that company鈥 side of the deal. and of represented Riverside Resources.
The Austin Business Journal recently published an
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Though it certainly has been a while, those of you who have been reading this column [url=]Arizona [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | since the beginning may remember the San Francisco bag maker called . Since May of 2007, this is the little company that could, and it continues to this very day serving up fresh daily (as well as sleeves for tablets and laptops, and folios for Moleskine notebooks and smartphones). These days, in addition to making some of the best messenger bags on the planet, they are also doing up some versatile and voluminous backpacks. [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | The Rickshaw Bagworks Large Velo is today鈥 need-to-know accessory.
The Velo, much like the Zero Messenger, is a study in lightweight minimalism. Rickshaw has always been able to get the most [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | bag out of the least amount of material, and it [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | is no different with the Velo. Check out the specs:
1.7 pounds for the Large
Waterproof X-Pac laminated ripstop fabric
YKK water repellent zippers
4 bar seatbelt webbing shoulder straps
Removable padded laptop sleeve
Padded base and lumbar support
Front pocket for quick-grab items
18.5鈥?H x [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | 12鈥?W x 6鈥?D (21.8 liters) with a 17.5鈥?top zipper
This bag, with its wide main opening and uncluttered interior looks to be the quintessential carry-all with plenty of room for a laptop, a whole day鈥 worth of school or work supplies, all of your essential cords and chargers, with room left over to stuff a layer or two on top just in case you have to leave your sunny neighborhood to venture into fog country. For more information about this or any of the other fine products available from Rickshaw, click . Stay tuned for the upcoming review of the Large Velo Backpack right here in a couple weeks.
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The searchers found Jonathan Sturdy at 9 o鈥檆lock on a cold Saturday night. The 2-year-old鈥 body, face down in a drainage canal, seemed to bring his disappearance earlier that day to a simple, if tragic, resolution.
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robertjames | 2013/11/06 03:22 AM


DETROIT Jim Leyland had no big plans for Detroit's oddest lineup card of the year.
"I'll throw it away, unless I can sell it to some bar on the way home," the Detroit manager said.
Torii Hunter batting leadoff and Miguel Cabrera hitting second worked well enough Wednesday night for the Tigers, [url=] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] who beat the Boston Red Sox 7-3 to even the AL championship series 2-all.
Leyland used his new lineup in an effort to boost the offense after the Tigers lost 1-0 in Game 3. Slumping leadoff hitter Austin Jackson was dropped to eighth in the order, and he responded with two hits and two walks.
Detroit scored five runs in the second inning, the first coming home on [url=]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] a bases-loaded walk by Jackson. Hunter had a two-run double and Cabrera drove in two runs.
Jackson was 3 for 33 with 18 strikeouts in this postseason before Wednesday. He said the walk in the second inning that brought home a run put him at ease a bit.
"It was a big situation right there to try to get something done," Jackson said. "I think after I'd seen a couple of pitches I was able to kind of just take some deep breaths and relax a little bit 鈥?and not worry so much about the result, just try to get a good pitch."
Leyland was quick to deflect credit for the lineup switch.
"This has nothing to do with Jim Leyland, this is about the players," Leyland said. "They executed, they came out, they played well."
Doug Fister provided another fine outing for Detroit. He allowed a run in six innings, and the Tigers' starting pitchers have yielded only three runs in 27 ALCS innings while striking out 42.
After blowing a 5-0 lead in Game 2, Detroit kept the Red Sox at bay Wednesday.
Game 5 is Thursday night in Detroit. The Tigers' Anibal Sanchez faces Boston's Jon Lester in a rematch of Game 1, which was won by Detroit 1-0.
Jacoby Ellsbury had four hits for the Red Sox on Wednesday, finishing a homer shy of the cycle, but [url=] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] now it's Boston manager John Farrell fielding questions about whether a lineup shake-up is in order after another tough night against Detroit's pitching.
"The one thing that we've maintained is a constant approach [url=] Authentic New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] with the lineup and not creating further uncertainty," Farrell said. "I think our guys have responded well to that."
The Tigers lost Games 2 and 3, wasting gems by Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. Leyland left Jackson in the lineup but changed the batting order. Jackson hit eighth, and other hitters moved up a spot. That left Hunter hitting leadoff for the first time since 1999, and Cabrera was second for only the third time in his career 鈥?first since 2004.
Leyland indicated his batting order would remain the same in Game 5.
Jackson found himself batting in a crucial situation right away in the second. Peavy walked him to force home the game's first run.
The Red Sox had a chance to halt that rally when Jose Iglesias hit a potential double play grounder to second, but Dustin Pedroia [url=] Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] couldn't field it cleanly and Boston had to settle for a forceout at second that brought another run home.
"That was my fault. We've got [url=]Discount Giants Jerseys[/url] to turn that double play," Pedroia [url=]New York Jets Jerseys For Cheap[/url] said. "That ball was smoked. If I catch it, we're getting two."
Hunter followed with a double down the line in left to make it 4-0, and Cabrera added an RBI single.
Peavy was in trouble again in the fourth. After a leadoff double by Omar Infante, Jackson slapped a single past a diving Pedroia to bring home a run.
Cabrera's single made it 7-0, and the Detroit third baseman 鈥?who has been running even slower than usual over the last month or so because of groin problems 鈥?caught reliever Brandon Workman and the Boston defense napping when he stole second without a throw.
In the fifth, Cabrera looked healthy enough when he charged Pedroia's slow grounder, barehanded it and threw to first for the out.
Detroit blew a 5-0 lead in Game 2 鈥?with the bullpen responsible for most of the damage鈥?and Cabrera and Prince Fielder both struck out with runners at the corners in the eighth inning of Game 3. The tension was building in Motown, but the defending AL champions jumped out to an early lead Wednesday.
David Ortiz's tying grand slam in Game 2 off Detroit closer Joaquin Benoit kept the Tigers from sweeping the first two games at Fenway Park.
Detroit went [url=]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] to Benoit in the ninth Wednesday with a 7-2 lead, and Ellsbury hit an RBI triple with none out. But Benoit struck out Shane Victorino, ensuring that Ortiz wouldn't be able to bat as the tying run later in the inning.
When Ortiz did come up for his rematch with Benoit, there was only one man on. The Boston designated hitter took another mighty swing, but his high fly to right was caught easily.
NOTES: The Boston bullpen, which has been outstanding in this postseason, worked five scoreless innings. ... Drew Smyly got five outs in relief for Detroit, helping the Tigers get the game to Benoit.Copyright 2013 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
jasondavid | 2013/11/06 06:48 AM

Oct 12, [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | 2013, 1:13 PM EDT

Olympic champion Steve Holcomb and Olympic bronze medalistÂElana MeyersÂbegan their Olympic seasons successfully, winning the first two-man U.S. bobsled selection [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] races Saturday. Holcomb, withÂSteve Langton, took the [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | men s event [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | with a two-run time of 1 minute, 54.28 seconds.ÂNick CunninghamÂandÂDallas RobinsonÂwere second (1:55.23), followed byÂCory ButnerÂandÂChuck BerkeleyÂ(1:55.52). Holcomb has a bye onto the national team [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | based
kennethwilliam | 2013/11/06 09:51 AM

Emmy Award-winning TV anchor and journalist didn't spend a lot of time Thursday looking back on her many years as a host of NBC's "Today" and "Dateline."
She chose instead to share how excited she is to be following her storytelling passion in a way that helps inspire others, and to share the stories of others over 50 who have reinvented themselves later in life.
鈥淢y purpose is to inspire people to aspire to things within reach. Not to astonish,鈥?Pauley said. 鈥 think my generation is going to change the world again.鈥?
She was the [url=] Custom New York Giants NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] keynote speaker at [url=] Custom Ravens [url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url] NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] The Leadership Investment鈥 annual Women鈥 Success Forum at [url=]Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver.
The Leadership Investment, formerly the Women鈥 [url=]Custom New York Giants Jerseys For Sale[/url] Vision Foundation, is a nonprofit organization for leaders at all career levels and their corporations. [url=] Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] The group鈥 membership includes 68 major corporations and more than 6,000 members and participants.
These days, Pauley does a monthly segment on "Today" about "everyday" people who have reinvented themselves. She also has also has written a new book, 鈥淵our Life Calling: Reimagining the Rest of Your Life,鈥?set to be published in early 2014.
On Thursday, she shared some stories about her career and being a role model for young women.
She joked that she and former "Good Morning America" host were pioneers in demonstrating that women could have careers and raise children.
鈥o be honest, started it on 'Good Morning America,' but I trumped her with twins." Pauley told the crowd of several hundred Denver area professionals. 鈥淥ne or the other of us, Joan or me, was pregnant for the entire decade of the 1980s.鈥?
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Despite the fact that increasing numbers of San Franciscans are making the choice to live without private vehicles, the number of cars in San Francisco continues to increase.
Of the 346,842 occupied housing units in the city, 31.4%, or about 108,908, don鈥檛 have access to privately-owned cars, trucks, or other motor vehicles, according to U.S. Census data. The 1.9 percent increase 鈥?or 6,589 housing units without access to vehicles 鈥?marks an ongoing trend, in .

But since 2008 there has also been a 1.5 percent increase in the number of cars registered in San Francisco, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. That鈥 5,544 more cars, [url=] Custom Giants NFL Jerseys[/url] for a total of 385,442 registered to San Francisco addresses.
And there are likely more cars owned and operated by San Franciscans than DMV data suggests. The Appeal has spied numerous vehicles with out of state plates in the city, some parked for long periods of time in the same neighborhood.
But specific data on those vehicles 鈥?likely scofflaws, as the DMV requires such vehicles to be registered within 20 days (Military personnel and their families stationed in California are exempt from the requirement) 鈥?is hard to come by.
Neither the DMV nor the California Highway Patrol tracks the number of scofflaws, but CHP .
Although it鈥 possible to obtain exemptions, if caught many would face a fine 鈥?and have to pay registration fees in California. One of the most common reason for evading vehicle registration requirements in California is evading payments of registration fees and taxes, according to Artemio Armenta of the DMV. Others include being unaware of the law, and unable to pass the smog test.
Increasing numbers of cars don鈥檛 necessarily translate to more commuters on the road, at least in San Francisco. Data from last year indicates that a three percent drop in commuters choosing to drive alone, for a total of about 37.5 percent, said SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose. Planning Department documents indicate that between 2000 and 2010 there s been a 10 percent drop in workers who commute via car, truck or van 鈥?dropping from 51.3 to 41.7 percent.
Most of the workers who commute by car live outside the downtown core of the city, in outlying districts like the Richmond, Ingleside, Sunset and Portola. The heaviest concentration of vehicle commuters is in Seacliff 鈥?with over 80 percent commuting to work with a vehicle, according to Planning Department documents.
The majority of households without access to a car are concentrated in the northeastern part of the city, according to the Planning Department. But even in areas where car ownership is uncommon, pockets of car owners remain 鈥?such as the northern tip of district two.

The are two main reasons for the relatively high car-less rate in the city, according to Urban Geography professor Jason Henderson. First, many lower income households [url=]Custom Patriots Jerseys Wholesale[/url] don鈥檛 have access to vehicles 鈥?cars, [url=]nfl jerseys factory[/url] trucks, or motorcycles 鈥?at all, Henderson said. District 10, which contains the Bayview, is one such area, according to Planning Department documents. The second factor, according to Henderson, is that many city residents that have the means to own a car have decided not to own one.
Henderson [url=]Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Sale[/url] is especially interested in that second group of people because it鈥 a newer trend, and it鈥 apparently by choice 鈥?not a reflection of .
Young people are also often deferring car ownership because alternative modes of transportation 鈥?car share, Muni, cycling 鈥?are (relatively speaking) pretty good in San Francisco, said Teresa Ojeda, Senior Planner, Information and Analysis at the Planning Department.
Although her department hasn鈥檛 studied the phenomenon extensively, officials are aware of the potential impacts on transportation planning now and in the future.
Even of the occupied housing units with access to a single [url=]Custom Giants Jerseys[/url] vehicle, many of those are likely situations with multiple occupants. 鈥hen you鈥e talking about San Francisco, you very well may be talking about three roommates,鈥?Henderson said.
Building design contributes too. Households that have a limited amount of parking are less likely to, for example, buy a car for a child, Ojeda said. In certain districts 鈥?and many of the upcoming developments 鈥?developers are building little to no new parking. The thinking at the Planning Department is that people who can鈥檛 find parking often don鈥檛 buy cars, Ojeda said. In many districts street parking is capped or being removed.
The city鈥 density also likely contributes to the high carless rate. People are able to get to work, run errands and engage in leisure activities often without needing to use a vehicle, Henderson said.
One reason may be access to alternative forms of transportation. The Department of Public Works tries to identify corridors and streets people use to get to parks, and those streets where pedestrian and bicycle improvements would encourage more people to use them. The goal is to figure out ideal and common routes people [url=] Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys On Sale[/url] on foot and on bikes use to get from one place to another.
But, such improvements can be controversial 鈥?.
About half of the city鈥 residents get around the city on foot, Muni, and bicycles, according to Rose. In a written statement, Rose said that given the current job growth and housing changes that are anticipated by officials, the city cannot rely car oriented transportation to support 鈥渙ur economic way of life.鈥?
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Nor is he holding out an olive branch to his own chamber鈥 Republican leadership. Cruz told Mr. Karl that he still believes most of the Senate GOP surrendered rather than fight a battle against Obamacare that could have been won.鈥淪enate Republicans made the choice not to support House Republicans,鈥?Cruz said.He was even blunter this week in an interview with a conservative [url=] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] radio station, accusing Senate Republicans of 鈥ombing our own troops.鈥漌ow, that is fairly tough language to use on folks who are at least supposed to be on your side. In the aftermath of a bruising week for congressional Republicans, it sure looks like Cruz is doing his best to continue irritating his own party leadership. That ensures he鈥l have virtually no influence within the Senate itself 鈥?not that he probably cares.The chamber [url=]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] has always been divided between 鈥渋nside鈥?senators fond of working the levers of legislative power (think LBJ) and 鈥渙utside鈥?senators who use their office as a position to publicly push issues and develop influence, thus working on the legislative process via outside pressure (Edward Kennedy in his early years).Cruz, for instance, won鈥檛 rule out further attempts to shut [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] down the government when just-approved spending expires in January. But Senate minority [url=] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] leader Mitch McConnell said flatly on Thursday with National Review鈥 Robert Costa that 鈥 government shutdown is off the table. We鈥e [url=] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] not going to do it.鈥漁ffered an opportunity to comment on Cruz, Senator McConnell added that he had nothing to say. Translation: We in the Senate GOP leadership will do everything we can to make sure a freshman senator from Texas does not again push the party into traffic and wander away.Of course, that makes Cruz鈥 fans like him all the more. Tea party Republicans want to fight, and they see Cruz and his ally Sen. Mike Lee of Utah as among the few Republican senators willing to metaphorically tie themselves to the railroad tracks as the Obamacare Express roars towards the station.Former GOP Sen. Jim DeMint, president of the right-leaning Heritage Foundation, laid out this worldview in a Thursday. The costs of Obamacare will wreck the country, Mr. DeMint said, and given the stakes, the fight against it should use every legislative means available.The government shutdown was not a debacle for the GOP, but a net positive, DeMint argued.鈥Obamacare's] disastrous launch was spotlighted by our defund struggle, not overshadowed, as some contend. With a revived and engaged electorate, Obamacare will [url=]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] now be the issue for the next few years,鈥?he wrote.Nor should the GOP just focus on winning back the White House and Senate as a better means of repealing the law. Americans should not have to wait three more years for relief, DeMint argued.Heritage Action and its allies 鈥re thankful for the courageous leadership of people like Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee,鈥?DeMint concluded.Back home, Cruz鈥 major financial backers support his actions, too. Unlike his fellow Texas senator, John Cornyn, Cruz did not get big bucks from the state鈥 business interests. His biggest chunks of cash came from activist groups such as the Senate Conservatives Fund and Club for Growth, according to the campaign watchdog group . They鈥檝e to fight Obamacare.But in terms of elected office, it鈥 not too soon to ask if Cruz鈥 career has peaked. While he鈥 been widely mentioned as a possible candidate for president in 2016, his recent star turn has polarized public opinion about him.Since June, his in general has doubled, according to Gallup data. He鈥 now viewed unfavorably by 36 percent of Americans and favorably by 26 percent.He鈥 extremely popular among self-described tea party Republicans, according to a Pew survey. They give him a 74 percent favorable rating, up some 27 points since July. But his approval rating among non-tea party Republicans has been falling, with some 31 percent of this group rating him negatively.Wrapped together, those numbers mean that for 2016, he would at least be a factional candidate with a shot at winning the GOP nomination, but little chance of winning the general election.
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Join Gillian Clarke, National Poet of Wales, for the ultimate poet's retreat. This unique residential course offers both personal tuition from Clarke and an immersion in the life and work RS Thomas, all taking place in the vivid splendour of the setting which inspired his most famous works.This is a spectacular opportunity to develop your own style and craft under the [url=]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] tutelage of Wilfred Owen Award winning poet Clarke, while you explore the language and landscape of one of Wales' greatest literary voices. This three-day masterclass includes expert workshops and one-to-one tuition [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] in writing verse, talks on Thomas's work from literary critic and poet Damian Walford Davies, and guided walks of the seascapes and volcanic hills of the LlÅn Peninsula, an area of outstanding natural beauty and font of inspiration. Surely the perfect way to commemorate the centenary year of [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] one of poetry's most distinguished voices.Course descriptionThis unique three-day course combines an in-depth exploration of the creative process of writing poetry with an appreciation of the life and work of RS Thomas. Attendees will learn new ways to look at and compose verse, and receive individual feedback on your work from renowned poet Gillian Clarke. Activities include:<br>
Group morning workshops
One-on-one tutorial sessions with Gillian Clarke
RS Thomas reading and contextual talk with literary historian and poet Damian Walford Davies
Guided walk and [url=]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] observation of nature on the LlÅn Peninsula
This course is for you ifâ¦This is for [url=]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] poets who wish to develop their writing and recharge their creative energy, inspired by the windswept language of one of literature's most distinctive voices, RS Thomas, and the mountain and seascapes of the stunning LlÅn Peninsula.Tutor profilesGillian Clarke was born in Cardiff and lives in Ceredigion. She has been National Poet for Wales since 2008. She is the co-founder of TÅ Newydd, the Welsh Writers Centre which was founded in 1990. Her work has been widely studied for GCSE and A Level for many years.<br>Clarke has published thirteeen books for adults, and several for children as writer, translator or editor. Her first prose collection, At the Source, appeared in 2008. Her recent collection of poems, Ice, was short-listed for the TS Eliot Award 2012. In December 2010 she was awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry, and in 2012 the Wilfred Owen Award.Poet, librettist and literary critic, Damian Walford Davies is the author of the collections Whiteout (Parthian, 2006, with Richard Marggraf Turley), Suit of Lights (Seren, 2009), Witch (Seren, 2012), Alabaster Girls (Rack Press 2014) and Judas (forthcoming in 2015 with Seren). As a poet, he is particularly interested in the resources the dramatic monologue offers contemporary poetry. He was Head of the Department of English Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University, and is now Professor of English at [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] Cardiff University.
for powered by
If you're using a mobile device, DetailsDates and times: From 7pm Monday 11 November until 10am Friday 15 November<br>Location: TŠNewydd, Llanystumdwy, Cricieth, Gwynedd, LL52 0LW<br>Price: £599 (includes VAT, booking fee, and meals)<br>Event capacity: 10To contact us, click . Terms and conditions can be found .Returns policy<br>Tickets may be refunded if you contact us at least 7 days before the course start date. Please see our for more information on our refund policy.
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Group [url=]Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] is considering a $12.8 billion bid for Citizens Financial Group, the parent company of and the U.S. retail banking arm [url=]Custom New York Giants Jerseys For Sale[/url] of Royal Bank of Scotland, in The Sunday Times in London.
The Times did not cite sources but said TD, a Toronto-based company which has [url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url] its U.S. retail banking arm headquartered in Cherry Hill, N.J. has long coveted Citizens and that interest has intensified this fall.
A TD Bank spokeswoman told me the [url=] Custom New York Giants NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] bank does not comment on rumors or speculation. Citizens did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
RBS, which is 82 percent owned by British taxpayers, said in February that it would sell between 20 percent [url=] Custom Ravens NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] and 25 percent of Citizens within the next two years via an initial public offering.
, the newly appointed CEO of Citizens Financial, told the Pittsburgh Business Times in that Citizens is aiming for a fourth-quarter 2014 IPO for the Providence, R.I.-based company.
âœItâ™s a good thing for RBS to take us public and get some capital benefits from that,â Van Saun said. âœItâ™s also a good thing [url=] Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] for Citizens. Public companies have greater brand recognition and visibility. Having your own stock is a good thing in terms of retaining top talent and attracting new talent to the shop and gives you some additional flexibility in terms of your expansion plans.â
I of TDâ™s interest in Citizens in October 2012, when a report surfaced saying that the British government was pressuring RBS to sell Citizens to alleviate capital concerns. It has been said that TDâ™s desire might stem from lacking a strong presence in some New England states where Citizens is strong, particularly in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
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Oct 11, 2013, 2:40 AM EDT

[url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Getty Images
As he seeks his fourth Japanese Grand Prix win and potentially, a fourth straight Formula One World Championship, Sebastian Vettel topped the timesheets once again in Friday s second 90-minute free practice.
Vettel is the first driver this weekend to dip into the 1:33 range at the 3.6-mile Suzuka Circuit, a 1:33.852 with 55 minutes remaining and on Pirelli s medium (alternate) tires.
Mark Webber was next in the second Red Bull Renault, in a new chassis (1:34.020), ahead of Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) and the pair of Lotus Renaults, and Romain Grosjean.
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), Daniel Ricciardo (Toro Rosso), Felipe Massa (Ferrari), Jenson Button (McLaren) [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] and Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) completed the top 10. ÂAll from Webber to Button were in the 1:34 range.
With the fast laps done early most of the rest of the session was spent in full race runs on both the hards and mediums; lap times generally were in the 1:39 to [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | 1:40 range.
Raikkonen s session ended early when with [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | more than half an hour left, he lost control at the tail end of the Esses. His Lotus snapped at Dunlop and beached itself in the gravel. Fortuitously for the Finn, he was near the back of the paddock entrance, which made for a short walk back to the team garage.
While Raikkonen s off was one part of the [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | session, it wasn t the biggest moment. Sergio Perez lost control at Spoon 17 minutes into the session, when his right side wheels got onto the painted surface on driver s right at corner entry to the left-hander. His [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | McLaren snapped and he smacked the tire barrier at an almighty rate. Perez was a bit dazed and had to take a few minutes to collect himself before getting out of the car under his own power.
Alonso had a spin at the entrance to Degner 1, with no damage, while Pastor Maldonado had an incident at Degner 2 when he ran wide and slid through the gravel, into the tire barrier. After his lost wheel in FP1, it was a lost day for the Williams driver.
Webber also had a moment when he came upon Paul di Resta s slowing Force India, again through Degner, and allegedly cursed out the Force Indias over the radio.
Charles Pic resumed in the Caterham after missing FP1 and led teammate Giedo van der Garde and Marussia s Max Chilton at the back of the field. The usual 22 cars were down one this session with Jules Bianchi
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CARACAS, [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Venezuela (AP) â” Venezuela's says prices have risen nearly 50 percent since last September as the country struggles to rein in a quickening [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] rate of inflation and widespread shortages.Thursday's [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | report says the consumer price index for September was 4.4 [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | percent higher than the one for August and 49.4 percent higher than the one for September 2012.The country's leftist government has spent heavily on social programs, rapidly increasing the amount of currency in circulation. It also tries to control [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | prices while restricting access [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | to bolivars at the official rate of exchange of 6.3 per dollar. That leads many to pay seven times as much for dollars on the black market.Officials say speculators are to blame for soaring prices and shortages.The inflation rate for 2012 was 20.1 percent.
gaildharon | 2013/11/09 01:51 AM
Starting quarterback Derrick Scott, along with offensive lineman Wendell Scott and linebacker Kyâ™lan Robinson, left [url=]Denver Broncos Jerseys For Cheap[/url] the game and didnâ™t return.
Waco High coach Marty Herbst said Scott suffered a broken leg late in the second quarter and will more than likely miss the remainder of the season after being carted off the field.
âœI thought we were hanging in there until the injuries hit us,â Herbst said. âœAll of a sudden, we were in a pretty deep hole and couldnâ™t fight our way out of it.â
Robinson and Scottâ™s injuries werenâ™t known at [url=]Cheap Authentic New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] press deadline.
Late in the second quarter, Scott kept the ball for a 25-yard gain on a third-and-nine to bring Waco near midfield, but on the tackle, the junior signal-caller rolled his leg and was unable to get back to his feet.
Waco posted 217 yards of offense with Scott leading the charge, but managed only 100 after the injury.
That Lionsâ™ drive ended with an interception and it would be three drives into the second half [url=]Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] before Waco earned another first down.
The hole was just 10 points at the half, but Crowley (6-0, 3-0) added touchdowns on its first drives of the third and fourth quarters to push the gap to 38-14.
Waco High quarterback Traynham Moore cut the lead to 38-21 with 8:03 to play with a 13-yard touchdown pass to Deavan Porter, but the Lions would not get any closer.
Waco (3-3, 1-2) will have to regroup this week before facing crosstown rival, University, next week.
âœWe will have to access the intensity of each (injury),â Herbst said. âœI couldnâ™t tell you right now who will be out. All I know is if we had to play tomorrow, we would have six or seven (players) out.â
Crowley opened the game with touchdowns on its first and second possessions.
Eagle quarterback Matt Marner hit Adam Aguirre for a 35-yard score [url=] Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys Sale[/url] on the first drive and followed with a 29-yard run for a score on Crowleyâ™s second possession and led 14-0 midway through the first quarter.
Waco roared back as Scott led the Lions to back-to-back scoring drives on the next two possessions and evened the contest.
On 4th-and-4 at the Crowley 35, Scott drew the Eagles offside and then hit Tyler Taylor down the sideline on the free play for the Lionsâ™ first score.
Scott and Taylor hooked up for a 31-yard completion on the next drive which moved the ball to the Crowley [url=] Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys On Sale[/url] 21 and Roper scored from three yards out a few plays later for a 14-all score with 49 seconds to play in [url=] Cheap Authentic New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] the first quarter.
Scottâ™s night would end at 7-of-13 for 103 yards with a score through the air and 30 more yards on the ground.
Roper had 92 yards on 20 carries.
Crowley pulled ahead in the second as Mathew Santos kicked a 40-yard field goal and Marner added a touchdown pass to Dayâ™lonzo Freeman with just under 9 minutes to play in the half for a 24-14 lead.
Marner finished the game 13-of-17 for 196 yards in the air and added 73 yards on 11 carries. His final pass of the night was a 23-yard touchdown pass top Tayvohn Glover which put Crowley up, 45-21.
Jimmie Hughes capped the scoring with a 42-yard touchdown run with under two minutes to play.
anthonyduane | 2013/11/09 04:25 AM

CLAYMONT, Del. CLAYMONT, Del. (AP) â” Steel company EVRAZ is shutting down its operations at a steel mill in Claymont.
The company says that over the next two months about 375 employees will complete processing and shipping of existing products and prepare [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] the mill to be shut down. The company says it will consider restarting operations as soon as market conditions improve.
A small crew will remain [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | | to maintain the site.
"It's sad, it's very, [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | very sad. A lot of people had a lot of years there and everybody's life is changed," said Joe O'Brien, who has worked at the plant for more than 15 years.
The company's Claymont operation makes steel plate and custom plate products for industrial customers. The work being done at Claymont will shift to EVRAZ facilities in Portland, Ore., and Canada.
"Unfortunately, market conditions continue to be challenging and low market visibility makes it difficult to foresee when positive changes will occur," said John Zanieski, executive vice president of flat products and recycling at EVRAZ, in a statement.
The company said [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | it is evaluating its options for resuming operations at the [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | mill with the help of Gov. Jack Markell's office.
The plant along Philadelphia Pike and the Delaware River is 93 years old.
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In a true sign of civil disobedience, the defying veterans carried the barricades at the Lincoln Memorial and World War II Memorial and physically carried them to the President s residence.
In case you re wondering about the barrycades . President Obama is sometimes referred to [url=]Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] as Barry . Get it?
A pointed picture has a sign with the President and the caption that reads Barrycade and the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid with his caption reading Harrycade .
Whoever the clever person was that came up with the term, it got a lot of attention on Twitter and also during the march.
Organizers [url=] Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] of the were focusing on the World War II Memorial on the National Mall in D.C., but their website invited veterans from around the nation to go to their [url=] Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale[/url] local memorials.
While taking down the barrycades to make their point, the protesters were heard chanting, tear down these walls. It was as clear [url=] Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys On Sale[/url] reference to Ronald Reagan s famous speech asking that the Berlin Wall be torn down.
Some of the eyewitnesses who took to the social media site had strong opinions about what they were seeing.
Riot Police dispatched to meet our nation s veterans. You stay classy DC.
鈥?Sean Parnell (@SeanParnellUSA)
CNN Mocks Million Vet March as Tea Party Crazies: covered Sunday s Million Vet March i
鈥? Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews)
Barrycades torn down, taken to White House: Thousands of Americans have taken the governm via
鈥?INF0STR34M (@INF0S7R34M)
RT : Note how the angry mob neatly stacks [url=]New Orleans Saints Jerseys For Cheap[/url] the Barrycades.
鈥?slone (@slone)
Powerful image of barrycades stacked up in front of White House dumped off by hundreds of Vets today
鈥?Mark King (@InfidelMaximus)
Awesome! Veterans remove Barrycades from memorials, transport to White House [pics]
鈥?TwitchyTeam (@TwitchyTeam)
Perfection! Check out sign on Barrycade transported by vets to White House [pic]
鈥?TwitchyTeam (@TwitchyTeam)
Other chants heard at the Million Vet March were: shut down the White House and USA. USA . [url=]Cheap New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] The crowd also broke into song with God Bless America , according to .
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Consistently, one of the more popular stocks people enter into their at Stock Options Channel is Corning, Inc. (). So this week we highlight one interesting put contract, and one interesting call contract, from the January 2016 expiration for GLW.
The put contract our YieldBoost algorithm identified as particularly interesting, is at the $8 strike, which has a bid at the time of this writing of 35 cents. Collecting that bid as the premium represents a 4.4% return against the $8 commitment, or a 1.9% annualized rate of return (at Stock Options Channel we call this the YieldBoost).

Selling a put does not give an investor access to GLWâ™s upside potential the way owning shares would, because the put seller only ends up owning shares in the scenario where the contract is exercised. So unless Corning, Inc. sees its shares decline 44.2% and the contract is exercised (resulting in a cost basis of $7.65 per share before broker commissions, subtracting the 35 cents from $8), the only upside to the put seller is [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | from collecting that premium for the 1.9% annualized rate of return.
Turning to the other side of the option chain, we highlight one call contract of particular interest for the January [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | 2016 expiration, for shareholders of Corning, Inc. () looking to boost their income beyond the stockâ™s 2.8% annualized dividend yield. Selling the covered call at the $20 strike and collecting the premium based on the 47 cents bid, annualizes to an additional 1.4% rate of return against the current [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | stock price (this is what we [url=]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] at Stock Options Channel refer to as the YieldBoost), for a total of 4.2% annualized rate in the scenario where the stock is not called away. Any upside above $20 would be lost if the stock rises there and is called away, but GLW shares would have to advance 39.4% from current levels for that to happen, meaning that in the scenario where the stock is called, the shareholder has earned a 42.6% return from this trading level, in addition to any dividends collected before the stock was called.

The chart below shows the trailing twelve month trading history for Corning, Inc., highlighting in green where the $8 strike is located relative to that history, and highlighting the $20 strike in red:

The chart above, and the stockâ™s historical volatility, can be a helpful guide in combination with fundamental analysis to judge whether selling the January 2016 put or call options highlighted in this article deliver a rate of return that represents good reward for the risks. We calculate the trailing twelve month volatility for Corning, Inc. (considering the last 249 trading day closing values as well as todayâ™s price of $14.35) to be 24%.
In mid-afternoon trading on Monday, the put volume among S P 500 components was 635,584 contracts, [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | with call volume at 635,584, for a put:call ratio of 0.76 so far for the day, which is [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | above normal compared to the long-term median put:call ratio of .65. In other words, if we look at the number of call buyers and then use the long-term median to project the number of put buyers weâ™d expect to see, weâ™re actually seeing more put buyers than expected out there in options trading so far today.<br> .
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When the University of Maryland holds sex week later this month, it wonâ™t be the same old unsustainable, environmentally rapacious kind of event that has become all to common on public university campuses.
Thatâ™s right: UMD sex week is going green.
The university is partnering with The Garden, a Washington D.C.-based environmentally conscious sex toy shop. Garden personnel will host two events next Wednesday: âœAsking for it: Finding your words for better, sexier communication in the bedroom,â [url=] Cheap Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys On Sale[/url] and âœToy Talk for Grown Folks: Why You Should Care What You Buy.â
The Gardenâ™s website stresses that its sex toys are safe and âœeco friendly,â .
Other events include âœWith Groanings That Cannot be Uttered: Can Sex be a Spiritual Practice?â a discussion of sex [url=]Cheap Authentic Denver Broncos Jerseys Sale[/url] and spirituality led by Rev. Otis Gaddis III, [url=]Cheap Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] and âœThat Kind of Girl,â a sketch performance put on by Pussy REP. Pussy REP stands for âœPussy Radically Eliminating Patriarchy.â
Sex week is sponsored by the University Health Center. , âœThe purpose of Sex Week is to provide diverse opportunities for the campus community to learn, connect, and explore the dynamic world of sexuality and sexual health wellness. We have collaborated with numerous student and [url=] Cheap Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys On Sale[/url] campus organizations as [url=] cheap sports jerseys online[/url] well [url=]cheap nfl jersey[/url] as sexuality experts in the community to provide a variety of resources, perspectives, and forums for conversation.â
The university did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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While city officials figure [url=] Custom New York Giants NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] out how to revamp Alameda Point, a slew of tenants have moved into the former Navy baseâ™s decommissioned facilities.
In the past year, PM Realty Group, the firm that manages Alameda Pointâ™s properties for [url=] Custom Ravens NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] the City of Alameda, signed on 16 new tenants and inked renewals with 15 tenants.
The biggest deals of late include:
Faction Brewing taking 32,000 square feet.Artemis Racing USA renewing its 110,561-square-foot space.Group Delphi renewing and expanding into 92,000 square feet.Airclaims taking 30,000 square feet.Kai Concepts LLC leasing [url=] Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] 28,636 square feet of space and 17,270 square feet of land area.
Alameda Point contains about 878 acres [url=]Custom New York Giants Jerseys For Sale[/url] city officials want to redevelop into new commercial, residential and open space.
In the meantime, the city leases about 1.8 million square feet of space ranging from office buildings to former airplane hangars of various heights and sizes.
It is home to more than 80 companies that employ close to 1,100 people. Existing tenants include Google X companies, Tesla Motors, St. George Spirits and Bladium, [url=]Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] a recreation center for kids.
The City of Alameda and [url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url] the Navy wrapped up the transfer of the property to the city in June, which allowed the city to sign longer-term leases with tenants.
âœThere is a lot of action here and you can feel the momentum on the property â” especially now that the Navy has transferred the majority of this asset to the city,â said , who oversees Northern California and Hawaii for PMRG.
Since the conveyance, deal flow has boomed, prompting PMRG to bring on , , and of Cushman & Wakefield to handle all the leasing for the property, which has about 242,000 square feet available.
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Rory was very upset by it and even Serena Williams pointed out 鈥?albeit in a joking way 鈥?it was a pretty mean thing to do, according to a source from the Irish Independent.
Yes they are over. It s a difficult time for them both but it is for the best in the [url=] Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys On Sale[/url] long run, a source .
Caroline is said to be devastated by the breakup. McIlroy, who d been with Wozniacki for the better part of two years, reportedly wants to focus on his [url=]Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] [url=] Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] career. Maybe the unsolicited advice from golf hall-of-famer Gary Player sunk in.
He s got to find himself a wife that ll help him, actually almost dedicate her life to him being a success, .
If you re a young man like Rory, you can t play with worries, Player said. You can t have managerial problems, you can t have women problems.
Jetlag ? Lol!!
鈥?Caroline Wozniacki (@CaroWozniacki)
Two cents: that tweet was funny and cute, but mean ? That s absurd. If McIlroy wants to dump Wozniacki to focus on his career, that s fine and understandable, considering how he [url=] Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale[/url] s playing. Gary Player s attitude on women is just about as mothballed as the man himself, but maybe he s right. Maybe Rory needs a woman with no life outside of being with him. But if this relationship is over because of a cheeky Twitter pic, it had some real problems already and Caroline Wozniacki is better [url=]New Orleans Saints Jerseys For Cheap[/url] off in the long run.
Gorgeous blonde tennis player with great sense of humor seeks goofy-faced bespectacled man to share bed.
Caroline [url=]Cheap New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] Wozniacki: when your tears have dried, look me up.
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I am among the luckiest people on the planet, and among the luckiest in the history of the world.
Some of my blessings are individual: I was born into a large, loving family of smart, generous people, and managed to enlarge that family with a wife and children who are a constant source of support and joy. I work doing things I find interesting and fulfilling, and my wife and I earn enough that we don鈥檛 live in fear of going hungry. Those things alone would put me among the most comfortable 10 per cent of people who鈥檝e ever lived.
But there鈥 so much more: I live [url=] Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] in Toronto, in Canada, in 2013. It is a city that has not seen war for two centuries, and where violence is rarer than it is in most other places鈥攅ven at a time when violence and war are dramatically less common than they ever have been. Every home has indoor plumbing, heat, and electricity. Food is relatively cheap and plentiful. Top-notch healthcare is [url=]Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay the bills. This is a society in which formal, legalized racial and sexual discrimination have been abolished, in which you are free to love and form a family with whomever you want. Open bigotry and systemic discrimination still exist, [url=]New Orleans Saints Jerseys For Cheap[/url] but they are increasingly marginal, and often draw immediate widespread ire when they鈥e exposed.
This is to say nothing of the ubiquitous pocket-sized devices that allow us instant access to the collected knowledge of our civilization, more or less, and enable us to communicate easily with people all over the globe. Smartphones alone are advanced enough to be, as Arthur Clarke observed of technology, indistinguishable from magic. Today, magic is commonplace.
The arc of history is long, as Martin Luther King famously said, but it bends toward justice. And if we take a moment to look at our lives, most of us will see ample evidence that he was right. I expect this all sounds a bit smarmy and pollyanna-ish, but, hey, it鈥 Thanksgiving. So it鈥 a risk I鈥 willing to take. Especially because our collective tendency鈥yself included鈥攊s to err in the other direction. In our instant-communications environment, we can be constantly vigilant about ongoing [url=] Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys On Sale[/url] problems, immediately aware of each murder, each war atrocity, each example of malicious sexism or racism or homophobia. From global warming to the persistence of poverty in a place as affluent as Toronto to our daily struggles to navigate our gridlocked roads and crowded transit system, we often focus on the difficulties. And our politicians play up these problems to encourage a perception of catastrophe. In Toronto, we have a mayor who campaigned on the premise that the city was going to hell on a gravy train; his opponents are equally certain that his election signals the end of the world. Almost all of us, it seems, can sometimes feel that the apocalypse is at hand. Which is only natural: Recognizing ongoing [url=] Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale[/url] threats and striving to become ever safer is a defining characteristic of humanity. It鈥 how we got this far.
But social-science research has revealed something else about how humans function: that taking time to think about the things we are grateful for is one of the most effective ways to become happier. Moreover, that happiness and gratitude, we鈥e coming to realize, are qualities that often lead to success.
I think there鈥 something to be learned from that, both in our daily lives and in the big picture. The relative comfort and peace we enjoy shouldn鈥檛 make us complacent. Instead, if we occasionally acknowledge how much progress we鈥檝e made, it might inspire us to progress further and recognize just how much positive change is possible. Perhaps then we might see how the successes of the past allow us鈥攁nd obligate us鈥攖o work to try to finish the job. That might mean more affordable housing, widespread transit, a more sustainable energy policy, a more equitable economic system. More justice, less suffering.
So here鈥 a small, personal prayer of Thanksgiving: There [url=]Cheap New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] is no better place in the world to live than here. There has been no better time to live in than this one. My daily life is full of small and large pleasures that my grandparents would have considered miraculous. I am lucky. And grateful. And inspired to share my good fortune. Thanks.
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Virtualization on standardized hardware is a key IT trend that began in the late 1990鈥 with the consolidation and virtualization of storage using SAN and NAS technology.&nbsp; Costs plummeted, customers had greater control and deploying/re-provisioning became a more seamless and agile process.&nbsp; Then in the early 2000鈥, compute became virtualized on x86-based platforms, bringing those same benefits to the processing front.&nbsp; Today, the final step of virtualization 鈥?network virtualization 鈥?is in vogue but as this technology comes into prime time, there may be differences in how it is deployed and how quickly customers move to it. &nbsp;The intersection of network virtualization with changing server form factors, most notably in the largest cloud customers, may present some interesting challenges. &nbsp;Does the answer to network complexity live in network virtualization or rethinking the server chassis? &nbsp;I address that in the following, but if you are looking for a deeper dive, you can find a detailed paper .
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フルラ 時計 セール 9月 | 2015/10/01 06:51 PM
オークリー ピットブル レンズ
バリー フラッシュ
iphone ケース 作り方 木
エンジェルハート シャンプー 値段
フルラ 時計 セール 9月
バーマス 買った 設定 | 2015/10/02 11:03 AM
ナイキ エア フットスケープ ウーブン チャッカ ニット
ヤフオク プラダ 偽物 わからない
タグホイヤー 人気モデル メンズ
エルメス 腕時計 秒針 4秒
スミス 靴
タイヤ パンク 種類
アグ パーカー メンズ
バーマス シュバルツ グリッタ
ガガミラノ コピー レビュー | 2015/10/02 11:05 AM
レイバン 店舗 名古屋
49日 法要 お布施 袋
アルマーニ 腕時計 ランク ブランド
バイマ プラダ ベルト メンズ
コーチ 付録 ムック 369
ルイ ヴィトン アウトレット 店舗
ガガミラノ コピー レビュー
ケイトスペード ピアス 価格 | 2015/10/02 11:09 AM
フルラ ミニショルダー
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イルビゾンテ 2015 ムック本 発売日 日本
オロビアンコ 時計 ずれる
ケイトスペード 通販 新作 2015
ディオール ミスディオール | 2015/10/02 11:09 AM
アークテリクス アルファ 冬 18きっぷ
フルラ バッグ ブログ
ジバンシー ライター 空回り 男
アルマーニ エクスチェンジ 時計 レディース 30代
ズッカ 時計 ホワイト
ディオール スノー プロテクション コンパクト
バリー アレン ブログ | 2015/10/02 11:14 AM
ズッカ イタリアン 緑地公園
ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド ドレス wish
サンローラン ネイルシール アマゾン
ルブタン 氷河ら
ケイトスペード ニューヨーク トート
ヴィトン 財布 エナメル 偽物 1400
ファーファ 柔軟剤 ブルガリ
バリー アレン ブログ
カルバンクライン ゴルフ ベルト ポーチ | 2015/10/02 11:17 AM
ティンバーランド 白 ワンピース
キプリング ベーシック シロ ショルダーバッグ ブランド
ドルチェガッバーナ アクセサリー
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シチズン 2951
カルバンクライン ゴルフ ベルト ポーチ
オリエント 時計 通販 ゾゾタウン | 2015/10/02 11:26 AM
セイコー メカニカル アルピニスト 自動巻き
オリエント 時計 通販 ゾゾタウン
シチズン 腕時計 アテッサ | 2015/10/02 11:29 AM
シチズン 腕時計 アテッサ
ロンシャン オーダー シュミレーション ミズノ | 2015/10/02 11:30 AM
ミュウミュウ 財布 がま口 口コミ
ロレックス オイスターデイト プレシジョン 6694
ロンシャン オーダー シュミレーション ミズノ
ミッシェルクラン メンズ 大阪 安い | 2015/10/02 11:32 AM
コーチ バッグ メンズ トンプソン
ロンシャン ポーチ 値段
カシオ ポップトーン バイブアラーム
ダンヒル ジャパン
シチズン 腕時計 ブルーインパルス
オーガンジー 袋 卸 うどん
ランクル ディーゼル オイル
ミッシェルクラン メンズ 大阪 安い
パタゴニア 水着 通販 メンズ | 2015/10/02 11:34 AM
ミッシェルクラン ガスライター ブランド
ミズノ モレリア2
マークジェイコブス メンズ シャツ メンズ
スーツケース ゼロハリバートン 評判
yuasa 扇風機 組み立て方
レイバン クラブマスター 丸顔
フェンディ 長財布 ドット
パタゴニア リュック 軽量 レディース
リモワ 4輪 サルサ ヴェルデ | 2015/10/02 11:36 AM
ティンバーランド 偽物 わかる
トゥミ ビジネスリュック おすすめ
オリエント 時計 知名度 ゆうすけ
イタリア 時計 テンデンス
ダンヒル リュック
ブルガリ リング サイズ
リモワ カッツェ 評判
iwc ポルトギーゼ 革ベルト | 2015/10/02 11:38 AM
ロレックス 6694 防水
アディダス プレデター 種類
グッチ ジャッキー ショルダー
ジバンシー ライター コピー 0表示
フェンディ 時計 どう
iwc ポルトギーゼ 革ベルト
デュベティカ ダウンベスト セール | 2015/10/02 11:51 AM
ルブタン ヒール スエード
ミュウミュウ 財布 メンテナンス
フランクミュラー 3000万 40歳
ゴローズ 先金 通販 激安
カルバンクライン 有楽町
ティソ 時計 レディース ヴィンテージ
デュベティカ カナダグース ジャスパー
hermes birkin 30 retail price | 2015/10/02 11:53 AM
ザノースフェイス パーカー メンズ 2015
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ノーノーヘア 埋没毛 治療 | 2015/10/02 11:58 AM
ユアサ 扇風機 カタログ
トゥミ エディフィス 417
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ノーノーヘア オレンジ 96猫
オロビアンコ 財布 レビュー | 2015/10/02 12:03 PM
ゴローズ 4点式ベルト
ロンシャン 1623 大きさ
扇風機 静か マツコ
アークテリクス アロー22 かぶる 意味
iwc パイロットクロノ 評判
バリー 財布 メンズ 年齢
オロビアンコ 店舗 ハワイ
グレゴリー ザック 80 | 2015/10/02 12:14 PM
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ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド facebook って何するの
レイバン メガネ 池袋
アンダーアーマー リストバンド サイズ
オリス ワールドタイム 略称
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ノーノーヘア 効果 写真 ばらまく | 2015/10/02 12:15 PM
アンダーアーマー アウトレット 安い 9月
オリエント 時計 限定 2015
バーバリー ジュニア ネクタイ
カシオ プロトレック 5050
シャネル 財布 黒 二つ折り
ノーノーヘア 効果 写真 ばらまく
アグ スエード サンダル 9月 | 2015/10/02 12:22 PM
ミズノ マキシマイザー エフェクター
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フルラ 大分 5500円
アグ ワイケレ
ガガミラノ 5012 | 2015/10/02 12:26 PM
ティンバーランド 6インチブーツ メンズ
ガガミラノ 5012
ミュウミュウ 財布 マテラッセ バッグ | 2015/10/02 12:29 PM
大宮 マルイ ダンヒル
ドクターマーチン レディース ローファー レディース
ティソ 時計 レディース 安い
ミュウミュウ 2015〜13年秋冬新作
ゴローズ 革ブレス 臭い 原因 | 2015/10/02 12:29 PM
デュベティカ バリオ 1確
イルビゾンテ 財布 カード 風水
セリーヌ ナノ 使いやすい
ブルガリ 本店 イタリア
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ミッシェルクラン サイズ表 インチ
ニクソン リュック ピンク コーデ
トッズ 靴 ドライビングシューズ
ゴローズ 羽 2枚
ザノースフェイス マウンテンパーカー メンズ アマゾン | 2015/10/02 12:42 PM
ダンヒル 名古屋 2015
ザノースフェイス マウンテンパーカー メンズ アマゾン
プラダ グアム 安い | 2015/10/02 12:44 PM
ハミルトン オーバーホール 激安
ディオール ファンデ 秋冬
財布 ブランド 種類 2015
カルバンクライン リング フリーズ
ミッシェルクラン スニーカー 口コミ 6回
プラダ グアム 安い
オークリー モンスタードッグ ドゥカティ | 2015/10/02 12:49 PM
オリス 腕時計 人気
クロエ エコバッグ 500円
オークリー リュック レディース
オリス 7511 | 2015/10/02 12:51 PM
スミス デルフォニックス
マスカラ 上下
サルヴァトーレ 名古屋 宅配
オリス 腕時計 ムーン 地震
プラダ バッグ ナイロン 新作 | 2015/10/02 12:56 PM
ハミルトン 自動巻き 評判
マイケルコース 時計 日付 レディース
フォリフォリ 店舗 静岡 2015
プラダ バッグ ナイロン 新作
アグ オーストラリア スニーカー メンズ | 2015/10/02 07:08 PM
イルビゾンテ ヤキヌメ 日焼け
エンジェルハート 実写 上川
アグ オーストラリア スニーカー メンズ
スミス 12階 イタリアン | 2015/10/02 07:14 PM
リモワ 大阪 百貨店 アルバイト
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ゼロハリバートン 偽物 1400
アルマーニ レディース サングラス 2015
ダンヒル 若い人 病気
ブルガリ ラ・テラッツァ・ラウンジ メニュー 9月
サングラス スミス スライダー
d&g ネクタイ zozo | 2015/10/02 07:25 PM
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ジバンシー ネクタイ 新作
マークジェイコブス 鏡
ゴローズ バングル 叩き まとめ
ロレックス 1960年代 レディース
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オークリー サングラス アメリカ 値段
d&g リングネックレス 意味
フランクミュラー カサブランカ ブレスレット | 2015/10/02 07:28 PM
ザノースフェイス 池袋 サンシャイン
フランクミュラー 魅力 フランス語
財布 ブランド サマンサタバサ ディズニー | 2015/10/02 07:35 PM
セイコー メカニカル ワイヤレス
恋愛運アップ 財布 色
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バーマス スーツケース 鍵 ヨーロッパ
ハワイ モンクレール 値段 2015
セリーヌ ラゲージ メンズ
ゴローズ リング 種類
フェリージ 別注 ビームス 66チノ
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クリスチャンルブタン 鞄 ブランド | 2015/10/02 07:54 PM
ガガミラノ ブレスレット 価格
ザノースフェイス リュック コーデ 冬
パタゴニア フーディニ ジャケット サイズ
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クリスチャンルブタン 代官山
シチズン 20代 女性 腕時計 | 2015/10/02 08:12 PM
トリーバーチ 財布 金
エンジェルクローバー 店舗
プラダ 長財布 スーパーコピー エルメス
グッチ 4204
スミス トラウトロッド 評価
パタゴニア バギーズショーツ コーデ
シチズン 海外モデル ムーンフェイズ
ディーゼル トートバッグ | 2015/10/02 08:15 PM
カルバンクライン ボクサーブリーフ
ディーゼル トートバッグ
ケイトスペード オーストリッチ 長財布 | 2015/10/02 08:21 PM
フェリージ イタリア ローマ
セイコー ジョジョ オークション
ボッテガ リングベルト メンズ
ノーノーヘア 音
パタゴニア フィオナ パーカ レディース 30代
セリーヌ ネクタイ 通販 イケア
ロジェデュブイ エクスカリバー 遊戯王
ケイトスペード アウトレット ワンピース
レーシングカート タイヤ 処分 | 2015/10/02 08:22 PM
トリーバーチ メンズ
ニューバランス ジャージ 150
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ティンバーランド ロールトップ ブラウン
レーシングカート タイヤ 処分
フィットフロップ ムクルク ブログ | 2015/10/02 08:32 PM
エルメス ネックレス 男性
革 靴 除菌
クロエ アウトレット 財布 プラダ
エンジェルクローバー クロノグラフ
ユアサ 扇風機 壁掛け セイコー
ミズノ オーダーグラブ 硬式
マイケルコース 激安 通販
パタゴニア 冬物 セール
フィットフロップ サンダル メンズ ブランド
フォリフォリ 時計 年齢 2015 | 2015/10/02 08:48 PM
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ディオール アディクト トゥ ライフ
ブルガリ アショーマ ボーイズ
新宿 ティファニー 時計
フランクミュラー 革ベルト 価格 エアコン
フォリフォリ 時計 年齢 2015
靴 トレンド 男 | 2015/10/02 11:01 PM
イルビゾンテ ローマ 9月
ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド ブーツ 9月
シチズン 時計 メンズ 3万 おすすめ
クロムハーツ サングラス セール 7月
財布 運気 色 8桁
ハミルトン 時計 カーキ ネイビー パイオニア
ミズノ オーダー グローブ シュミレーション
靴 メンズ プーマ 2015
テンデンス 時間合わせ 注意 | 2015/10/02 11:08 PM
ボッテガ 財布 メンズ 通販 30代
フィットフロップ 腰痛 4番5番
グッチ ラバー パンプス
ニクソン リュック メンズ
テンデンス ジャニーズ
カルバンクライン ランク | 2015/10/02 11:11 PM
少女時代 ティファニー ワイルド
フジ 中川店 タイヤ
アルマーニ ブランド ランク レディース
フェンディ 財布 評判
エンジェルハート 03 04
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ガガミラノ 本田 価格
サンローラン ギャスパー ルマーク
カルバンクライン ランク
フェラガモ パンプス | 2015/10/02 11:20 PM
ジム 服装 アンダーアーマー
ジョジョ アナスイ 帽子
ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド ジャケット tシャツ
フェラガモ パンプス
coach hire bolton | 2015/10/02 11:36 PM
ブルガリ ジャスミンヴェール 廃盤
ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド オークション 2ch
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扇風機 羽 バランス | 2015/10/02 11:40 PM
ティンバーランド 女性 ファッション 30代
フォリフォリ 仙台
フェラガモ ネイビー バッグ
ゴローズ メタル 中 意味
プラスマイナスゼロ 扇風機 外し方
ニクソン ロトログ 偽物 わからない | 2015/10/02 11:58 PM
ferragamo バッグ 新作 激安
ティファニー ネックレス 0.12
財布 白 蛇 財布
フォリフォリ 2015 クリスマス 2015
ニクソン ショップ 神奈川
カルティエ タンクソロ メンズ ゴールド | 2015/10/03 12:09 AM
クロエ 180 ハゼ
オークリー ビッグタコ 偽物
扇風機 原理
バーバリー コート サイズ 38
ロンシャン オーダー 名古屋高島屋 ヴィヴィアン
カルティエ 時計 憧れ
ハミルトン 6万 貯金 | 2015/10/03 12:25 AM
エルメス アリーヌ 価格
財布 ポールスミス ラブレター
セリーヌ マカダム柄 ハンドバッグ
エンジェルクローバー 女 0巻
アルマーニ レディース トートバッグ ランキング
ティンバーランド サイズ インチ
エムシーエム 三宅
カルバンクライン グアム 8月
ハミルトン バリアント 価格
セリーヌ ナノ ブログ って何 | 2015/10/03 12:29 AM
ドクターマーチン サイズ 22.5
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トリーバーチ 有名
オートウェイ タイヤ 販売
ボッテガ 財布 メンズ 人気 ワックス
ジョジョ オールスターズ アナスイ ジョジョ
オロビアンコ 財布 20代
フェンディ ジャパン カンパニー 馬
セリーヌ ナノ ハワイ 9月
ニューバランス レザー スニーカー 雨の日 | 2015/10/03 12:41 AM
モンクレール ブランソン グレー 偽物
テンデンス 時計 大阪 安い
d&g ネックレス リング
カルバンクライン 時計 ベルト
婚約 腕時計 ロレックス ヴィンテージ
ニューバランス レザー スニーカー 雨の日
オークリー フラックジャケット ノーズピース | 2015/10/03 12:51 AM
オリエント 10気圧防水 カシオ
デュベティカ 870
アディダス 店舗 ランニング
アークテリクス スティンガー グローブ
オークリー フラックジャケット ノーズピース
ジバンシー メンズ トート おすすめ | 2015/10/03 12:59 AM
カシオ 0120 料金
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ジバンシー メンズ トート おすすめ
オリス 65 66 | 2015/10/03 01:00 AM
ゼロハリバートン 642 公車
ディオール ベビー ドレス
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トゥミ ネームタグ 100均
ミュウミュウ 財布 花柄
アナスイ 財布 売る ゲオ
オリス 65 66
ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド メンズ 靴 | 2015/10/04 08:35 PM
ロンシャン トート 名前入り 一覧
グレゴリー キッズ ナップサック
d&g quote
フランクミュラー リング フリーズ
ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド 名刺 300枚
パテックフィリップ 3796 パテック | 2015/10/04 08:38 PM
ザノースフェイス リュック 花柄 2015
パテックフィリップ ノーチラス 初代 1話
フェンディ ズッカ ハンドバッグ | 2015/10/04 09:01 PM
シチズン 時計 型番 場所
アディダス コロラド ウィンドブレーカー
ニューバランス ランニングシューズ 初心者 メーカー
パテックフィリップ プレミア
最新 扇風機 シャープ
フェンディ ズッカ ハンドバッグ
ロレックス 価格 値上げ プレミアム | 2015/10/05 03:06 AM
オメガ クォーツ メンズ
マイケルコース アウトレット 本物
クリスチャンルブタン 原宿 ポップコーン
ティファニー ゴールド 変色
ロレックス デイトナ コンビ ブログ
ケイトスペード ワンピース レモン | 2015/10/05 03:40 AM
coach trip to legoland
グッチ メガネ 大阪
ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド インコントロ 浜松
時計 10万円台 メンズ
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エンジェルハート ウィズラブ マカ
ディオール 鞄 新作
ケイトスペード 宇都宮
トッズ ポーチ 7インチ | 2015/10/05 03:51 AM
ルブタン エコバッグ
オークリー カエル キャップ
ロレックス 価格 最安 エアコン
マークジェイコブス コスメ 40代
登山 サングラス ストラップ
エンジェルハート 時計 ランキング レディース
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トッズ 靴 ヤフオク
フェラガモ 時計 評価 | 2015/10/07 05:18 PM
時計 テンデンス 人気 2015
アルマーニ 時計 セラミカ
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トゥミ 新作
ミュウミュウ レザーブレスレット 自作
サルヴァトーレ クオモニューオープン
ラッピング 袋 オリジナル 激安 | 2015/10/07 05:19 PM
ティンバーランド 靴 折りたたみ 451
シャネル 財布 カンボン ラウンドファスナー
ズッカ 腕時計 キャラメル ワッフル
バリー アウトレット 店舗 福岡
ロンシャン カスタマイズ 時間
スーツケース レンタル トゥミ
ランコム マスカラ 一重
アニエスベー リュック 新作 かわいい
ラッピング 袋 オリジナル 激安
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ゴローズ ネックレス シルバー ブランド
ティンバーランド レディース スニーカー | 2015/10/07 06:13 PM
ティンバーランド 6インチブーツ 白 ワンピース
タグホイヤー セル 自動巻き | 2015/10/07 06:30 PM
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タグホイヤー カレラ 1887 ベルト
オリエント 腕時計 手巻き 補巻 | 2015/10/07 06:42 PM
オロビアンコ ライター 評価
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ヴェネチアンガラス 掛け時計 ヴィンテージ
フィットフロップ 口コミ 30代
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オリエント スイマー 20気圧
バリーさん アプリ 無料 | 2015/10/07 07:20 PM
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バリーさん ランキング 30代
タイヤ フジ 相模原 | 2015/10/07 07:50 PM
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シチズン クロスシー ハッピーフライト ペア
ディオール デニム ストレッチ
フリード ロードノイズ タイヤ
アグ モカシン 夏 2015 | 2015/10/07 08:10 PM
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セイコー ワイアード デジボーグ 販売
ミュウミュウ 財布 ジュエル
クロムハーツ ウォレットチェーン 値上げ
母の日 コーチ ポーチ 格安
アグ ムートンブーツ ミニ メンズ
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フィットフロップ サンダル 2015
グッチ アウトレット ボストン
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プラダ エメラルドグリーン バッグ 激安
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ロジェデュブイ イージーダイバー レベル上げ
prada 3003
アンダーアーマー バッティンググローブ カタログ | 2015/10/07 08:35 PM
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ドクターマーチン お手入れ 予約
スミス ニンジャ 400
ロジェデュブイ コピー 0表示
アンダーアーマー パーカー 緑 6ヶ月
エルメス 手帳 大きさ 社会人 | 2015/10/07 08:51 PM
クラッチバッグ メンズ バリー アウトレット
パタゴニア キッズ 帽子 サイズ 年齢
エルメス 時計 ペア アイスウォッチ
エンジェルハート ラストプレゼント | 2015/10/11 03:11 PM
ヴィトン 本物 シリアル
フェラガモ ジャパン コート
グッチ バンブー ポシェット
エンジェルハート ラストプレゼント
ゴヤール バッグ 名古屋 | 2015/10/11 03:11 PM
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iwc ポートフィノ エイトデイズ
ドクターマーチン 渋谷明治通り
大阪 高島屋 アナスイ ジョジョ
ミッシェルクラン 時計 セイコー 店舗
サングラス メンズ レイバン
ジョルジオ アルマーニ ワンピース ネタバレ
クロエ アウトレット 店舗 一覧
ゴヤール 財布 女 ブランド
エミリオプッチ トートバッグ | 2015/10/11 03:24 PM
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ルブタン バレンタイン ヒール
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タグホイヤー カレラ おすすめ
カルティエ 財布 大学生
ティンバーランド メンズ サンダル
オメガ 価格
エミリオプッチ トートバッグ
フランクミュラー カジノ | 2015/10/11 03:25 PM
バーマス スーツケース 格安 8月
ミッシェルクラン 時計 新宿 ビックカメラ
カシオ 腕時計 キッズ 男の子
フランクミュラー キング コンキスタドール コルテス ピサロ
シャネル ウェディング リング | 2015/10/11 03:27 PM
アニエスベー メンズ コーディネート 冬
ノーノーヘア 剛毛 原因
クロエ キーケース パラティ
ドルチェガッバーナ ベルト ゾゾタウン
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エムシーエム 財布 メンズ
シャネル ウェディング リング
オークリー レーダー パス | 2015/10/11 04:08 PM
ジバンシー メンズ 小物 コーデ
オークリー レーダー パス
ミュウミュウ 福岡県 | 2015/10/11 04:26 PM
jha 時計 通販
キプリング モンキーマスコット
ディーゼル コインケース 激安 6帖
ディオール 化粧品 マニキュア ヴィセ
フェリージ 8637 アローズ 800円
クリスチャンルブタン ヤフオク
ミュウミュウ 福岡県
ニクソン 腕時計 ベルト | 2015/10/11 04:43 PM
ティファニー エンチャント フラワー ペンダント
エルメス ネクタイ 結び方
エミリオプッチ 名刺 30枚
ロンシャン トート セール
iphone 5 ケース シリコン ストラップ アマゾン
リモワ トパーズ 在庫
バーマス フロントオープン ゴミ箱
ニクソン 腕時計 ベルト
d&g 名刺入れ レディース | 2015/10/11 04:58 PM
マークジェイコブス ヴィクトリアベッカム 豊胸
アークテリクス ヴェイランス コート レディース
d&g 名刺入れ レディース
シャネル 口紅 91番 | 2015/10/11 05:11 PM
ミッシェルクラン メンズ 広島
時計 ブランド レディース 5万
エミリオプッチ ニット メンズ
ズッカ 時計 セール
コーチ 財布 割引 8月
ティソ ラグジュアリー オートマティック 7デイズ
サンローラン ヴィンテージ 時計
ハミルトン パイオニア カーキ
シャネル 財布 直営店 福岡
フォリフォリ 時計 ラバー | 2015/10/11 05:12 PM
アニエスベー 時計 シチズン
d&g サンドパイパー ホテル
フランクミュラー 時計 コピー ばれる
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バーマス プレステージ 65 66
キプリング おばさん | 2015/10/11 05:25 PM
アルマーニ 時計 レディース 白 パンツ
フェリージ キーケース 格安
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オークリー レーダー 紫
キプリング バッグ 偽物 わからない
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テンデンス 時計 クロノグラフ 腕時計
ディーゼル スニーカー 限定
アニエスベー メンズ 店舗
セリーヌ バッグ 名古屋
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ロジェデュブイ 新作 2015 | 2015/10/11 05:53 PM
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サンローラン ウェッジ 3本
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口紅 ワイシャツ tern
ディオール グロス 香り
ロジェデュブイ 新作 2015
ルブタン 財布 風水 | 2015/10/11 06:12 PM
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ルブタン 財布 風水
ヴィトン エピ 材質 | 2015/10/11 06:19 PM
ヴィトン エピ 材質
オリエント 時計 スイマー | 2015/10/11 06:23 PM
ゴヤール キーケース 偽物 ヴィヴィアン
オリス プロダイバー チタン
アマゾン グレゴリー バッグ
デュベティカ カッパ 黒
ザノースフェイス リュック かわいい 丈夫
フェンディ ベビーカー 値段
オリエント 時計 性能 2015
アナスイ マスカラ ウォータープルーフ | 2015/10/11 07:31 PM
フェリージ 財布 ブラウン
バーバリー 腕時計 偽物
エルメス トートバッグ 男性 60代
アナスイ ファンデーション
マイケルコース 伊勢丹 新宿 | 2015/10/22 11:12 PM
ナイキ シューズ オーダーメイド
hotels by san francisco 49ers stadium ugly
グッチ バンブー キーリング
アナスイ 財布 ショルダー
all chicago bears wide receivers
d&g ブランドイメージ
マイケルコース 伊勢丹 新宿
ディオール ネックレス レディース | 2015/10/22 11:57 PM
ズッカ 時計 値段
ケイトスペード 財布 売る
ディオール ネックレス 手入れ
キプリング ブランド | 2015/10/23 12:21 AM
リモワ コラボ うぃき
キプリング ブランド メンズ
ダンヒル 名古屋 | 2015/10/23 09:03 AM
ヴィトン アルマ 黒
ロンシャン ネオ
エルメス 財布 白
ダンヒル 60代
バーマス 60435 | 2015/10/23 09:23 AM
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バーマス 60435
リモワ 保証 | 2015/10/23 09:42 AM
ティファニー ペアリング
アークテリクス ザック ボラ
オロビアンコ 渋谷 セール
リモワ 保証
エミリオプッチ ネイル 9月 | 2015/10/23 09:48 AM
エミリオプッチ スーツ 007
時計 led 木 | 2015/10/23 10:05 AM
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トッズ 公式 通販 方法
コーチ ダッフル
時計 人気 色
ヴィトン 服 犬 | 2015/10/23 10:22 AM
アークテリクス リュック 板
d&g 3 boots
ポールスミス 上野
フィットフロップ 店舗 東京 広い
マークジェイコブス 雑貨 2015
ヴィトン バッグ 赤
デュベティカ パーカー | 2015/10/23 10:23 AM
シャネル 激安 6帖
バーバリー 財布 白
ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド デニム nsf
マークジェイコブス ブランド 人気
デュベティカ パーカー
バーバリー 店舗 熊本 | 2015/10/23 10:43 AM
フェラガモ 財布何年
ケイトスペード 店舗 グアム
バーバリー 店舗 熊本
シャネル 靴 厚底 | 2015/10/23 10:46 AM
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イルビゾンテ 神戸 地図
バーバリー 三陽商会
プラダ 靴 評価
トリーバーチ 千葉 そごう
車 タイヤ 年式
テンデンス ハワイ 店舗
シャネル 服 価格
ズッカ 店舗 関西 | 2015/10/23 10:55 AM
グッチ 時計 安い
ズッカ 店舗 関西
ニューバランス 偽物 中敷 | 2015/10/23 11:32 AM
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